Never talk to strangers.
INGNR: Hi, wanna chat?

hardguy81: Sure. I'm Ben, what's your name?

INGNR: You can call me Rose. You like that name.

Timestamp - 12:01 AM.

hardguy81: I do like that name. How'd you guess?

INGNR: I'm a mind reader.

hardguy81: Funny. So what are you up to tonight Rose?

INGNR: Nothing. I'm bored. I need someone to keep me company. You'll stay up with me, won't you?

hardguy81: Sure thing. I always like meeting new people.

INGNR: Me too. I like it so much I never let them leave. @}-;-'---

hardguy81: Where are you from?

INGNR: Everywhere.

hardguy81: I'm in Detroit.

INGNR: Me too.

hardguy81: Really?

INGNR: Oh yeah. I just came here. I love it.

hardguy81: I should show you around sometime.

INGNR: You will.

hardguy81: What brings you here?

INGNR: A job.

Timestamp - 12:11 AM

hardguy81: What do you do?

INGNR: I'm a collection agent.

hardguy81: Uh oh, do I owe anything? ;)

INGNR: Lots. @}-;-'---

hardguy81: Haha. What's that little thing you keep doing?

INGNR: This? @}-;-'---

hardguy81: Yeah.

INGNR: It's a rose, see.

hardguy81: Cute.

INGNR: Do you really think so? Or are you just saying what you think I want to hear?

hardguy81: Haha. Am I that obvious?

INGNR: You're very obvious.

INGNR: Do you want to hear about the last time I fucked someone?

hardguy81: Um, do you want to tell me?

INGNR: I do.

hardguy81: Well, twist my arm. :P

INGNR: I will. But first I want to tell you about Angela.

hardguy81: You fucked someone named Angela?

INGNR: Uh huh.

hardguy81: Are you a dyke?

INGNR: Men or women, doesn't matter to me. I just like bodies.

hardguy81: Hot!!!!! :)

INGNR: I met Angela in a bar in Madrid.

hardguy81: Spain?

INGNR: Yep. Last night.

hardguy81: You were in Spain last night?

INGNR: Yeah. I met Angela there. She was really hot. You'd have liked her.

hardguy81: What did she look like?

INGNR: Black hair, big tits, nice ass, little black dress that showed everything off. She had nice lips too. Good lips for blowjobs I think.

hardguy81: Hot.

Timestamp - 12:31 AM

INGNR: But you know what the hottest thing about her was?

hardguy81: What?

INGNR: She had no soul.

hardguy81: Huh?

INGNR: No soul at all. She had one once, but it was all gone. Used up. Some of it other people took and some of it she used up herself, and some of it was eaten up by the world, and now there wasn't anything at all.

hardguy81: You're really strange.

INGNR: I am. But you still want to hear about me eating Angela's pussy, don't you?

hardguy81: Did you eat her pussy?

INGNR: Yeah. We went out to her car. We were supposed to go back to her place but I said fuck it, let's just go to the backseat.

hardguy81: You do that kind of thing?

INGNR: Sure. I'd have done it there in the bar if she'd let me. Is there a bar near your place? I could meet you there and give you a blowjob in the bathroom.

hardguy81: Really?

INGNR: Sure, but first let me finish telling you about Angela. She was laying down in the backseat and I was on top of her.

hardguy81: Weren't you worried about being seen?

INGNR: Why would I worry? I like being seen. If they were cute I'd ask them to join in.

hardguy81: Wish I'd been there.

INGNR: You will be. Angela was nervous but she stopped once I started sucking her tits. She had nipple rings, so I put my tongue through one and started to tug on it. She got really excited.

hardguy81: And then what?

INGNR: Then I started running my hands over her bare legs and massaging her naked thighs. It's always a really good way to get a woman hot, in case you didn't know. And I started kissing her ankles and her calves, and the backs of her knees, and I kept going up and up and up.

hardguy81: Wasn't it crowded in the car?

INGNR: A little, but I got her to stick her legs up so that her feet were planted against the ceiling. That made room.

hardguy81: Then what happened?

INGNR: By that time I got her panties off, and she kept complaining that my hands were cold, so I said I knew how to warm them up, and I stuck two fingers into her cunt. She was really wet by that time and it made that kind of sloppy noise, you know the one I'm talking about?

hardguy81: Yes.

INGNR: Are you thinking about it right now?

hardguy81: Yes.

INGNR: And is it making your cock get nice and hard?

hardguy81: Yes.

INGNR: Bodies are so easy to figure out.

Timestamp - 12: 51 AM

INGNR: Anyway, I kept fingering her for a while, and then I licked the tip of my thumb and stuck it out so that it rubbed over her asshole while I did, and that got her really excited.

INGNR: She was one of those girls with a dirty mouth you know, and she started with the dirty talk then: "Oh that feels good, oh shove your finger up my asshole, fingerfuck my wet little cunt you nasty bitch," that kind of thing.

hardguy81: You like that kind of thing?

INGNR: Yes. But I like making people scream more.

INGNR: After that's when I started to eat her out. The straps of her dress were down and she started squeezing her tits and pulling on the nipple rings while she did, and I started to lick her pussy from the bottom all the way up to her clit.

hardguy81: Was her clit swollen?

INGNR: Oh yeah. I started to lick it and then lick my finger and swirl it around it while I licked her asshole.

hardguy81: You licked her ass too?

INGNR: Of course. For a while I just licked back and forth between her cunt and her asshole, and her legs were still up on the ceiling and I swear she pushed against it so hard she must have left dents in the roof. It was pretty fucking intense.

hardguy81: Did she cum?

INGNR: Not from that, but when I finally just started sucking her clit she started to get off. She was a screamer too, one of those really long and loud types, and she couldn't talk for a while after. I kept fingering her while she came down and every time she tried to talk I just stuck it in and that got her going all over again. It was funny.

hardguy81: Did she do you back?

INGNR: She was going to.

INGNR: But then I sent her to Hell.

hardguy81: What?

hardguy81: What does that mean?

INGNR: I liked her body so much I wanted to keep it, so I got rid of her. I like collecting people's bodies. I have lots. I can show you if you want.

hardguy81: I don't get it.

INGNR: Poor dear, of course you don't. I never had a body of my own, so I have to use someone else's. When I find someone like Angela, I get them out of the way and then I take over.

hardguy81: You're fucking nuts.

INGNR: @}-;-'---

hardguy81: What's wrong with you?

INGNR: I like your room.

hardguy81: What?

INGNR: Your bedroom. It's nice. Your body is nice too.

hardguy81: What are you talking about?

INGNR: I can see you. I'm in the room with you right now.

Timestamp - 1:11 AM

hardguy81: You're full of shit.

INGNR: I've been here the whole time. You can't tell because I got rid of Angela's body, and when I don't have a body you can only see me in the dark.

hardguy81: You're not scary.

INGNR: But you are scared. I like you. I want you for my collection. Your body will be really nice once I get rid of you.

hardguy81: Is this how you get off, trying to scare people on the internet?

INGNR: On a bus, in a bar, on the computer, it doesn't matter. Poor little soulless people are so lonely they'll talk to anyone, even me. If you'd really listened to anything I said you'd have known to stay away from me. Now it's too late.

hardguy81: Well I just turned the lights off and there's nothing there.

INGNR: You're lying.

hardguy81: How do you know?

INGNR: Because I can see you. And if you really turned the lights off, you'd see me too.

hardguy81: This is such bullshit. I'm going to bed.

INGNR: You're going to sleep with the lights on.

hardguy81: No I'm not.

INGNR: Ben, I'm waiting for you. When you turn the lights off I'm going to be there. I'm going to send you to Hell with Angela, and then I'm going to crawl inside your body, and it'll be part of my collection forever and ever.

hardguy81: I'm not scared of you.

INGNR: Then turn the lights off.

hardguy81: Fine.

INGNR: Prove I'm wrong.

hardguy81: I will.

INGNR: See you soon Ben.

Timestamp - 1:31 AM

Timestamp - 1:41 AM

Timestamp - 1:51 AM

{{NeonBlack}}: Hey Ben baby.

{{NeonBlack}}: Ben? Are you there?

hardguy81: @}-;-'---

{{NeonBlack}}: What's that?

hardguy81: It's a rose.

hardguy81: @}-;-'--- See?


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