This is about my first time. itz a true story n it happened a long time ago so i dnt really remember all of it. enjoy!:)
My name is Teresa n when this all began i wuz in the 5th grade. I lived with my mom (aged 42), stepdad (40), and two lil brotherz (10 and 8). I had just turned 11 in February and a few weekz after that i startd my first period. My mom let me stay home that day which was fine by me since i really wasnt too excited about goin to skool. Throughout my changez my mom occasionally let me stay home from skool which meant i spent alot of time kickin bak n watchn tv with my stepdad since he wuz unemployed at the time.

Nothing unusual happened for the first couple of monthz as i went through my changez. But one day i stayed home from skool because i went to get a haircut and my stepdad took me in his truck. After my haircut we went home and he went to his room n turned on the tv. I got bored so i sat next to him n watched tv with him. (Dont remember how this started) He started tickling me which i wuz ok with and i told him to stop or i'd tickle him bak n he said go for it. So i moved my fingerz around his stomach but he wuznt laughin so i decided to move a lil lower which wuz about at his hipz n i asked if he wuz ticklish there n he said, "no try here" and he putz my hand down his pantz so i slowly rubbed. He then picked my up n layed me on my bak n got on top of him. I had a lil idea of where this was goin because a yr before this i had found dirty magazinez n i constantly looked at them. As he wuz on top of me he started grindin against me n i could feel his dick rubbing up against my fully-clothed pussy. He kept grindin then soon started kissing me n i kissed bak while i wrapped my armz aroun him n rubbed my handz on his back. He started to kiss my neck then lifted my shirt up n started kissin my stomach. Next he moved my bra out of the way n exposed my (at the time) lil A-cup breasts. I kind of tensed up so he eased me by kissing around my breasts then slowly went to sucking on my tiny nipplez. He would suck on one n massage my other breast with his hand.

After a few minutez of him caressing my breastz he went down to my waist n lookd up at me as he unbutton n unzipped my pantz n i lookd bak at him n smiled. He took that as an ok, i suppose, so he took off my pantz n i lifted my tiny butt up a lil so he could get them off. He left my pantiez on n took off his pantz n got bak on top of me. He started grindin again n that time i could really feel his hardened dick rubbing against me which got me feeling a lil tingling sensation in my pussy but i dint noe what it wuz since that wuz my first time doin anythng sexually. He asked, "doez that feel good?" and all i could do wuz nod my head n smile since i wuz kind of a lil shy. Next he scooted down the bed n slowly pulled down my pantiez to my anklez n revealed my pussy that was still growin hairz. He lookd up at me n smiled n licked his lipz n i smiled back. Then he kissed my inner thighz gently and asked if that felt good n i replied with a "mmhmm" Next he kissed my pussy mound n went to my innocent lil clit and kissed it which made me jump a lil. He licked it slowly n got me nice n wet. Then he slowly stuck his finger in my tight virgin pussy n got it covered with my juicez then brought it up to me n i stuck it in my mouth n licked it clean. He put his finger bak in my pussy n started movin it in n out while he sucked n licked on my clit. I started moanin a lil n i moved my hipz with his fingerz n soon aftr, i felt a sensation rush through my body which made me get louder. I turned my head bak n pinched my eyez shut as i had my first orgasm n with my stepdad.

He crawled bak up to me and kissed me for a long time as his tongue explored my mouth. After a bit he said, "this is our lil secret ok?" and smiled n i said, "ok daddy" and smiled bak then i soon fell asleep in his armz.

I woke up after a couple of hourz n he wuznt there so i went to the restroom n when i came back he wuz layin on the bed. I wanted to tease him a lil so instead of walkin all the way aroun the bed i decided to climb over him. He smiled at me n held me while he made us roll so that he wuz on top of me. He sayz, "so u dint get enough huh" and i said, "no" and smiled. Then he startz kissin me n i put my tongue in his mouth n he playz with mine with his tongue n i giggle a lil. He liftz up my shirt again n playz with my breastz as he grindz on me. He then grabz my hand n putz it down his boxerz n i grab his dick n start jerkin it a lil. His dick getz harder n he startz breathing faster so he pullz off his boxerz n putz his dick against my pussy n before he stickz it in he sayz, "if it hurtz tell me n ill stop" n i nod my head. He slowly fitz his dick in which hurtz a lil but i dint want to say anythng because at the same time it felt good. He pushez it in a lil then pullz out a lil. He doeznt go to far in but he buildz up his speed n then pushez himself in me n i feel a sharp pain n i almost scream. He askez, "doez it hurt" n i say, "a lil but keep goin" so he keepz goin. We keep tongueing while hez fuckin me n soon hez about to cum n he pullz out n has me grab it n i jack him off until he shootz his load all over my stomach.

This was juz the first time me n my stepdaddy had messed aroun. This went on for a year n we fucked whenever we had the chance. I dnt know if i'll be posting the other timez because theyre pretty basic but i hope u enjoyed it. This is my first time postin by the way so itz a lil ammature-ish n please give feedback:)

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