i was so scared
when i got home my lady maid said to me "what you doing back home leon?" i said "got sent home for trying to hit a jack ass" i went up stairs to my room and text harvey saying hey baby hows school? harvey text me back saying its boring wish i was at home with you i text harvey back saying i bet you do because im about to get all wet harvey text me back saying babe dont say things like that you getting me excited ((with a winking face)) i text back at put o well you have to sort me out when you get to my house tonight

i went back to bed all day and was soon woke up by harvey after his detention i said in a sleepy manner "i dont wanna get up" harvey put his hand up my t shirt and said "come on babe get up i wanna go out with you tonight" i said "go where" harvey said "your see" i got out of bed tired and put on a jacket and a pair of pants and said "im ready babe" harvey took my hand and took me to his car i got in and went back to sleep on the passengers side when harvey woke me up he said "babe wake up" i said "harvey we are at tennis courts" harvey smiled and said "yes we are" i got out the car and light up a ciggarette but harvey took it out my mouth and put it out i said "what the fuck did you do that for?" harvey said "so we can play tennis. your mom told me that was your favourt sport when you was younger" i said "harvey i also thought i was straight when i was younger but it dont mean i wanna relive that it" i was secretly playing harvey and when he said "wanna go home leon?" i said "hell no i wanna play but i dont have a tennis uniform HARVEY" (making his name bold in my sentence to let him know i was upset he called me my name not babe) harvey handed me a bag and i opened it there was a uniform in my size i said to harvey "babe how do you know what size i am?" harvey smiled back and said "research" and winked at me anyway we started playing tennis and i dint just win harvey i slade him winning 3 matches and two games but what i didnt know was harvey had another suprise for me i said "can we go babe im hunry" harvey went to the car and brought back and load of food and said "what would you like to eat" i said "o wow you went all out. i will have aaaa ummm egg mayo sandwich please babe" harvey handed me one and by the end of the night all the main food was eatten (i felt so fat for eatting loads) harvey said to me "what would you like for desert" and i answered "you" and started kissing harvey and lowering him to down from sitting to laying i started taking harveys top off and somethink kicked me in the leg i broke mine and harvey kiss and looked at the police officer the cop told me and harvey to go home or he would arrest us so me and harvey packed everything up and left when we got into the car i said "thank for today babe i need a nice relaxing day with my boy i love you so much" harvey gave me a massive smile and said "babe i love you too" on the way home harvey took us on a different route he happen to have drove upto the crossing where i had a car crash a few months ago i paniced and said "dont drive this way" repeatting it over and over again and crying so hard it felt like bullets "wooo baby calm down. shit!!!. this is where your accident happened" harvey hugged me as we was waiting at the red light harvey said "baby calm down im here im not going to let anythink happen to you okay" i looked harvey in the eyes and nodded my head in the yes direction harvey held out his hand and i toke it and we drove across the crossing i was looking both way (left and right) and gripping harveys hand with so much force it must have hurt him when we had got over the crossing i still gripped harveys hand for a good few seconds with my eyes closed i finally let go of harvey hand and i was breathing very heavey i reopened my eyes and stopped crying harvey went into his pocket and handed me a carton he said to me "i tried it this morning i dont like smoking" i was greatful harvey had ciggerette because after what i just went thought i needed one when we got home (harvey house) sex off the activity list tonight but having saying that harvey did undress me for bed i got into harveys bed naked and he had his arms around me and i had my arms around him he kissed me on my noise i did like a smile laught sorta things and harvey said "im so sorry babe i forgot where you had your accident" with upset in his eyes when he said that i hugged harvey tight and said "dont be sorry babe its okay sooner or later i was going to go over the crossing anyway" harvey said "but i feel so bad that i made you panic and cry and scared" i stopped harvey im mid sentence and said "harvey harvey harvey!! its okay yes i was all of the emmotion but i also felt safe knowing i had you next to me" me and harvey shared a really long passionate kiss after i finished that sentence

to be continued

one day i will get over the car accident but its a task i will have to take by my self but i was so thankful i had harvey with me when i went over the crossing


2011-07-23 02:01:21
we would never get bored with yall


2011-07-22 18:40:42
part 33 is now out lol arnt you guys getting bord of me and harvey yet? x


2011-07-21 13:41:06
mr and mr spencer landed in london england a few hours ago having a few drink at a gay bar (lol in england you only have to be 18 to drink)


2011-07-21 06:33:41
are first song was everytime we touch


2011-07-21 06:33:40
are first song was everytime we touch

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