My name is Floyd, and one day changes my career. Im a petite bi sexual male.
One day I was hanging out, updating my social page on my favorite social site at the time, and some weirdo with an image of the state flag for a profile pic tried to add me. I ignored the request and forgot about it, until the next day. The same oddball user, named "Mr. Bill" tried to chat with me through the site. I clicked "block this user" and carried on. I looked at his profile before doing this and thought something was just weird about it. The day after that, I was in my email inbox, and received a request for chat. Thinking it was a friend of mine, I accepted. The individual wrote "why wont you add me?" I awnsered "because you have no images or posts, how do I know who you are? Or if you're not some crazed sexual weirdo? Are you stalking me? Who is this?" He answered "you know me, just add me". Now I was really worried. I had a stalker. I'm not super attractive, so something weird was afoot. Being active in politics, I was afraid someone was out to hurt my name or try something funny. I closed the chat window and went back to my mail. "Gone and forgotten" or so I thought. I was on my social page again, updating, and there he was again, asking for an invite to be my friend. Fine. Fuckit. I added him. Maybe he'd leave me alone now. He did, at least for a while.

Later that same day, before I closed the office, I got an IM asking if I like to fuck. "Dude, what the hell is wrong with you?" I wrote back. He answered "I just want your face on the end of my cock". OK. That was it for this guy. Then he wrote "you don't know who this is?" I quickly responded "no...I don't...welcome to deletionland, spraken ze douche?" He wrote back "meat me".
"I'm closing this box and removing you"
"Ill pay you"
Being a government employee during the Bush jr. times meant I was very very poor and the thought of money earned began to intrigue me.
"How much?"
"Enough" he replied. So we agreed to meet somewhere very private and if I actually knew him, then we would talk.

When the day came, I didn't recognize the vehicle but I did recognize the driver. He was a prominent figure of the community in which he worked, tall, greying hair, very muscular and thin. The first thing I asked was waiting on the tip of my tongue. " aren't you a police officer?"
"Yes, he said. Nothing illegal about sex."
"OK, I never said we were doing anything like that, and adultery is a crime" as I remembered he did have a wife.
He pulled out a wad of hundred dollar bills and showed it to me. "We're gonna fuck". His face was clear and blatant, as though it were a fact that he was very sure of.
After a few minutes of the back and forth, we agreed to go to my place to at least discuss it. As soon as I turned my key in the front door, I was shoved inside from behind. I spun around catching my footing, and sharply protested "hey what the fuck is your problem?" Being a little shorter and not as muscular, I was at a slight disadvantage. He quickly socked my cheek and sent me down into the carpet like I was one of his perps whod resisted arrest or something. My jaw was reeling, I caught ahold of it with my hand and rubbed it, hoping it would feel better. I turned to look at him and he already had his pants unzipped with a massive 10 inch wood raging and protruding, pointing directly at my face, as I was now on my knees. He looked down at me like nothing had changed. Like he hadn't just struck me. I looked up at him and he said "suck it" I opened my mouth to protest, but he grabbed my shoulder with a powerful vice like grip and pulled me forward. My mouth opened with an "ahhhhhh!" Of surging pain, Because now my shoulder hurt terribly, and he shoved his engorged rod into my mouth. The protest I had ready to go and planned in my head turned to "mmphh!" As my words were muffled by the cock now in my throat. I didn't have time to cover my teeth, as he was already plunging his giant meat in and out of my esophagus. This was an instant turn on and I quickly forgot what I was going to say. My face turned hot and red as I realized I couldn't argue and suddenly wanted to be fucked. Hard. I closed my lips around his cock and sucked for all I was worth as my throat was being raped. He pulled back out so I could breathe. Spit tendrils connected us as his bulbous dickhead left my lips. "You OK?" He asked. I merely shook my head and ran my tongue up and down the side and underside of his member. He drifted his fuckstick down my face and plopped it back into my lips. Then the real assault began. His piece was growing even larger in my mouth, and soon became to large to handle. He violently shoved himself in and out of me, beating my chin with his golfball sized nuts. I couldn't breathe as he force fucked my throat, and i began hitting his thigh, trying my best to scream past his assault. "Mmmghphh!!" "Mmmmppphh!!" He pulled out long enough for me to get one long draw of breathe, but before I could finish he plunged right back into my throat. "Mmmmgh!" Was all I could say. He was seriously hurting me. His grip on my shoulder began to let up a little, then he shuffled his feet to let his pants fall from his legs, and stepped out of them. I was running out of air again, he knew this and used his hand on my shoulder to throw my body down to the carpet again. "Strip!" He demanded. I looked at him pleadingly, knowing there was little I could do. He was a high ranking police officer and could probably get away with anything. "What are you going to do to me?" He only took one step closer and began removing his clothes. "I said strip". Again I had to know, "please, just don't hurt me, I don't know what you want". He took another step and backhanded my face hard with his large powerful hand. "Take your fucking clothes off!". I removed my shirt and when I got it above my head he slapped me into the other direction and began jerking his huge thick pole. "Faster!" I peeled off my pants and undergarments and curled up into a ball and began scooting my way towards the couch behind me. He closed the distance between us and grabbed my waist with two large strong hands and twisted me over, pulled me up by my ass. I attempted to gain some composure with my arms in the air, yet my forehead hit the front wooden part of the couch, which really hurt. My arms hit the ground below my chest, so my ass was sticking up into the air while my hands grabbed my face. I began crying. This was so terrible, I thought, and there's nothing I can do about it! Warm spit hit my ass and I immediately screamed "nooo!" But he was already shoving his big purple dickhead at my anus. My sphincter would not let him enter. I was scared, tears rolled down my cheeks, my body was tense and shaking. I attempted to stand up, only to be grabbed with another vice grip pinch into both sides of my hips, forcing my body down. He pushed onto my back from above me and spit on my asshole again. "Stay the fuck down if you know what's best for you". He spread my ass apart with those big hands and began to push his thumb into my rectum. It slowly inserted itself and my sphincter adjusted for him. "Please, don't hurt me there, please officer, I've never done anything like this..." and my words trailed off into tears. Clearly he had become accustomed to abusing individuals with his authority, and I was most likely not his first victim. He slid his thumb into my ass until he was knuckle deep, and feeling this made me cry harder into my hands. I was feeling so violated, in the worst possible way. A wad of cash was stuffed into my mouth from behind me, his two large fingers pushed it in to make sure I accepted it. "Shut your fucking mouth bitch!" He pushed harder into my back with his free hand and I felt his thumb leave my anus. Without missing a beat, his cockhead began to stretch my hole to accommodate his two and a half inch girth. The bills spilled out of my mouth, I pushed them out with my tongue and pleaded, "Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh please don't! Mr., ill do anything! Anything else I mean!" The bills fell to the floor and I gasped a large amount of air as he pushed all of his 10 inches deep into my guts forcefully. Feeling something alive inside of me, being raped by someone I once trusted, knowing that I would never be the same, changed me from that moment on. I laid my head down and began crying again. Wet money was shoved back into my mouth. My rapist pulled his cock out, spit on it and spread it across his rigid tool and shoved it back into me. I felt every bump and vein. I felt his big round head accessing places no one has ever been, I could feel the soft ridge of his helmet when he pulled back out of me, his cock felt thicker towards the base. When he finally got the whole thing into me, I also felt his balls rest on the bottom of my taint. They felt heavy and ominous. His cock twitched deep inside of my bowels. He pulled back again, applied more pressure on my spine, and commenced to fuck the living shit out of me. His balls slapped against me as he made long speedy strokes, almost pulling his head out every time. He must have been on one knee, because I could not concieve how he managed to fuck me so hard and fast. It felt like my insides were being shoved aside just for him. He changed his angle and I guess this turned him on, for he really started to let loose. His strokes became half lived, and I heard him grunting. "Mm mm mm!" Sweat was beginning to drip onto the middle of my back. His hands moved to my hips again and he began to pull my raised ass to meet his deep thrusts. He was growing inside of my ass! I felt his cock get harder than it had been, and something started to really hurt, like he was banging against something deep inside of me. I tried to plea again, but with the money stuffed in my mouth I could only mutter "mmpher". The money was dry and stale, and tasted like paper out of the garbage. Only my tears and saliva made it wet enough to be bearable. I turned to see my rapist lighting a cigar under his heavy sweaty brow. I hated cigars. His top was almost not moving, but he was covered in sweat, as his arms and hips fucked me like a cheap whore. His hips swayed and shoved, and I heard the slapping of his flesh against mine. When he saw me looking, he pushed deep into my guts and stopped, it hurt. He leaned forward almost touching his nose to mine, and blew cigar smoke into my face. He moved back upright and began twirling his hips in a circular pattern, twisting his enormous rod inside of me, pushing against my intestinal walls inside. My head dropped back down in shame and he began fucking me hard again. I guess humiliation and despair were what turned him on. His pummeling meat started picking up real speed now, driving me crazy. I think I was starting to like being ass raped, then something hot was inside of me. Really hot. He was cumming deep into my guts, I felt it squirting against something inside of me. I involuntarily came, which was a really strange feeling. My body shuddered and shook in small aftershocks. Then I heard a "psssst" sound before a hot and sharp burning sensation in my ass cheek. It stung so bad that I wanted and tried to jump up and get away. I screamed and the money fell from my mouth again. I looked back to see him squinting his eyes and putting his cigar out with my ass flesh. My squirming jumping ass made him cum more, he was draining all of his ballsack into my rectum, while pinning me down with his hands. His hips made a few short thrusts and the spurts of his cock became shorter and farther apart. He just held me there, to feel all of this pain and pleasure at once. "If you tell anyone I will kill you." I could only nod my head. His cock slowly slumped out of my anus, but he kept his grip on my hips. Then he released me and began to get dressed. "You'll meet me at the boatdocks every Wednesday at 6am." Everyday that you are not there, it will be worse the next." I began crying again. He knocked the air out of me and lifted me off the ground some with a swift kick into the stomach. Like a soccer goal kick. "Unnnnnhhh" was my awnser. "If you call my fellow officers, you will disappear forever. They will never find you. Don't even try. I hate having to hide a body" I curled into a ball and put my hands over my head to protect my face, just in case. "What time do you meet me?" I stuttered a ".....what?" And his steel toed shoe almost went up my deflowered ass. It was excruciating. "Where do you meet me?" I hammered out my best response in tears, "b b b boat d docks". "Good." He placed his feet around my huddled mass and stared at me. "Open your mouth!" My jaw kind of vibrated open. He stood above me, my dominant rapist, and let loose the ugliest greenest chunkiest loogey into my mouth. It passed my lips and went straight to my throat. I suddenly felt his cum begin to ooze out of my ass. He knelt down and held my nose shut and flicked my throat, making me swallow. I did everything I could to not puke right there. His knee was digging into my chest and making it hard to breathe. Just as quickly, he stood up and left for the door as he rebuttoned his shirt. He said "don't forget about me!" And slammed the door as he exited my house. The smells of sex assaulted my nose. I tried to sit up against the couch, to see shit, blood, and cum stains in my new carpet. I was probably making a new stain where I now sat. The next week I moved out of town and disappeared. Which I later learned was the desired effect. I read the local paper online and found out that that day, the citizens were arranging a document to ask me to become their next mayor. Those who publicly opposed it were friends of my rapist cop.

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2015-03-24 23:34:47
Adultery has always been a crime...just not enforced.
You read this story and that's what you have an issue with?

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adultery is a crime now?

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