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This is my first shot at writing an erotic story so go easy on me, but please leave comments! :)

Joey was a typical 16 year-old guy. He went to a high school in a small town in Florida where he was the starting quarterback for the football team. He was not incredibly muscular for his age, but he had a very fit physique. Be it that he was being recruited to play football in college, he put very little stock in his grades and consequently did not do to well. He was not stupid by any means; he just cared a lot more about football than his schoolwork.

And now our story begins:

One day, after a long and hard (hahahaha) practice, Joey went home and thought it more prudent to immediately fall asleep than to do his school work. He had been doing this almost every night this year.

He woke up the next day, rolled out of bed with a raging boner because he had not been able to service himself in a long time, and his girlfriend, Pam, had been giving him a real case of blue balls lately. In a dazed state he sauntered into the bathroom where he got relief by draining the main vein. He then proceeded to shower and do the rest of what he did every morning in preparation for school.

The school day flew by because he knew that there would be another long practice tonight. In every class he was berated for not doing his homework but he kept his head up. Currently he had a C average in all his classes except for one, his last class of the day, chemistry.

He ambled into his chem class talking amongst his friends. They all proceeded to sit down and prepare for class but Mrs. Taylor, their teacher, was nowhere to be seen. After five minutes of waiting, a very flustered sub comes into the room with his shirt half tucked in, talking to himself about who knows what. He tells the class that his name is Mr. Collins and that Mrs. Taylor will be out today and that they have to do the work that she had previously assigned to them. Obviously, be it that there was a sub, the kids did absolutely no work and therefore had to do what they were supposed to do in class at home. So Joey was digging himself a deeper and deeper hole in his chemistry class.

The rest of the day passed with nothing else interesting happening. Joey went to practice; it was hard and strenuous as always. After, he showered, changed, and went home where, once again, he proceeded to immediately fall asleep. That night his dreams were filled with nothing but sex. The same dream kept repeating itself:

He would get home from football practice and Pam would be the only one in his house. She would be lounged out on the sofa wearing only lacy lingerie, calling his name: “Joey, Joey, I have been waiting for you all afternoon. Why don’t you come over here and relax.” He would slowly walk over to the couch and embrace Pam in his arms. He would then begin to smooch her passionately and she reciprocated with great affection. This would go on for what felt like hours until he finally worked up the courage to go further. Joey would then gently run his fingers up and down her thighs, but never getting too close to her vagina. His soft skin of her thighs sent an electricity up and down Joey’s arm. He could feel in her new vigor how wet this was making her so he wondered how far he could go until suddenly Pam would say “Oh Joey I have been wanting you for such a long time. Please. I am finally ready to become a woman. I need you.” She would then completely break their embrace and stand up, and proceed to take off the bottom of her lingerie, exposing her beautiful young pussy to him. He would look down at it and see that she meticulously shaved everything so that she was completely bald and then his eyes would continue their voyage down her beautifully milky smooth body until they found her pussy. It would be gleaming from all the juices that she would now be leaking after all the kissing and groping. “Oh Joey, do you like it? I think it looks stupid with no hair,” Pam said in a kind of sad tone. Joey, not being able to think of anything smart to say just threw her back onto the couch and proceeded to unbutton his trousers. His now throbbing cock popped out of the fly of his boxers and hit the flaps of Pam’s pussy. “WOW, I never thought it would look like that or it would be so big!” Pam exclaimed. In his dream, Joey’s dick was a full ten inches erect, but in real life, it only amounted to about 8 erect, which he was still quite proud of. “Oh Joey, Stick it in me! I need you to take my virginity! Give it to me!” Pam yelled out. Just as Joey was about to insert his throbbing tool into his girl’s incredibly moist pussy the door of his house would open and his parents would walk in and he would wake up from the great dream.

The next morning he woke up at the usual time, more tired than he had been in a while from all the arousal he was dreaming he was getting through the night. Again he went through the usual morning routine and went to school.

This day was the same as every other until his chemistry class. Joey walked into the class a little late and was met by a glare of utter resentment by Mrs. Taylor who was leaning against her table ion the front of the room, just about to start her lesson.

Joey would have guessed that Mrs. Taylor was in her early forties but her appearance did not give this away. She was rather slender, but tall: about 6’ 2”. She had quite a curvy figure even though she did not have the greatest ass in the world; it was more like one of those very tight asses that you see on those women that work out a lot. This came as no surprise as she was the wife of one of the gym coaches who just also happened to be the football coach. Her greatest asset, though, were definitely her breasts. It was rumored among the teachers that she had some work done on them because there was no way she could have such huge breasts for such a slender frame. Joey, having relatively little experience with cup sizes, would have estimated that she was in the D range but he could have easily been wrong.

“So, now that Mr. Rutherford has decided to join us, we can finally start the lesson.” Mrs. Taylor began, “Today we will be discussing electronegativity….” This lesson was especially grueling for Joey because he couldn’t keep his mind off of the dreams he had the night before. He just kept playing it over and over again in his head. “Why couldn’t I have at least put it in once?” he thought to himself as his penis was beginning to get engorged with blood. Right then, Mrs. Taylor decided to take a lap around the room while the students were working on some problems. By the time she got to Joey, he had a decently noticeable tent going in his shorts. As she walked by, she bent down and rested her breasts on Joey’s shoulder and whispered “I am glad you are so excited about electronegativity.” Immediately Joey blushed very deeply and as he turned to watch her leave she turned back and winked at him but then continued on. He forced himself to clear his mind of everything except for chemistry and powered through the rest of his work and the rest of the class.

As he was about to leave when the class was over Mrs. Taylor called to him “Mr. Rutherford, would you please stay here for a moment, we have to discuss something.” Terribly embarrassed, Joey, stopped, turned around, and started to walk back towards his teacher. Looking at her, he couldn’t help but to notice how nice she was looking today. She was beautifully tanned everywhere, her beautiful blonde hair was flowing down her neck, she was wearing a beautiful sun dress that really accentuated her assets, and finally she had a little flower in her hair that amplified her already stunning complexion. Making note of all this, he couldn’t help himself from getting aroused and once again he could feel his dick starting to grow.

“Joey, what can I do with you? I notice you are never paying attention in class, and your grades show it: you are failing right now,” Mrs. Taylor said.

“What? How could I be failing? I try real hard ma’am it’s just that I get home late from practice and I am just so tired that I don’t have the energy to do the work.”

“Well you are going to have to find a way to do it Joey, because you and I both know that you need this class to graduate. And if you don’t graduate you will never be able to play football in college, let alone go to college in general.”

“Oh Mrs. Taylor, please, please, what can I do to raise my grade now? There has to be some extra-credit? Or maybe I can make up all the work? Please Mrs. Taylor; I have to pass this class.”

“I can see that you do care so maybe we can work something out. So what are you willing to do?”

“I will do anything, Mrs. Taylor, I just really need a decent grade in this class,” Joey said in a pleading tone.

“Anything? Anything at all?” Mrs. Taylor asked with a devious smile. “I have an idea, how bout when you are done with your practice this afternoon you come back here and we will talk some more about it?”

Joey was very confused but was hoping that this would be a way to solve all his grade woes so he agreed.

“Oh, and please when you do come back here,” Mrs. Taylor was saying as he was leaving, “keep on all your football gear and uniform and don’t shower or anything either.”

He went to practice and it proceeded like any normal one except that he couldn’t keep his mind off of Mrs. Taylor and the sun-dress she was in. He just kept imagining how it gently fell onto her beautiful wide hips and how it hugged up nicely to her large and supple breasts. How her beautiful tan skin and scent of buttermilk drew him into a trance every time she was near. But what was he doing? He knew he could never do anything with her; besides the fact that she was one of his teachers, she was also his coach’s wife.

But as soon as practice began, it ended and Joey was walking out of the locker-room in his full uniform, to the questioning gazes of all his teammates. AS he got closer and closer to the chemistry room, his heart began to beat faster and faster, in anticipation of whatever might be coming. As he turned the corner into the classroom, there she was, sitting at her desk, as how she had been when he left her earlier that day.

“Um ma’am, I am here just like you asked,” Joey said in a timid and maybe even frightened tone. He was sweating profusely from both the grueling practice he had just endured, and form the swelteringly hot chemistry room he was now waiting in for a response from his gorgeous teacher.

“Ah yes Mr. Rutherford, we are here to talk about your grades,” she said as she rose from her desk and went to close the door. “So now do I have your word that whatever happens in here will stay between just you and I?”

Flabbergasted, all joey could muster was a very quiet “yes ma’am.”

“Well just in case, if I ever hear that if you tell anybody about anything I say or do, I will tell all your colleges that you cheated on all your tests and threatened me if I didn’t give you good grades. Alright, well now that that is out of the way, I thought of one way you could possibly raise your grade: fuck me so hard my brains explode.”

“WHAT? There is no way I can do that Mrs. Taylor –“

“Please call me Brandi, Joey,” she interjected.

“Ok, Brandi, there is no way I could have um, intercourse, with you. You are coach Taylor ’s wife and you are my chem teacher. This would be highly inappropriate. There has to be another way I can raise my grade,” Joey pleaded.

“Oh don’t worry about that impotent little bastard. Do you wanna know why he works all you guys so hard? Its cause he can’t get a stiffy anymore. Why do you think I got these?” she asked as she sensuously removed the straps of her dress and exposed her breasts which were completely bare because she must had taken off her bra while he was in practice. Her beautiful pink nipples were beginning to puff up and stand like little towers atop her beautiful orbs. “I was hoping that these would be able to make him hard again but I guess he is just not interested in me anymore. Why don’t you come over here and suck on them, I can see how you are oogling them. Have you ever seen a woman’s breasts before?”

“Um Ma’am, I really don’t feel comfortable doing this at all. I just don’t think it is right,” Joey continued to protest.

“Well if you don’t get over here and suck on this nipple, you can kiss your college dreams goodbye.” And with this being said, joey timidly walked over to his teacher’s huge, sumptuous orbs and without having any experience just began to suck on one of the nipples. As he continued to suck, he began to get the feel of what he was doing; he would first swirl his tongue around the actual nipple, and then gently nibble on it, to send jolts of electricity throughout Brandi’s gorgeous body. As he continues this process, his other hand began to migrate over to her other tit and he lightly caressed it and fondled with it, paying especial close attention to her exposed nipple which was standing at full attention now. “Oh Joey, you suck so good. Keep doing it just like that, you are doing it perfectly. Oh yes it feels so good!” Brandi whimpered as she was getting more and more aroused by her young student.

After a few more minutes of this, she somehow found the strength to pull his suction grip off her tit, and proceeded to pull down the rest of her sun dress. Joey peered down to see what treasures were down further, and sure enough the hot pink thong she was wearing was completely soaked through with pussy juices.

“Hey, you little perv, stop looking at my pussy!” Brandi said in a serious-enough tone that Joey thought she was being serious.

“Oh, um I am very sorry Ma’am, I won’t do it again.”

“It’s ok Joey, I was just joking. You gotta loosen up. And I can see your pants need to loosen up a little too,” Brandi said with a smirk. Joey didn’t notice this but his football pants got extremely tented while he was sucking on her nipple and now you could really see the outline of his jock-strap through the thin pants.

“Are you sure Mrs. Taylor? Are you sure it is ok I take them off?” Joey asked. And with a silent nod of approval from his now nearly nude teacher, joey untied the knot and let his pants fall to the ground, and thus exposing him in just his jockstrap and pads and jersey to her. He then proceeded to undo his pads and take of his jersey so that they were both in the room alone with only their undergarments on.

“Wooooo-weeeee. Wow do you look sexy in just that little thing. I love seeing my men in only jocks. How bout you give me a little turn so I can see you all the way around.” Joey did as he was asked and this caused the wet spot on Brandi’s thong to get even larger. She slowly walked up to him, making sure to move her torso so that her breasts would jiggle and arouse her boy-toy even more. “Well how bout I help you with these? I can see your friend down there really wants to get out and join the party as well.” As she said this, she slipped her fingers between the elastic strap and his skin and pulled down his jock to expose his magnificent 8” uncut cock. When her fingers and nails ran down his hips, and then thighs, and finally legs, all he could think about was slamming his cock into her pussy and watching her tits jiggle back and forth.

“WOW! I never expected you to be this big. You are even bigger than my husband. I can’t wait for this,” she said as she grabbed his cock. With dick in hand, she pulled him over to her desk and made him sit on her desk as she pulled herself up on top of the desk.

“Are you sure we should be doing this Ma’am? I just still don’t feel right about this,” Joey asked, even though his mind was telling him not to say anything at all. “And I have never done anything like this before.”

“Oh don’t worry about it babe, I will handle everything,” Brandi said as she straddled him and thus his face was at the same height as her pussy. She then slid down her moist thong so that they fell around her ankles, and now her exposed pussy was just floating right in front of Joey. Purely out of instinct, Joey decided to lean forward and started darting his tongue in-and-out her pussy. He soon found her clitoris and slowly began to write the alphabet with his tongue on her clit, which was giving her quite noticeable pleasure, as her pussy juices started to flow faster and more freely. “Oh Joey baby, that’s the spot right there, oh don’t stop. Just-keep-licking. OH YES!!! Right…….there! UGHHHHHH!!!!” He heard her moan right before he felt a big contraction in her pussy and then her whole body started to quiver and shake, and he knew he had just given her an awesome orgasm.

“Oooooooooooooh wow, that was so good,” she exclaimed, “but now it is my turn, just lay back and let me handle everything.” He did exactly as he was told and reclined more on the desk so that now his dick was standing straight up into the air like flag pole. As Brandi once again positioned herself straddling him she slowly began to lower himself onto his man rod. Right as his head slowly began to sink into her pussy he let out an audible gasp as it just felt so good. His super-sensitive head penetrated a little deeper into her already moist pussy and Joey was in ecstasy; all he could think about was how good it felt having his meat engulfed in his extremely busty teacher. “Oh yeah you like that don’t you?” Brandi asked as she had almost lowered herself completely down onto his shaft. As she finally lowered herself all the way down onto him, she could feel his big dick rubbing up against both the entrance of her cervix and her clit and she almost lost it right there, but just moved up slowly and then down again.

“Oh Mrs. Taylor, your pussy is so nice. I love the feeling so much,” Joey managed to groan out as she was beginning to pick up her pace riding him. Up and down and up and down she continued to pump herself on top of his dick. They were both being carried into their own special worlds of sexual satisfaction and thus Joey began to pump harder into her and she thrusted herself harder down on to his dick while both of their lower halves started to gyrate causing his dick to go deeper and both their pleasures to increase.

“JOEY YOU ARE SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD. Keep giving it to me. I NEED your cock!” Mrs. Taylor yelled out in between moans of pleasure. They were both getting closer and closer to that point of unspeakable climax as their sweaty bodies collided creating that flesh on flesh slapping noise. Harder and harder she slammed down onto him and harder and herder he pumped into her, getting his dick so deep it was hitting her cervix with great force each time. When all of a sudden, “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!” Brandi screamed out and Joey felt her extremely wet pussy clamp down hard onto his dick and that was all he could take.

“HERE IT COMES…I AM CUMING IN YOU MRS. TAYLOR……UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!” Joey yelled out as he shot stream after stream of hot sticky cum into his teacher’s pussy. He shot 8 solid streams into her and the rest just drizzled out of the tip of his now deflating dick which still was in his teacher. Soon after he came back to earth from orgasmo-land he pulled himself out of her cunt and wiped his messy dick on his jersey.

“Wow, Joey, I never thought you would be that good. I have not came like that in years,” Brandi said as she walked over to her younger fuck-buddy and began to smooch him affectionately. As their tongues were darting in and out of one-another’s mouths, Joey came up with what he thought was a brilliant idea. All of a sudden he grabbed her around the waist and half carried, half guided her back to the desk and laid her down on top of it so her pussy and ass were hanging off. By this time, he was hard again and inserted his dick right away. “Oooooh Joey, I love a boy who can take charge. Give it to me as hard as you can!”

Joey did exactly this. He kept going in and out, in and out, in and out. With each thrust he picked up his pace a little bit and Brandi thrusted back into him every time his hilt was pushed up against her. He went at it like this until he could not go any faster and then kept his speed up and kept fucking her at a mind-bending speed. He could feel she was getting close again by how much pussy juices were flowing out of her and down his legs and he just kept pumping away, dedicated to have her cum again before he did. And he did not have to wait long, only a few moments later he felt that familiar contraction and once again his dick was stuck inside her pussy as her whole body was shaking and her pussy would not let go of his dick.

“JJJJJJJJJOOOOOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” She yelled out and this combined with the still incredible pace Joey maintained pushed him over the edge and he once again shot his seed into her. Although this time his shots didn’t have as much force it was definitely the same quantity of cum, as he could feel it all leaking out of him and into her. They both just lied there on top of the desk for a good five minute with Joey’s cock still in his teacher’s cunt and the mixture of their two juices leaking out of her pussy and beginning to form a puddle on the ground.


Thanks a lot for reading this, let me know if you want me to continue it or not and anything else you have to say about it.

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