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no finished, just want to now if itz wirth finishing
I don’t think that I’m a bad person,
but no one else knows about it beside me and her.
My name is Mayson and I’m what a lot of people call
a slaves, well, a sex slave.
B-but it’s not like I was forced to, Katt Stackhouse is the
popular girl in school, we’ve been friends forever.

Well, to her the first few years I was her gay friend, but I’m not gay,
she talked to me and had me for company when she wanted.
But then at 16 she wanted me to do more
for her and I wish she would just make me her boyfriend already.

I stay over her house for long amounts of time, and give her
oval sex, I’ll lick her anywhere: let her “Train” me.
Tell me what to do and treat me like a slave; I’m what a lot of people
consider a nerd. I wear big clear glasses to read better,
I wear to uniform and I’m not as big and buff
as most guys in school.

Though without the glasses I look like a stud! I have brown hair that I brush
back and it brushes against my neck.
My eyes are light blue and I’m 5’6, I thought about Katt all the time.
I walked to the door of my house, I hoped my parents
wouldn’t see me leave. “Mayson, where are you going?”
mom asked behind me. I sighed and turned around.

“I’m going to Katt’s house for the weekend” I complained
holding my bag pull of clothing and
sex toys I had bought for her. If mom saw what was in my bag
she would kill me then cut my dick off for sure!

“And you were going to leave without telling me?” she asked. I
sighed and looked at her, “I’m 16, I should be able
to go to a friend’s house” I mumbled turning around hoping she would
just let me get away with it. Lucky she sighed as I
walked out the door.

I was happy just to get over to her house in
one piece now is the time I have to try to keep it that way.
I went to her room and she was already undressing, “You late” she sighed hoping on her
queen sized bed. “Sorry, my name had to question me
before I went out, it won’t happen again” I smiled undressing.

I crawled on her bed naked and kissed both of her knees,
“I’m really sorry” I apologized. Katt is a long haired, honey blond, blue eyed
beauty. Cheer leader She has an hour glass figure and looks
better than any super model you’ll ever meet! She laid down and kicked off her
panties till they were at the edge of her big toe.

I took the panties from her and pressed the sweet wet cloth to my nose.
I took a deep breath than I licked the pussy off them,
“I’m mad at you Mayson, I’ve been here horny” she huffed
opening her legs. Katt has little curly blond pubic hair, I gazed at
her cunt as my tongue stuck out
of my mouth as I licked her underwear.

“Screw the underwear Mayson, start eating me out” she growled.
“Yes master” I listened dropping the underwear and
lifting her clit up with my palm, I licked her warm cunt and twisted my
palm. “OOOOOOH, um, you real don’t know
what the fuck your doing, do you?” she lied as her body wormed
up and down. “You’re going to stay down there till I come”
she moaned.

I hated waiting for her to cum, if I stuck
my tongue in her it’d still take a long time, 10 minutes
at least, and she gets violent when she’s close
to cumming.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------

Not sure if I really want to finish, post and tell me if it seems like a story worth finishing.

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2013-01-30 02:03:43
Hej gumman! tack ff6r titetn,har tappat bort dej lite,ska kolla upp pe5 min blogglista,e4r du ej med de4r de5 missar ju jag...Te4nkt pe5 dej ialla fall..c4r se5e5 glad ff6r den fiina vinsten jag vann! helt otroligt! Jaa denna hemska olycka.Kanske blir vajerre4cke de4r nu de5. Ja visst e4r det mf6rkt o se5 tre5kigt ve4der,trf6tt blir man...Trevlig fredag pe5 dej Gunilla

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2011-07-18 05:39:58
most poeple write a compllete chapter and say if his one gest good votes im mi ght make a part 2 not the way you do it.


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2011-07-17 19:56:56
Is english your first language? because there were a lot of mistakes, and not just small ones; you wrote "name" instead of "mam" or "mother" or whatever...

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2011-07-17 12:16:45
Don't continue until you straighten this one out.

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2011-07-17 05:54:36
Fuck a shit. . . . . , . . . . . . . . . ,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .

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