These are true stories. Some names and locations have been changed to protect those involved.
My name is Lucy. I'm 5'6 100lbs; I have long dark hair, beautiful brown eyes, a small tight butt, and perky 32B tits. I met my first real crush when I was 13. His name was Jason he was 5'10 190lbs; he had dark shaggy hair, brown eyes, and a strong deep voice. We met over the internet through a chat site. Though he was 2 years older than I was, we quickly became very good friends. We spoke about everything: Sex, drugs, hopes, fears, desires, and dreams. After a while there was nothing we didn't know about one another. I started to dream about being with him, and found myself touching my sweet young pussy more often. I was a shy girl and so I hid these feelings from him for a while.

When I was 16 I finally let Jason know I was interested in him. I was really drunk one night and really horny. I was flirting with him all night and decided to send him a picture of myself in just my bra and panties. He immediately called me and, nervously, asked me "Are you okay?". I responded in a joking manner saying "Oh i'm sorry, you didn't like that?". Before he could respond I sent him another picture, this time of me completely naked. I heard his breathing quicken and get heavier as he looked at it. I could tell he was getting hard, and that started to get me wet. I started to tease my nipples, and slowly moved my hand down to my hot pussy. I sent him another picture and, as he saw me rubbing my cunt while on the phone with him, he let out a low gasp. I started moaning into his ear as my fingers desperately fucked at my hot wet hole. I heard him grunt and moan a little and I realized my best friend was getting off to the sound of me cumming all over my fingers. Our relationship was different after that. We lusted after each other uncontrollably and would often masturbate together on the phone.

When I turned 18 I decided that I would go live with Jason and his family for the summer. It was the first time we were meeting each other and we were both very excited. The first few days I couldn't help but tease him. I dressed sweet but sexy, showing off just enough skin to drive him crazy. We went to a party one night and went back to his house pretty drunk. We laid on his bed together laughing and tickling each other. I decided I was hot and needed to change my attire. I stood up and slowly started removing my clothes. My young hot pussy started getting wet as Jason watched me strip into my bra and panties. I laid down next to him, barely dressed, and gently started to bite on his neck. His dick grew hard as he moved his body close to mine.

Finally he moved his mouth to mine and pushed his tongue past my lips. Our tongues met and eagerly started to suck on each other. As our kiss broke I let out a soft moan which seemed to enrage his thickening cock. He moved his lips to my neck and gently sucked on me while his hands nervously
explored my warm petite body. My pussy soaked my panties as his fingers firmly teased my nipples. Jason smiled as his eyes discovered the juices seeping through my thong. He moved his tongue to my stiff nipples, as his fingers enjoyed the feeling of my soaking wet panties. I moaned louder and rocked my hips
into his hand, enjoying every bit of pleasure I was given. He removed my thong and played with my bare wet pussy until I was practically begging him for more.

His mouth moved lower, kissing my body down to my thighs. He firmly planted a kiss right above my pink pussy lips. I squirmed and moaned as his tongue, relentlessly licked and sucked at my sweet clit, teasing in and out of my tight hole. I removed his cock from his pants as he laid himself on top of
my young eager body. He spread my legs and pushed his hips between them, letting his dick pulse on my pink wet opening. I pushed my hips into his hard throbbing cock, my pussy begging him to take advantage. He pushed his head against my clit and as he rubbed and teased it, my legs spread wider, pleading with him to break me in.

He pushed the head of his cock past my pussy lips and into my tight soaking wet cunt. Jason gave a firm thrust into me. His thick massive dick ripped into my tight pussy, forcing a squeal out of me. He silenced my cries with his tongue and rigorously fucked at my tiny little hole. I watched my perky
tits bounce underneath his strong body and felt his smooth balls spank against my round plum ass. I moaned loudly with pleasure while my pussy quickly forced cum down Jason's thick dick as he pumped it furiously between my legs. He grunted and moaned on top of me, his breath hard against my skin. His
dick started to pulse inside of me. I felt his cock unloading, filling me with cum.

He reached his hand between my thighs and tickled my clit, while my pussy hungrily milked his cock. I wrapped my legs around his waist and fucked back vigorously, panting and moaning with bliss. He slammed his hips into me harder in an upward motion, I squealed again as my cunt exploded onto him, pouring cum out of my pussy and down my thighs. We laid together kissing and massaging each other, fucking the last bit of cum out of ourselves. As we fell asleep, our bodies were still entangled and twitching with ecstasy.

The next morning I awoke naked and alone. I reached my hand between my legs and felt his sweet sticky cum still leaking from my body. I squirmed in excitement, firmly massaging my breasts and pussy. I pinched and pulled at my nipples, while my fingers rubbed the hood of my clit. I spread my legs
wider, tickling at my tight wet hole. I slid my fingers back and forth letting them glide across my clit and scrotum. As I came closer to climax I focused my attention on my clit. I tickled and rubbed in circular motions, moving faster in pace until I was violently flicking at my sweet little nub. I started moaning loudly
as I reached my climax. To my surprise my hot cunt started to squirt cum down my legs and all over the sheets. I laid for a few minutes trying to catch my breath, my breasts heaving as I panted like an animal. I took the panties that I was wearing the previous night and wiped my mess up.

I dressed myself in a small tight tank top with shorts that squeezed at my ass, as I tried to prepare myself for his return. I didn't know it yet, but this was barely the beginning of the many adventures I would have with Jason.

To be continued...

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Why do you have a scrotum?

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Good potential. Definitely write more

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