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My adverture continues with getting Kim back into our fun.
I last left you with working out a plan with John about getting Kim back into our relationship. The plan was for John to take her out for dinner; but I would be there as well. However, that plan fell apart when John called Kim to ask her out to dinner. I called John Tuesday to see what he had worked out with Kim.

John told me that Kim would go out for dinner with him to talk, but that if she so much as saw me she was going to kick my fucking ass. John told me that instead of me going to dinner how about I waited at his place and he would bring Kim back there. John told me that he would tell Kim about my idea of the three of us in one big happy relationship over dinner. I told him it sounded like a plan to me. On Wednesday after school, John took me to his place before going to pick up Kim and take her out for dinner.

“Janet do you have any special instructions for me before I go get Kim?” John asked with a smart-alecky smile.

“No other than don’t fuck her in the car,” I replied giving him my evil grin.

John left leaving me all alone at his place; I listened to some music and watched some TV. However, I tired of that fast so I thought that maybe I would snoop through the drawers in his bedroom as any good girlfriend would do. I started with the night stand beside his bed and I hit the jackpot right off the bat.

There was also a big dildo in the drawer, as the one Kim had except this one was a double-headed dildo. I figured that John had it for Kim and me. Lying underneath the dildo was a small envelope. I picked it up and it felt like it had pictures in it. I opened it to see and inside there were photos of John, DeRonda that red headed woman and some guy I did not know. The pictures were of them all in various sex acts.

DeRonda looked very sexy and hot in the photos of her. She was wearing a black nylon bodysuit in some of the photos and nude in other ones. Those huge fucking tits of hers showed up good in the nylon bodysuit. Her god dam tits had to be at least 44 DD or even bigger. The ones of her in the nude showed that she had a huge patch of thick red hair covering her pussy. One photo showed her pussy as she held it open; she had nice big pussy lips, a huge clit and she was very wet. I started to get horny checking her out.

I had wore a low cut black one-piece mini skirt, I had crotch less pantyhose on under it. I hiked my skirt up a little and I diddled with my pussy while I checked the pictures out. I was shoving two fingers in and out of my pussy by the time I got to a picture showing John sucking on some guys cock. I almost had an orgasm when I saw that picture.

BI guys really turn me on and I never knew whether John was BI or not but now, I knew. I search through the pictures until I found more of him sucking on a cock. There were four to five photos of John and this other guy sucking each other. I loved the one where DeRonda was helping John as they both sucked on that guys cock. My pussy was dripping wet as I fingered myself.

I removed my fingers from my wet pussy. I licked at the juices on my fingers thinking that they were from DeRonda’s hairy pussy. I remembered the dildo in his drawer and I got it out. I sucked at it while I fingered my pussy. When I got the dildo wet with my saliva, I slipped it down between my spread legs. I pushed about a third of it up into my pussy before I started to run it in and out.

I picked up the photo of John sucking on that guys cock. It looked like John had taken most of it into his mouth. I moved the dildo in and out of my pussy faster as I stared at the picture of him sucking cock. I could feel my nipples getting hard and my thighs started to shake. I knew an orgasm was on its way.

I closed my eyes and I thought about how lovely it would be if Kim or that woman DeRonda were on the other end of this dildo sharing it with me. I thought how John could be licking at our clits as we worked our pussies on the toy. My pussy was making wet sounds as I slipped that toy in and out of my pussy. I took my finger and I started to rub my clit as my orgasm over came me.

“AHHhhhahh,” I moaned softly as I shook on the bed.

I lie there for a while regaining my composure from the powerful orgasm. At least I did not get his bed all wet, well at least yet, I thought as I put the pictures and the toy back away into his drawer just the way I had found them. I walked into the bathroom to freshen up a bit. While I was in there I heard John’s front door open.

“Wow your place looks lovely,” Kim said.

“Have a seat and I will get some glasses for the bottle of wine you brought with you,” John replied.

I peeked out and saw Kim sitting on the couch and I saw she had dressed sexy for John to impress him. Well what I mean is that she was dressed in her full slut gear. Kim had on a very low cut top with a push up bra that had those tits of hers spilling over and out of her top. Kim had on a red short skirt with fucking thigh high nylons and heels. The sluts skirt was so short you could see the tops of her nylons; I just bet she did not have any panties on under it.

John returned into the living room with the bottle of wine on a tray. John placed it down onto the coffee table. I noticed that there was two glasses plus a glass of soda. John does not drink during football season so I knew that was his. Kim noticed the two glasses as well.

“Why two glasses John?” “You going to join me in a drink,” Kim said with a smile.

“No not me,” John replied as he paused for a second or two.

“Care if I join you in one?” I asked as I walked out into the living room.

Kim looked at me with daggers shooting out her eyes. Kim glared at John and then at me as she said, “John tried to explain your bull shit to me Janet.” “But I want to hear it from your fucking lips still.”

“Hey you two girls talk I need to take a shower any how,” John said getting up from the couch.

I sat down next to Kim who poured me a big glass of wine and as she handed it to me she said, “Here this will help you with your fucking lies and bull shit.”

“Kim please let me just explain,” “But first I have to tell you something,” I replied.

Kim just took a drink of wine and she sat her glass down. Kim rolled her eyes as she folded her hands across her chest making those big tits of hers heave up even more out of her push up bra. Kim sat there on the couch just glaring at me waiting for me to begin.

I took a big drink of wine and I told Kim that sure I am in love with John. However, that I had been in love with her for much longer. I tried to explain how I fell in love with her back when she and I were fooling around with each other. I told her I wanted to tell her but then John came along. I told Kim that I just could not tell her then mainly because she did have John. I told her I did not want to become lesbian lovers or anything like that. However, that without her in my life it was just not complete.

“So you say you fucking love me and then you steal my fucking man,” Kim replied with those glaring eyes.

“No I had not planned on that Kim,” I replied as I took her hand into mine.

I told her I only wanted John to have me so that I could have you. I figured if I could not have you for myself then maybe just maybe the three of us could have each other. I never figured on John dumping you as he did. I had always figured you guys would end up married some day leaving me out in the cold having neither of you.

“Janet why didn’t you just say something to me before you took matters into your own hands?” Kim asked as she moved closer to me.

“Because I was afraid you both would laugh at me and think I was just crazy.” 'I was just a goofy little girl back then." “After all I am fucking my brother and my dad.” I replied.

“YOU’RE DAD,” Kim yelled before she paused staring at me. Kim then asked, “So how was your dad, I had always fantasized about fucking him myself?”

I told Kim just how it all came about with my dad. I told her how his cock is just about like John’s cock. I also told her she would not have to fantasize about it no more as I was sure daddy would love to fuck her as well.

“But before we get into that Kim,” “Would you please tell me you will at least think about what John talked to you about over dinner.” “You know about all of us being together,” I said pleading with her.

“I guess you can take this as your answer,” Kim replied as she moved toward me and she wrapped her arms around me.

Kim pressed her hot red lips lightly onto me. She started to kiss me deeply. I took her into my arms as well as I passionately returned her kiss. My tongue eased into her mouth as she opened it to place her tongue into my own mouth. Our tongues tasted each other as we kissed. Our over flowing tits pressed tightly together as we kissed with more passion than ever before. I could feel my pussy started too tingled as we kissed.

“So has John been taking care of this?” Kim asked as she ran her hand up under my skirt.

I moaned softly as Kim’s fingers ran lightly over my pussy lips. Her touch felt very pleasing, as I had missed her lovely touch on my pussy. I parted my legs giving her better access to my pussy while I scooped one of her tits from her top. I kissed my way over her tit working to her nipple. I licked and sucked on her nipple as Kim slipped her fingers into my moist wet pussy. Kim’s nipple grew hard as my tongue poked and licked at it.

Kim pushed me back down onto the couch getting onto her knees. Kim scooped her other tit out letting them both hang in front of me. Kim had me place one leg up onto the back of the couch and the other she left slip down to the floor. I lie there with Kim on her knees and my legs spread apart wide.

Kim leaned down with her butt sticking up behind her. Her hands went to my thighs as she said, “I better check to see if he has done any damage.”

Kim looked into my pussy as my pussy lips opened. I saw her give a smile before her head disappeared between my legs. Kim used her tongue on my pussy lips; she licked at one side then the other side. She took a pussy lip between her lips as she tugged on it using her mouth. Kim took her tongue and she ran it up and down between my pussy lips.

Before long, Kim was lapping at my pussy with her tongue. I was pushing my pussy onto her tongue as she did. I had missed her face between my legs. I mean some guys can eat pussy; but another woman knows just where to poke and lick with her tongue. I had a little mini orgasm as she licked at my pussy.

“HEY!” “You two started without me,” John yelled out as he walked into the room naked but for a towel wrapped around his waist.

I raised my head as I smiled at him. John smiled back as he whipped his towel off his waist showing his hard throbbing cock standing at attention. I scooped one of mine own boobs from my dress. I smiled again at him as I started to lick at my tit. John came over closer to the couch. He got right behind Kim checking out that lovely big ass of hers. I saw his hand go to his cock and he started to milk his cock as he looked at her ass. I placed both my hands to the back of Kim’s head pulling her into my pussy as her tongue entered deeply into my open wet pussy.

“Take her from behind John,” “Give her that lovely big cock that she has been missing,” “Fuck her deep and hard with your cock,” I moaned out as Kim worked her tongue deeper into my pussy.

John got behind Kim and he moved her a little bit so that her butt was sticking right at the edge of the couch. John started to run his tongue up and down that butt crack of hers. Kim moaned into my pussy as his tongue touched her. The sounds of licking filled the living room. I could not tell whether the licking sounds were from Kim’s tongue or from John’s.

I removed one of my hands from Kim’s head. I used it to bring my tit back up to my mouth where I took my hard nipple between my lips. I sucked at it making it even bigger and harder. I looked back to John; All I could see was the top of his forehead and his eyes peering at me over Kim’s round butt. I knew John was using his tongue on her asshole.

I felt Kim's place her finger and thumb around my clit. She pinched and pulled at it as she stabbed her tongue in and out of my pussy. My clit began to throb and swell as Kim played with it. Kim has a way that she spins her tongue when it is in my pussy. She started to do that as she thumbed my clit.

“Yessss KIM ahhhh eat my pussy,” I moaned out as she drove me nuts with her tongue.

Kim removed her face from between my legs and gave a quick look back to John and she yelled, “FUCK ME!”

Kim buried her face back into my pussy and I saw John get behind her. John placed a hand on the small of her back and he rubbed his cock up between her legs. I thought he was going to tease her with his cock but I was wrong. I watched him push forward then bring his other hand up to the small of her back.

John rammed his cock balls deep into her pussy. John had slammed it all up into her at once as deep as it would go. Kim’s moans were barely audible as I took my hands to the back of her head. I pulled her face into my pussy as John withdrew then he buried his cock deep into her again from behind. John started to power fuck Kim from behind. I knew his balls had to be slapping up hard against her clit.

The room filled with the smacking sounds of his body slapping up against Kim as he drove that cock in and out. I looked at John he had an evil grin on his face as he fucked that bitch deep and hard. Kim just moaned or sometimes she would let a small scream out into my pussy . Her screams were muffled by me pulling her face into my pussy. I thought for a second or two that John was trying to bust her pussy or maybe even was just hate fucking her. Either way it was turning me on.

“Fuck her John,” “Fuck her deep and hard,” I screamed out.

John just smiled at me as he just kept fucking the hell out of her. I watched John as he placed his thumb in his mouth. He got it wet with his saliva and he slipped it back down behind her butt. I released my grip on Kim’s head just as John rammed his thumb up her butt like it was a bowling ball. I was expecting Kim to scream out, however Kim just moaned softly as he jabbed his thumb in and out of her ass while still driving his cock hard and deep.

Kim moved her mouth to my clit where she flicked at my hard clit with her tongue. John was slamming his cock into her pussy and thumbing her butt as she took my clit into her mouth. Kim started to suck on my clit. I felt her slip two or three fingers up into my pussy as she started to suck deeply on my clit.

“AAHhhhh,” I moaned loudly as Kim sucked at my clit.

I fished both my big tits from my dress. I pulled at my nipples as I felt Kim’s fingers searching in my pussy for my special spot. I twisted my nipples as I felt her fingers touch my spot. Kim rubbed lightly on it while she sucked at my clit. I knew soon that I would be having a strong powerful orgasm from Kim teasing fingers on my spot.

Kim’s head came from between my legs and she yelled out, “FUCK me John,” “Make me cum when I make this slut cum.”

I could hear the wetness in Kim’s pussy as John fucked her harder. Kim’s pussy was leaving off a steady round of pussy farts, as John fucked the air out of her. My eyes rolled back up into my head as Kim applied pressure to my spot with her two fingers.

“AHHhhh Shit,” I screamed out as my orgasm rushed through me.

I waspulling at my nipples, stretching them from my tits as my head rolled side to side. My breathing was deep and fast as my thighs started to shake, then my whole body shook with pleasure. I felt my pussy throb as Kim sucked hard once more or she may have even bit my clit as she curled her fingers and rubbed at my spot.

“AAAaaahh FUCK HER,” I screamed out just before my orgasm took over.

My pussy throbbed as I felt the pressure building up deep. My pussy throbbed once more as it started to spray my love juices out. Kim just kept sucking on my clit and rubbing my spot. I was thrashing around on the couch from the pleasure of it all as my pussy squirted juices all over her face.

When the third or fourth splash hit Kim, she raised her face from my pussy and she laid her head sideways on my pussy as she moaned out, “AHHhhhhh fuck I am going to….”

Was all Kim managed to get out, I knew she was having an orgasm on John’s cock as he plowed her from behind. I slowly started to recover from my orgasm as Kim’s over took her. Kim could only moan into my pussy as John just kept fucking her and thumbing her asshole. I ran my fingers through her hair as I watched her eyes rounded up into her head. I smiled knowing that John was making her cum and that he was fucking the living hell out of her.

John moaned out loudly, “AHHhhhh yeah baby.”

I watched John as he buried his cock hard and deep into Kim’s pussy. John’s eyes went shut ;John jerked three or four times and I knew he was spraying the walls of her pussy with his cum. John fell forward and I ran my fingers from my other hand through his hair as he kissed lightly on the back of Kim’s neck. We stayed like that for a few minutes recovering before John’s cock slipped from Kim’s pussy followed by a loud wet pussy fart.

Kim crawled up onto to me as John’s cock slipped from her. Kim and I kissed as John got up off the couch. John went into his kitchen. He returned with a towel from the kitchen.

“I better clean you up before you drip all over the new couch,” John said as he started to take the towel to Kim’s pussy.

“No I have a better fucking idea,” Kim yelled out.

In a flash, Kim jumped up and she lowered her wet dripping pussy down onto my face. I barely had time to take a big gulp of air. Before her pussy covered my mouth. I shot my tongue up into her pussy tasting John's cum as well as Kim's juices. I lapped at Kim’s pussy savoring every drop of their tasty juices. Kim was soon grinding her pussy into my face with my tongue digging deeper into her pussy.

“That’s it you little fucking slut clean my pussy,” “Our boyfriend just fuck the living hell out of me and you loved it you fucking slut,” Kim yelled out as she squirmed on my face.

Kim rubbed her pussy over my face as my tongue licked her hole. After a while, she removed her pussy from my face. My face was wet and sticky with their love juices all over it. I started to lick at the juices around my lips with my tongue. However, John grabbed me up into his arms and he licked at my face with his tongue. He finally worked his lips to mine as they met in a deep passionate kiss.

“MMmmm I think this is going to be fun,” Kim said with a moan as she joined us as we all took turns kissing each other.

We spent the rest of the night fucking through out his apartment. Kim and I also sat and talked for a while getting every thing worked out between us. Kim told me that she was still a little angry with me over how I had got us all to this point. Kim told me that she had seen trouble coming that night back at the drive in. Kim told us both that she had saw just how much we had enjoyed each other that night. She told me that she knew she was in for big trouble when John seen the new me after summer break.

“I am sorry it happened the way it did Kim,” I replied. “But the three of us are together once more,” "Just like it should be," I added.

The fun night ended around 11 o’clock that night with John taking us both home. John dropped Kim off at home first. Kim gave me a deep loving passionate kiss before John walked to her door. I watched from the car as they locked into a long deep passionate kiss on her porch. John then drove me to my house but before we got out of the car, he took my hand into his.

“Janet, I just want you to know something before you go in,” John said as he lightly rubbed my hand.

“What is that?” I asked lightly rubbing my hand on the side of his face.

“Janet tonight was fun and all,” “But I just want you to know that sex with Kim is just sex, but sex with you is love,” John replied as he took me into his arms kissing me good night.

I went straight to bed that night thinking only about John’s words to me. He was right about sex with Kim I really do enjoy it but when I am in his arms I just tingle from head to toe. Hell I tingle when he just looks at me sometimes. I went to sleep that night with a smile on my face and warmth in my heart knowing that John felt the same as I did.

The next day at school Kim and I were best friends again. I was happy and glad to have her back. Kim was once again her happy and joyful self. Kim and I soon became the talk of school when everyone realized that we were sharing John as our boyfriend. The girls at our school called us, " fucking sluts." While the guys were, "Way to go John."

Friday night was here before we knew it.Kim and I were going to spend the night with John. I told my mom and dad I was staying at Kim’s and she told her mom she was staying with me. Only Kim, my dad and I knew the truth that we both were going to spent the night at John’s apartment. My dad dropped me off at the football practice field Friday after school.

“Are we still on for going to the game tomorrow honey?” Daddy asked me before I got out of his truck.

“Yes but is it OK if Kim comes along with us,” I replied giving him my evil little grin.

“Sure honey the more the merrier,” daddy said.

I leaned over thanking him by giving him a full deep kiss onto his lips. As we kissed, I thought about just how much he kisses just as John does. I slipped a little tongue into my dad’s mouth as I ran my hand down to the front of his pants. I rubbed at his cock with my hand before I broke our kiss.

“Oh daddy don’t make plans for Saturday night as I am throwing a small party for John at his new apartment and I want you there,” I said as I felt his cock coming to life as I rubbed it through his pants

“Honey just what kind of a small party?” My dad asked.

“It’s an victory party after the game Saturday,” I replied. "It is going to be just Kim,John,you and I at the party," "It will be a very special victory party," I added grabbing his hard cock through his pants.

Dad did not say anything, he just moaned as he shook his head OK. I saw some players start to leave the building so I figured practice was over. I told my dad good bye and I walked over to John’s car. John soon came out and walked over to his car. I wrapped my arms around his neck giving him a big kiss and hug.

John broke our kiss and he asked. “Janet what are you doing here I thought I was to pick you and Kim up later?”

“You don’t have any good food at your place and I get hungry after fucking,” “So we are going to the grocery store and get some munchies,” I replied.

“The only thing I am hungry for is you,” John said as he opened his car door pushing me in.

After some messing around in the parking lot mostly, him sucking and licking on my tits we drove to the local grocery store. We walked in together and as we got a cart, I thought it was like as if we were married as we pushed the cart down the aisle. John was more interested in playing grab ass with my tits and butt than shopping. However, I was just pleased that I was getting his attention.

As we turned down the next aisle, a woman standing there with her cart caught my eye. She looked like someone I knew but I could not place her at first. Then it hit me; it was the sexy red headed woman in those photos with John. She spotted us and she walked up to John.

The woman wrapped her arms around John giving him a big hug as she said, “John it has been a while.”

John looked surprised but a big smile soon formed on his face. He hugged her back wrapping his big arms around her pulling those huge fucking tits of hers tightly into his own chest. I just stood there as I watched his hand drop down onto her ass and John pulled her even tighter into himself.

“Yes it has been a while,” John said as he kissed her deep on her lips.

Now I may had been a little shocked when I saw John grab her ass. However, I almost fell over when I saw him kissing her fully and deep on her luscious lips. I just stood there in disbelieve as they kissed. I knew they were swapping tongue as well. Finally, the red headed woman pushed her way out of John’s arms.

“Better stop before your girlfriend smacks me,” the woman said with a smile as she turned toward me.

The woman held out her hand as she said, “You must be the lovely Janet I have heard so very much about.” “My name is DeRonda I am an long time friend of John’s.”

I was still in shock over the kiss that they had. Nevertheless, even more surprised when she said that she had heard about me. All I could think of as I stood there looking at her were the dirty pictures I had seen of her.

“You’re even lovelier in person than in your photos,” I replied as I shook her hand while I gave her a quick sexy little smile.

DeRonda gave John a quick little sexy wink before she said, “John you simply must bring her to our next party.”

John had trouble getting his words out as he replied, “Uhh OK yeah maybe.”

DeRonda said, “I hate to run but I need to finish my shopping.”

DeRonda gave John another big hug smashing those huge fucking tits into him. DeRonda turned to me with a smile on her face. She took me by surprise when she wrapped her arms around me giving me a hug as well. I felt those huge tits of hers pressing into mine. I felt my pussy start too twitched as we hugged.

DeRonda whispered sexily into my ear as she hugged me tighter, “I would love to have you at our next party,” before she gave my ear lobe a little lick with her tongue.

DeRonda waved bye to us as she walked away shaking her lovely butt. John and I were left just standing there. We both had mouths hanging wide open watching her walk away. I happened to glance down to the front of John’s pants. I saw that he had a big tent showing from his boner sticking out.

“I see you were happy to run into her,” I said as I moved closer to him grabbing his hard cock.

“Oh and I suppose your excuse is going to be that it is cold in here,” John replied as he pinched my hard nipples that were showing through my shirt. “I bet your little pussy is soaked,” John added as his hand went up between my legs.

John started to rub my throbbing pussy through my jeans as my arms went around his neck. Our lips locked into a deep passionate kiss right there in the middle of the aisle way. Neither of us caring if anyone seen us or not. However, John was right my pussy was dripping wet from him and that woman DeRonda.

We finished our shopping and we returned to the car. On the way back to his place, I told John that DeRonda seemed like a charming woman as well as being very sexy and very lovely. I told him that I could see why he had that boyish crush on her when he was younger. I also told John that she looked so fucking hot dressed in her black nylon bodysuit.

“So you found the photos; just as I figured you would,” John replied with that little evil grin on his face.

I smack his arm as I said, “You baited me so I would find them.” I laced my arm through his, as I asked him. “John what kind of parties does DeRonda throw?”

John looked at me with a smile as he replied, “Swingers parties.”

Now I knew what swinging was from magazines my brother had shown me. I had also heard a girl talking at school once about her parents being swingers. How she had seen both her mom and dad having sex with other people. I cuddled up closer to John as I squeezed his muscular arm.

“I think maybe we should go to her next party,” I said to John. “I would love to see you suck a cock in person,” I added as I laid my head onto his arm.

“UHH Janet lets just keep that between you and I if you don’t mind,” John replied as we pulled into his apartment building.

That is a good spot to end this Chapter. The Victory Party chapter will be out soon as well as telling about going to one of DeRonda's party. Sorry a little late getting this chapter up as I was on vacation.

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