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Akemi was just one, but her experience mimics that of the others. She plays a victim, but that is her strategy. Something about it satisfies her lust, her inner craving, one that ultimately changes lives and quite possibly the footprint of the human race on this planet.
He forced his way onto her, blindly prodding her with his depraved cock. He had no care other than to get it in. For Akemi, there was no escape, two men pinned her arms and head down while two more grappled with her legs to give the fifth player access. The head of his cock pushed aside her tender lips and invaded her. At least they had the forethought of using lubricant. The downside, it allowed his cock to easily slide into her, all the way into her. His weight slammed her pelvis with a thud.

“Oh shit, she is so tight.” Grunting his declaration of first man in.

The others did not say much, but once inside of her, the two that had secured her legs released their grip. A new fear settled in, one that was validated when she saw the two of them with video cameras, capturing the moment for future jerk off sessions and possibly some internet fame. Number five, the first one in was relentless and thoughtlessly pounded her. Akemi wondered if he fucked his girlfriends this way as her breasts recoiled violently. His entire focus was drawn to one area, his cock. He could have been bashed in the head with a skillet and been fine so long as his cock remained hard and inside Akemi.

“Fuck! I’m going to cum!” His balls stirred as they readied for their final task. His spine tingled as his entire body began the process, getting ready for the violent climax.

Akemi also felt a tingle, but not one familiar to an orgasm. A life all its own stirred. Deep inside of her, the male cock intruder woke the little creature from its slumber. It unraveled from its tucked and curled state. As number five continued to drive further into her vaginal opening, this little being worked its way around him, wrapping his shaft in its tentacle like grasp. To this man, it was an amazing enhancement to the whole experience, one that was making him cum quicker; One that made Akemi’s pussy feel so tight. However, this man had no idea that his cock was secured in an alien grip, and no matter when he may finish, it would not release him until Akemi was done.

“Fuck!” He thrust one last time, burying his manhood into Akemi. For him, the deeper the better, he loved the sensation of being completely engulfed in a girl’s pussy before cumming. And just as he pressed as far as he could, he released his fertility into her.

The milky stream surged through his shaft, exploding out and into her. But as his cock convulsed, a slender tendril like arm slithered its way upstream. Akemi sensed it and knew exactly what was happening. What would normally be fraught with resistance was easily done while the man was in the throes of his orgasm. Easing its long proboscis up the urethral canal maneuvering its way to the prostate where it would deposit its own genetic cum, the alien released chemicals, taking the man to new levels of excitement, prolonging his orgasm. And just as the man’s erection tapered, softening as it released the last of his own seminal fluid, the stealthy proboscis would retreat in a flash, leaving behind all it needed to forever change the future of this man.

He pulled away from her, fingering her pussy, coaxing the cum from her. A white sticky fluid seeped from inside. It was all he needed to see. “Aw yes, such a pretty sight.”

Akemi, no longer struggled against her assailants as the next one positioned himself between her legs with cock in hand. His single minded erection entered her. The only thought on his mind was to fuck this pretty young girl with a tight cunt. A feat he would later boast about to his friends. But he too would be given a gift from within the hidden confines of her pussy. Spiraling around the shaft, holding it firm as it planted its seed even deeper in the man than he could penetrate Akemi, the undetected life form connected with Akemi, giving her the needed stamina to continue.

Number three, was in and done. Number two worked his technique as if Akemi would be able to praise him for his talents. But no such compliment would escape her lips. She laid there, breathing heavy, almost enjoying the act, but sighing once each man had pulled free. Still, she had cum twice and secretly enjoyed the barrage of cocks. Number one, the last, a burly man that reeked of beer, was nearing the end. His gasps and groans were soft and subtle. Akemi was sure this man was married, probably with kids, fucking with quiet shyness as he fought against his hidden guilt.

As the last man pulled away from her, popping out of her pussy as they often do, she smiled and thought about that very moment that changed her forever. It had been years ago, so long that she had almost forgotten her life prior to her transformation.

The furious five left Akemi on the bed with a pool of cum between her legs. Leaving her naked and asleep, the men had done what they came for and after forcing a cocktail of sorts down her throat, she would wake dazed, confused and hopefully none-the-wiser.

At home, number five, the first one in, restlessly slept as most do after a night of alcohol and sex. But this one was filled with vivid dreams. Ones that had him changing, taking different forms, shape shifting, all the stuff that Star Trek and Stargate episodes were made of. When he finally woke, well after the sun had come up, he hauled himself out of bed and into the shower. For a moment, he was simply hung over, letting the heat of the water symbolically wash away the nauseating and almost painful feelings away. To him, this in itself was odd as he rarely found himself hung over, especially after only getting a buzz the night before.

But within a few seconds of that last thought of confusion, he was instantly brought into sobriety. “Holy shit!” Fondling himself, he wrestled with the shock. His body was foreign to him, but as his sense of touch confirmed, it was his body, just not the one he remembered having. Jumping out of the shower he faced the mirror and gazed upon his new form.

The phone rang.

“Jimmy?” Alex saw the name on his phone before pressing the screen to accept the call. It was number three from the night before.

“Dude, what the fuck!” Jimmy’s voice was not comforting.

“Seriously? You too?” Alex did not find solace knowing his buddy had suffered the same fate.

Alex stood there examining himself. Sure he joked about it with his buddies, but now that it had happened, all his crazy fantasies did not seem so fun. In jest, he remarked that he would first see if he could suck on his own tits and then play with his pussy. First finding his clit and then exploring what it felt like to have something inside of him. But today, this morning, he just stood there, in front of the mirror, motionless. No sucking of his breasts that presented themselves in full perk, glistening with water. Lower, his shape tapered at his waist before filling out at the hips. Between his legs, he still had hair, but now, down and center, his above average-sized cock was nowhere to be found. His fingers in the shower still had the ghost of what was there. A girl’s pussy.

Not only did his basic features change, but his entire look did. Perhaps a sister like image, but definitely not a simple feminized replica of whom he was as a man.

“Alex? You there?” Jimmy had already put on what clothes he could and covered his physical appearance, knowing that his friends from last night would most likely not recognize him no matter what he wore.

“Yeah.” Stunned and amazed at his appearance. He was strangely attracted to the girl in the mirror. ‘I would fuck her.’ The thought flashed in his head. He couldn’t help it.

“What about Chris, Jake and Kevin?” Jimmy feared the connection that was being made.

“Hold on.” Three missed calls. Alex felt his gut sink. “Yup, pretty sure the same. Just missed three calls from them. We have to meet. What about Snake’s Canyon in an hour?”

“Sure, I will let the others know.” Jimmy ended the call.


2015-02-07 03:26:36
Great Science Fiction and yes poetic justice for gang rapists.

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2013-08-05 22:01:40
good story with an amusing ending... loved it!

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2011-07-20 21:56:33
This would be perfect "poetic Justice" for all the real rapists out there.

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