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What every picnic should be like.
Horses grazed in a field under a clear blue English sky. Carly and Anthony had just shared a wonderful picnic basket lunch on a blanket, which was shaded by a huge oak tree. Carly was relaxing, stretched out on her stomach on the blanket. She watched as Anthony packed up their gear. She saw him wince and rub his shoulder as he lifted up the basket. "Poor baby. Still sore?" Her tone was teasing, but he saw the concern in her face. He gave her a small smile as he joined her on the blanket. He had hurt his shoulder at work the other day, lifting a box that was meant for three men. Anthony was a strong boy, but even his muscles had their limits.

"Just a bit stiff, luv. I'm fine."

Her smile grew as she sat up and began to unbutton his shirt. "I know a way to loosen you up."

She removed his shirt and told him to lie down on his stomach. She straddled him, and firmly began to massage his stiff and sore shoulder muscles. He soon turned to jelly underneath her ministrations, groaning with delight. She worked her fingers down his spine, pleased with herself at the noises he was making. Soon, she had worked her hands down to his lower back, and under his waistband. Before long, his breathing quickened, as did her own. She wriggled on his butt as she felt her womanhood begin to tingle.


"Hmm?" she asked as she rubbed and massaged beneath his waistband.

"If you were trying to take the stiffness away, I'm afraid you are failing."

"What?" She was confused, and startled when he turned over, almost throwing her off of him. But he caught her firmly, and held her still straddling him, only now around his waist. Her eyebrows rose, and she started to giggle as she realized now what he had meant about being stiff.

She leaned down and kissed him. Their mouths melted into each other, hot and wet. Anthony ran his hands up Carly's back beneath her shirt, lifting it up and over her head as their mouths parted.

She reached back and undid her bra and threw it over by their shirts. His emerald eyes drank her in, never leaving her face as he reached up and cupped her breasts, rolling her nipples underneath each thumb. Her head fell back and she closed her eyes, her nipples now hard pebbles beneath his thumbs. The sun warmed her skin. The tilt of her body made her press against his manhood, and he ground himself up into her.

"Carly," he was panting now, and so was she. She reached down and unbuckled his belt, pushing his jeans down and off, along with his white cotton boxers. Then she removed her own jeans as swiftly as she could. His hands never left her breasts, molding them with his fingers and palms. She reached down and gripped his erect member in her hands, pulling the skin up and down around his purple head. She bent down and licked at the slit, causing him to writhe and buck.

Then his hands flew down to her waist, gripping her, urging her on.

Carly was so wet she was practically dripping. Her mouth continued to suck and lick up and down his member. She cupped his balls in her hand, rolling them gently as her tongue worked his staff, deep throating him.

He took his fingers and eased them up inside her channel. She gyrated her hips upwards as his finger found her clit and massaged it, dipping his other fingers into her opening.

Sensations flooded Carly. She sat up, and rising above him, slowly eased herself down, impaling herself on him. She stopped moving as he filled her completely up. Then she began to move, slowly. Anthony squeezed her hips, holding her close as she rocked up and down taking him deeply into her, and then pulling him almost all the way out, before slamming him up into her again. His head tickled her cervix he was in so deep. Again he took his thumb and pressed it against her clit, causing her to cry out his name.

They both reached the pinnacle of their lovemaking at the same time, shaking and rushing up together into ecstasy. His seed spurted out, deep inside of her, filling her up entirely. His balls emptied completely out.

Carly, when spent, fell down onto Anthony' chest, and he held her there tightly as both of their crashing heartbeats slowed and their muscles stretched and relaxed.

They both dozed under the warm sun. The neighing of the horses, and the slight breeze finally woke them, but both were reluctant to move.

Anthony ran his fingers through Carly's hair, and down her back. She smiled against his chest, pressing her mouth to one of his nipples. Instantly it hardened as she bit at it gently.

“Oh, God. You are going to be the death of me.” His hands ran down her back until he flipped her over onto her back. “My turn,” he said, slipping down her body. He spread her legs with his hands, his hot breath tickling at her mons. Carly moaned, still tender from earlier. Anthony smiled and pressed his mouth to her opening. His tongue traced her outer lips before penetrating her. When her hips raised up, he placed his hands on them to hold her steady. Carly’s hands flew down to his head, holding him closely.

His tongue plunged in and out of her, as his penis had earlier. Occasionally his tongue flicked up to caress her swollen clit, causing her to cry out and buck upwards. He smiled, taking his tongue and bottom lip to suck at her clit. He felt her muscles begin to gather, and soon his mouth was flooded with the juices of her orgasm. He raised up, pressing his forehead against hers, and entered her again, his penis finding easy access in her slick opening. He thrusted once, twice, and then felt it gathering in his lower back, his balls again filling before spewing into her. He cried out her name as he came, her voice mingling with his, until he collapsed upon her breasts, sated.

Anthony decided right then and there, that he had to take Carly out on another picnic very soon.


2004-09-30 07:09:50
Sweet, but needs to be longer. Story was over before I could get into it

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