Final chapter. Involves Nyx, Caden, and special guest Alarico.
Note: This story is a direct continuation of the last. However, what you do not read is Alarico's thought process of wanting to expose his relationship with Nyx in full truth. You don't experience the party scene that Caden and Nyx go to. You don't get to experience the emotional ties between the three characters. What you do read, however, is the main idea of the story. Hopefully, you get it. I didn't really get into this one, so my writing my be not be as exceptional as my other stories. And,'ll see.

Sorry for the people I'll piss off.

I remember the way he felt, the way his smooth skin was warm like the midday sun and smooth like cool marble, pale beyond what I had ever experienced before giving off that essence of vampiric beauty. His lips were soft beyond comparison to anyone I had ever kissed before. And his touch held the right amount of pure innocence that made me desire him even more.

I can’t really say that I loved him, but what I did love was his company and the way he made me feel when I stood in his presence. He was the first younger guy I had ever been with and far less experienced than I. And the first time I had seen his eyes and captured that mysterious nocturnal side to him, I was hooked. Brainwashing him with alcohol was easy; his friends took good care of that.

Later that afternoon, we had come face to face for the first real time. A few friends of ours ran off into the woods to have whatever kind of adventures they could make, and I pulled him along with me, hand in hand, until we were safe from the view of others. When he looked at me, and I gazed back at him, it was like his clothes were chocolate and melted away. And the body I saw before me was more than I could ever had imagined. He had reached for my body and clung to me with all he had. His lips danced along my neck and his teeth made impressions in my flesh. By that time, our friends had ventured their way through the woods to stand no more than twenty feet away. One of them, a straight boy named Ray, looked up at us and laughed. Giving me a thumbs up, he turned his body from us and pulled a beer from a bag.

It was woods around his town that we met up and ventured into our own sense of sexuality that day. It was the woods around his town that he and Caden Smith encountered me on my many adventures to the very spot that all the mishap in his life had begun—and the lustful love I would come to realize way too suddenly as I saw the two of them together.

By now you already know what happened next. You already have heard that he fell to his knees in front of me and unwillingly sucked my dick. You already know that after literally forcing my way into his mouth, he eventually gave in. What you don’t know, however, is my newly found passion for taking control in my sexual desire. But that that day wasn’t our only encounter. In fact, our faking of love happened regularly over the course of two months and I truly did begin to have some sort of compassion toward him.

For two months we met over and over again in secret. He said he had his insecurities, and I was dumb enough to believe him. Little by little, he and I explored a much deeper part of each other. I began to realize that passion of being able to take control of his body, to get him to do the things that I wanted and learned to love his willing vulnerability. In our relationship, it was if he was purely submissive to me. And in the beginning when I had only done it because I was desperate for a cheap blow, the more time we spent together the more I realized how dominant I really was.

The last time he and I had spent together was the best by far. We had decided to go an entirely different route. He had texted me the day before, asked me to totally surprise him, to force myself on him, to practically humiliate him in any way I saw fit.

The last time he and I had spent any time together, I did just that.

Imagine his town for a minute. It was a good hour drive from me, small, filled with orange trees and small business not really amounting to anything. And when the night fell on his town, everyone creeped indoors. Word spreads like wildfire there, and when the moon comes out everyone with their dark sides comes out to devilishly play.

Does that seem like the most logical place to surprise the boy you so unknowingly love into a surprise fuckfest? I didn’t think so either.

So I invited him to a party in my city. I can’t tell you his excuse to Caden as to why he would be out of town was, all I can say is that he definitely showed up on my doorstep.

Later that night, he and I dressed up and headed out to a friends party. With the night booming with excitement and teens running around everywhere either drunk or high or both, the hormones were literally going wild. The party started freshly three hours before our arrivals, and at midnight we took our entrance. Then we meet up with two friends, drink a few beers, and hide away in a room in the back that travels out into a long walkway walled in brick.

I grab him by the back of the neck and slam him into the side of the building. Several people around us look, but they don’t dare say anything. He asked for this, I think to myself as I pull at the hem of his pants exposing the a few inches of his ass.

Miranda and Skye gasps and stares; he shies away and hides his face in the brick wall. The brick bites into his skin leaving small craters and scratches on his cheeks and chin. They don’t bleed.

“What are you doing,” his voice says to me and he tries to fight away. “What’s going on here?”

But I don’t listen. Instead, I push him down to his knees and force him to turn his body. Pulling at the belt around my waist, I shove away the top of my jeans and expose a flaccid dick before his lips.

Miranda shakes her head, her bouncing curls resting on top of her shoulders. “Alarico,” she says between thin lips. What are you doing?”

Skye brushes his hand through his strikingly blue hair and gasps. “This isn’t right. You shouldn’t do this!” He turns and runs his hand down his face. “What the hell. This isn’t right.”

Her hand fell on my shoulder and pulls me away. “Stop this!”

“No,” my voice booms back. I wouldn’t expect them to understand. He wants this. Pressing the tip of my flaccid dick into his lips, I pull back on his hair and look him in his eyes.

Staring up at me, I can see the glint of hunger in his eyes. The breath from his nose brushes along the tip of my head and travels down my shaft. Then he parts his lips and licks the slit in my dick carefully. The blood in my body stirs and starts to rush south. Within a few minutes, my dick curves upward into his upper lips and he slides his face down the shaft.

The look on his face shows fear, and the thought of the unfamiliarity of having other people with us sparks darkness behind his eyes. But the glint of hunger remains.

Skye calls at us and yells, “I’m leaving. This is sick!”

Nyx pushes on my cock in an attempt to make me go away. But I push his head back and jam my dick into his mouth even further than before. He gags and closes his eyes.

Tears escapes Miranda’s voice. “I’m with Skye. Nyx…” but she walks away and through the door to return to the party.

By that time, I pull Nyx back to his feet and smile wickedly at him. “Now let’s get those jeans off your ass completely.”

He laughs and wraps his arms around my neck. “That…that was amazing. You really got me this time. I had no clue. And it didn’t bother you to show your dick in front of Miranda and Skye?”

I laugh and crouch down to pull the Converse shoes from his feet. With him barefoot, I slip the tight jeans from his ankles and reach up to kiss his boner hidden away under tight black Batman underwear. “Miranda has a sick pussy. And Skye, well, he’s got to be, what, five inches? I think so. I think he was more surprised to see my growth than anything.”

Then he says the thing that I hadn’t expected. “Tell me you love me.” I look up at him as he pulls his shirt over my chest. Reaching down to pull mine from me, he asks it again. “Tell me you love me.”

“I…I can’t, Nyx.” I pull my face from his stare and rip his underwear away from his body. “I do, however, love this penis. Right here. In front of me.” His head and shaft enter my mouth. Teasing his head with my tongue, I feel the bead of precum tickling my tongue with flavor. I consume his entire member with the expanse of my mouth and feel his head enter my throat. Luckily for me, I have no gag reflex.

He holds my head in his hand and starts to pump his hips into me. I take it for only a moment before I push him away from me and stand to my feet. “I’m the one in charge,” I say to him and tell him to get back down on his knees.

He does as told.

“Take off my pants and boxers.”

He does.

Then I turn around on my feet and fall down to the floor. Crossing my arms before me, I tuck my head to the floor and hide face. Breathing calmly, I speak to him in the most commanding voice. “Eat me…” I breathe.

“Yes, baby,” he says, and I can hear the smile on his voice. Then his lips fall against my open ass. I gasp as his teeth rakes across my sphincter, and moan one he places his lips around my whole and sucks. My sphincter squeezes tightly, then, just as I’m about to beg for more, he widens my whole with his thumb. Fingering me slowly, he then pulls his thumb away and fills the void with his tongue. It flicks like a dance inside of me, playing against my ass’s walks, feeling it’s way in as far as it can go before coming out. He fucks me this way for as long as I allow, then begins to kiss my hole as if it’s my lips.

“…stop…” He does as I say. Like always. “Lie on your back.” He does, and I climb up over him. Kissing his lips as sweetly as I can, I bite on his lower lip until I’m sure I’m close to ripping it apart. I push away from his lips and turn around so that his cock sways up over his naval. Picking it up, I suck it into my mouth. My hips fall causing my dick to press against his lips. I push through and feel as his teeth glides over the skin of my member. Then he takes it in his mouth willingly and lets me fuck him.

Reaching up, his fingers fall into my ass and he starts to finger me once more.

Lifting him into the air, I wrap my left arm under his thigh and find a single finger to his ass. He lowers onto it and gently starts to thrust. As his cock penetrates my throat, his cock leaves the girth of his finger. When his cock slips away, he’s greeted by a trimmed nail sticking up into his body. No matter the movement we are one.

“Baby,” he says to me. “Put more in me.” So I do, because he asks, because I want to please him just as much as I want him to please me. We work on it for a few minutes, my cock receiving no amount of mouth but full palm, until three fingers tuck away into the depths of his moist cave. Then I fall to his cock again, and his starts to fuck my face while I finger his ass.

He screams. And moans. And releases an air of ecstasy.

Sliding my knees along the floor, I grip onto him and try my hardest to fuck him back. Getting into a steady motion, I feel the depths of his throat with every thrust.

“I can’t take this any longer,” I say to him and pull away. He sighs from disappointment. We had never done something like that before. 69, yes. But fingering and fucking like we had, no. It was the best thing we had ever done. “I’m going to sit against the wall. Then you’re going to ride me. And we’re going to cum…together.” So I sit where I said I was, and he climbs on top of my. My member towers up over my stomach and he steadies it on his ass before he slides down on to me.

And he rides me. He had wrapped his legs around me and leaned back. Holding his ground with his hand, he lifts his ass up on my shaft only to slam it back down over and over. His other hand gropes his cock and he strokes himself.

“Baby,” I moan to him and hold his hips. “Oh, baby…” And then I truly look at him for the first time that night. I see the barely visible muscle through his stomach and chest. See the veins bulging from his arm on the ground, see the veins in his hand around his dick. I see his pink nipples resting like little kingdoms atop his flat breasts. See his thin lips look thick as he licks them, his eye lashes curving up over his closed eye lids, see his forehead dotted with sweat. His hair falls down his shoulders. Then I look at his dick; slightly darker than his pale body, the tip of it pulsing with blood and nearly purple from the pure pleasure of our sex, the precum falling back behind his head. His balls bounce on my lower abdomen in a sack pulled tight against him.

I pull him back up to me until our chests are closely touching. Then I tell him I’m close to cumming. And he agrees. “So…so am I.”

Grabbing his dick in my hand, I lean my head into his shoulder and kisses him until he starts to shutter. “I’m…I have to…” And before he can say it, cum flies from his piss-slit and soaks our chests; at the same time, I throw my dick as far up his ass as I can and cum. My cum flows over the head of my dick coating the inside of his ass more than shoots in long ropes.

“AHHHHH,” I say as I ejaculate and he welcomes me with an empowering moan.

On the floor, our bodies collapse.

To our right at the door, we don’t notice Skye standing there watching us, his cock in his hand, his cum squirting out onto the floor…

As the memory of that night swirls in my mind one, final time, I decide to do the what I had intended to do the moment I left the woods.

I want Nyx to myself.

Sitting in the parking lot of a nearby store, I stare at the pictures in my phone as I ponder on what to do. Then I make up my mind. I’m going to send the proof to Caden.

I rush away from the store to find one of Nyx’s and mine mutual friends to use a printer.



I wouldn’t have come if I knew that Alarico would have shown up and ruined everything. He slipped through the door after we had arrived and found me alone in the kitchen making a beer. He said he needed to apologise again and give me something.

It was then that the pictures spilled out onto the floor. It was then that signs of the cheating were being picked up and passed along the people there. It was then that my whole world and my promise to Nyx to work things out stopped right then.

We had both ran up the stairs arguing, making a scene, trying to break things apart before it was too late. Charging at him, I make my way through a crowd of people yelling, “Explain this to me!”

“I can’t,” he hollered back. “You wouldn’t understand…”

“Then admit to me that you were wrong. Admit to me that making the promise in the woods when he arrived was a mistake!”

“What promise?” He crosses his arms over his chest and begins to cry. Heavy tears streak down his face.

I state it from memory, word for word. “‘We’ll work through this. I can never stop loving you.’”

“Have you stopped now?” He extends a hand toward me, but I fall back. I don’t want anything to do with him right now.

At the top of the stairs, a girl appears holding a picture of Nyx bent down in front of a guy who’s exposed. “Is this true, Nicolas,” she asks.

He gasps and cries. Then he falls to his knees.

I rush forward and help him back up. Collapsing into me, he freezes, but the tears don’t stop.

“How could you do this,” I say to him through clenched teeth. “How could you betray me like this?”

He shakes his head and hugs himself tightly.

“How could you?”

I receive the same response.

I charge forward again. Grabbing him by his shoulders, I shake him in the air and yell, “HOW THE FUCK COULD YOU DO THIS?!”

He pulls away suddenly and slaps me across the face. “I don’t fucking know!”

“Did you think of me,” I spit back at him, rubbing my hand on my reddening cheek. “Did you think of me when you were on your fucking knees sucking his dick? Or when you were bent over being fucked in the ass? Did you think of me when you were ruining everything I had given you?!”

“STOP!” I turn around and notice the same girl beginning to shake. “You need to fix this,” the girl screams and throws the picture to the ground. “This needs to stop!”

It was her house, she didn’t need this drama.

“You’re right,” I say back to her and motion to a bedroom to the right.

He takes me by the hand and escorts me away. Closing the door behind us, he looks one last time at the eyes slowly following us to the room. The door shuts with a soft click, then he turns and looks at me. "I did," he says and walks to the bed. The smell of alcohol and musky sex hangs in the air. The ruffled blanket lying in a crumpled heap at the foot of the bed, the sheets stained with sex and other fluids the two doesn't want to mention, he picks up a pillow on the ground and lies it in his lap as he sits down. "I always thought of you, Caden. None of that was ever supposed to happen."

"Then why did it," I ask Nyx, my arms crossing over my chest. "Why did it happen?"

He sighs and turns his face to the side staring out the window. "You have to understand that I was never sober. You know that if there is one thing I carry from my father it would be my low tolerance to alcohol. And he knew the words to say, the things to do, to drug me and--"

I walk forward to him and kneel down on my ankles. Pulling his face into my hands, I look him in the eyes and furrow my eyebrows. "I understand the alcohol part, what I don't understand is how you could leave me for him when you were sober..."

"Because I'm a fuck-up."

"What did you just say?" I stand and look down at the top of his head. "Because I think you're finally starting to make sense tonight."

He looks up suddenly with wide eyes. "Caden...I..."

"No," I say back to him and clench my hands into fists. "Don't even start. It would be of no use."

"No use?" He abruptly stands to his feet and pushes me on my shoulders. Stunned, I fall back and gape at him. "I told you the fucking truth tonight! I fucked him, I sucked his dick, I gave him everything I had. Yeah! I shouldn't even be standing in this room with you. But what you don't understand is the things I see."

I look at him. Scratching the back of my neck from confusion, I take a step away from him and fall back against the wall. "What do you see?"

"I see the way your eyes shine when a girl comes and talks to you. I see the way you touch their hand at our lunch table when you talk to them, the way you seem to watch their breasts as they walk to you and watch their ass as they walk away. And then when you look back at me, I see the disappointment in your eyes when you realize that you're stuck with me, a guy, something you could never love." He breathes hard as he looks at me. Tears fall down his face. His skin is pale white. His eyes are bloodshot and sunken from the heavy emotion of the day.

"Disappointed," I say to him and walk forward. "I was never disappointed for having you."

He reaches up and brushes his fingers through my hair. "Yes." Looking away, he falls back on the bed and buries his face into the pillow. "Disappointed."

Peeling my shirt away from my body, I reach down to him and pull his face up to mine. Planting my lips on his, I push him back into the bed and crawl on top of him. "I was never disappointed. Do you remember that night in the shower, the first night we got together. You told me to show you just how much I loved you. And I did."

"I remember." He suddenly arches his back and groans as my teeth bite into his neck with a sudden passion of love comes over us like a spell.

Within minutes, I have him down to black boxers while I'm completely naked. Within minutes, he lies there with tears soaking his face as I pull the last piece of cloth from his body. Within minutes, I carry a full grown boner and hold onto my dick.

I lift his legs up to my shoulders and fall down onto his body. He shoves his head to the side, never daring to look up at me.

"Do you remember," I say to him as I reach down to my dick and find his ass only inches from my head.

"Do you remember," I say again as I push it into his ass without his consent. The sphinter gripping itself as tight as it can as my head presses into him without any lubrication, he chokes on a cry and shakes his head.

His lips part for a moment as he cries, "No...I don't deserve you...stop it!"

But I keep going. My dick slides into his ass until the whole of my head peeks into the darkness of his hole. I reach up to him and grab his face below the chin. Holding him there, I kiss his unwilling lips and chew on the bottom of it as I mumble, "Do you remember..."

He nods his head and cries as my cock contimes to dig further into him. Feeling everything for what I have, I finally reach my halfway mark and pull away for a moment before ramming back up into him. HIs body shudders and he nearly screams as I start to pump my body on top of his. With one of my hands holding his leg, I dig my claws into his flesh as I kiss on the bottom of his chin and thrust my hips further into him.

"It hurts," he cries and pulls on my body. "Oh, God, it hurts." He pulls a leg from my shouder and pushes it down my side as far as he can. Limp between his thighs, his cock rubs against my navel as I push even deeper into his ass.

Within five minutes, I push my dick as far as I can until my balls slap against him. "Tell me you remember," I say through clenched teeth.

Sweat. Precum. Lustful intoxication of the body causes enough lubrication in his ass that my dick starts to slide freely into him and back out again. His sphinter eases on my dick finally giving me the satisfaction of a good fuck.

He moans and pulls on my forcing me to go even further into him. "Do you remember," I repeat one last time as he nods his head. He groans and starts to lowly give a steady whine on his breath as I pick up pace.

Then I pull away from him. My cock hangs in the air as I tell him to get up on his knees. He does as I say and hollars as I enter him without warning. I lower my body on his back and grabs his body in my hands. Traveling down his stomach, my right hand reaches his dick and pulls. He grows a boner as the blood rushes from his heart to his cock. I stroke him as fast as I fuck his ass. Giving him no time to complain or moan or give any kind of response other than the constant cries, moans, and screams.

"Fuck me," he says to me and I rake my nails into his chest. "Fuck me harder," he spits at me. He moans. "I remember." He cries. "I remember." Then his dick swells in my hand and shoots our a rope of cum before I have any idea to stop him. His cock begins to fall limp slowly in my hand, but I continue to rub his own cum that stuck to my hand into his flesh as if it was lotion.

"I remember too," I say to him and let got of his body. Pushing his face into the pillow with one hand, I grab a fist of hair in my palm and yank him back up. He hollers and moans as my speed of fucking hits top momentum. "I'm about to cum," I say to him and sudden falls to the bed.

Underneath me, he collapses. His body sinks into the matress as I bite into his neck with a passionate kiss. My body shudders and experience horrible spasms as I cum deep within his ass. I moan with each cumshot.

Then we fall still. I breathe just as hard as he was when he told me how he felt and what he saw.

Then I pull away from him again. Wiping sweat from my face and cum from my groin, I see the silouhette of my sweat cover his back and his ass glisten with semen. His hole closes slowly from my cock pulling away. I can see that it has a bright red color to it.

"That was how I felt all along," I say to him and slide on my boxers again. "That's how much love I had for you every single day that we got together. I was never disappointed."

But it appears that the point of my statement didn't ring any bells in his mind because he can only repeat a single word that I had said. "Had?"

I nod my head and pull my pants over the boxers now sticking to my thighs, ass, and dick. My balls cling tightly to the fabric.

He opens his mouth to say something, the falls silent. Burying his face into the stained sheets, he cries as I turn away from him and walk through the door for the last time.

"I love you, Caden." The far away memory of his voice saying those four words the first day we got together rang loudly in my ears.


That night, I ended everything with Nicolas. We hardly ever spoke again.

Now with it being three years later, we’ve all graduated from high school. Shortly after our breakup, Nicolas’s father decided it best that his family leave town for good. So they moved away. I don’t know where they went, but I do know that they are still in Florida.

I’ve gotten word that Nicolas’s family moved far enough away that nobody knew who they were, but close enough that he was still able to see Alarico on a weekly basis. I’ve gotten word that the two of them are still together today. I’ve gotten word that Nicolas continues to wonder about me still.

I look over in the bed that I lay in. Blond hair cascades down the back of a girl as she sits up in bed. Regardless of our highly young age, she pulls the sheets up around her bare breasts and body and stands to her feet. Two gold rings shine in the morning light on her finger. One hand falls and brushes against her swollen belly five months pregnant with our child.

We’ve discussed naming our baby boy Nicolas for reasons of a “distant person in my family who I was once close to but has long since passed.” She doesn’t know of Nicolas James Earnhart.

Looking out into the Texas morning, I see the sun slowly passing the eastern horizon.

I close my eyes and sigh. This hasn’t been the first time in three years, but as my wife lingers in the bathroom for the shower to kick in, I think of Nyx.


I roll over.

And peer into Alarico’s eyes.

He smiles back.

And I…well, I cry…


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