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Hope early from work, a girl takes a peek in the lodger's room...
The day the office closed early because of the drainage problem seemed like a day like any other until the staff were sent home at lunchtime. Nikki was delighted. It meant she had the house to herself for a change.
Twenty years old and still living with her parents. Well, not quite - she lived with her mum and her step dad. Her noisy, bad tempered alcoholic step dad to be more precise.
And then there was Dan.
Dan was 23, intelligent and gorgeous. He had been living with them for a few weeks now. He was her step-dad's half brother's son. Or something like that, she wasn't sure. But at least any relationship they might have one day (some chance) wouldn't count as incest. Which given the fantasies she had about him as she lay awake at night, was just as well.
Dan's presence confused her. She was annoyed that he had been given the guest room when he came to stay "just for a few days". The guest room had a double bed - of course, some guests were couples - and it was bigger than her little room. Now he had taken over the room with his stuff - loads of computer gizmos and posters of bands she had never heard of.
But he was still gorgeous and it was good having him around. Someone to inspire her naughty imagination even further. And imagination was all she had right now. All her mates said she was "a stunner" but no lads seemed interested. How come she had never had a real boyfriend? Her friends said it was because she was such a babe that the lads were frightened She hoped they were right.
Coming home to the empty house was a luxury she was going to enjoy. It was a hot day and she felt clammy. She threw off her clothes in an untidy mess in her room and then ducked under the shower. Feeling fresh, she abandoned her "sensible" work underwear and tried on her "man killer" lingerie. Well, if there had been a man around it might have been worth it, she thought, as she tried to look herself up and down in the mirror. The tiny mirror in her cramped room was too small..
Then she remembered there was a much larger full length mirror in Dan's room. She padded along the landing and pushed open the door. The room smelt of Dan. It was a smell she liked. Very male somehow, but not sweaty. His aftershave perhaps?
Nikki stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself. A tiny pink lacy bra with a front fastening held her young breasts comfortably. They weren't small, but not outrageously big, she told herself. Just right? Maybe.
She looked down to where her recently trimmed bush was hardly concealed by her matching pink thong. She turned around and looked over her shoulder at her rear. Not bad. And her legs were not bad either. Why couldn't she get a guy? She turned to face herself again and brushed back her long black hair. Should she dye it blonde? She blinked back tears. Her dark eyes were a little damp. She could live in hope, but there didn't seem much hope right now. She glanced down again at her crotch. It felt warm. She felt the stirrings of desire. If only Dan would take an interest. She would let him...
She looked around his room. She'd not been in there much since his arrival. He was always in there when she was home.
There seemed to be computer stuff everywhere, on every available surface. Other than that he was quite tidy, she thought. She opened a couple of draws, which contained shirts neatly ironed. She opened the two built-in wardrobes. One was full of stuff. The other was virtually empty.
She rubbed her crotch with her fingers. She wondered if she should buy one of those vibrators that her friends joked about having, but decided she would be too embarrassed to go to any shops that might sell them, let alone ask for one.
She lay on the bed, thinking of Dan. He was taller than her but not too tall. His butt was so wonderful, especially in his jeans. And when he smiled....
She closed her eyes and let her fingers touch her stomach gently. She ran them over her breasts, then touched her lips with one of them. She pretended they were Dan's hands. They went back to her breasts. They cupped them, squeezed them and then pinched the nipples. Still fantasizing, she undid the clasp between her breasts and let them free. She cupped them again, ran her fingers around her nipples. They were hard now. These could be Dan's hands. Those hands stroked her stomach again and then ran gently just above the elastic of her panties.
She sighed. Then one of the hands went inside and explored a bit further. The other hand stroked her inner thigh before pressing lightly on her pussy through the thong.
Nikki rolled over and buried her face in the pillow. Lifting up her backside she felt one hand pulling the crotch of her thong aside and the other stroking what it found underneath. Then it pushed inside. She imagined it was Dan's cock. She pushed her finger in and out and against her swollen clitoris. She wished she had to courage to buy that vibrator.
At that moment she heard the sound of a car door slamming outside and soon afterwards keys in the front door lock. She froze, finger in her juices. Who the hell was it? Mum? Her step dad? Or ...Dan?
She jumped from the bed, tidying the creased surface with a sweep of her arm. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror as the front door clicked shut. Just her unfastened bra and panties. Shit! If it was Dan he would come upstairs and there was no way back to her room.
She heard the unmistakable sound of someone coming upstairs. Looking around desperately, she opened the door of the almost empty wardrobe and stepped inside, pulling the door closed behind her. She quickly realised that she could see out through some slats - and not be seen herself. A piece of luck - if she stayed here, and if Dan had only called to pick up something, she could escape. But what on earth could she say if he found her? In his room, and in just her underwear.
Through the slats she saw him. It was Dan, and he strolled into the room unaware he was being watched. He pressed a button on his computer and for a moment she thought he would sit down to work there, but he remained standing. He paused for a moment, as though he sensed something was wrong and Nikki felt her heart pound faster. But then he put down a bag he was carrying and sat on the bed.
The bed was quite close to the wardrobe, but Dan sat on the far side with his back to her. He bent down and seemed to be untying his shoes. She heard the clunk as he tossed them into a corner. His socks followed. He unbuttoned his shirt and despite her anxieties Nikki enjoyed the moment as he took it off and threw it on a chair. His body wasn't especially muscular, but it looked good to her. She had imagined running her hands over it many times...
It occurred to her that he was going to shower and two thoughts flashed through her mind. She was going to see him naked, and she was going to be able to escape. But then he did something unexpected. Standing up, he took a key from his trouser pocket and inserted it in the door. She heard a click and realised he had locked himself - and her - in the room. She noted that the key went back in the pocket. She wondered why he had locked the door.
He came to stand on the side of the bed nearest the wardrobe now and her heart began to pound again as just inches from her Dan slipped the belt from his trousers, unzipped them and let them fall to the floor. Then his boxer underpants came off and he stood naked before her, unaware of her presence and looking at himself in the mirror.
She stared at his cock. She had never had a boyfriend or a brother. She had seen pictures - even brief glimpses in movies. And little boys in the beach. But here was a real man's penis.
She had nothing to compare it too. Was it a normal size or shape? Hanging out in front of him, not erect and somehow mysterious, it looked very appealing somehow. She wondered what it would feel like to touch.
As if reading her mind, Dan began to touch it. He lifted it a little, watching himself in the mirror. Nikki wanted to turn away in shame but her eyes were transfixed. She should not be watching this.
He waved the hairy penis around a bit and it seemed to grow a little. He cupped his balls gently with his other hand and smiled at his refection, as if pleased with what he saw. Then he suddenly let himself fall onto the bed, still holding his dick in one hand and his balls in the other.
Now his body was stretched out in front of the wardrobe, his feet on the floor almost touching the doors and his head furthest away from her. He spread his legs a little and began to manipulate his cock with both hands. Nikki felt a strange moistness between her own legs. Shit, if she got out of this alive and undiscovered she would have a story to tell her friends.
Dan's cock continued to grow. Nikki's friends told giggling tales about 12 inch dicks as thick as your arm but Dan's only seemed half that size. She had an idea the stories were made up, and it seemed to her that six inches was fine. Anything bigger might hurt you!
As she watched, she realised she was learning about the male anatomy - well the important bits anyway. Dan wasn't circumcised and he gently pulled his foreskin back to reveal the swollen red head underneath. It looked like it might hurt to pull the skin back that far but he seemed to be enjoying it. A word crossed Nikki's mind. Wanking. She stifled a laugh. Dan was a wanker. He was jerking off.
Suddenly drops of white fluid shot from Dan's cock onto his stomach. That must be semen. Spunk. At first there seemed to be a lot but it was probably only a spoonful altogether, thought Nikki. Dan continued to rub himself until all the stuff had ejaculated. It was all over his stomach. She wondered what he would do now.
Lifting himself up onto one elbow, Dan looked down at his shrinking penis and the small pools of cum on his trunk. To Nikki's surprise, he reached out with his spare arm and wiped the liquid onto his hand, which he then licked clean. "Disgusting", she thought, and then pondered, "I wonder what it tastes like?" Some of her friends claimed to have swallowed it.
Meanwhile, Dan moved onto the bed properly, lay on his back with head on a pillow and closed his eyes. He hummed a brief unrecognisable tune then closed his eyes. If he fell asleep, could she escape? She would need the key from his trousers. Could she get it and open the door without making a sound? Somehow it seemed unlikely. But it was her only hope, unless he went for that shower, or left the house altogether.
Nikki became aware of her surroundings. The wardrobe was warm but she was not too hot or cold. She could stay her and wait, although her legs were getting tired. She realised her bra was still unfastened so she quickly remedied that. At least she hadn't sneezed, although the thought of it seemed to make her feel like she might.
She looked at Dan again. He looked asleep. But it was early afternoon. Would he sleep at this time of day, and if he did, would he sleep heavily enough for her to make her escape? She watched for what seemed like an eternity and decided he must be sleeping now.
Nikki didn't normally pray, but she asked whoever was up there to watch over her, promising to give serious consideration to becoming a nun if she got away with this. Then she gently pushed open the wardrobe door. It didn't creak.
Slowly she stepped out from her hiding place into the daylight. It was the first time she had become aware of the sunshine streaming into the room. It illuminated brightly a section of the bed where Dan lay, shining golden on his body including his now flaccid cock. He looked absolutely magnificent and she almost wanted to reach out and stroke it. But she new she couldn't. Maybe one day...
She looked at his face, his light brown hair ruffled but still attractive, a touch of blond stubble and kissable lips, slightly open.
She suddenly realised that he had opened on eye and it was looking right at her, the rest of him still motionless, but that one eye was moving up and down, taking in her semi-naked body. She felt her stomach lurch and she glanced to the door, but quickly remembered it was still locked. She looked back at Dan, wondering what excuse she could come up with.
"Like what you see?" he said, suddenly smiling and opening his other eye. "I do."
Embarrassed, Nikki put an arm across her chest and a hand over her crotch. "I er..."
"So what were you doing in here? In my room?"
"I was just... I was using your mirror. And then you came home."
"Well I can't say I blame you. You have a lovely body."
Nikki blushed. "I need to go. Open the door please, Dan"
"I will, don't worry. You look great though. I'm just enjoying the view. And your arse is great by the way." He looked at the mirror pointedly, and Nikki realised he could see her bum in the reflection. She backed against the wardrobe.
"Now don't be shy. You have a great body."
Nikki didn't know what to say. "Well, thanks. But I want to go now."
"Okay, but are you sure you were just using the mirror, Nikki?"
"Of course." It felt like he knew what else she had done.
"It's just that some money has gone missing from my room recently and I wondered..."
"It wasn't me! I wouldn't ever do that!" she protested.
"Well perhaps I should search you." he grinned.
Nikki felt herself go redder than ever.
"But I suppose you've nowhere to hide it." he laughed.
"Look I swear I just came to use the mirror."
"Well lets check, shall we?"said Dan, getting up.
At first Nikki pulled back, thinking he really was going to search her, but instead he pressed a button and his large computer screen sprang to life..
"What are you doing?"
"Watch and learn."
There was a brief wait of a few seconds and then an image appeared on the screen. Nikki quickly recognised it as the room they were sitting in.
"A webcam?" she asked.
"Sort of. More a security cam. I think your dad...."
"Step dad" she corrected
"I think your step dad is the one who nicked my money. So I set up a camera to catch him."
The horrifying implications hit Nikki. She wasn't thinking about her step dad. She was wondering what the camera had filmed when she was in the room before Dan came home.
She glanced up. The camera was high on a shelf, pointing down at the bed, although the image on the screen was of a wide angle, taking in much of the room.
At first there was nothing except an empty room, but then to Nikki's dismay she saw herself appear and look around. She glanced at Dan, becoming aware again that he was still naked.
"I have to go" she declared, getting up as the Nikki on the screen lay back on the bed.
"Just wait." commanded Dan, and he grabbed her arm, pulling her down again to sit by him. Now the Nikki on the screen was touching her breasts.
"Turn it off" cried Nikki. "Please!"
But Dan was staring at he screen and grinning. As the screen Nikki unfastened her bra and her tits emerged she was mortified to realise that his hand was no longer gripping her arm but resting on her thigh. She glanced between his legs. She could swear his dick was growing. Somehow she felt deep fear, embarrassment and pleasure at that same moment.
"Look you've got to switch off."
"Why? This is my room, my stuff, my camera. You shouldn't have been here. But you look great on there, and even better in the flesh.."
On the screen Nikki was squeezing her hard nipples. In front of that screen an erection was clearly developing between Dan's legs.
"Look, I will tell mum about this. I'll tell her you wanked yourself -"
"Oh, yeah. What would she do? And so did you, you naughty bitch. Look at you!"
This was the moment the on-screen Nikki rolled over and stuck her arse in the air. The camera was clearly high-specification and it caught a clear shot of her moist pussy as one hand exposed it and the other started to finger it.
"Shit, Dan, I'll never forgive you for this."
"Don't distract me, this is the best moment of my life so far, Nikki." grinned Dan.
On the PC the moment had come when Dan arrived home and Nikki breathed a sign of relief that it was over.
"You have to delete that." she said with as calm a voice as she could muster.
"Yeah, right."He didn't sound persuaded.
"If you don't, I'll come in here and wreck your computer."
"Wouldn't matter. Everything it records is sent instantly to the one in my office for backup. I didn't want your step-dad knackering my evidence if he realised I was filming him.
"But you've got to delete it."
"Maybe. When I've watched it a few times."
"Look, no one must ever see this, right?"
Dan turned to look at her. She put an arm across her breasts again, but his hand was still on her thigh.
"Of course I could publish it on the Internet. E-mail my mates with the website details... unless."
He squeezed her thigh.
"Touch me."
"What?" she had heard the words but not believed them.
"Touch my cock."
"No way." she removed his hand from her leg.
He put it back. "I guess I'll just have to let everyone see my horny little step cousin rubbing herself, showing her perfect little titties to the world."
"No, please."
"Touch me then." Dan let go of her and lay back on the bed, his leg dangling over the edge. His penis was fully erect and seemed to demand to be handled.
Nikki licked her lips nervously. A short time ago she had wanted to do this, hadn't she? She reached out and touched it lightly with one finger.
"You can do better than that."
Cautiously and slowly, she took Dan's dick in her hand. It felt less hard than she expected, warm and not unpleasant.
"That's it. Now move your hand up and down, good girl."
Again Nikki found herself less resistant to the idea than she should have been. She tightened her grip a little and then moved her hand up and down as requested.. The foreskin seemed to move with her hand. She was amazed to find herself excited, a deep yearning for something growing in the pit of her stomach.
"Faster, Nikki."
"No, I'm not making you ejaculate again. I saw that." she stopped.
"Did you enjoy it, watching me?" he leered.
She felt herself blush and sensed he knew that she had taken pleasure in watching him.
"Lie back." he said, gently.
"What? What are you going to do."
"Lie back."
For some reason she obeyed. And she closed her eyes, her body rigid with tension. To her surprise she felt a gentle kiss, at first on her cheek and then briefly on her lips. That feeling in her stomach grew.
Then she felt gentle finger tips brushing her tummy and she froze again, but slowly relaxed and closed her eyes again as the pleasantness of the sensation grew. Then the fingers brushed her breasts and again she tensed before relaxing into the feeling. One finger brushed her cheek and lip and then the fingers went back to her breasts. This was not meant to be, was it? How could she be enjoying this. But it was, she admitted to herself, the fantasy she had been cultivating ever since Dan had come to live there. Could she admit it to him? Or was her lack of resistance telling him that anyway?
Dan's hands cupped her breasts then squeezed her nipples lightly. A shock ran through her body as she felt her bra being undone and her breasts becoming exposed but once more she relaxed as she felt Dan's hands exploring them. God this was good.
Suddenly she realised what was happening. Dan was copying what he had seen on the screen. Did she mind? She didn't even know herself, but it was good.
His hands fluttered across her belly and then teased the elastic of her thong. One hand slipped inside and touched her pubic hair lightly. Then the other teased back the crotch of her panties and began to explore her pussy.
"Mm, babe, you're very wet. You must be enjoying this."
"I am." she whispered, almost inaudibly
"What?" he whispered back.
"I am, don't stop." she said in a slightly louder tone.
The pleasure was immense. She couldn't believe anything could be so deeply satisfying.
Suddenly he stopped. His hands gripped her sides and rolled her over. Before she could protest he had pulled her arse upwards and was caressing the cheeks with obvious pleasure. Then his fingers pulled aside the crotch of her thong again and began further exploration. His finger plunged in and out.
There was more that she wanted but she couldn't say it. But her pussy was crying for more.
"Use your cock." she whispered.
There was movement behind her then she felt it briefly nuzzling her labia before lunging inside her.
"Oh, yes, that's it, that's what I want."
He began to pump her, and his hand reached round her leg and began to tease her clitoris. That was an unexpected bonus.
She was abandoned to the whole thing totally now. "Go on. Harder. Fuck me harder!" she demanded. But she couldn't believe it was her own voice.
Suddenly he juddered and she knew he was spent. But thoughtfully his finger continued to massage her clitoris, his cum running onto his delightful rubbing finger and moments later she erupted into orgasm herself.
She slumped onto the bed and felt his body ease down half on top of her on one side. He kissed her ear. "Shit, Nikki, that was great."
"It was." she murmured. "Especially for my first time."
"You're kidding me."
"Nope. I am a ... I was a virgin."
"Bloody hell. Don't think I've had a virgin before."
She rolled over and faced him. He kissed her briefly. "How many girls have you screwed then, you dirty boy?"
"Dunno, twenty?"
"But you're my first. And you would be hard to beat."
"Well thank you, madam. I reckon you're the best too... and I have others to compare you with."
They were silent for a while, resting in the afterglow then Nikki's thoughts became clear again. "But what about that film of me? You won't let anyone see it, will you."
"Probably not."
"Well, I guess not - but there's the other one to think about."
"What other one?" she sat up and fastened her bra, quickly. What did he mean?
"Well, you see... I filmed us too." he smirked.
"You... you bastard."
"Can you blame me. The best sex ever, and I can enjoy it again and again."
"And wank while you do?" she meant to embarrass him but her words didn't seem to bother him.
"Yeah, so...? Why shouldn't I? You should be pleased that you turn me on so much.
Nikki thought for a moment. "Look you've got to erase those films. What can I do to make you? Do you want money or something?"
He shrugged his shoulders.
"Come on, you owe me. You just shagged me."
"You enjoyed it too, you horney bitch." his words were said without malice and Nikki knew his choice of words was partly jest, but those images had to go. Anyone might see them.
"Look you've had my body, what more could I do to make you get rid of them?"
He reached out and squeezed a breast. She didn't flinch. It actually felt nice.
"Would you really give anything, do anything?"
"If you'd really promise to erase those shots."
He rubbed his chin. "Got any sexy friends?"
"What are you suggesting?" she was puzzled.
"Any lesbian friends?"
"Where is this leading, Dan?"
"Tell me."
"Well, just one. Lara."
"How do you know she's a dyke?"
"She's come on to me twice when she's been drunk at parties."
"But you weren't interested?"
"I was flattered. When I thought boys weren't interested, I nearly called her." Nikki admitted candidly. "But where's this leading?"
"Call her."
"Ask her to come here, now."
"She probably won't be in. She works."
"Try anyway." he handed her his mobile phone.
She looked at the phone. "What are you planning?"
He put a hand on her leg. She became aware again that he was naked and she was in her skimpiest underwear. It didn't seem to matter. They had just had sex. Everything had changed.
"Ask her over. Seduce her. Let me watch from the wardrobe - like you watched me - while you to do it on my bed."
"No way."
"Then I will have to let everyone see those films. Maybe you're mum..." he held out his hand for the phone.
She kept it and began to dial. She could sense her pulse racing as she typed in the last number. She was flushed with the deep feelings, the tingle and even the smell of the sex she had just experienced. But this was something else. And yet... And yet it was like she had caught an addiction to the thing she had just done which made her seek out something more. It had been by far the most intense experience of her life. She wasn't a lesbian, yet she felt herself hoping Lara would be there.
Just as Nikki thought the ansaphone would click in, Lara's voice responded. "Hello?"
Nikki jumped. She hadn't planned what to say.
"I er... hi, it's Nikki."
"Hi Nikki! Long time no see." she sounded pleased to hear from her.
"Er. Yes, well that's it - I haven't seen you in ages so I thought we should, you know, catch up."
"Yeah, great. Fancy a drink or something?"
Nikki was surprised to find herself determined to make something happen that day. Now.
"Well actually I wondered if you were busy right now? I'm at home and a bit bored to be honest. I came home early - there was some drainage problem at work."
"That's great. I'd really like to see you. Shall I come over now?"
"Yes, brilliant. Give me half an hour." Nikki found herself smiling. Then she caught Dan grinning and tried to put on a serious face.
"I'll see you soon. Bye"
"Bye." said Nikki. She ended the call and handed Dan his phone.
"You're really up for this, aren't you?" he was obviously amused and surprised.
"I don't know yet." she said, truthfully. But I want your absolute promise that we are not filmed and that you will wipe those other films.
"You have my word." he offered his hand. She shook it.
Twenty five minutes later, she was in the lounge. She had taken a quick shower to clean up from her adventures with Dan, and she had put back on the thong and bra, but now she wore a tight white t-shirt and a short denim skirt over the top. Her heart was racing and her mind was working through countless scenarios of what would happen next. She feared Lara would spot her anxiety.
The doorbell rang and she jumped. Swallowing hard, she went to the door.
Lara was there, wearing a brilliant smile - and a white t-shirt with a short denim skirt. Their laughter broke the ice immediately, as they spotted their matching outfits. Lara stepped into the house and hugged Nikki warmly, kissing her cheek too. "Could I have sex with this woman?" wondered Nikki.
Lara was the same height as Nikki, but thinner and with short blonde hair. Her bright blue eyes were her most striking asset, although her legs were pretty neat, thought Nikki.
Lara was carrying a bottle of wine and she handed it over. "Thought we could share this. I know it's only afternoon, but what the hell."
Just what I need to make this work and give me courage, thought Nikki. "Brilliant. Let's get some glasses."
In the kitchen they drank quickly as they caught up on the gossip of a few months apart. Eventually, Nikki mentioned that Dan was living there.
"Wow, so you've found a man at last!"
"He's a relative."
"But not an off-limits one. Is he gorgeous?"
Nikki blushed.
"Obviously he is, then." recognised Lara. "What's he do?"
"He's in computers, but he's not a geek." Nikki saw an opportunity to get Lara upstairs. "Come and see his room."
"Would he not mind." asked Lara.
"Not if he can watch me screw you in there." was Nikki's unspoken reply.
They walked upstairs, Nikki hoping that Lara was looking up her skirt.
In Dan's room Nikki thought there was a damp smell that she hadn't noticed earlier. It wasn't unpleasant. It must be the smell of sex.
"He's got a lot of stuff." said Lara.
"And a bigger room than me, the bastard." said Nikki, realising afterward that Dan was in the wardrobe listening and watching.
"And a double bed. You should ask to share it, Nikki." laughed Lara.
"It's quite hard."
"What, the bed or his dick?"
"Try it out."
"What, the bed or his dick?" repeated Lara. "You know I'm gay."
Lara lay on Dan's bed, her head on the pillow where earlier Nikki had buried her face while Dan fucked her from behind. Nikki rememberer that moment with pleasure as she lay down next to Lara.
"It is hard. Too hard for shagging." said Lara.
There was a stillness between them. Lara had expected a reply. She turned to face Nikki, who was staring at her.
"What? What are you thinking, Nikki?"
"Just...just that you are really attractive. And remembering when you came on to me at that party."
There was another moment of stillness and then Lara leant over and kissed Nikki. Nikki responded by grasping the back of Lara's neck and pulling her closer. Lara's tongue began to explore Nikki's lips, which opened a little to allow her in. The pleasure surprised Nikki with its intensity.
"I didn't know you felt anything for me." said Lara between kisses.
"I'm still unsure.. I'm still working through this. But don't stop."
Nikki felt a hand on her waist, which found it's way under her t-shirt and up her back. It stroked her as they continued to kiss and then seemed to be exploring her bra strap.
"It's front-fastening."
"Don't worry." Nikki sat up and pulled off her t-shirt. Lara smiled. "Lovely bra."
Nikki said nothing, but waited, hoping Lara would unfasten it at the front. Their eyes connected and there was a brief, almost imperceptible pause before Lara sat up and pulled off her t-shirt too, to reveal her black bra, concealing her smaller but still well defined breasts. Then Lara reached out and undid Nikki's bra. Nikki helped it off and enjoyed the moment as Lara's gaze obviously lusted for her tits. The nipples were hard and Nikki suddenly felt self-conscious
Lara seemed to sense it. "You okay... with this?"
Nikki nodded wordlessly.
"You wanna undo mine too?"
Nikki moved closer and was aware of her breasts brushing against Lara's as she reached round to unfasten the other girl's bra. Lara took the opportunity to kiss her again. It felt good, and natural too.
Lara stopped and sat back. Nikki found herself excited, looking at the other girls nipples.
"You ever squeezed a girl's tits?" Lara said, seeming to invite it.
"No." Unsure of what to say, Nikki added, awkwardly "Have you?"
"My sisters. And Becky with the big boobs from school. You wanna try?"
Nikki reached out and cupped Lara's breast with one hand. It felt pleasant but their position felt stilted. Lara pulled them both onto the bed and resumed kissing, with Nikki's hand still fixed to her bosom. Nikki began to move it and enjoy its comfy warmth and weight.
"You like that?"
"Mmm." admitted Nikki through a deep kiss.
Then she felt two things at once. One of Lara's hands beginning pleasurably to explore her breast, and the other hand lifting her skirt and gently stroking her bum. She couldn't decide which sensation to enjoy but found herself relaxing into it.
Then she became aware of a third sensation, one just in her mind. Her bum would be perfectly exposed to Dan in the wardrobe, and knowing he would be enjoying this gave her a strange satisfaction too. She couldn't quite get her head together to grasp all this. Less than two hours ago she had been a virgin, albeit a frustrated one. Now she had already had great sex with the man of her dreams and here she was getting down with a lesbian.
She realised that Lara hand was now slipping into the back of her thong and then pulling it down. She lifted her body to free it and Lara took it off completely. Nikki responded by taking off Lara's thong too, and discovering her completely shaved pussy. It seemed to be already glistening with moisture.
Unconsciously, Nikki put her fingers to her own slit and found it was moist too. She realised that Lara was watching and blushed, but to her surprise Lara took Nikki's wet fingers and put them into her mouth, sucking them erotically
Both girls were now only wearing their mini skirts and nothing else, which seemed odd to Nikki, as though they had undressed in the wrong order. She stood up and took off her skirt. Lara did the same. They were both naked now. "There's no danger of Dan turning up and finding us is there?"
Nikki wanted to laugh and almost thought she heard a muffled snigger from the wardrobe. She grinned anyway. "He'd have a nice surprise!"
The two girls faced each other across the bed. There was another one of those pauses where Nikki found herself wondering and excited about what would happen next.
"Want to try something different?" asked Lara.
"I thought I already was doing something different." laughed Nikki.
Lara ignored it. "Lie on the bed, honey."
Nikki obeyed. It was all new and she liked Lara taking the initiative.
"Strech out your arms and legs.... like a star jump."
Nikki paused and then did it. She knew she was exposing her very wet quim both to Lara and Dan.
Lara reached into her handbag and to Nikki's surprise pulled out some strips of material.
"What are you up to?"
"Tying you up, my little maid." purred Lara. She seemed to have come prepared.
Nikki swallowed. This really would surprise Dan. She acquiesced as Lara tied each limb to a corner of the bed. Now she was going nowhere in a hurry - except to orgasm heaven, she hoped.
She wondered what Lara would do next but didn't have to wait to find out. She went to the end of the bed and bent forward. At first she massaged Nikki's legs gently, then firmly, before bending closer and starting to lick her labia and clitoris. It was beautiful.
"I've gotta have some of that." said Dan's voice, suddenly, as too Nikki's horror he suddenly burst naked from the wardrobe, an erection obvious in his hand. But she was even more surprised when Lara continued, seemingly unfazed by Dan's appearance.
Then Lara sat up. "Surprised?" she was asking Nikki.
"You knew he was there?"
Dan answered. "She rang me while you were in the shower. She recognised my number and wondered why you used my phone."
Nikki couldn't help laughing. "You know each other - you arranged this?"
"We shagged each other when we were 15 at a party and we sort of kept in touch." explained Lara.
"I thought you.."
"..were a lesbian? Yes, but I like a bit of both with the right guy."
"Have your cock and eat clit." joked Dan. Lara groaned. She was stroking Nikki's foot.
The interruption hadn't decreased Nikki's hunger for pleasure. "What now?" she asked hopefully.
Wordlessly, Dan climbed onto the bed and continued to tongue Nikki where Lara had left off. He was a bit rough but still pleasing.
"Hey, what about me?" demanded Lara.
"Help yourself." mumbled Dan.
At first, unseen by Nikki, Lara went behind Dan and massaged his magnificent arse for a short time before reaching between his legs and squeezing his balls. Then she pushed her head in from the side and sucked him although all the while he seemed focussed on Nikki's privates.
Finally not quite satisfied, she climbed onto the bed and squatted over Nikki, gently lowering her dripping cunt onto her mouth. Nikki was unsure what to do but nibbled at it hungrily, allowing her desire to control her actions. Lara seemed to like it.
Dan moved up between Nikki's legs and she felt that lovely cock slide between her pussy lips again. He began to thrust hard. Above her Dan was kissing Lara's tits. What a moment. She wanted to freeze it. She almost hoped Dan was breaking his promise not to film them.
Suddenly it all happened at once. She felt her orgasm sweep through her with a deep wave of intensity and realised Dan was shuddering as he came too. And Lara pushed down just a bit harder onto Nikki's probing tongue as she too reached climax.
"Bloody hell, we couldn't have timed that better if we were making a porno movie." laughed Lara.
"We just did." said Dan.

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2011-06-27 17:32:16
Posts like this britghen up my day. Thanks for taking the time.


2006-04-24 12:11:50
absolutely awesome. Lesbian bit probs wuld b better as a seperate story tho


2006-01-16 17:34:22
Bloody brilliant storie, but dan did it wrong.
He should have been on his back with nikki on his cock and lara on his face. mmmmmm pussy


2006-01-04 16:58:01
Why is the guy uncircumcised, the usually curcumcise all of the babies nowadays, great story thoug 9/10


2005-08-14 11:51:11
this story is nice try to improve ur explanation skills

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