Okay, yes this is the same story. I read it over after the first time I posted it and I realized I had made a mistake. I'm sorry! But I fixed it and now it's much better so please read it now if you havn't already, or reread it if you have because it should make more sense.
I’ve finally earned back, well all that’s left of my freedom. I’m allowed free roam around Melanie’s huge house; I’m even allowed in her back yard as long as either she or Andrew is there with me. Guess they don’t know that I’m quite unable to climb over fences; but I still enjoy being outside even if I’m not allowed to be alone. And even though I’ve been here at Melanie’s for weeks it still only feels like it was yesterday when I tried to escape from them; from Andrew. I still wonder what would have happened if I had actually gotten away. I was pulled out of my day dreaming by the sound of Melanie turning the shower on. My body jerked from the surprise and Melanie noticed this out of the corner of her eye. “Why so jumpy?” She smiled slightly and turned the shower knob to Warm. The bathroom was starting to steam up now. “Oh- I- I was just thinking..” I muttered. “Yeah well, you can think while you clean yourself up. You’ve had a rough day.” She chuckled quietly. I started to stare back off into space. “Yeah, tell me about it..” I said quietly and she just laughed. All the events from earlier today washed back into my mind.

It had started off as any other day. I woke up at 8:00am and went to take a shower. I washed my hair with the new shampoo and conditioner Melanie had went out and bought. It smelt like lavender and roses. I used the douche she had also bought for me and I made sure my cunt was squeaky clean for Andrew. I got out of the shower, dried myself off, and put on my new pink leather studded choker. It wrapped snugly around my throat and read SLUT in capital letters. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and couldn’t help but get turned on. I towel dried my long, wavy, dark brown hair and sprayed one small squirt of perfume on my neck. I looked in the mirror one last time and was satisfied with how I looked. My ivory complexion was blemish free and perfectly smooth and my cheeks were naturally rosy and pink. My gaze fell down to my tits. Did they look bigger? Well they very well might have grown. Now they looked more like a small D-cup instead of C’s. My nipples were small, pink, and already hard with excitement. My gaze traveled further down to my pussy. It was completely bare and smooth; my clit was starting to throb.

I was still admiring my young body when Melanie banged on the bathroom door. “Come on slut, breakfast is ready!” I heard her laugh quietly as she walked away back towards the kitchen. I sighed, opened the bathroom door, and walked through her room and out into the larger living area. The whole house smelt like bacon and my mouth started to water. On top of all of Andrews’s greatness, he’s also an amazing chef. I made my way into the kitchen and my heart leapt as soon as he was within my view. He was scooping a portion of eggs onto a plate and only wearing a pair of jeans. I stopped for a second to admire his broad shoulders and sculpted chest and before I knew it Melanie was dragging me towards the kitchen table. She pulled out a chair and shoved me onto it. Melanie was still pissed off after all this time because of my little stunt I had tried to pull during the night. But it didn’t matter; today was my last day here at her house. Andrew had told me a couple of days ago that he would be taking me somewhere different soon. I didn’t think that I would care where; I just wanted a change of scenery.

Melanie’s plate of food was already at the table and she sat across from me and started to eat. I watched as Andrew brought two more plates of food over. He sat one down in front of me, but before he walked away he leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips. I smiled up at him for a moment before he sat down and started to eat. “Thank you Master. It smells amazing.” I said softly and smiled at him. “You’re welcome Crystal. Now eat, I have sort of a big day planned for you.” I just looked at him puzzled. “Big day?” I asked. He mumbled with food in his mouth and then once he swallowed he said, “Yes. A friend of mine; he’s coming to stay here with us tonight. And tomorrow we’re leaving to go stay at his house. “He said nonchalantly. I felt my face fall. I was so looking forward to spending time with him alone. Now there was going to be another man in the picture for who knows how long. “He’s so excited to meet you Crystal. I’ve told him everything.” He smiled at me like it was no big deal. And I just asked the first question that came to mind. “Am I going to have to call him Master too?” It got really quiet and Melanie just cleared her throat awkwardly and sat her fork back down on her plate. “Well?” I said quietly. “You will call him whatever he wants you to. And yes, you will listen to every word he says and follow his commands, like mine, without question.” He told me sternly. “Yes Master.” I said quickly back. “Okay. Good. Now eat, he’ll be here soon.”

The rest of breakfast was quiet and uneventful. I ate quickly but didn’t clear my plate. I couldn’t eat much; there was a knot in my stomach from anticipation and worry. I helped Melanie clear the table and put dishes away. She ordered me to go and brush my teeth and I did so without a word. I was just spitting the toothpaste out and drying my mouth with a hand towel when I heard the door bell ring. I froze and just listened. There were footsteps, the door unlocking and then a short pause. “James! Glad you made it man.” I heard Andrew’s thundering deep voice as he greeted this so called James. I turned and quickly checked myself out in the mirror. I looked like a deer caught in the headlights. “Pull it together, shit!” I mumbled to myself. Then James replied. “Well I wouldn’t miss meeting this one. I mean from what you’ve told me, she’s definitely going to be worth the long drive.” They both laughed.

“Crystal, come here!” Andrew yelled after me. I walked slowly out of the bathroom and through Melanie’s room. I walked out to the front door and stopped dead in my tracks. James stood beside Andrew and just looked my naked body up and down repeatedly. But that’s not what made me stop. James was slightly shorter then Andrew’s 6’3 but still taller than average. He had to be 5”11 or at the most 6’ft. He wasn’t bronze like Andrew but pale like me. He had short dark brown hair and eyes even bluer than Andrew’s. He was very toned and I could definitely see muscle through his snug white t-shirt but he was nowhere near Andrew’s size. But none of that was what made me stop. I stopped because of the sole fact that this James guy was insanely gorgeous. I was instantly attracted to him and by the look of the bulge in his pants, he didn’t think I was too bad either. He looked dangerous and sexy and just the sight of him with his clothes on was making my pussy wet. I just stood there silently with my mouth hanging open not realizing they were waiting for me to say something. Melanie cleared her throat from behind me and I snapped out of it.

“Umm- I’m sorry. Hi, I’m Crystal.” I walked slowly towards James with my right hand stretched towards him. I mean what else was I supposed to do besides shake his hand? He took my hand in his softly and brought it to his lips. But he stopped and said, “Hello Crystal. I’m James.” Then he turned my hand over and kissed the inside of my wrist. I felt like it was 100 degrees all of a sudden and I could feel my cheeks flush. He just kept staring into my eyes and holding my hand; my knees were starting to shake. Finally he let my hand drop and it fell back beside me. I watched as he glanced over to Andrew, and Andrew just gave him a nod. James abruptly turned back to me and roughly grabbed me by the back of my hair. I whimpered loudly and quickly came to the realization that James was going to be rough with me just like Andrew and I could feel my excitement starting to build. He held firmly onto my hair with his left hand and dragged me closer to him.

He looked down at my leather choker and smiled. “Is that what you are Crystal, a slut?” He spit the words in my face and at the same time he reached down and started to rub my pussy hard with his right hand. “Yes!” I half screamed and half moaned the word at him. He brought his right hand up and slapped me in the face. “Call me Sir, you bitch.” He growled at me loudly and started rubbing my pussy relentlessly again. “Yes Sir! I’m sorry Sir.” My face was stinging from the slap and he just kept rubbing faster and harder and I already felt the tingling in my groin. I was starting to breathe heavier and moan quietly when all of a sudden he just stopped and shoved me back with both of his hands. I fell backwards hard on my ass cheeks and just stared up at James; waiting for his commands. “Go to the couch.” He ordered sternly. I turned my back to him and started to stand up when he shoved me back down to the floor with his foot. “No, crawl. And push that ass out so I can that cunt.” I got on all fours and started to crawl towards the couch. I made sure to arch my back and stick my ass out as I did. I looked over my shoulder to see if he approved and he was walking slowly behind me already stripping off his clothes. He pulled his t-shirt over his head and threw it to the side.

I had just made it to the couch when he pulled his belt from his jeans and folded it in half. He grabbed hold of each end and snapped it loudly a couple of times. I jumped each time the belt made a cracking sound and my pussy was throbbing and dripping down my thighs; I wanted a cock inside of me like never before. “Stand up, and bend over the arm of the couch.” He said aggressively. I quickly got to my feet and walked around the side of the couch and bent over the arm. My ass was completely up in the air and the right side of my face was squished into the couch cushions. I watched behind me as he pulled a medium length rope out of his pocket. “Put your arms behind your back.” I paused and waited; toying with him. He folded his belt in half again and then slapped it down hard across my ass cheeks. “Ow, fuck!” My scream was muffled by the couch. “Put your fucking arms behind your back slut!” He yelled at me. I pulled my arms out from underneath my chest and tried to put them behind my back. The problem was that I had been using my arms to hold myself up. Now all my weight was on my shoulders and my face.

He grabbed my arms roughly and started tying them together. Once he was done the rope was so tight that my elbows were touching behind my back. He grabbed hold of my hair and made me stand up. I groaned in pain but didn’t fight him. Once I was standing I noticed that because my arms were behind my back and tied to tightly I had to keep my chest pushed forwards so that my tits were at his mercy. He grabbed my left arm and dragged me back over to the door so he could pick up the black bag that he had brought with him. Then with bag in hand, he just dragged my roughly back over to the couch. He pushed me back onto it and made me sit down. But it was uncomfortable to sit with my hands behind my back so I had to push my chest out even further just to be able to lean back and get comfortable. Then I watched as he set the bag on the ground in front of me and unzipped it swiftly. He reached in and pulled out a wad of brown clothes pins that were held together with a rubber band. He examined them for a moment and then looked me up and down once more. He smiled up at me and I couldn’t help but grin back. Then his smile faded and he quickly slapped my knees and pushed them wide apart.

“Don’t ever close your fucking legs around me. I always want to see that pussy. Understand?” He said the words slowly making sure they all sunk in. “Yes Sir. I understand.” I said quietly and then made an effort to try to spread my legs even further apart. He stood up in front of me between my spread knees and just smiled down at me. I gazed back up at him as he softly caressed my cheek with his right hand; in his left hand he held the clothes pins. I leaned my face into his hand and kissed softly at the inside of his wrist like he had done to me. “Do you want these, slut?” He asked me casually. “Yes Sir.” I replied softly. “Where do you want me to put them? How about here.” He didn’t even wait for me to answer. He took one of the clothes pins and roughly clipped it onto my right nipple. “Ohhh-Mmm!” I moaned quietly up at him. “Do you want more?” He asked me. “Yes Sir.” I told him quietly. “Say it!” I bit my lip as I looked up at him and said, “Yes Sir! I want more.” And without a word he clipped a clothes pin onto my left nipple. “Ohhh shit!” He just smiled at me sadistically and grabbed another pin. He clipped it onto my right tit beside the one on my nipple and he continued to put them all over my boobs until there were 5 on each tit and he still had a lot left in his hand.

My eyes were watering from the pain like they always do and my pussy was soaked from the painful treatment like it always is. James kneeled down between my legs and started to rub softly at the inside of my thighs. He rubbed them for a while and it felt nice but then all of a sudden he started to slap my thighs roughly. “Oww- fuck!” I groaned but he didn’t stop. He continued to slap them harder and harder until they were cherry red. And then he started to clip some of the clothes pins onto the insides of my thighs. They pinched so much worse there that the tears welled up and started to fall down my cheeks. But I was silent and didn’t say a word. Once he had pinched three of them onto each thigh he reached over and started to rub my clit with his thumb. He rubbed my clit for a while and it started feeling really good so I bucked my hips at his hand. He knew what I wanted and so he grabbed me by my hips and scooted my ass closer to the edge of the couch. He started to rub my clit again with his right hand except harder and with his left hand he shoved two fingers straight up into my wet cunt.

I moaned and threw my head back as he flicked and rubbed at my clit and while he finger fucked my pussy. He was fucking his fingers in and out of my pussy so fast and I could feel him bending his fingers forwards so they rubbed my G-spot. He fucked them in and out roughly for so long, and he was hitting right at my G-spot that I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer and that my pussy was probably going to squirt right in his face, but he didn’t stop or slow down. I started to get that familiar feeling of having to pee and my clit was throbbing intensely. “Ohhh. Oh shit, shit I’m gonna cum!” I screamed and started to tilt my head back in ecstasy but James reached up and grabbed the back of my hair with his right hand and pulled my head down close to his face. “Open those eyes slut. Look at me!” He whispered harshly in my face. All the while he was still slamming his fingers into my wet cunt. “Oh fuck Sir, I’m cuming!” I wasn’t even breathing anymore, I just had my mouth open in the shape of an O and my eyes were starting to roll back into my head.

And then I had the most intense orgasm of my life. My leg muscles were twitching and I couldn’t help but try to pull away from him. I was squirting all over his hand so much I didn’t know when it was going to stop. But finally it did stop and I blew out all of the air in my lungs in one long breath. James slowly pulled his two fingers out of my cunt and brought them up to my lips. I was so dazed and out of it that if he hadn’t been holding onto my hair still I would have fallen forwards on top of him. He smeared my own pussy juices all over my mouth and my cheeks to clean his fingers off and I didn’t even care. And then abruptly he slapped me across the face hard and I snapped out of it. “Ow.. shit.” I whisper quietly. “You’re just a dirty little slut and I’m going to abuse all your holes.” He stood up from the ground as he spoke and before I knew it he was towering over me. I just sat on the couch and waited as he bent over and grabbed another item out of his black bag. He slowly pulled it out and my eyes widened as I realized he was pulling out a black leather whip. It had at least twelve leather strands hanging from its handle. Then James just silently took two steps back away from me and the couch.

“Push those tits out for me. We have to get those clothes pins off.” He said as he grinned sadistically at me. I watched him raise the leather whip up in the air and I just turned my face to side and squeezed my eyes shut. The first lash was on my right tit and I could feel one of the clothes pins fall off onto the ground. The pain as the blood rushed back to that area was terrible but I loved the way it felt. He whipped my right tit until all of the clothes pins had fallen off and there were tear stains down my cheeks. “That’s one.” He said happily and then instantly started whipping my left tit. I whimpered quietly as he relentlessly whipped at my tits. He had gotten all of the clothes pins off my left tit and now he was just having fun whipping them. But he made everything feel so good and sexy because he always looked into my eyes as he abused me and I could see the lust he had for me in them. He paused for only a moment but then switched over to whip the clothes pins off of my thighs. These hurt the worst and I screamed and struggled to close my legs but he just shoved them back apart with his foot and then continued to whip them off. He just smiled at me once all the clothes pins were on the floor and I looked down at my tits and my thighs to see all the red marks where the pins had pinched me and where he had whipped me. He dropped the whip on the floor beside his bag and he walked towards me.

He grabbed my hair again and dragged me off of the couch and onto my knees on the floor. I just stared up into his eyes as he made me rub my face up against the bulge in his jeans. Then he pulled my face a couple inches away from his cloth covered cock, “Open your mouth whore.” He told me and I did so immediately. “Good. Now keep it open.” He smiled down at me with lust in his eyes. I started to realize that my bound arms were beginning to ache and I squirmed uncomfortably while keeping my mouth wide open. He undid the button on his jeans and then slowly brought the zipper down. He grabbed hold of both his jeans and his boxers and pulled them down at the same time. His hard cock immediately sprang free, almost hitting me in the face and the air caught in my throat. James’ cock was only slightly smaller than Andrew’s insane 11’inches. His cock had to be 9’inches long, but what it lost in length it made up for with width. His cock was a monster and I didn’t know how he thought he was going to shove it down my throat. He kicked his legs free of his pants and then scooted them to the side. Then he grabbed me by my hair again and pulled my face over to his cock. He grabbed his dick and rubbed the head against my lips and my cheeks. “Do you want it slut?” He asked me slowly. “Yes Sir. I want your cock.” I smiled up at him and he briefly smiled back. But then he pressed his cock hard against my lips and I opened my small mouth as wide as I could.

He didn’t waste any time, he just shoved his cock down my throat as far as he could get it. I gagged and tried to pull away but he held my head firmly in place. When he saw that my eyes started to water and my lips turned pale he pulled my mouth off his cock and I gasped for as much air as I could get. And in the brief moment James let me catch my breath I realized for the first time that Andrew was fucking Melanie up against the wall over by the front door. But I didn’t have time to say anything before James was slamming his cock back down my throat. I don’t know if it was jealousy of Andrew fucking Melanie or something else but now I was cramming James’ cock down my throat on my own. He just put his hands up behind his head and smiled down at me as I sucked and slurped at his massive cock. I sucked James’ cock in and out of my mouth for a while but I wanted to be fucked. I stopped all of a sudden and just stared up at James. He looked at me slightly angry but more just confused. I smiled at him as seductively as I could and I struggled to get to my feet because of my tied arms. James just watched me struggle to my feet with a perplexed expression on his face. I knew he could easily slap me back down to the ground and shove his cock down my throat but I think he was humoring me.

I finally made it to my feet and I turned my back to him and walked back over to the couch. I went and bent myself over the arm of the couch the same way he had me earlier and then I turned my face towards him and wriggled my ass in the air as best I could. “Will you have your way with me, Sir?” I said as innocently as possible and I smiled as he walked slowly over behind me. I couldn’t see his face anymore because mine was squished into the couch but I felt him grab both my ass cheeks and squeeze. “You want to be fucked slut?” He asked. “Yes Sir. Please, I need it.” I told him softly. I felt him spread my cunt lips apart and rub his cock up and down my hole. He then positioned his cock right at my entrance and pushed forward. His cock slid in only a couple inches and I already felt full. I sighed contentedly and grinded my hips back at him. He grabbed hold of both my ass cheeks and shoved the full length of his cock inside me and I gasped and moaned in pleasure. He slid his cock all the way in and then almost all of the way out over and over again slowly. His cock was so huge that he didn’t even have to fuck me fast, it still felt amazing. But then he started being rougher with me. He grabbed my hips tightly and slammed my ass back on his cock. He didn’t even move his hips, he just pushed my ass forward and then slammed it back over and over and I felt like I was going to cum already.

He was grunting and grinding his cock into my cunt as hard as he could and he dug his nails into my ass cheeks roughly. It hurt a lot but it was more pleasurable than anything else. My pussy was so wet that his cock slipped in and out faster and I could feel my juices dripping down my legs. He was fucking my pussy so hard my face was rubbing back and forth across the leather couch. “Ohh, oh, my god! I’m gonna cum soon Sir.” I yelled back at him. “No! Don’t you fucking cum yet.” He said sternly as he pulled his cock out of me. “No please Sir! I was so close.” I slid off the arm of the couch and onto the floor at his feet. I just sat there panting; I was covered with sweat. “Beg for it.” He said with a grin as he stroked his cock. And I just couldn’t control myself. I needed his cock inside me and I just lost it. “Please! Fuck! I need your cock inside me Sir. It’s so huge, and you fuck me so right. It’s amazing! And if you don’t come over here and fuck my brains out I’m gonna die.” The words just flew out of my mouth and I couldn’t stop them in time. I looked over towards Andrew and he had stopped fucking Melanie and was just staring sort of aw struck. Our gazes locked and I didn’t know what to do but James’ laughter made me look away. “Ohhh, you little whore. Get over here.” He was still laughing as he brought his hand up and gestured with his index finger for me to come to him.

I didn’t even think, I just shuffled only on my knees over to his feet. Once I reached him he grabbed my hair and made me stand in front of him. He looked into my eyes like he was searching for an answer. “Someday soon, very soon Crystal, you will be mine.” My eyes just widened and I felt like they were going to pop out of my head. “Wha- what do you mean James?” I asked him quietly so Andrew wouldn’t hear. He let go of me and I watched as he walked over to his black bag. He pulled out a knife and at first I was scared when he walked towards me. But he just grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me around. I felt the cold steal against my arm for only a moment before he cut the ropes off of my arms. Then he spun me back around to face him and he smiled and grabbed hold of both my wrists. He made me wrap my arms around his neck and he pulled me close as he touched his lips to mine. But there was something off about it; he was an amazing kisser that wasn’t the problem. It was the way he kissed me, and the way he held me just then. It was, possessive. Like all of a sudden I wasn’t Andrew’s anymore, I belonged to James. I pulled away from James and stared into his eyes for a long time. Then very slowly he started to back me up against the wall beside the bay window. He grabbed my wrists again except this time he pinned them above me against the wall. He shoved my legs apart with his knees, but never stopped looking into my eyes. He was making me so hot I couldn’t control myself. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he let go of my wrists to grab my ass cheeks and hold me up against him. I held his face in between both my hands as I bet my head to kiss him again. He kissed me passionately and I could feel him position his cock at my cunt.

He pulled his lips away from mine to ask, “Do you want my cock?” And I just smiled and said, “You have no ide- Ohh fuck!” I didn’t even have time to finish my sentence before he slammed his cock all the way inside of my pussy. I squeezed my thighs tighter around his waist and he started to roughly kiss me again. “Mmm-Ohh yeah.” I moaned against his mouth but the sound was muffled. He fucked my pussy so hard and for so long, it was incredible.

“Crystal. Crystal? Bitch, listen to me!” Melanie slapped me across the face so hard I stumbled and fell against the bathroom wall. “What?!” I screamed at her. “I said, are you going to get in the fucking shower or what?” She said quieter but just as angry. I realized I had been in a daze this whole time thinking about James. “Oh sorry, sorry. I was just thinking.” I told her quietly. “Thinking? That’s what you said five minutes ago. You were just (thinking).” She put emphasis on the last word and made a face at me. “So what the hell is so important you have to stop and think about it for five minutes when I have better things to do then start your shower?” She was standing beside the shower with her hand on her hip, all she was wearing was her silk bathrobe. “I was just thinking about today. I mean about where I’m going to have to go tomorrow with Andrew and, Ja-James.” I couldn’t even say his name without stuttering. “Oh. Well yeah, don’t worry about that. You’ll be fine. Now get in the fucking shower.” Then without another word she walked out of the bathroom and closed the door behind her. But was I going to be fine? James had said, “Someday soon, very soon Crystal, you will be mine.” What the hell was he talking about? I belonged to Andrew. I stepped into the shower and the spray of the hot water. I let it rain down on my face before I turned around and let the hot water wash away all the tension in my back and then I thought to myself, “I’m not going to worry about James tonight. I’ll worry about that whole issue tomorrow.”

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Love the handwriting stuff, plrriculatay data data data and the graph! I had a moment of concern about cognitive load: when you put text onscreen and have someone speaking over it, retention and comprehension are actually proven to go down. (Mayer/Moreno, forget what year) However, something worked about it I think at times she was going slowly, or hedging, and so there was time to absorb what was going on onscreen. I might have liked to see a different transition out of the handwriting bits, like maybe dip to color it feels really abrupt going back to her.When she calls testing toxic at 2:31, I would have loved to hear a longer pause it's such a huge deal that she is saying this, and I think it needs a second to sink in. This is a very personal story, despite her refuting that angle from the NY Times, and it feels like a little more time for reflection would be fitting.I feel like I'm getting a weird moire9 effect on her hair, clothes, and even skin is anyone else seeing t

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I really wish there were more atricels like this on the web.


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I'm so sorry the wait has taken so long but I'm a very busy person and I write when I can. But I just now posted it, it should show up on my profile in a couple minutes or so. Thank you for reading, and I really hope you like it!

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