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This is the 5th and final part of the story, im kind of sad to see it end myself but it had to happen sometime.... also inbox me suggestions for other stories to write about.
Sophomore, Junior and Senior year flew by. I had taken my SATs and gotten into the school of my dreams. All of my family and friends were happy for me. The twins were also accepted to the school of their dreams, the only problem with that was that the school was in Italy. Nina and Nancy were going to live full time in Italy, for four years. I was heartbroken, I'm not going to lie.

Graduation was a few days away, and I was so excited to get out of high school. It was prom night. I decided to take Ashley to prom. I couldn't decide which twin to take to prom, and I didn't want to hurt them if I didn't choose the right one. Nina and Nancy understood. Nina and Nancy were going to prom as singles, which left them open to dance all night.

We arrived at the country club our prom was being held at, and the twins, Ashley, and the rest of the cheer squad got out of the party bus, and walked in. We heard the music playing and our class song played. The song was a slow one, and Ashley and I slow danced. She did look amazing that night, but for some reason, she wasn't the one on my mind. The only thing I kept thinking about was "Its over, I may never see these twins, who I have had so many moments with ever again."

I couldn't let these thoughts mess my night up though. I danced with Ashley almost all night. Even when dinner waas served we were on the dance floor, slowly grinding. Her dress was a light blue, cut off just above mid thigh, showing her legs. My cock washard the whole time, but Ashley didn't care, mainly because I had fucked her between the summer of freshman and sophomore year at the twins pool party. Ashley really had developed since than. Her ass was so firm, and her tits were now a full D cup. Ashleys ass on my cock was so soothing, but my balls were almost constricting, wanting to be handled. Ashley turned to me and said "Jeff, I'm going to take care of you tonight." She leaned in and kissed me. Ashley fixed my cock and moved it into the waistband of my pants. She grabbed my hand and took me into the bathroom on the first foor of the country club.

Ashley sat me down on the toilet and unbuttoned my pants and started jerking my cock. Ashley took her phone out of her purse and texted someone. Ashley began to suck my cock, and I felt great. Ashley wasn't the girl I wanted to be doing this, especially on prom night. I wanted the twins. Nina and Nancy were great at suckin cock, and the past four years of high school had been amazing with them fucking with me. Ashley was beginning to grab my attention fully as she started to deepthroat my cock, and lick my balls. She had obviously practiced for this moment. I heard Ashley gag and her saliva ran down my dick and my balls.

There was a knock on the door, and Ashley got up from my dick and sounded sick. "Go away! I'm going to be awhile." There was a familiar voice behind the door, that said "Ashley its us..." Ashley stopped sucking my cock and ran to the door, unlocked it and let Nina and Nancy in. "This is so fucking kinky Jeff." Nancy said. Nancy was wearing a sleek pink dress all the way down to her feet. Her hair was in a bun and she took the clip out that was holding it. Nancy's hair flew and swayed as she jerked her head. Nina was wearing a yellow dress, and wow, there was not much I could say, because I was staring at her chest, which bulged out.

Nina and Nancy began to unzip each others dress, and helped Ashley with hers. All three dresses hit the floor at the same time. I was still sitting on the toilet, my dick getting cold while Ashley's saliva was still on my shaft. My high school career was now officially complete, fucking on prom night with the two twins I had been screwing since freshman year.

"Your nice and warmed up I see." Nina said. "Yea baby, just in time for you" I replied. "Awww how cute," Nancy said. Nancy, Nina and Ashley droped to their knees and crowded my cock. "I want some meat in my mouth." Nina said. "Oh yea, this is going to be so much fun" Nancy said. "Girls, let's do this." Ashley said.

Nina and Nancy started deepthroating right away. Their throats wrapped around my cock. Low and behold Ashley was eating out Nina. Her moans got me going so much. I never felt a bigger rush of cum about to spurt out of me. I shot my load out and it landed on Nina and Nancys faces. Ashley said "Woo yeah girl."

Ashley was making out with Nancy and Nina, sharing my load. How I couldn't even think about a better night. "Yes, Jeff, this is your night." Ashley said. "Fuck us." Nina said. "Yes ma'am" I said. I stood up and leaned all three girls over the bathroom counter. Neither of the girls were wearing panties, and I began to slowly enter Ashley's vagina. Her pussy was looser than I remembered from three years earlier. I moved in and out of her and she moaned loudly. "Ugh yea Jeff, treat me like a slut." Ashley said. "Yea I will babe. Hey Nina how did you guys know we were fucking in here?" I asked the twins. "Ashley texted us." Nancy said. "Ohhhhh my goodness, you need to give me this cock more often Jeff." Ashley said moaning really loud now.

I felt Ashley's pussy grip my cock. After all the times I had fucked the twins, I knew what was coming. Ashley let out the loudest moan the twins or I had ever heard. Her back gave out over the bathroom sinks and her head was now flat on the counter. "You're done." I said, still with plenty of fight left in me. "Okay Nancy let's do this." I said.

Nancy slid down toward me, and she was ready to be fucked. Her love hole was dripping, and I saw it glistening. "Do it Jeff." She said. I took my cock and shoved it deep inside her, and her body became weak right away. Her gasp "Ahhh" took me by surprise. It had always taken a long time to get Nancy off, but I guess she was really turned on that night. I felt her feet shaking against my legs as I pounded her wet cunt. I pulled out of her and began to fiercely finger her. I whipped my fingers in and out as fast as I could. "Ahh Oh my God!! Jeff! Ahhhhh! That hurts Ahh it feels sooo goooooddd." Nancy yelled. "Ahh somethings happening." She screamed. "Ohhhhhh" she finished moaning. I stuck my dick back into her pussy and fucked as fast as possible. Nancy was breathing heavily and stopping her breath as she was looking back at me with faint eyes filled with passion. Suddenly I felt I rush of wetness flow onto my cock, which was weird because Nancy's pussy didn't grip my shaft. I pulled out and suddenly a stream of wetness spurted out of her cunt. "Oh my god! Did I pee?" Nancy let out in a deep breath. "Nooo!" Ashley said "You squirted! Holy fuck!!" She finished.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. "What's going on in there? We have complaints of moaning and the door is locked." The voice behind the door was familiar. It was clearly an authoritative voice. I wasn't sure so I decided to try and finish off with a quick fuck from Nina. I sat back down on the toilet in the stall, and told Nina to ride me.

"We have to hurry!" I said. "Who is that out there?" Ashley asked. "I don't know but were fucked." Nancy said. "Yea I'm fucking all of you tonight." Nina started toward me and immediately stratled me. Nina wasn't as wet as her sister. "Make me do what Nancy did." She whispered to me. "Ill try." I whispered back as I started motioning up and dow, while kissing her neck. "Shove it deep." She said. "Try to hold your moans in." I said. Nina was now riding me, and I was getting close to climaxing. "Aahh" Nina let out lowly. "Oh my... that feels great! This is the hottest sex we've ever had Jeff." She started moaning a bit louder.

The knocking and talking was still at the door. "Whoever is in there open up NOW!" The screaming was now familiar to me. "Nancy.... You recognize that voice?" I asked. "Aahhh" I moaned as Nina bounced and started grinding. "No I don't. Do you?" Nancy asked back. "Its Ms. Daniels, that bitch." I told her. I started fucking Nina furiously with the hatred I had for Ms. Daniels. "Now!! Come out here!!" Ms. Daniels wrapped at the door. "Ahhh fuck!aa" Nina yelled biting her bottom lip. "Ahhh I'm cummm.... cumm.. cumming!" Nina yelled. "What is going on in there?" Ms. Daniels wouldn't shut up. I had to come now, so Nina hopped off my cock I shot a cumshot deep into her pussy. I held back my next few shots as Ashley sat on my cock and received her load. Nancy was last, still recovering from her intense orgasm and squirt. Nancy sat on and I released three cumshots deep into her vagina.

The twins, Ashley and I got dressed as quickly as possible. My cock was dripping with left over cum and the juices of the three hottest girls in my school. It was time to face the music, but we tried to make it seem if Ashley was sick in the bathroom, throwing up. Ashley opened the door and held her stomach. "Ah... Ms. Daniels, I'm sick and I was throwing up." Nina, Nancy and I were hiding in the stall and behind the bathroom door. "Yea, that's a terrible excuse, what was going on in there!?"

Ms. Daniels stepped into the bathroom and immediatley looked behind the door and found me and Nancy. "Ah... Ishould have known. "Sooo, Jeff, what are you doing in the girls bathroom with three girls?" Ms. Daniels asked me. "I was helping the twins help Ashley. They texted me and told me they needed their hair clips to hold back their hair from getting messed up." I tried to improvise the best I could. "Jeff, I'm only twenty six, I know what was going on in here. I want you in my office with these three girls before graduation in three days." She ordered. "If you show up, we will try and make a deal that will still let you graduate. I'm giving you this chance, be there or don't graduate, its up to you four." Ms. Daniels walked away, and the twins, Ashley and I walked to our party bus, where the driver was taking all of us to our weekend house to party.


It was the morning of graduation, about 11:30, and Ashley, Nina, Nancy and I were on our way to Ms. Daniels office. "What do you think we'll have to do?" Ashley asked. "I don't know." Nina said. "Knowing that bitch she will probably make us do a shit load of math" I said. "Jeff, this is more serious than that." Nancy said. We were down the hall from Ms. Daniels office, and it suddenly hit me "why is she here alone?" "Come on kids, move any slower and you won't be able to finish high school!" Ms. Daniels yelled from down the hall.

We reached Ms. Daniels office and walked into her room, the same room the twins and I had fucked in freshman year. I still pictured that day everytime I had to step in that room. "Okay kids, sit down." Ms. Daniels said. "Now what was going on at prom?" She asked us. "We told you, Ashley was sick, and we were helping her." Nancy said. "Hahahaha, I don't believe that in the least bit." Ms. Daniels said looking straight at me. "Jeff, I know something was going on, I was outside the bathroom the whole time." "No Ms. Daniels, we're telling you the truth." Ms. Daniels kept a straight face, there was no hiding the fact that I had fucked three girls in the bathroom at prom. "Alright...." Ashley broke the silence. "We were having sex." She divulged to Ms. Daniels. "Of course you were, it was prom night." Ms. Daniels said. "Jeff step out of the room for a moment.

I listened, with my high school diploma on the line, I had no choice. I looked at the clock in the hallway, 11:57 A.M. I started whistling with nerves. I waited for five minutes as the women talked in the room.

Nancy came outside and talked to me, "Hey Jeff, look sit down this is tough to explain." She said holding my shoulder. "Okay, Ms. Daniels has agreed to let us graduate if you have sex with all of us, and her." She told me. "What!" I yelled. I was shocked. This woman was the hottest teacher in the school, yes, but this bitch knew how to hold something against you. "Come back in and start." Nancy said. "I have no choice." I said walking into the room with my head down in shame.

"Jeff, I assume you know the deal now?" Ms. Daniels asked. "Yes ma'am." I said reluctantly. Ms. Daniels definetly was fuckable, I would have wanted to fuck her all the time if she wasn't so much of a bitch, but I needed to get past her to graduate. "Okay let get this over with." I said.

"Ms. Daniels, you first" I said. "Okay." She agreed. Ms. Daniels was wearing a short, sexy mini skirt, with a lowcut tank top that showed plenty of cleavage. "Let's fuck." Ms. Daniels said.

Ms. Daniels slid off one strap on her tanktop and than the other. I had a boner by the sight of her breasts and suddenly I wanted to fuck the living shit out of her. Ms. Daniel's brown hair swayed as she took her hair bun out. Ms. Daniels had no bra on. She unbuttoned her miniskirt and it dropped to the floor exposing her clean shaven pussy. Ms. Daniels dropped to her knees waiting for me to take my clothes off, which I did rather quickly. "Okay Ashley, you're going to film this." Ms. Daniels said as I took my boxers off. "Fuck, even more blackmail." I said. "Don't worry, this is staying at my house for my entertainment." Ms. Daniels admitted.

Ashley turned the camera on, and Ms. Daniels reached for my cock. Nina and Nancy began to take their clothes off as Ms. Daniels motuh touched my cock. I was mezmorized by the amazing blowjob I had started to receive from my former teacher.Ms. Daniels was slobbering all over my cock and it felt great. She was gagging on my shaft and squeezing it gently everytime she stopped bobbing up and down. Ms. Daniels stopped blowing me, and said "Okay Jeff, my turn." I picked Ms. Daniels up and placed her on her chair. "Eat my tight wet pussy." She demanded. I spread her legs quick and stuck my fingers up her vagina, and noticed that she was tight, tighter than the twins. How was it that this hot teacher was tight? "Jeff, I'm a virgin." Ms. Daniels admitted. "What!?!?!" I said. "I was waiting for marriage but I heard you four in the bathroom and now I want it." Ms. Daniels said. I broke Ms. Daniels hymen just shortly after. I ate her out, and her juices flooded out of her. Ms. Daniels gave a loud moan and I felt her pussy grab my finger as her first orgasm was on its way. "Oooo that's better than I thought it would be!" Ms. Daniels moaned.

I pulled my fingers out and spit on her pussy. Ms. Daniels had the look of "Fuck me as hard as possible" on her face. Ms. Daniels pussy was ready to be ravished for the first time. "This is great" Ashley said moving in on a close up of Ms. Daniels pink pussy. "Stick that fat cock in me" Ms. Daniels said. I picked Ms. Daniels off her chair and told her to lean over her desk. I obliged her request and penetrated Ms. Daniels in her tight pussy. "Holy fuck!" I said "You are so tight." Ms. Daniels moaned loudly and dropped her head to the desk. "Fuck that pussy owwww it hurts so much!!!" Ms. Daniels yelled. "Want me to stop?" I asked. "Noooo ah ah ahhh!" She struggled. Ms. Daniels tried to move in motion with me, but failed. "Stop moving and let me loosen that cunt." I said. "Yesss" she moaned. I felt myself about to explode. I suddenly lost control and came inside Ms. Daniels. "Oh fuck, I just came in you." I told her. "Oh fuckkk nooo you didnt!" She said "I'm not on the pill" she said. "Fuck keep fucking me!" She told me.

I still pounded Ms. Daniels hard. And soon she was too tired to move. "I can't, I'm cummmingg" she yelled as she fell on the desk and accepted my last load. "I want to see you fuck your precious twins now." Ms. Daniels said. Ms. Daniels sat in one of the student chairs with her legs open still rubbing her clit.

Nancy and Nina walked over to me, where I had sat down in Ms. Daniels chair. Nina and Nancy wanted to get this over with, and started sucking my dick really quickly. Nina and Nancy bobbed up and down on my dick. I enjoyed watching the twins suck me off. Ms. Daniels was enjoying it too, as she was still rubbng her clit and fingering herself while moaning. Ashley, still filming, said "wow, this is fucking hott."

Nancy was first, we decided. Nancy pushed me down into Ms. Daniels chair and mounted my cock. "This is going to be our last time to fuck before me and Nina go to Italy. We havent taken the pill either. Fill us up, and make sure you know who you love after today." Nancy whispered. I kissed her neck and said "Don't worry, we will get out of this." I said, shoving my cock up her pussy. Nina crawled over and licked my balls while i fucked Nancy. The usual was happening, not that it was boring, in fact it was the hottest sex I had ever had, fucking my teacher on film, than fucking the two twins I have loved for four long years. My cock was limp inside Nancy, worn out from Ms. Daniels. There was no way to get out of this, I needed to cum inside her and fill her while she wasn't on the pill. I started fucking her furiously and Nancy began too moan loudly. "Ahhhh!!! Give me that fucking huge dick one last time." Nany shouted. I looked up from our hips meeting and saw her face in complete ecstasy, eyes closed, and tits bouncing. Nina still was licking my balls, making sure none of her sisters hot wet juices fell onto the floor. Ms. Daniels started to moan louder at the sight. Ashley was even fingering herself a little. Nina was ready to see me cum in her sister as she said "Come on!! Jeff fucking cum in that tight cunt NOW!!" She barked at me. I listened though, and let myself go. My cum shot out into Nancy's pussy and filled her. I pulled out and cum dripped from her deep drilled hole.

Nina was next and last. "Cum in me too, I'm sure she told you we haven't taken the pill." Nina licked her fingers, rubbed them on her pussy and mounted me. I was so tired of fucking. My cock ws so limp, I could barely get inside Nina. "Jeff, get harder and fuck me like a man." Nina demanded. I couldn't pulled out or I wasn't going to graduate, and I would have a pissed off sexaholic on me. My cock did get harder as I found the energy from deep down to ram her pussy hard. "Mmmmmm." Nina moaned as i started fucking her slowly and gradually getting faster. "Yessssss make me squirt!!" She yelled. "Woah you can squirt?" Ms. Daniels asked. "No... ugh.. my sister did the other night at prom, but now I want too." Nina admitted. Nina rode fast and hard. She was in control this round. Her hips bounced up and down from mine as her ass hit my legs. The clapping was turning me on now. I started to take over, and Nina loved it. I grabbed her hips and fucked her fast. Nina's pussy was heard as her juices started to flow. "oohh I'm cumming!!! Jeff, give me youur load deep inside me." Nina yelled as she hit her climax. "Fucckkk!" I said as Nina's pussy gripped my cock. I still pushed through her tightening vagina and got deep inside her and started to feel my legs stiffen. My toes pointed straight and I felt my balls quiver. Suddenly I shot the biggest load I had ever had deep inside Nina and she moaned "Ohhh I feel your kids swimming deep inside my womb!"

Ms. Daniels approached the twins, Ashley and I after graduation and said, "Congratulations children, you have graduated high school." Ms. Daniels walked over to me and said "You were greaaat." She hissed as she rubbed my balls and cock. "I can't believe we did that." Ashley said. "I'll see you guys around." Ashley walked towards her parents to take pictures.

"Wow.... So this is it." I said. "Yepp." Nina and Nancy said at the same time. "Ahh that never get old." I said turning to them. The twins and I walked back towards the school to say our final goodbyes. We didn't fool around. "Goodbye Jeff." the twins said at the same time again. "High School changed our lives." Nancy told me. "Yea, we had great times and I'm sure you will never forget it." Nina said. Both girls leaned in and gave me a kiss on each of my cheeks.


I was almost done with my first year of college and hadn't heard from the twins since graduation day. I walked up my driveway after a long day of school and went to the mailbox, where I found a manilla envelope addressed to me, from the twins in Italy. I pulled the envelope open and took a notice out, "See you this summer." The little notice said. I pulled out two picture, on it were two babies, On the back of one said. "Born March 26th." This one was signed by Nina. "Born March 26th." This signed by Nancy. "yes theyre yours. And we're coming home and staying there. We all will find a house and live together."

THE END......

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Had my prom back in may I fucked my date but Nothing like this =) awesome story dude

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Not gonna lie. I got a little choked up at the end.

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Great story. Brings back memories of my high school years. Great job and keep it goin

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make a after math story about them moving in and getting a place and havine more fun please!!!

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