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It had been five years since the initiation ceremony and my plans were coming along without flaw. For employment, I designed and invented new machines for everything from surgery to energy production. Under the cover of medical companies that the Illuminati controlled, I raked in millions of dollars every month.
After graduating from the Pontifical Gregorian University, Jenny opened up her own flower shop, just as she had always dreamed. She even had her own line of perfumes. Using her degrees in botany and engineering, she studied the anatomy of plants and learned to make them thrive, discovered optimal conditions for each species, and even discovered new uses for plants. She created ways to derive electricity from plants, crossbreed different species into one edible plant that could fully support humans without any other form of sustenance, and discovered countless medical benefits that modern medicine and even my machines were able to use.
To keep our places in the Illuminati, Jenny and I had to always possess something to offer, and these abilities took the form of our medical skills. With most of the Illuminati members being senior citizens, medical treatment was in constant demand. With my ability to fuse man and machine and Jenny able to genetically control the abilities of plants like a pagan goddess, not even the finest hospitals could give the crippled and sick what we offered.
However, our duties did not end there. On rare occasions, we would be asked to go out and greet a future member, secure business transactions, guard valuable objects or documents, and even intervene to prevent mass casualties such as genocides and seismic blood feuds. The Illuminati rarely intervened in the actions of the world, but for the betterment of mankind and their protection, they allowed us to act.
With a cushy job and orders from the Illuminati council few and far between, Jenny and I had more time than we knew what to do with. Jenny used her time to read every book in the library in her never-ending quest for knowledge, while I spent it hacking into every government defense system on earth. In order for my plan to work, I needed to be able to take down the protection of every nation. If any countries were able to stand up against me, my plan would be ruined and the imbalance of power would cause potential annihilation.

I was sitting in my office, watching a status bar load on my laptop. Classical music was playing on speakers set up throughout the room, but the quality was botched by the blipping of binary code and data being uploaded from over a dozen documents and servers. My whole body was trembling as I watched the status bar. I had bags under my eyes and my skin was pale from stress.
Jenny stepped into the room, holding a cup of coffee on a small saucer. Over the past half-decade, Jenny had become even more beautiful, something that I thought was impossible. Her body had matured to be more compatible with her very womanly figure, giving her an even more taut but voluptuous hourglass frame. Her breasts had grown to above d-cup size and her ass –while firm enough to bounce a quarter off with enough momentum to send it flying across a room- complimented them with its fullness. Her ass and breasts were the only part of her body that held so much as an ounce of body fat. The rest was as slender and well toned as the women from the Bowflex™ commercials.
Her face would make any supermodel scream from jealousy and any photographer sell their soul for a chance to copy her flawless visage. Her long blond hair resembled threads of gold leaf and her blue eyes held both the sapphire-like brilliance of eternal youth and the wisdom and experience of someone who was four times older.
Every inch of her body was a sum of fiery sexuality, a sweet and timid heart, and a modest personality. She was as close to flawless as reality would allow.
“Thank you.” I said graciously as she handed me the coffee. She stood behind me and began rubbing my shoulders.
“So how is it coming along? I’ve never seen you so stressed.” She asked dreamily. I hummed in relaxation as she massaged away my worries.
“I’ll tell you once the loading bar fills.” I replied.
The bar was filled in less than a minute, with the completion signaled by a ding. I gave a sigh of relief and stood up.
“It’s done, I just finished hacking into the US defense network, the last country on my list. With this laptop, I can shut down the entire world. There is only one more major step in my plan, and then we shall have world peace.” I said. A wide smile spread across Jenny’s face and she jumped up into my arms, kissing me wildly.
“You did it Adrian! You did it!” She laughed.
“Not yet darling, there is still a lot of work to be done. But soon, our mission will be complete. How about we do something to celebrate? We could hop on our jet and go to Paris, England, Berlin, Tokyo, or anywhere else in the world?” I said as I lowered her down onto her feet. I wrapped my arms around her and we began swinging from side to side, almost as if we were dancing.
“I kind of want to go back to Tahiti, that hotel bar makes the greatest Suffering Bastards on earth. But I’m also in the mood for a little skiing in Siberia. You decide honey.” She said dreamily.
“I’m fine with anywhere. Since neither of us can decide, I suggest we settle this the old fashioned way…”

A map of the world was spread out across the driveway, measuring five meters long and five meters wide. Jenny and I were each standing on one side, holding a handmade dart.
“Ok, we throw the darts and after they collide in the air, whichever dart lands first decides where we go.” I said.
“You know, for anyone else, this could be considered a really bad idea.” Jenny laughed.
“When someone’s IQ is as high as ours, stunts like these become less risky and more trivial for them.” I replied.
“True enough. Ok, one… two… three… throw!” She said with a smile.
Just as we were about to throw our darts into the air, my cellphone began to ring.
“Hold on baby.” I said as I pulled out my phone and answered it. As I talked on the phone, Jenny used her dart to clean her nails.
“That was Medici, the Illuminati has a job for us.” I said as I turned off my phone.
“I’m sick of being the Illuminati’s messengers, they treat us like the Zero Masons.” Jenny pouted.
She was referring to the workers that were not classified in any of the thirty-three degrees of Freemasonry. Besides high-ranking Freemasons, the Zero Masons were the only ones who knew of the Illuminati’s presence. They worked as laborers for the Illuminati but their paychecks were more than charitable. They were used for almost every situation, because they were sworn to secrecy and they were paid to keep their mouths shut no matter what. They wouldn’t even tell other Illuminati members what a fellow member had hired them to do. As long as they were paid, you could trust them with your soul and would never have to worry about your secrets being released. In fact, Dr. Alfonse was a Zero Mason, like the personal doctors of all Illuminati members, and all of the caterers at initiation ceremonies.
I instantly saw through her joke.
“You love it.” I teased. She gave a lovely smile.
“I do, it’s just so much fun. It’s like volunteer work that let’s you travel all over the globe in first class. So what will we be doing?” She asked.
“Some hacker managed to get a member list of the Illuminati like I did. He’s threatening to put it back online but more public unless we buy his silence. The Illuminati want us to make the exchange.”
“So where are we going? Germany? Japan?” Jenny asked. I smiled.

“Five years… we’re going back to America after five years.” Jenny said with disbelief.
We were flying on our private jet across the Atlantic Ocean. Between us was a suitcase filled with the extortionist’s payment. We would be meeting him in New York City. I was excited too, both for the chance to see how things have changed and for the chance to thwart the police.
“After we settle this, how about we go back to our home town? Just imagine the sheer nostalgia of walking down those old streets and looking at those old buildings.” I suggested.
“I was about to say the same thing. My heart rate skyrockets it whenever I think about it. Maybe before we leave, we could even try and find some of our old classmates. We would be over international waters before they could even call in the FBI.” She said giddily.
I chuckled at the thought. Like me, Jenny loved toying with the police. Any time the authorities caught our scent, they would chase after us like cats after mice, but without realizing that the roles were reversed. She liked to thwart them and leave them reeling, always seeking a challenge.
“So what was it you were telling me at the tarmac? You said you knew this guy?” She then asked with interest.
“Well I’ve never met him in person, but we are aquainted. Back when I was searching for information on the Illuminati, I would encounter him occasionally in chat rooms and forums. Like me, he wanted use the Internet to find forbidden knowledge. We would exchange sources, caches of information, and help each other out from time to time. In fact, he was probably the closest thing I had to a friend.
He was pretty bright, maybe thirty IQ points below you. I knew it was him once Medici gave me the details.” I said, leaning back in my chair. Jenny gained a coy smile.
“So, the legendary Adrian Ashford had a friend after all.” She teased.

We walked through the New York Park, enjoying the Spring air. In Jenny’s hand was a camera already full of tourism pictures, and in mine was the suitcase. Because of its important contents, I had it tethered to my wrist with piano wire. With each strand able to hold up to 800 pounds and far less conspicuous than a set of handcuffs, it ensured the case could not be stolen without somebody slicing off my arm or bringing powerful wire cutters.
Up ahead was a man in his late thirties, sitting on a bench in a grey trench coat. Leaning beside him was a red umbrella.
“The umbrella, that’s the sign. That’s him.” I whispered to Jenny. She nodded and put her camera in her purse, replacing it with a dart that she hid in the sleeve of her coat. She knew to always be prepared for the worst scenario.
“You must be Mike Reese.” I said with a smile as we approached. He quickly got to his feet.
“Do you have my ransom?” He asked cautiously.
“Mr. Reese, is that any way to talk to an old friend? Or should I call you by your preferred name, Mr. Lucian?” I asked without looking my smile.
“How do you know me?” He asked, becoming more suspicious.
“Come now Mr. Lucian, you should remember me. We hacked into the Bohemian Club security system together, remember?” I asked. For a moment, he remained skeptical, and then his face went from distrust to shock.
“Adroid? Are you really Adroid?” He asked in disbelief.
“Was the Castro Lead a dead end? Yes it’s me, and as you can see, we both found what we were looking for.” I said as I walked up and shook his hand. He gained a wide smile.
“I can’t believe it, I honestly can’t believe it. We did the Bohemian Club job seven years ago, you had to have been just a kid back then!” He said, finally accepting us.
“I was fifteen, but yes. But I’ve stopped skulking around the Internet like a conspiracy theorist, I’ve moved onto bigger things, as you can see.” I said, holding out my arms. Jenny stood by silently with a smile on her face, finally able to watch me socialize with someone else.
“You have got to be kidding! You… you’re really in the Illuminati?!” He said, quickly lowering his voice so that no one else could hear.
“Yes, I’ve been a member for the last five years. Now that the reunion is out of the way, I would like to introduce you to my dearly beloved, Jenny Donovan.” I said, holding my arm out to her. With a smile, she reached out and shook Mike’s hand.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” She said sweetly.
“Thank you. Jenny Donovan... I can’t stop thinking that I’ve heard that name somewhere.” He said.
“So, how about we get down to business?” I asked, trying to change the subject.
“Ok, but not here in the open. There is a great club I know, we’ll disappear there.” He said.

The club was dark and incredibly loud, much to my dislike. There were colored strobe lights flashing in corners and thumping techno music booming from speakers all throughout the bar. All of the people were dressed up like the entire bar was about to erupt into a massive BDSM orgy. Everywhere you looked, there was gothic make-up and black leather.
“This reminds me of our Junior Prom.” Jenny whispered in my ear.
“Yeah, the only difference being that the prom charged admission.” I replied, making Jenny laugh. We were sitting in a booth in the back of the room, waiting for Mike to come back.
“Don’t these people realize that it’s only two in the afternoon?” She whispered in disbelief.
“I know, can you just imagine seeing these people walk down the street before they get here? It would be like Night of The Living Masochists.” I said.
“Considering that there is no chance of anyone listening in on our conversation, I guess it is better than the park. With the loud music and the dense population, our soundwaves would be lucky to spread past this table.” She shrugged.
Mike finally staggered back, holding a martini. He drank it in a single gulp and then turned to us.
“Ok, let’s get down to business.” He said.
“Really? We’re just going to look past the fact of how much of a freak you are?” I asked disgust.
“Go fuck yourself. You got the stuff or not?” He barked. I put the suitcase up on the table and opened it, making sure that no one other than the three of us would be able to see inside. The suitcase was completely filled with gold.
“Here you go, the one form of payment literally worth its weight in gold.” I said. Mike got a greedy smile on his face and reached for the gold, but I quickly shut the case. My tone was very serious.
“Mike, right now I’m not your friend; I’m a member of the group you’re blackmailing. You’re lucky the Illuminati try to prevent as much bloodshed as possible, because killing you would have been so much easier.” I said coldly.
“How much easier?” He gulped.
“The second your message was received, a search was done to find out who you are. You covered your tracks well, but it only took 3.8 minutes for my fellow members to discover every single fact about you. We know names, numbers, dates, associates, school records, your social security number, your pin number, blood type, eye color, every single email, text message, and phone call you’ve ever made or sent, and even your first words.
We had agents watching you less than fifteen minutes after you sent the ransom, twice as many when Jenny and I got to New York, and three times as many when we encountered you. You would shit your pants if you knew how many people in this bar were actually Illuminati agents, ready to kill you at a moment’s notice and make it look like an accident, or just kill you out in the open and buy off all witnesses and authorities.
Even after our deal is completed and you promise to never release the information you have, we will keep a close eye on you for the rest of your life. I was put in charge of this ordeal, and if at any time I decide I want to reclaim my gold, having you killed would be as easy as reaching out to turn off my alarm clock.
We’ll know about every email you send, every phone call you make, every bank transaction you will fill out, every person you talk to, and every activity on the Internet. You have no privacy that we can’t break through. You didn’t send that message to sell your silence for gold, you sent that message to sell your soul for gold, and there is no return policy.
We are the Illuminati, and we are all-knowing and all-seeing.” I said with an icy tone as I pushed the suitcase over to him. Terrified, he grabbed the suitcase and ran off, shoving his way through the crowd.
“I am so hot for you right now.” Jenny whispered in my ear. I chuckled and wrapped my arm around her.
“So what do you want to do now? We could catch a movie, go get a pizza, see the view from the Empire State Building, or just walk around Ground Zero with t-shirts that say ‘GET OVER IT’ on them in big letters.” I suggested. Jenny laughed until she almost fell under the table, holding her stomach and gasping for air. After several minutes, she sat back up and kissed me. Then her voice became very soft and tender.
“As fun as that sounds… I think it’s time to go home.” She murmured.

We were on our private jet, flying from New York to Maine. Jenny and I were both silent as we stared out the windows and let memories occupy our thoughts. With the memories came curiosity, curiosity about what could have been.
“Do you have any regrets?” I finally asked, unable to keep my thoughts contained. Jenny looked at me and cocked her head to one side.
“Do you regret anything? Do you wish we had done anything different?” I asked. Her eyes darkened with sadness and I closed mine.
“I wish our parents hadn’t been killed. Should I have killed Ben and his friends when he attacked us in the park? If I had, should I have pleaded self-defense, covered up the murder, or just ran away? If I had taken care of him then and there, then he wouldn’t have retaliated and I would not have sought out vengeance.
Do you ever wonder what would happen if instead of coming with me, you had gone to live with your relatives and kept living a normal life? Do you wish my actions had been different? Do you wish that instead of running away with me and the two of us becoming who we are today, I had never killed Ben and we had just stayed in Maine, living like just another couple of teenagers?” I then opened my eyes.
“Do you ever wonder what life would have been like… if we had never even met?” I whispered.
Jenny stared at me with her face pale. Slowly, tears began to fall from her eyes and roll down her cheeks. Just as I was about to say something, Jenny reached out and smacked me across the face. Before I could even recover, she smacked me again. She stood up and continued slapping me with angry tears rolling down her face. But with each slap, her whole body just became weaker and weaker until she could not support herself. She fell to her knees, crying angry tears with her head in my lap.
“Jenny.” I whispered. She looked up at me.
“Don’t you ever ask me that again! If you love me, you will never ask me that or anything like that ever again! We’ve been together for six years Adrian, aren’t we past this?! Do you really trust me so little that you think I wish things had been different?!” She shouted.
“No Jenny, of course not! I trust you more than anyone else on earth!” I said, gripping her hands.
“You haven’t spoken like that since you were shot; expecting and waiting for the relationship to end like you ever had any belief in it. After you woke up, not once did you ever say something about how young love is doomed to fail, and I hoped that I would never have to hear you say that again.
Adrian, we’ve been together for six years, why can’t you understand that I will never leave you?!” She begged. I was stone silent.
“Have you always doubted us? Have you just been waiting for the day when you would wake up in bed alone and all my things would be gone? Are you planning on breaking up with me?!” She cried.
“Jenny, I would rather die than lose you. I don’t want us to break up, now or ever. I have faith in us, I would bet my life on us being together… I’m just scared.” I whispered as I placed my hand on her soft cheek.
“What are you afraid of?” She asked.
“I’m afraid of the possibility of you being unhappy, at any point in our lives. I have nightmares of you having second thoughts or regrets, of you wishing for something that I cannot give you. I’m afraid of that because I’m also afraid of something else. I’m afraid of myself, and what I would become if I lost you. I know myself well enough to be sure that everything I am would shatter if I didn’t have you with me.
I would be completely hollow, with the only aspects of my existence being pain and rage. I would become a danger to the world, killing everyone in my way and leaving behind a path of death and destruction. The massacre of Ben and his friends would be nothing compared to what I would unleash upon humanity. I would use those soviet nukes to destroy the world and me with it.” I said with my voice raspy.
Jenny got up and moved onto my lap, putting her hands on my cheeks.
“Adrian, I will never leave you. You went from machine to man to be with me, and I will not let you turn from man into monster without me. I regret nothing my love, nothing. My parents and my old life… they were an insignificant cost for this life with you. Adrian, I’ve been happier during these past six years than even you could possibly imagine. I will never leave you, and knowing you, we won’t be separated for very long if I die.
Adrian, I love you, and nothing will ever change that.” She said, kissing me as softly as a falling leaf.
“You know Jenny, I’ve been calculating the time it would take for us to get to and properly distribute the nuclear bombs, and we’ll be able to complete the plan in a month, on May 7th to be exact. I think that maybe on that day… we should also get married.” I said. A wide smile stretched across Jenny’s face.
“Really?” She asked, so excited that she could barely speak.
“I never brought it up before because I thought getting married was cliché and pointless, but on May 7th, we will deliver the world to peace, and I want to live in that new world with you as my wife.”
“I love you Adrian.” Jenny whispered.
“I love you too Jenny.” I replied. Then Jenny pressed her lips against mine, and for the rest of the flight, Jenny stayed curled up in my lap with the two of us embraced in a never-ending kiss.

Jenny and I walked down the streets of our old hometown with my arm wrapped around her. The feeling of nostalgia with every step was almost overpowering. We looked into restaurants that we used eat at when we were dating, walked through the park and stopping at the place where Ben had attacked us but where I had also told Jenny I loved her, and told each other about endless memories.
At one point we were walking down the halls of our old school, looking at the endless rows of lockets, occasionally peeking into classrooms to catch a glimpse of our old teachers, and thinking back to all the people we had known and all of our experiences.
After wandering around the school, we knew there was something we had to do. We drove out of town with a rented car and made our way to the local cemetery to find our parents’ graves. We stepped out of the car with melancholic faces and separated, each going in a different direction to find the graves of our parents an mourn in solitude.
I finally came upon the two tombstones and stood like a statue. I had always believed it to be a childish and delusional act, but I could help but begin speaking as if I was facing my parents and they were alive.
“Mom, dad… I miss you both. I know I wasn’t the most approachable son, but I love you and I’m grateful for everything you’ve done for me. I doubt you would agree with most of the things I’ve done since you were killed, but I just want you to understand that they were all things that I had to do. I’m working on something big, something that is going to bring peace to the world. I wish you two could have seen it.” I said. I gave one final goodbye, and feeling at peace, I walked away.
I found Jenny sitting on the ground in front of the graves of her parents. I was slow to approach, for I wanted to give her privacy. Like me, she was talking as if to her parents.
“…And now I run a flower shop in Rome and sell perfume that I make myself. I’m happier than I ever thought possible with my new villa, my business, and my fiancé. Oh! I forgot to mention, I’m getting married on May 7th! I wish…” She then fell silent. Tears began to roll down her face and she gripped her sleeves.
“I wish the two of you could come to the wedding. I wish the two of you could have seen me graduate from college. I wish the two of you could meet your future grandchildren. I wish the two of you hadn’t died!” She said, crying over pain that had been forgotten for over five years. I didn’t approach; I just waited and listened. After several minutes, Jenny took a deep breath and collected herself, giving a sad smile.
“I hope you’re not worrying about me. Like I said, I’m happier than I thought possible. I love Adrian with all of my heart and he loves me and we’re living the life of my dreams. While I wish you two could see me now, I have no regrets.” She said softly.
Finally I walked over to her and put my hand on her shoulder as she wiped away her tears.
“How do you feel?” I asked. She grasped my hand and pressed it against her cheek, clinging to it like a lifeline.
“Much better.” She said, wiping away her last tear.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked. We were parked in front of the small and Jenny was putting her things in her purse.
“I checked Facebook and she’s working here and her shift is now. I can’t leave without seeing her. Don’t worry, I’m sure she won’t call the cops.” She replied.
“Well if anything goes wrong, call me and I’ll come back as fast as possible. There is something I have to do.” I said. Jenny looked at me and I could tell that she was reading me like a book.
“I hope you find the peace you’re looking for.” She said softly. She then kissed me on the cheek and climbed out of the car.

Jenny walked up to the counter in a department store where a pretty brunette in her early twenties was looking through the cash register. Jenny couldn’t help but smile.
“Whatever happened to traveling all over the world?” She asked. The woman looked at her and her jaw dropped.
“Hey Amanda.” Jenny chuckled softly.
“Jenny… is it really you?” Her friend stammered. Jenny nodded and Amanda gave a girly scream, jumping over the counter and wrapping her arms around her long-lost best friend. The two women fell on the floor, laughing and hugging. Many people were instantly drawn to the commotion.
“I thought I would never see you again!” Amanda said. She then stood up.
“Boss! I’m taking my break now!” She called. An older woman walked up to her.
“What the hell are you talking about?! You just got here!” Her boss shouted.
“Please, if you let me go now, I will work 10 hours in unpaid overtime.” Amanda begged.
“Fine, get out of here.” Her boss barked before walking away.
Amanda pulled Jenny to her feet.
“If you don’t tell me everything, I will never forgive you.” She said.

Gulls sailed under the grey sky, calling out as my car came to a halt. I was at the pier, facing the warehouse that had been the former hangout of Ben and is cronies. A chain-link fence with barbed wire surrounded the building, for it was permanently closed off to the public.
I stepped out of the car with my sheathed lance in my hand. I hooked it up to hang diagonally from the back of my belt, just like last time. I jumped up onto the fence and climbed up like a spider, carefully trying to maneuver over the barbed wire at the top.
I jumped off and made my way to the building. The doors were hanging awkwardly from when I almost kicked them off their hinges. I stepped into the warehouse and moved to the center of the floor. I looked down at the concrete and mused a soft chuckle. The concrete floor was stained from the blood of all of the people I had killed. After who knows how many attempts to clean it and almost six years of solitude, the stains were as clear as day.
I stood at the exact spot I had been standing on the fateful night. The ground around me was peppered with old bullet holes from when Ben and his crew opened fire on me. Imagining Ben and his cronies were shooting at me again, I crouched down with my forearms shielding my face, they same way I had done before.
I thought back to the fight, counting the seconds from my memory of how long the barrage had lasted. After the same amount of time, I stood up with the same form and drew my lance with the same speed and movement.
“I’m going to kill you all.” I growled with the same tone, slashing the ground with my lance in the same position and line.

Jenny and Amanda were sitting in a coffee shop, huddled in the corner.
“Ok Jenny, I need to know the truth: what happened? What happened the night you disappeared, what happened afterwards, where have you been all this time?” Amanda asked with a serious tone.
“You remember Ben, right? The bully who was sent to juvenile hall?” Jenny asked.
“Are you kidding? I used to wish you would get a stun gun or some pepper spray, because I was worried he would date-rape you like that other girl. What about him?”
“As you probably know, Adrian killed him and all of his friends in that warehouse. He killed him because Ben was the one who killed my parents, Adrian’s parents, and almost killed me.” Jenny answered.
“Oh my god.” Amanda gasped with her hands over her mouth.
“I don’t know if it was him exactly or one of his followers, but I was forced off a bridge in a car crash and was put in a coma. Adrian thought I was dead, and to avenge me and our parents, he went to the warehouse and slaughtered everyone.”
“I know, I heard about it on the news. Adrian’s massacre has become so legendary that it’s now the folklore of this town. Seniors tell it to freshmen to scare them and no one dares use his old locker. Some of the pictures from the scene leaked online and I saw them… I honestly couldn’t believe it. It was like something out of a horror movie. I had never seen so much blood in my life.” Amanda said, clutching herself.
“Well I woke up and found him at the warehouse. I watched from the background as he killed everyone. You might call it gruesome, but I was mesmerized by it. After he killed Ben, I made my presence known. Adrian told me that he had a plan on how he was going to change the world and I told him that I was coming with him. So that night, we ran away.”

I moved through the warehouse, reenacting every movement from the epic fight almost six years ago. I could see every gang member, every weapon, and every tremor of fear in my victims. There was blood, oh so much blood, filling the air and covering the floor. I stabbed and slashed at invisible enemies, replaying the scene over and over in my mind. I could feel bones shattering from every impact, muscles being ripped to shreds with every slash, and life being ripped away with every stab. I could feel the weight of their bodies, smell the sweat, blood, and fear, and hear their dying screams as they fell to the floor.
Finally, I came to the final act of the bloody play. Like an actor on a stage, I reenacted my movements from when Ben shot me, standing up and deflecting his last bullet with my lance. It was than that Ben called me a machine. Playing my part, I lashed out with my lance, imagining myself stabbing him through the throat just like last time.
“And don’t you forget it.” I muttered.
I took my original position and repeated the exercise, replaying the fight again and again, slaying my invisible enemies like a blood-drunk warrior. After the fifth time, I stopped. Panting heavily, I put my lance back in its sheath.
“My vengeance is fulfilled.” I said softly. I then grabbed my lance as I heard the sound of someone clapping.

“Jenny, after you left... there were more stories on the news of massacres like the one at the pier. Witnesses confirmed that it was Adrian, but they also said he was helped by a blond female accomplice. Jenny, you tell me right here and now: did you help Adrian kill people?” Amanda asked with fear in her voice. Jenny gave a sad smile.
“Yes, it was. I took place in those killings.” She said with the only regret in her voice coming from the tone of the conversation. Amanda jumped out of the chair.
“Amanda, relax. Sit down. Do you really think I would hurt you?” Jenny asked calmly. Amanda was hesitant, but eventually sat back down.
“Now as I said, Adrian had a plan on how he was going to change the world. But before we could begin and put that plan into action, Adrian needed to train me.” Jenny said, resting her chin on her tented fingers.
“Train you?” Amanda asked with confusion.
“Yes, for the month after we left, Adrian trained me to be like him. He helped me awaken my mind and become smarter than most recorded geniuses and he taught me the secret to his physical strength.”
“Wait, you mean you’re as smart and strong as him? That’s impossible!”
“Well I am as strong as him, but he’s got a good forty IQ points on me. That’s the cost of training too late in your life.” Jenny said casually as she drank her coffee.
“So… what can you do with all that brainpower?” Amanda asked with interest.
“Grab your cell and give me two numbers.” Jenny said. Excited, Amanda took out her phone and opened up her address book.
“Ok, 829-4875 and 829-1384.” Amanda said.
“Good, now open up the calculator app and multiply them without telling me the result.
“Ok, it’s done.” Amanda said after ten seconds.
“Ok, is the number 68775993857000?” Jenny asked smugly.
For the second time, Amanda jumped out of her chair.
“Is there a mirror behind me? Did you see it in a reflection?!” She demanded, trying to figure out how it was possible.
“That was nothing, you should see Adrian with credit cards.” Jenny laughed.
“So what happened afterwards?” Amanda asked, desperate for more.
“Well, we decided to take a break and tour across the country. Adrian had a million dollars from his royalty payments and-”
“Wait, a MILLION DOLLARS?” Amanda exclaimed, causing every in the store to look at them.
“Yes, a million dollars. So with that money, we toured around America, saw the sites, took some pictures… and so on. After we were done traveling, we knew it was time to put the plan in action, so we headed to Vegas.” Jenny said.
“Las Vegas?” Amanda said with disbelief. Jenny frowned in agitation.
“Yes, Las Vegas. We got a suite in the Bellagio hotel-”
“Seriously, stop interrupting! You’re making a scene!” Jenny scolded.
“Sorry… so what was it like?” Amanda asked giddily.
“See for yourself.” Jenny said as she pulled out her phone and showed Amanda the pictures she had taken in Vegas. Amanda squealed like a little girl when she saw the pictures of the Bellagio suite.
“Wait until you see my villa…” Jenny muttered under your breath.
“What?” Amanda asked.
“I said to quiet down, you’re impossible to talk to. So in Vegas, we played the games and allowed our fortune grow from one million to fourteen million while Adrian tried to make some business partners. Eventually, he found who he was looking for and we were able to make a deal. Now, just to be safe, I’m not comfortable telling you where we went and who we were in contact with.”
“Alright, so what was the deal?” Amanda asked.
“Adrian performed a procedure on a few people, and in exchange, we were given safe asylum and our own home.”
“Oh, can I see pictures of your house?” Amanda asked with excitement.
“Fine, but before I do…” Jenny said as she put her hand over Amanda’s mouth so that she wouldn’t make a scene.
“Have you ever been in a villa?” Jenny asked as she showed Amanda more pictures. Amanda’s squeals of disbelief and jealousy were stifled by Jenny’s hand as she looked through the pictures of every room in the mansion and pictures of it from the outside, along with Vatican Gardens.
“Now Adrian designs new machinery and I run a flower shop. We rake in millions every year.” Jenny said after pulling her hand away. Amanda was nearly hyperventilating as she tried to process everything she had seen and heard. She finally controlled her breathing and began speaking with a very calm tone.
“Jenny, let me make one thing clear. I have always envied you, ever since we were young. You’ve always been prettier and more popular than me. But now, if you’re honestly telling me the truth that you do indeed live in a villa and are a millionaire that works in a flower shop –my dream job-, I’ll be honest too and say that I’m pretty tempted right now to kill you, cut off your face, and wear it myself for the desperate possibility that I might be able to take your life.”
“Thank you.” Jenny said smugly.
“I can’t believe it, it’s really not fair. Rich kids don’t become as successful as you. How is it that you can drop out of high school, run away with your serial-killer boyfriend, and become the Goddess of Awesomeness in six years?” Amanda asked with envy.
“Actually, it only took one year. We got that villa five years ago. By the way, did I mention that Adrian and I are getting married next month?” Jenny said sheepishly. Amanda slammed her head down on the table and began to cry. Jenny waited patiently for her friend to express her envy. At last, Amanda raised her head and took a deep breath.
“There is one thing that I’m really curious about though. You said that you and Adrian were getting married next month and -while I try to ignore the dagger you’ve basically lodged in my back by leaving me behind to have such an awesome life- I have to ask; how are you two still together? Adrian was a cold-hearted machine in high school, how is it that you two haven’t broken up?” Amanda asked. Jenny smiled.
“He’s changed. He’s changed more than you would believe.” She said softly.
“Really? What is Adrian like now?” Amanda asked.

Agent Mason was standing in the doorway of the warehouse, slowly clapping.
“You’re the FBI agent that I stabbed in Las Vegas. I see that my aim was correct after all, due to the fact that you are still alive.” I said. While my voice was calm, my senses were on full alert, trying to pick up any signs that there were more FBI agents or police officers. As far as I could tell, we were alone.
“You can thank Obamacare for that. You killed my partner five years ago, and I transferred here because I knew that some day you would return. I set up alarms all around the building, knowing that you would eventually return to the scene of the crime. Now I’m here to avenge the man that you killed.” He said. I scowled.
“This is not the scene of a crime, it’s the scene of vengeance. In this warehouse and countless other hideouts for human scum, I’ve slaughtered the lowest circles of society. I’ve done the one thing that you people never had the courage to do: I took action.
And once again, I am taking action for the betterment of the world. I didn’t kill your partner because of any personal reasons or because I wanted to take a life; I killed him because he was an obstacle in my path that refused to move. He demanded to know what my plans were, even after I told him that I could not let him live if he heard them. I warned him to let me pass, but he was too stubborn. He had no one to blame but himself.”
“That’s enough!” Mason said as he drew his pistol and aimed it at me.
“I don’t know and I don’t care what you’re planning, because it ends here.” He said.
Before I could draw my lance, Mason pulled the trigger and a bullet was launched, moving so fast that not even my eyes could catch it. Without a way to defend myself, I was helpless as the bullet struck my chest, instantly causing blood to soak my shirt.
I gagged in pain and fell to the floor, unable to move.
“Rest in peace Hoffman.” Mason said as he put away his gun and walked away. But before he could reach the door, he heard something that made him stop dead in his tracks. With cold sweat, he turned around to face my haunting laugh.

“Adrian… it’s really hard to describe him. Like you said, he used to be cold and emotionless. Back when we were dating, I could see him struggling to try and understand me and get into the whole “boyfriend” role. It was like watching an alien try to blend into a frat house party. He was always a little cold with his logic and lack of faith in the relationship, but I could see him trying with everything he had to make me happy and be what I wanted him to be. He really jumped into a whole new world and sacrificed his mental balance just to try and make me happy.” Jenny said softly with a tender smile on her face.
“You remember when Ben shot him, right?” She then asked.
“Yeah, I saw it on the news. I thought he was dead the second I heard about it.” Amanda replied.
“I know, me too. The whole time he was in emergency surgery, I was praying that he would survive, and if he didn’t, I was planning on how I would kill myself.” Jenny said with her voice filled with sadness.
“You would have really killed yourself if Adrian died?” Amanda asked, almost as if she were worried Jenny would kill herself right then and there.
“Yes, I would have. Everyone is an individual, but he was a one-in-a-billion and I knew I wouldn’t be able to find anyone like him or love anyone as much as I loved him.”
“So what happened after he was shot? I remember you telling everyone in school that he was alive and that he had completely changed. You almost cried tears of joy whenever you told someone.” Amanda teased.
“Well he did. I was sleeping next to him in his hospital bed, and Adrian suddenly woke up. He woke me up and told me about this dream he had, where he had to choose between himself and me; he couldn’t wake up until he chose to either remain a cold logical machine and eventually lose me, or reawaken his emotions and give up what made him better than anyone else. He told me that he created a third choice, where he would become human enough to be with me, but be far more intelligent and wiser than any human alive.
After he woke up, he was a changed man. I could feel that he actually loved me now. He went from being a cold machine to a cat purring in my lap. But he was true to his words, and he was as logical and wise as before. He used his mind to see the world for what it really was and then he used his heart and will to change the world in his favor.
Ever since he woke up, I’ve been following him on his quest to change the world. I almost feel like his apostle. And Amanda, we’re almost there. Adrian and I are so close to bringing world peace, I can almost taste it.” Jenny said with excitement.
“World peace? You’re kidding right? Just the two of you are going to achieve what no one else has been able to achieve?” Amanda asked with skepticism. Jenny did not lose her smile.
“If you looked at him today, you would almost be able to see reality bending under his will. He and I are going to do it. Amanda, it has been so nice seeing you again.” Jenny said.
“Don’t tell me you’re leaving again, you just got here!” Amanda pleaded.
“It’s time for me to go, Adrian is probably waiting for me outside.” Jenny said. Both women stood up and hugged.
“Wait, please take me with you. I’ll quit my job, please just let me come with you!” Amanda begged.
“Amanda, I don’t know… Taking you with us could be really dangerous and I’ll have to check in with Adrian.” Jenny warned.
“I am begging you, my life sucks here. Just let come with you, just for a month!” Amanda pleaded. Jenny sighed.
“Alright, tell you’re boss you quit and I’ll meet you outside.” Jenny said, giving in.

“How is it possible? How are you still alive?!” Mason demanded. I stood up and cricked my neck, then reached into the bloody wound in my chest and pulled out the bullet.
“Oh, with just a little help from the fiancé, the pagan goddess of plants.” I said. I then pulled off my coat before it could get bloody and opened up my shirt. Around every muscle on my chest and stomach was a surgical scar.
“What the hell are you talking about?” Mason cursed.
“Jenny loves plants, she loves them almost as much as she loves me. Personally, what I find interesting about them is their ability to crossbreed. If you can crossbreed plants correctly, then you can isolate and harness fascinating attributes.
Three years ago, Jenny discovered a very interesting fluid in a plant she was studying. The fluid forms a flexible tear-proof membrane to protect its fruit. The strength of the membranes surprised even me; it was so powerful that not even a dog’s fangs could puncture it. After crossbreeding it with similar species, she was able to isolate the strongest chemical.
I was able create a synthetic copy of the chemical and create bulletproof sheets. With help from Jenny and my own inventions, I was able to surgically implant them into my body, just under the skin. I’ve modified my own body to make myself more immune to injuries in battle. In fact, at home I’m even working on a way to convert my body’s bioenergy into power for a stun gun.
Unless your next round is able to strike my spinal column, you can’t kill me, and I won’t allow you to get such a lucky shot.” I said as I drew my lance and activated my adrenal glands.
Mason emptied the rest of his magazine, but with my reaction speed honed to near-superhuman levels, I was able to predict where his bullets would land before he could even fire him. I deflected each bullet, leaving a smoking mark on my lance and several crushed pieces of lead at my feet. I gave a grim smile, taking delight in watching the FBI agent try to figure out what was happening.
“How is this possible?” Mason cursed.
“Quite simply, I have transcended the limitations that make you and all others merely human. While you and I are of the same species, I am far more evolved than you could ever hope to be. I’m not sure if there is anyone on this planet who is at a higher state than I am, but unless you get a gun that can shatter my lance or can hit me with a missile, someone of your level could never hope to defeat me. Our strengths are worlds apart.” I said hauntingly.
Then I bolted forward, moving as fast as physically possible. Before Mason could even form a thought for any form of retaliation, I reached out and stabbed him in the chest with my lance, piercing his heart. Agent Mason instantly began coughing up blood as the life was ripped from his body in less than a second.
“I’m sorry, but I must eliminate all obstacles in my path if I am to deliver the world to peace.” I said as he collapsed to the ground, adding another death to the warehouse.
I wiped the blood off my lance, put it back in its sheath, and retrieved my coat. I winced from my injury as I reached for my ringing phone.
“Hey honey.” I said.
“Adrian, there is something I want to run past you…” She said.
“Uh oh, what is it?” I laughed as I walked out of the warehouse.
“Do you think we could bring Amanda with us back to Rome?” Jenny asked as if she were asking to borrow her parent’s new car. I sighed.
“There are so many ways that could backfire on us. If anyone finds out about this, Interpol will be knocking on our front door.” I sighed.
“Please Adrian? I need a bridesmaid.” She said sweetly and desperately.
“Alright, but we leave tonight. Tell her to get her affairs sorted out and we’ll leave. Let’s just say that I don’t want to stay here much longer.” I said.
“Thanks darling.” She replied before I hung up.
I went back to my rental car and pulled the medical kit out from under the passenger seat. I sterilized the wound with rubbing alcohol and secured a patch of gauze over the wound with medical tape. I climbed back into the car and drove away.

I found Jenny and Amanda standing in front of the mall, waiting for me. Amanda was as nervous as could be, but Jenny looked like she was getting ready to show me off. Jenny pointed to me when she saw me driving up and Amanda retreated behind her, gripping her hand.
I parked the car and stepped out. Amanda instantly clung to Jenny’s arm the way Jenny would cling to mine. As I walked towards them, Amanda became more and more nervous, but that nervousness was replaced with relaxation the closer I got. She studied my face closely and she quickly became more comfortable as she noted the peaceful expression my face.
“Hey honey.” Jenny said sweetly as she leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek.
“Hi.” I replied softly. I then shifted my gaze to Amanda and she instantly ducked behind Jenny.
“Hello Amanda, it sure has been a while.” I said politely as I held out my hand to shake hers. Amanda nervously held out her hand, but she instantly became calm when she touched mine.
“It’s good to see you Adrian.” She said warmly. I held out my arm to the car.
“Well ladies, shall me go?” I asked. Both women giggled and we went back to the car. Once the doors were closed, I turned to Amanda, who was sitting in the back seat. My tone was serious.
“I just want to make one thing clear; Jenny and I are criminals, we are on the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted List and we have Interpol after us. There are a lot of things we will not tell you for the sake of our safety, and if you turn on us, I will do whatever is necessary to ensure our survival, regardless of any history you’ve had with my fiancé.” I said sternly. Amanda became deathly pale.
“Another thing; I don’t trust you. It will take a long time for you to gain my trust. Until I’ve warmed up to you, I have no interest in a threesome.” I said jokingly, but with the same tone. A moment of silence passed by, then Jenny and Amanda burst into uncontrollable laughter. I started up the car and drove away, with Jenny and Amanda laughing until they clutched their stomachs in pain and were gasping for air.

I sat parked outside Amanda’s apartment building, waiting for the two women to come back out. Jenny was helping Amanda pack her things and get her affairs in order.
“I got to say, Adrian has gotten sexy as hell since I last saw him.” Amanda said.
“Really? I hadn’t noticed. By the way, nice place.” Jenny said, looking around the apartment.
“Must you condescend me? I know it’s nothing compared to your villa.” Amanda asked as she emptied her fridge of everything that would spoil.
“Sorry.” Jenny shrugged.
“Want me to handle your Facebook?” She then asked as she sat down on the couch and opened up Amanda’s laptop.
“Sure, my account should be open.” Amanda replied as she tied up her trash bag.
Jenny brought up Amanda’s Facebook account and updated the status to ‘going on a trip, be back next month, trying to figure out future’. Three people had already ‘liked’ it before Jenny even closed the laptop. She followed Amanda to the bedroom where an empty suitcase was waiting.
“How many clothes should I bring?” Amanda asked.
“Don’t worry about clothes, we can buy you everything you need.” Jenny said. Amanda turned to her.
“Now you’re just rubbing it in.” She said dryly.
“Yep!” Jenny said sweetly.
“I still can’t believe how great your life turned out.” Amanda pouted.
“Well it was all Adrian. He had it all planned out from the very beginning and I just followed him. Trust me, he had it planned out so well it was as if he could see the future.” Jenny said, sitting down on the bed.
“So, you said that he trained you to be like him. What kind of training did he actually put you through?” Amanda asked as she packed only the bare necessities.
“Well, after we ran away, we spent a romantic weekend in a motel to rest and recover. Adrian first taught me my whole brain. Normal people only use 30% of their brain, but he taught me to use almost three times that. I tell you Amanda, it was like a mental orgasm when I woke up from my trance. Afterwards, he had me working nonstop on all of these mental puzzles, teaching me to think like a supercomputer.
After the mental training was complete, we hid in the woods for a month to do physical training. This… I did not like; it was basically boot camp. But with Adrian with me, it was tolerable, and the benefits… I feel like the fucking Terminator now. I can do things with my body that I thought was only science fiction. So are you ready?” Jenny asked.
“Yeah, I’m ready.” Amanda said as she picked up her suitcase.
“So since you’re so rich, I imagine we’ll be flying in first class?” Amanda asked with excitement.
“First class? Ha!” Jenny replied.

Amanda stared in disbelief at the private jet sitting on the tarmac.
“We figured that having our own jet would be much easier than dealing with the airports, so we went shopping one weekend when we were bored.” I shrugged. Without warning, Amanda tackled Jenny, knocking to the ground and hitting her over and over again.
“I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!” She shrieked in jealousy with Jenny laughing and trying to block her attacks.

While Amanda explored the private jet, I was talking to Jenny with my voice low.
“I’m going to have to head back out after we get home. The faster we take care of all the loose ends, the better we’ll be. I have to secure those nukes and begin sending them out as soon as possible. So for the next month, I’ll we working with the Zero Masons closely. While I’m busy, you and Amanda just go crazy planning the wedding.” I said. Jenny gained a wide smile at the last part.
“We’ll be like two kids in a candy shop… with our parents’ credit card.” She said giddily.
“Alright, but I don’t want the pope to preside over the wedding. I really don’t want the pope.” The said.
“You’re so mean.” Jenny pouted. I gave a sad smile.
“I’m going to be gone for a long time, I probably won’t get back until a few days before the wedding. I have to secure the nukes before I can even consider letting the Zero Masons get close. This will actually be the longest time we’ve ever been apart.” I said sadly. Jenny lost her bright mood as well, but retained the same sad smile.
“When you get back, I’ll try to keep my hands off you, because I want the next time we make love to be on our wedding day.” She whispered.

Amanda was bouncing around the backseat of the Ferrari like a dog on the way to the park.
“I can’t believe I’m in Rome!” She squealed over and over again as we drove through the city streets.
“If her voice get’s any higher, I’ll kill myself.” I muttered, making Jenny laugh.

Jenny was in the backseat with Amanda, pinning her down and keeping her mouth covered for my sake as we drove up the long driveway to our Vatican Gardens villa. Amanda was struggling to break free so she could return to bouncing around the car and squealing. I parked the car in front of the house and opened the passenger door.
“Alright, get out.” I ordered.
Jenny kicked Amanda out of the car and then followed her into the house. I sat in the car, waiting for Amanda to make her rounds through the house and calm down. After half an hour, I could still hear her running around and squealing. Finally, I worked up the courage to go inside.
Jenny was sitting on the stairs with her face in her hands.
“Honey, did we bring one of your friends to Rome, or did we adopt her?” I asked.
“I should have remembered that she acts like a preteen when she’s excited.” She sighed.

Covered head-to-toe in arctic gear, I opened up the large bay doors of the warehouse before me. I was on a rocky spit of land, just north of Antarctica, owned by the Illuminati. It was large enough to have an airfield, a harbor, and a bunker that went deep underground, but that was it. This island had been picked because it’s size and location made it almost impossible to find if you didn’t know the coordinates. I was probably the first person to step onto the island in decades.
The warehouse was filled with massive crates, all labeled with the symbol of the former Soviet Union. I pulled out a radiation detector and turned it on, instantly causing the device to emit a shrill whine. The levels of ambient radiation wafting from the bunker were approaching dangerous levels.
“I’ve finally found you.” I said with a smile. With a crowbar in hand, I walked over to the first massive crate and pried it open. Inside was a car-sized bomb with a bulbous missile design.
“Hello beautiful.” I laughed.
I had been preparing for this for years and I had finally found my keys to peace. But before I could call in the Zero Masons to transport the nuclear bombs, there was a lot of work I had to do. The loyalty the Zero Masons had to the Illuminati was like samurai to their feudal lords, but that was only if they were well paid. The less people I trusted, the better, which meant that I had to do a lot of work by myself. I had even flown my own jet here because I didn’t want the pilot to know of this location.
For the next three weeks, I stayed on that island and worked nonstop. I had brought all the supplies and tools I needed and was using every possible minute opening up the nuclear bombs and examining the interior. I had studied the Illuminati’s blueprints of the bombs closely and had memorized their mechanical anatomy
I worked for days on end without sleep, opening up nuclear bombs, cleaning out the interior, making sure that they were all operational, incorporating a remote detonator for every sixth bomb, tagging each with a GPS tracker, and painting over the Soviet emblem. There were 195 countries in the world, each would get five nukes for personal use, and one would be used to gain national attention and act as a demonstration. I had three weeks to open up and modify 1170 nuclear bombs. Stressed was an understatement.
While I worked, I would talk to Jenny and Amanda via satellite phone. I would have it set down in the corner, set to speakerphone. We would chat while I worked, they would describe what they were doing in Rome, and Jenny and I would take turns telling Amanda stories from when we toured across America, hung out in Vegas, and lived in Rome. Amanda would talk about everything that had happened to her in the last six years, but we could hear the jealousy in her voice from her knowing her stories weren’t nearly as interesting as ours.
Over time, (while neither Jenny and I told her where I was or what I was doing) I warmed up to Amanda and even began to trust her. My view of her was quite strange in that I did not see her as a friend of my fiancé. Even though she was as old as Jenny and I, I saw her more as a family member, such as a sister or even a daughter. I wanted to get back home and see them both.

I stepped out of the bunker and gave a large sigh. By working as hard as I did, I was ahead of schedule. I had ten days until the wedding, but I was desperate to get this finished and get home to my dearly beloved. I climbed into my private jet and retrieved my satellite phone. I called up one of the foremen of the Zero Masons.
“Gregory Smith, this is Adrian Ashford. Get every Zero Mason you can get and have them all meet me at these coordinates, the more the better. I also need cargo planes, freighters, helicopters, and anything for mass transport at high speed. You will all be very well paid.” I said.
“Yes sir, we will be there in three days.”
“I need you here faster than that, I want to get home and get back to my girls.” I replied.

“Ok, there are 1170 crates that I need shipped out to specific locations. The coordinates are stapled to each crate on a sheet of paper. It will take me a while to draw up the money, but if you can deliver them all to the designated locations before May 7th, you will receive payment before the end of the month. Under no circumstances are these crates to be opened, and if they are stolen or lost, I will know. You will look at no other crates in this bunker, you will tell no other people of what you have seen or done –civilian, freemason, or Illuminati-. If you follow my orders to the letter, you will never have to work again for the rest of your lives.” I said. I was facing several hundred men and women, all dressed in arctic gear. Every one of them was a Zero Mason and would do anything for money, ranging from murder to prostitution.
“Before the end of the month, your account balances shall have seven figures. Do not fail me.” I said as I climbed into my jet and flew away.

The whole time I had been gone, Jenny and Amanda had been zooming across Rome like a pair of gas molecules. Not only were they preparing for the wedding like two teenage girls with unlimited money and a bridal magazine, but they were also going on shopping sprees, walking around the city, and making up for lost time.
It took me three days to get back to Italy, after having to stop twice in Africa to refuel. The whole time I was on the plane, I was watching the dispersal of the nukes on my laptop. Using the GPS tracking units I had hidden in every crate, I was able to closely monitor their movement throughout the world. The Zero Masons were following their orders closely; all of the nukes were being quickly shipped and flown off of the island, none of them were being distributed to any location in suspicious groups, and none of the crates had been opened since all of the GPS trackers were still sending out their signal (I had rigged each crate with a trap that would destroy the bomb without setting them off, if the crates were opened. I would remotely deactivate the traps once the crates were in place.).
I finally landed in Italy, where Amanda and Jenny were giddily waiting for me. I stepped off the plane and Jenny instantly pounced on me, riding me to the ground and kissing me wildly. Laughing and pushing her off, I got back to my feet and gave her a long kiss. Amanda gave me a warm hug and replied I giving her a kiss on the forehead. She had a quick look of confusion on her face but it disappeared after only a moment.
“Alright ladies, show me what you’ve been up to for the last month.” I said with a smile.

From across the globe, Illuminati members were flying in to attend the wedding of Jenny and I. Not only was a marriage between two Illuminati members unheard of in all of the group’s history, but we were still the youngest members, so we were like celebrities of the Illuminati. The wedding was taking place in Vatican Gardens, which we had rented for private use for the day. Jenny and I had lied to Amanda and told her that everyone coming were just business associates.
Furniture and silverware were being rented, caterers and cooks were being hired, and endless flowers were bought. According to the weather channel, the weather would be perfect on the day of the wedding. With each day that passed by, I became more and more excited. Not a single tinge of nervousness entered my mind, for never in my life had I been as sure as I was when it came to spending my life with Jenny.

It was the morning before the wedding and I was standing on the balcony on the back of the villa, watching everything being set up. Tablemats and silverware were being laid out, delicious food from the chefs was being prepared, chairs were being arranged in front of the altar, and tents were being erected. Behind me, I heard the door open and close, and just from the smell, I knew who it was.
“Hello Amanda.” I said without moving.
“Hey.” She said softly. I turned to her and saw that she had a puzzled look on her face.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Can I ask you something Adrian? When you came back from wherever the hell you were, you kissed me on the forehead, why? Never in my life has anyone given me that sort of greeting.” She asked.
I chuckled, but before I could say anything, Amanda stepped towards me, standing with her face just a few inches from mine with her hands on my chest. Inside, Jenny stepped out of the bedroom and saw us. Her brow furrowed when she saw Amanda’s proximity to me.
“You know, you used to really scare me. But after seeing how you’ve changed and what you’ve become, I think I’m finally looking at you through Jenny’s eyes. And Adrian, I can see why she loves you. Maybe instead of it just being you and Jenny, it could be the three of us together. Maybe she’ll like the idea of sharing you. We could have a lot of fun together.” She said with a soft seductive tone.
Then she pressed her lips against mine and kissed me. Inside, Jenny’s face became pale and she gave a shuddering gasp of denial. But in a wave, all of her momentary pain and disbelief was brushed aside when she saw me gently push Amanda back.
“Stop.” I said sternly. Amanda avoided my gaze and nearly collapsed into a pile of desperation and regret.
“I’m sorry Adrian. It’s just that when I look at the life Jenny has here in Rome and with you… I get so envious that I want to scream. I just want to be as happy as you make Jenny, I can’t help but try and get it the way she did.” She said with tears running down her face. Inside, Jenny gave a sigh of relief. I stepped forward and put my hands on Amanda’s shoulders, and she looked up at me.
“I understand. But Jenny is my fiancé, and today she will become my wife. I can’t let anything ruin my relationship with her. Amanda, if I were a much weaker man, I might have said yes and continued to kiss you, but I didn’t become the man I am today to be seduced like a horny idiot. Jenny is the only person that will ever have access to my heart, I can’t let anyone be close to me in the way she is. I don’t care about physical attraction and pleasure, Jenny is the only woman who I can be with, she is the only woman in this world that I can love.” I said sympathetically. Amanda nodded and looked into my eyes.
“But still, why did you kiss me when you got back?” She asked. I smiled.
“I kissed you because you are precious to me. After all the time we spent talking on the phone, I realized that I love having you around and you make Jenny happy. You’re like family to us, and I care about you.” I said warmly. Amanda wiped away her last tear and smiled.
“Thank you.” She said softly.
“And please, come visit us at any time. You are always welcome in our home, you’re family.” I said as I hugged her.
“Thank you.” She said again. We separated and she went back inside. A few minutes later, Jenny stepped out and kissed me on the cheek.
“That was so cute.” She mused.
“You saw that?” I asked with shock.
“Of course, I was even able to read your lips. Adrian, I am so happy that you accepted her like that.” She said gratefully.
“Well as I said, I love having her around and she makes you happy.” I said. Jenny gave me another kiss and for almost a minute, we stood silently and stared into each other’s eyes.
“Are you nervous?” I asked.
“I’m as giddy as a school girl.” She joked.
“I’m serious.” I said with a smile.
“Nervous? No. Excited? More than you can imagine. I’ve been dreaming about this day for years and I can’t stop pinching myself to see if I really am.” She said softly.
“The wedding is in an hour, don’t you think you should… go change your clothes?” I asked innocently.
“Five minutes to put on my dress, five minutes to have a little “chat” with Amanda, and fifty minutes to get my makeup right.” She mused.
“So I’ll see you in an hour?”
“The next time you see me, I won’t be you’re fiancé; I’ll be your bride.” She said before giving me a tender kiss.

I stood at the altar with my whole body rigid with excitement. I looked out over the crowds of chattering Illuminati members, waiting for Jenny to appear. An Illuminati member who was also a registered priest would wed us. I had no best man, but Amanda would serve as Jenny’s one and only bride’s maid.
Suddenly, everyone in the crowds became silent as the music began to play. I looked out at the flash of white that was Jenny’s wedding dress and gasped in amazement. Never before had she looked as beautiful as she did now. Her long hair was shining in the light of the Roman sunlight like molten gold, her tan skin seemed to radiate with warmth, and her blue eyes glowed with the brilliance of neon lights. Her dress looked like it was made of silver and pearls and in her hand was a bouquet she had personally arranged, using only the most beautiful plants from her flower store. The light seemed to bend around her, as if her beauty was affecting reality itself.
Jenny walked slowly down the aisle with everyone in the crowds as mesmerized by her beauty as I was. Even Amanda couldn’t keep her mouth from hanging open. Jenny stepped up to the altar and blushed as she looked at me. The priest began to speak, reading out the traditional marriage sermon. I did not hear him or what he said, for I was completely fixated on Jenny. I was finally awoken from my trance when he asked if we had our vows and Jenny began to speak.
“Adrian, I love you more than you could possibly understand. The night you first opened your heart to me was the greatest day of my life, and every day since then has been even better than the one before it. I have followed you all these years because of how much I love you and because of the warmth I feel, knowing that my life is in your hands. I have devoted my life to you and it has been a beautiful life, and I know in my heart that the rest of our lives will be even more beautiful. I love you Adrian, and my body, mind, and soul will always belong to you.” She said softly. I took a moment to let her words sink in and enjoy the warmth and love they carried.
“Jenny, you have always been my reason to live. Before I met you, I just existed as a hollow shell without a true home, but you gave me a form of happiness that I didn’t think I was capable of feeling. You showed me that being human could be a good thing. I became the man I am today because of you and you have made me into a better man. You are what keeps me alive and keeps my existence and mind from shattering like glass; I need you Jenny, I can’t live in this world without you. You said that your body, mind, and soul would always belong to me. All I can do is say the same and add that my only regret is that I don’t have more to give. I love you Jenny, and you are the only woman who I am capable of loving.” I said. Jenny wiped away a single tear and the priest turned to her.
“Jenny Donovan, do you take Adrian Ashford to be your lawfully wedded husband?” He asked.
“I do.” She whispered.
“And Adrian, do you take Jenny Donovan to be your lawfully wedded wife?” He then asked.
“I do.” I replied.
“If there if no one to object to this union, then by the power invested in me, I hereby name you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride.” He said.
I wrapped my arms around Jenny and she pressed her lips against mine, kissing me so gently that her lips felt like a summer breeze. All of the guests applauded as Jenny and I held that embrace.

The wedding reception flew right by, and before I knew it, the sun was setting I was carrying Jenny through our house and up to the bedroom. Closing the door with my foot, I walked over to the bed and laid her down. Careful to not rip anything, we pulled of each other’s clothes as quickly but delicately as possible. With both of us naked, I suspended myself over Jenny, kissing every square inch of her flawless body. She would give a soft purr of arousal every time I kissed her.
I wrapped my arms around her slim frame and slowly entered her, causing her to give I gasping moan of ecstasy. It had been a month since we had last made love and our bodies were starved of the pleasure of being bonded. I took my assigned rhythm, moving back and forth and penetrating Jenny with every thrust. Jenny had her long smooth legs wrapped around my waist and was running her hands through my air as she moaned and gasped in my ear.
I had missed the feeling of her warm naked body pressed against mine, the gentle tremors of her heart beating and her lungs expanding and contracting, the taste of her lips against mine and our tongues wrapping around each other, the sweet smell of her hair across my face when my head was buried in the pillow, the sound of every shaking gasp and jubilated moan, and the sight of her unparalleled beauty and the love she had for me in her eyes.
Like the first time we made love in our home, I completely lost track of time. I don’t know how long we were intimate, for I could not focus my senses on the dimming light or the soreness of the blood vessels in my phallus from an overly prolonged erection.
Eventually, our muscles gave out as we both experienced a simultaneous climax. I ejaculated almost ten times, with the month-long accumulation of sperm filling her up and even overflowing. I collapsed beside Jenny and wrapped my arms around her, holding her close as we both tried to catch our breath.
“I can’t believe we’re finally married.” Jenny whispered.
“I know; it feels like only yesterday we were dancing at our high school prom.” I replied.
“I love you Adrian.” Jenny said softly.
“I love you too Jenny.” I said as my eyelids began to droop. I kissed her one last time and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

I woke up a couple hours later and looked at the clock. It was just after ten thirty and the moon was shining brightly outside.
“Jenny, wake up, it’s time.” I said softly. Jenny hummed with tiredness and slowly opened her eyes.
“What?” She asked.
“It’s time, it’s time for us to bring peace to the world.” I said. Jenny’s whole body seemed to jumpstart at my words as excitement fully woke her up.
“Oh, I almost forgot.” She said.
With all of the tiredness brushed away, we climbed out of bed and got dressed. We silently walked past the guest room where Amanda was still sound asleep and stepped into my office. I sat behind the desk and turned on the computer, with Jenny leaning against the back of my chair. I brought up my GPS tracker and checked the position of all the nuclear bombs.
“Alright, they’re all in position and none of them have been opened. The Zero Masons followed their orders perfectly. Now to tie up the loose ends…” I said as I pulled out my cellphone and quickly dialed a number.
“Commander Leroy, it’s time.” I ordered.
“Yes sir.” The man on the other line replied before I hung up.
“Who was that?” Jenny asked.
“A group of Zero Masons that I did not hire to move the nukes. They aren’t laborers; they’re mercenaries. Right now all of the members of the Illuminati are being assassinated. The one thing Zero Masons can never do is kill an Illuminati member, unless the council orders it. In the Illuminati, your wealth and possessions don’t go to your family members; they go to the rest of the organization via bank transaction. I have hacked into the bank accounts of all the members and changed it so that all of their money and deeds go instead to you and I, making the two of us the only members of the Illuminati and the Illuminati council itself. I need that cash to pay all the Zero Masons and I can’t allow the Illuminati chase after me.”
“Brilliant, very well done.” Jenny said without any hint of objection in her voice.
“Now, to equalize the world…” I said as activated the virus I had planted in every government defense system, granting me complete control of every single country on earth.
All across the globe, sirens blared in military bases as missile silos were activated. Emergency procedures were implemented to shut them down before the missiles could launch, but the only computer on earth that could stop them was in my possession.
Nuclear missiles flew across the sky but not over national borders. They dropped down, striking military bases that held their country’s supply of atomic weapons. Fiery mushroom clouds blanketed the nuclear superpowers of the world, destroying the weapons that had been built to destroy everything else. In the instantaneous explosions, the stockpiled nukes were destroyed before they could detonate and add more death and destruction. Even the Illuminati bunker near Antarctica was destroyed. Every government knew to keep their nuclear stockpiles away from major cities, but the death toll shot up into the millions in a matter of minutes. Never had so many nuclear bombs ever been used.
“It pains my heart to think of all the people I’ve just killed.” I said softly, gripping the middle of my chest. Jenny placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder.
“It was only a fraction of the earth’s population and all great movements bring collateral damage. You are bringing peace to the world, so feel pain for the deaths, but do not slow down. They’re deaths were needed for peace.” She said softly.
“Thank you.” I replied, kissing her hand.
I gave back control of each nation’s government, so that aid and response could be organized and distributed. Across the globe, national responders were sent to the areas where the bombs had fallen, to help the wounded and civilians within the blast zone. As doctors and agents tried to save as many lives as they could, every government tried to find out where the bombs had come from. Every country with atomic weapons had been a victim, but satellite reports showed that not a single missile had crossed any country’s borders, meaning that none of them were a case of one country attacking another.
After an hour, I retook control of the world, while allowing every country to still send aid and relief to the damaged areas. Across the globe, a lone crate holding a nuclear bomb sat in every country. They were all close enough to national capitals to be seen upon detonation, but they would not cause any deaths. They were meant only to draw attention. In a separate location in each country, there was a cluster of five bombs that would not go off.
I activated the remote detonators inside each demonstration bomb and set them off. Twice in one night, the world was blanketed in nuclear explosions as the bombs were set off, catching the attention of every government. By now, the citizens of the world were awake and trying to figure out what was going on. They were watching the news, staring in horror and disbelief at the explosions and aftermath. World leaders tried to figure out where the bombs were coming from, for now, every nation on earth had been attacked, but this time, not a single missile had been launched. Jenny and I watched it all from my computer, hoping we were doing the right thing.
“It is time to make my declaration.” I said. Jenny nodded and moved away from me.
I once again activated my viral hacks in each country, this time taking control of every TV station on earth. I activated my computer’s webcam with the translation option activated, and on every TV on earth, my face appeared. I took a deep breath.
“Greetings, people of the world. As you may well know, our planet has just been devastated by a nuclear catastrophe the likes of which we have never seen before. I am here to tell you now that I am responsible for what you all consider to be a disaster of biblical proportions.” I said.
Across the globe, governments tried to take my broadcast off the television networks, but I had assumed complete control. They couldn’t even track where the broadcast was coming from. People in their living rooms and bedrooms stared at me, waiting for me to continue. In every country, the broadcast was coming out in the national language, having been translated by my computer. Jenny was standing in the corner, giving me a reassuring smile.
“I wish to make it clear that this is not an act of war or terrorism, but the first step towards peace. The first wave of nuclear strikes obliterated the atomic stockpiles of every country on earth, ensuring that I am the only one who possesses and knows the location of any remaining nuclear bombs.
Currently, there are five nuclear bombs for every country now in existence, and they are my gift to the nations of the world. Every country shall receive a message with coordinates as to the location of their own stockpile. You are free to replace them if they are used, however, if any country tries to own more than five bombs, I will find them and destroy them.
I am sure you are wondering why I am doing this. My reason is simple; I want to bring world peace. By controlling the amount of nuclear bombs every country has, I have brought equilibrium to the world. With that equilibrium will come the greatest war deterrent: fear. With all countries now equal in terms of destructive power, the barbaric act of one nation trying to conquer a smaller and weaker nation will come to an end out of fear of obliteration.
I have watching you all fighting pointlessly and I have studied the history of the human race. Only with fear can I force the world into peace, only with fear can I force your national militaries into submission, and only with fear can I take away the illogical and sadistic option to wage war.
Many of you shall consider me a tyrant, due to my actions and the deaths I have caused. You will compare me to Hitler or Stalin because of all the people that have been killed tonight. I assure you that I would have preferred if no one had died, genocide and death are the last things I want. Blame your greedy and war-mongering governments for keeping nuclear weapons so close to your homes and families. Had they worked more on peace and less on war, no one would have died tonight.
I am sorry for the death and destruction I have caused, but out of pain shall come peace. With fear forcing the countries of the world into equality, world peace will finally be created. People of earth, you have just lost the option of war, whether you like it or not.
The future is now in your hands. You can either live with the newly established status quo, or you can go back to fighting and killing for your own greedy and selfish reasons. Though, you will find that the second choice cannot be made as easily and carelessly as it used to be.
My name is Adrian Ashford, I am the leader of the Illuminati, and the bringer of peace.” I said as I ended the broadcast. I stood up and walked over to Jenny.
“Have I done the right thing, or did I just cause the Nuclear Holocaust?” I asked, seeking reassurance.
“Adrian, you have always known what is best. You don’t need to ask me for the right answer, because you always know what the right answer is. I believe what you did is right and I believe you have succeeded where all others have failed because you weren’t afraid to make the tough decisions. I believe in you Adrian, I believe in what you accomplished today, and as your wife, I will always believe in you.” She said. I wrapped my arms around her.
“Thank you Jenny.” I said as I held her close. After a few seconds of hugging, I finally spoke up.
“You know, I think it might be a good idea for us to move.” I said, making Jenny laugh.
“I hear Zurich is lovely this time of year.” She replied.
“Or maybe Paris.” I suggested. Jenny looked up at me.
“A wonderful decision.” She said. We both stared into each other’s eyes.
“I love you.” We both said at the same time. Then with my arm around Jenny, we walked back to the bedroom.

Brief nuclear exchanges echoed in the following few days between feuding countries, killing millions of people and causing unbelievable destruction. But as I had planned, they ended as quickly as they began, with every participating country regretting their decisions and all bystander countries making sure they learned from the mistakes of the victims and perpetrators.
After the transient clashes, the nations of the world all beefed up their defenses, but no one dared attack or invade another country. The status quo of the world had been locked down and no one could change it out of fear of nuclear obliteration.
For the next several decades, an uneasy peace settled across the world. People were afraid of attack, but the attacks never came. Similar to the Cold War, international tensions were reduced to little more than countries holding their fingers over the launch button and bluffing. Now that the Third World could fight back, America, Russia, Europe, and the nations in Asia ceased bullying smaller countries out of greed and fighting pointless wars. They had always operated on the belief that they could do whatever they wanted as long as their enemies couldn’t overpower them, but now the nations of the world were forced to be equal. They could either deflate their egos or be annihilated.
I constantly watched from my computer, always strengthening my hold on the military and informational systems of the world by hacking and re-hacking my way through every new firewall and defense, making sure that no country could ever lock me out, build a vast number of nuclear weapons, and take over the world.
There was no aspect of any government that I did not have eyes and ears in, and whenever I found out that a country had so much as one more nuclear bomb than I allowed them, the punishment was swift and brutal. Taking control of their missile defense system, I would wipe whatever base the bomb was held at off the map.
The views people had of me were far more complicated than merely “mixed”, with many calling me the Antichrist and just as many calling me the savior of the world and true bringer of peace. People were always trying to find Jenny and I, either to kill us or thank us for what we had done.
With the powers and wealth of all the former Illuminati members, Jenny and I were able to evade capture with ease. We completely disappeared off the face of the earth with layer after layer of aliases, with only Amanda knowing our true identities. Never in her life did she ever tell anyone about us.
With our enemies unable to find us and the world in the palms of our hands, Jenny and I lived out our lives in happiness and luxury. We loved each other, never forgetting what we had done for each other, our adventures together, and the peace we had given to the world and ourselves.


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