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A jaded music producer growing tired of nightlife meets a new comer to the neighborhood that changes his direction in life.
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Day 1, 2:15pm

It was the beginning of a new month and the street was a mess of moving trucks. When you live on a street of apartment buildings, this becomes a common sight. It only reinforces the feeling that everything is transient. I’d lived in small towns in my youth, but had been drawn to the city since I was 17…some things never change though, no matter how much you try. I’d never been able to shake the minute isolation inside of me for the second 17 years of my life. Get out of small town, be happier in the city, and still feel even more alone anyways. The revolving tenancy of the block brought that into focus every month.

Most of these people I’d never even met. My neighbor had lived in her apartment before I even moved in two years ago and I still didn’t know her name. She was moving now too and I didn’t even know which car in the parking lot was hers. It was like this everywhere I went. People came and left and I failed to make any meaningful attachment to them. If it wasn’t for the internet I wouldn’t even talk to my family anymore as I’ve never been one to visit. I suppose it’s my lack of faith in small talk. If we weren’t in the same family, would they still talk to me? Who slept with whom and what children resulted formed a poor basis in my mind for a network of familial bonding. I’d always considered my friends my true family, but the way I’d always let most of them slip away too doesn’t say much for my convictions.

Everything was transient, drifting constantly.

My only real friend was Lisa. I’d stayed in contact with Lisa since I met her when I was in grade 11 and she was in grade 9. I’d had a serious crush on Lisa. One of those debilitating crushes that puts you off your game so bad you can’t do anything. In the end it resulted only in clandestine hand holding at a party, followed by a nervous kiss outside the car in her driveway later that night. After that we were fast friends but it never went any further than that one clumsy kiss. Lisa shifted to hanging out with a different crowd later that year, and six more months later was almost killed in a drunken car accident that took her left leg from the knee down. Her new friends only came to visit her once in the hospital and stopped socializing with her when she stopped going to their parties. My friends had done the same with me when I stopped skipping classes to do drugs, and so there we were; Lisa and Mark. We had each other and that would have to be enough.

Sitting on the front step of my building smoking with a beer in my hand I watched the movers go at it. The music in my far-too-big headphones drowned out the block’s natural soundtrack and replaced it with a bottom heavy musical score for their bustle. There were three this time, at various points on the street; more than usual. No one was coming in or out of our front door so I took advantage of the lull to get some of the sun. We didn’t have that many perfect sunny days and I’d have been a fool not to get outside, even if it was only as far as the front yard. It looked like one group was moving out, and the other two moving in. I got excited about the new faces even though I knew I’d probably never talk to any of them. It was just like that for me in the city.

My phone vibrated and I read a message from Lisa that she would be caught up for at least two more hours finishing up some Saturday work at her art store and so I was on my own for lunch today. I smirked. She was just like that; it was the reason for her unstoppable success as a small business owner. Being one hell of an artist didn’t hurt either. Damn I was proud of Lisa, even if she was a bit of a workoholic.

I finished off the beer, it was getting warm fast in the heat. Back inside I slipped out of the flip flops I wore around the house and pulled on my shoes. It was too hot for socks. I threw on my sunglasses, grabbed my wallet, and tossed my phone on the table. I hated that thing anyway, buzzing and ringing and demanding of my time. After mixing a rum and water in a portable steel cup from a trendy coffee shop I headed back outside and down the sidewalk towards a nearby sandwich place. Lightly crisped BLT in hand, I made my way back to the quarter block of wooded park at the end of the street. I could see the front of my building from where I sat and my cat was in the window. That bastard was so big I could see him from a block away standing up against the glass, chasing a fly or something probably. There were only two other people in the small park; a woman just cleaning up after her dog and leaving, and a girl sitting on a little hillock by the only patch of flowers.

She was reading something that looked like a textbook from where I sat. Trendy black high waist capri pants, an overly voluminous grey blouse with a belt around the middle, and those almost-not-there little black shoes. I was fully against the current sloppy trend in fashion, but there was a certain honest charm about the way it hung on her slight frame. I couldn’t see her face because of the way she was holding the book on her knees pulled up against her chest, but I had the feeling she was young by her size. I guessed that if she stood up she’d be no more than 5’, and turned out to be a few inches short of that when she did stand up about 30 seconds later. She walked calmly over to the bench I sat on in the sun and sat down next to me, folding the book in her lap with her right fingers holding her place.

“Hey, where’d you get that sandwich?” she asked quietly but confidently.

“There’s a place a block away, Szcarni’s,” I took a bite and held the sandwich out for her to see how awesome it was, “it’s cheap too. Proper sandwich shop.”

“I just moved here with my aunt and sister,” she looked at me sidelong, “I love sandwiches, looks like I lucked out.”

Her smile hit like diamonds in the sun. It was more of an impish grin when combined with the twinkle in her green eyes. Her darker complexion suggested more than just a tan, just a few shades lighter than her hair. Her face had a familiar shape to it, friendly and calm rather than edgy or jaded like most people in the city. The narrow cast of her jaw and her small mouth made her look slightly elvish in my eyes. The simple way her bangs were cut straight across above her eyes, leaving the rest to hang straight down across her shoulders, framed her face as an image of innocence. Coltish almost sounds clumsy, her body and posture would better be described as thin and eager. There were slight curves too, it’s not like I didn’t notice those because they were in the right places, but I couldn’t tell how old she was. I didn’t even bother to fathom a guess.

I ate and she opened her book and started reading again. Several minutes of comfortable silence passed. I don’t have many of those; most silence, for me, feels awkward as opposed to comfortable. I’d surrounded myself with the incredibly large volume of being a music producer for years simply to blot out the silence.

“What are you reading?” I finally asked between bites, the silence finally getting to me.

“I’m reading about writing, but this book seems to have been written by someone that knows more about reading,” she replied.

“Studying literature?” I asked.

“No, I’m trying to study about writing,” she flipped the book shut again, “but none of this seems right. I mean…who cares what this person knows about books. It doesn’t mean they know about writing them.”

“That’s an interesting angle,” I said, tossing the crumpled sandwich wrapper into the nearby wastebasket, “I’ve never thought about it like that.”

“It’s just all so much crap,” she said.

“I don’t know shit about writing,” I told her with a wry grin.

“So what do you know?” she shot back with a wink and a cocky thrust of her chin.

“I produce music,” I answered, smiling at her comedic bravado.

“Like, making people’s records for them?”

“Sometimes; that’s the 9 to 5 of it,” I explained, “but my main thing is making my own tracks, big loud bass music for DJs and such.”

“I want to hear some,” she said eagerly, her eyes lighting up.

I took my headphones from where they hung around my neck and handed them to her hitting play on the mp3 player in my pocket. Ragged basslines and heavy drums hit her ears and her eyes popped open all the way in a look of shock. Most people not familiar with this type of hard hitting sound, especially through heaphones like mine, reacted that way the first time it gripped them and started moving them rhythmically. She took in a shaky breath, louder than she probably thought due to the full assault on her ears, and I could see goosebumps form on her arms. I smiled knowingly; I knew how to do what I knew how to do. She started moving slightly at the waist, rocking back and forth to the beat. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth minutely, breathing in time. Her eyelids fluttered open and she looked at me, a huge smile spreading across her face as the bridge kicked in. She bit her lower lip then drew in a quick staggered breath. I nodded at her, raising my left eyebrow above the rim of my sunglasses. Her breathing returned to normal as she slowly removed the headphones.

“I don’t think I can take any more,” she said with wide eyes, “I’ve never heard anything like that. But I liked it.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed your first time,” I winked, then realized she wouldn’t see that through the blackout lenses of my glasses, “that sounded creepy didn’t it?”

“I’m not gonna lie,” she said, still with that huge grin on her face, “it so totally did. But not bad creepy, funny creepy.”

“I didn’t know there was a funny creepy,” I laughed, standing up and putting the headphones back around my neck.

Her face changed fast, going from wide eyes amusement to shock or sadness.

“Are you leaving?” she asked me with almost pleading eyes.

“I was going to, so you could get back to your studying,” I replied, gesturing towards the book in her lap.

“Oh fuck this book,” she said, tossing it across the park and breaking into easy laughter.

I laughed along with her. She had the sort of improv styling and carefree attitude of someone I would hang out with. I took out a cigarette, lit it, and sat down on the grass in front of the bench.

“So what’s your name anyways?” she asked as our laughter subsided.

“Mark,” I told her, “and yours?”

“Aliona, but call me Ali,” she bit her lower lip again and held her hand palm out towards me, “don’t tell me ‘but Aliona is a cool name’, I’ve been hearing that forever.”

“Alright Ali, so what’s your story?” I asked her, dragging on the cigarette and peering into her emerald eyes above the top of my sunglasses.

“Me and my sister Lisa just moved here with our aunt Leslie,” there was a note of sadness or trepidation in her voice.

“Where’d you move from?”

“A small town far from here,” she continued, “she got a job here, so here we are.”

She cast her gaze downwards to her feet, kicking slowly in the dirt in front of the bench.

“I’m happy to be in the city though,” she went on, her face brightening and her easy manner returning.

“I moved from a small town too,” I told her, “but that was like, seventeen years ago.”

“Wow,” she said, nodding her head slowly, “you still like it here?”

“This isn’t the only city I’ve ever lived in, but yeah…I prefer the city to a small town. No one bugs me here.”

She cocked her head sideways and smirked with one corner of her mouth.

“No one bugs you? Explain that, you don’t seem shy or anything,” she said.

“I’m not shy…I just don’t like too many people paying attention to what I’m doing,” I explained.

“I hear that,” she rolled her eyes, “back where we moved from everyone was in our business all the time.”

She leaned back on the bench in the hot sun and I finished my cigarette and lit another. We looked at each other from time to time and smiled casually but didn’t say anything else for some time.

“I should probably pick up my book and get going,” she said eventually, “no one knows where I am and the movers are probably finished by now.”

“Let’s do this then,” I said, getting to my feet and brushing off the back of my long shorts.

We walked together in silence down the street. She turned off at the building next to mine as the moving truck was pulling away and we waved and said a simple goodbye. As I mounted the steps of my own building and went into Lisa’s and my apartment I couldn’t shake Aliona. I rarely met anyone I could enjoy a simple silence with. It was refreshing.

An hour later my phone buzzed with a message from Lisa that she was on her way home with curry; the place three blocks away did a nice hot curry and on sunny days we’d sit on our balcony with a six pack of Mexican beer and enjoy all the heat we could. I took my cue from her message and headed for the liquor store down by Szcarni’s. Before I was in their door I saw Aliona coming out of the sandwich shop with a wrap of some kind from the deli counter.

“Heya,” I said with a grin, “long time no see.”

“’Long time no see’ is so lame Mark”, she shook her head with an ironic grin as she rolled her eyes.

I shrugged in mock agreeance, “So it’s cool if I stalk you like this?”

“You’re a terrible stalker, I caught you,” she pointed her finger accusingly at me while faking a frown, “but we can work out a deal and I won’t turn you in.”

“Oh, a deal,” I crossed my arms and returned her glare, “What makes you think I can be bargained with?”
She dropped the act and laughed in her easy way, putting her left hand on my chest and leaning some of her weight against me. I put my left hand on her right shoulder softly and turned my head to the left with a sly grin and squint of my eyes.

“Seriously though, can you do me a favor?” she asked, leaving her hand where it was.

“Yeah, probably,” I answered, leaving my hand where it was as well.

“Unless you’re a total sandwich fiend I’m guessing you’re going in the liquor store,” she explained, “and I forgot my ID at home. “

I nodded, taking my hand off her shoulder and waiting for her to go on. She took some bills from her little tiny purse and held them towards me. I took them.

“I get it,” I said, faking a stern stare, “boot for the new girl.”

“I’m not kidding Mark,” she said in earnest, her hand still on my chest, “I’ll show you my ID tomorrow. But
this place doesn’t know me yet, what’s a girl who wants a cider to do?”

“You could walk home…it’s only two blocks,” but I was already walking to the store’s door, “what’s your drink?”

“Surprise me, I’m easy,” she said with a wink as I walked through the door smiling and shaking my head.

I grabbed the beer and picked out a nice local cider for Ali. It was really fine stuff and more expensive than the cash she’d given me but I chipped in the rest. Back outside on the sidewalk she was eating her wrap delicately, stopping to wipe a bit of mayo from her chin with her finger and then licking it off as she caught my gaze and smiled.

“Local finest I said,” holding the ciders out to her in the bag. She asked me to carry them while she ate and we started walking down the street together.

“No sandwich?” I asked her.

“This has the same stuff, and I like the shape more,” she replied, gripping her hand around the wrap and looking into my eyes from under her brow as she put it to her mouth and took a small bite, wrapping her lips around the edge as she did.

I grinned at her as she did it, internally wondering if this was just me misunderstanding or if she was being saucy on purpose. I had a knack for innuendo, and this seemed obvious enough; but this is not how Mark and girls usually relate. I decided to play it safe; I always decided to play it safe and maybe that was the problem. I looked away and she giggled as I blushed a bit.

“Hey man, it’s not like it’s my first time,” she said impishly, pausing a second before adding, “with a BLT.”

I shook my head and rolled my eyes behind my glasses. She giggled again and elbowed me in the arm. We walked together in silence back to the block, where I handed her the bag with the cider in it and we exchanged another quick goodbye. Several feet down the block I glanced over my shoulder and caught her doing the same.

Lisa and I met at the door into our building and I held it open for her, offering to take the takeout bag from her. As usual she declined my offer. I couldn’t help but offer to help her whenever she was doing something. We’d argued about it a few times in the past, it always annoyed her at least a little. Most often she’d point out that she still had both arms and that I should piss off. It wasn’t exactly a point of contention in our friendship because she knew I only had the best intentions, but she didn’t see herself as handicapped and hated the word. Likewise she hated the implication of me offering to help her at every turn. Back in the day, during her rehabilitation after losing her leg, I’d been the only one there to help when she needed it. The truth was that she could probably outrun me now, but old habits die hard.

Half way through the curry on the balcony, Lisa looked deep at me. We had a “shared glance” that you normally only find in old married couples.

“So what is it?” she asked me conspiratorially, “something’s up with you today.”

“Hm? No,” I said, passing a napkin across my sweaty forehead, “This is some hot curry today.”

“Don’t fuck with me Mark,” she squinted her eyes and wrinkled her cute little nose at me in that particular way she had, “I’ve known you too long for you to fuck with me.”

I shrugged and grinned.

“You met someone,” she said, pointing at me accusatorily and continuing her crinkled-nose grin, “girls know about this type of shit.”

“It’s not like that,” I said casually, tipping back the beer in my hand and shaking my head.

“Whatever dude, keep your secrets,” was all she said, smiling so that I knew she wasn’t actually angry.

Hours later, we shared a hug before going to bed partially buzzed from the beer. As we parted she took my sleeve in her hand.

“She better be good enough for you,” she whispered as she looked deep into my eyes as only she could, “or I’m gonna kill her.”

We both burst out laughing and hugged again before parting, going into our own rooms.

Lisa knew me better than anyone ever had; I couldn’t stop thinking about Aliona. I lay awake with my headphones on, listening over and over to the track I’d played for her. I turned it up at the part that had made her shudder and light up earlier, inhaling deeply and feeling something in the mix I’d never noticed before. I’d aimed at brutal and overbearing and achieved it many times in the tracks I made…but now that one part stood out from everything I’d ever done. It intricacies almost invisible in their subtlety, I could no longer separate it from her reaction to it. After an hour I turned off the music and removed my headphones, laying naked and sweating on the bed in the oppressive heat. Normally I would do this and fantasize about air conditioning. Tonight I thought instead of Ali and her easy smile.

Something had changed, and I still wasn’t sure what.


Two days after meeting Aliona I was in the park again. Kate and I had just come back from brunch with her parents and I was sitting on the bench listening to a fresh mixdown of a new track. There were clouds covering most of the sky, thick white rolling ones, and the breeze was cool enough for me to wear my beat up jeans and hooded sweatshirt. My hat pulled low over my sunglasses I examined the deep growl of the bass as it boiled over the break. I’d added subtle undertones, barely perceptible to the ear, and they were all I was focusing on. They reminded me of her.

I’d seen her with her little sister out on the street more than once in the last couple of days, but something had kept me from going outside when I saw her. It was the same old thing for me; meet someone cool, establish some connection or other, and then flee from it. Her sister looked to be quite a number of years younger than her, and perhaps of a different father. They had significant differences in body type and complexion but shared just enough in the face to clearly be seen as sisters.

Today though, I didn’t have that chance to hide from getting to know someone. Aliona was walking towards the park up the street and had just seen me and waved. She was wearing small tan shorts that showed a lot of leg and a small pink sweater that left her arms and midriff bare. I waved back and took my headphones off as she approached, licking her lips and winking at me. She looked cold in the breeze.

“Hey man, what’s your deal?” she asked me when she stood right in front of where I sat.

“My deal? “ I asked her with a smile.

“Have you been dodging me?” she asked with a very open tone as she sat down close to me on the bench, her left knee touching my right. She leaned her shoulder into me briefly, “did I freak you out by being weird the other night with the sandwich thing?”

“No, not at all,” I said, taking my glasses off and looking into her green eyes, “I’m just a bit of a shut in sometimes.”

“You should wear those less,” she said sagely as she leaned into me, longer this time, “you’ve got nice eyes.”

She was very close to me. As her shoulder leaned into me a bit more her left arm touched mine all the way down to our hands on the bench seat. As she looked back into my eyes her lips parted slightly as she rubbed her little finger against mine softly. She took in a breath like when she had my headphones on the day we met and smiled softly at me. With my heart in my throat I smiled back. These were the moments you heard about but never experienced for yourself. That raw innocent sharing of a moment that seems to only happen to other people, never to you. It went on, for how long I don’t know. Probably only a minute at most but it felt like longer. Eventually though, it passed.

Everything is transient, drifting constantly.

She looked down at the ground with a bright eyed little smirk, and I kept looking at her. Her slight frame heaved a sigh and I did too. She put her little finger over top of mine now and looked up at me from under her eyebrows.

“Can I listen to your headphones?” she asked me, almost nervously.

I just nodded and handed them to her, pressing play. With the headphones on she moved her hand over top of mine and gently interlaced her fingers with mine. She clutched softly every now and then as she moved her torso and head slightly with the music pounding slowly into her. Every now and then she would lick or bite her lips. This went on for some time.

I didn’t know what to do. This wasn’t my style at all. My style was more like ‘meet someone, establish connection, and flee’. I couldn’t flee now though. Not only did Ali have my headphones on her head, she had my hand under hers…pinning it to the bench and stroking it softly to the beat. That’s when I remembered that I still hadn’t seen her ID. I couldn’t move though. I found I didn’t want to anyway. I always expected dishonesty from anyone other than Kate, and this was as good a place as any to start changing that.

Eventually Aliona put the headphones down around her neck and looked up at me, nodding slowly and pursing her lips sensually.

“That’s really raw,” she breathed, then giggled as she said louder, “raw as fuck.”

“I like it rough like that,” I said, she hadn’t moved her hand yet.

She raised her eyebrows and gave me a lopsided grin as she said, “Yeah, so do I.”

Aliona kissed me. She pressed herself against me and kissed me full on the mouth, parting her lips and licking mine with her soft little tongue. I’d like to say that I was a champion and kissed her back but I just sat there at first, only opening my mouth partially for her probing tongue. She leaned back away from me a bit and looked into my eyes then tried to kiss me again. I put my hands on her lithe back and softly stroked her through her shirt as she swung her right leg over my lap so she was straddling me and pressed the length of her body against me. I started kissing her back, but then we both stopped at the same time, looking into each other’s eyes once more. She started giggling and winked at me as she sat back beside me on the bench, taking my headphones from around her neck and putting her hand on my leg.

“So, that was probably awkward,” she said sheepishly, casting her gaze down towards her feet and kicking them slowly in the dirt.

I didn’t know what I should say. This wasn’t something I was ever good at. I knew what I wanted to say, but I was always worried I wouldn’t say it right. I tried anyways.

“It’s nothing like that,” I explained to her, looking down at my feet as well, “I just don’t do this part very well.”
“This part?” she asked, leaning back a bit to look at me better, “what part is this?”

“The part where we get used to each other,” I said, putting my hand over hers on my leg, “I’ve never been good at that part.”

“Fuck it then,” she grinned at me and her eyes twinkled, “let’s not do that part.”

“You’re alright,” I said, smiling at her and softly touching the back of her hand under mine.
She took my hand between both of hers and moved it over onto her leg, sliding it up her soft thigh to the where her little shorts began. She gently guided my fingers under the edge of the leg and left them there. I stroked against the skin at the very top of her leg for only a second before she kissed me quickly on the cheek and stood up.

“I’m sorry,” she said sheepishly, looking down at her feet, “I have to go. I didn’t mean to lead you on.”

“It’s alright. I don’t think you did,” I smiled, reassuring her, “go do what you gotta do.”

She put her hand against my face then smiled that wide eyed smile of hers as she turned around with a skip in her step and headed out of the park and down the block. I leaned my elbows onto my knees and put my headphones back on, playing back what she had been listening to and trying to imagine how she had felt. An hour passed, and then another, before I took them off again and walked back home to get on with my day.

I always screwed this part up.


The new tracks had gone off right in front of my eyes. A local DJ playing for a capacity crowd had absolutely destroyed them with what I had been working on after seeing Aliona in the park earlier. I’d never seen one of my tracks go off that hard before. The gyrating bodies, packed in against each other on the dance floor, were proof of its quality. It felt good, better than it ever had before.

At an after party hours later, I was cornered by Casey. “Lacey Casey” as most people called her behind her back because she was always laced up on one drug or another if she was out partying. She caught me in the hallway of the party host’s condo and pressed herself up against me, rubbing her firm breasts slowly back and forth across my chest. I tried at first to get out from under where she was pressing herself against the wall, grinding her pelvis slowly into mine, but there was no denying how hot she was. Her tight low rise jeans and tiny little girl top clung perfectly to her body. She had a dancers body, hard in all the right places and it was moving against mine, trying to get me to move back into her.

I cupped my right hand on her perfect ass and pulled her against me. She looked up into my eyes and licked her top lip sluttily. She took me by the hand and pulled me into the bedroom where the coats were thrown on the bed, closing the door and locking it behind her. She pushed me down so I was sitting on the edge of the bed and got on her knees between my legs.

Opening my pants while looking up at me with her mouth open and her eyes half shut she pulled out my cock and lowered her open mouth onto it.

I’ve had after party blowjobs before. I’ve had during-the-party blowjobs for that matter. In fact, I don’t think this was the first time Casey had put her beautiful mouth on my cock and bobbed her little blonde head up and down on it. She was good at, there’s no question. She moved her head up and down slowly at first, running her left hand up and down the shaft with her mouth as she twirled a lock of her hair around one of her right fingers. She looked into my eyes as she sucked and slurped on me, moving her tongue rhythmically in time with her up and down motion. Her hot wet mouth started to flow saliva down my cock and over her hands as her eyes closed all the way and she lost herself in the act. She started picking up speed, taking just my head in and out of her mouth as she grew more aggressive with her soft wet tongue and wrapped both her hands around the base of my shaft, strings of saliva forming and breaking between her hands and mouth. Like a proper little slut Lacey Casey gave me the best sloppy head I had ever received while I leaned back against the coats on the bed.

As she moved her mouth around on my head I closed my eyes and the first image that popped into my mind was Aliona.

Unbidden there she was in my mind’s eye, her tiny little mouth stretched around the head of my cock as she swiveled her neck to slurp on it like a slutty little whore. Her long hair fell across my hips and legs as she went deeper and deeper into her thin little neck with it. I reached down and tangled my fingers in Casey’s hair as I began thrusting back eagerly into her, pushing myself into the back of her mouth and down the top of her wet, clutching throat. In my mind I saw Aliona choke and gag a bit, the feeling of her throat clenching pushing me over the edge. I came and came into Casey’s throat while she bobbed her head up and down against my thrusting, her hair flailing about while she whined and hummed in a high voice. I gripped my fingers tighter in her hair and pounded away at the top of her throat, clenched partially shut against my assault. Her mascara ran with the tears from her watering eyes and she sucked and sucked on my cock, getting every last drop straight into her throat.

She slid her head backwards off of me, licking my head along the entire length of her wet soft tongue as it passed out of her throat, stopping to kiss and suck noisily on my head before leaning back onto her feet and wiping with the back of her hand where a mixture of my cum and her spit flowed out of her mouth and down her chin, connected by even more strung between my cock and her face. She labored to swallow and coughed up more cum and spit, the lower half of her cute face now a gooey dripping mess. A few more shots came from me and landed across her eyelashes and Casey leaned forward to take half my cock into her mouth again, looking up at me through the mess on her face as she bobbed her head up and down several more times. As the last of my cum came from my cock she leaned back and let it land on her outstretched and dripping tongue. She gulped and coughed once more without breaking eye contact, then licked wide around her full lips with her soft pink tongue, drawing as much as she could back into her hot little mouth before gulping and swallowing it down without coughing this time.

“Oh my,” she said, panting to catch her breath, “holy shit man.”

Normally I’d probably apologize or act weird in a situation like this, but I didn’t feel it this time. I looked at Casey as I put my cock away and closed my pants, grinning at her with one side of my mouth. Her breathing was almost back to normal, and she stood up to look in the mirror beside the bed. She straightened her hair and used a bunch of tissues from the dresser to wipe around her eyes and mouth. As she went for the door she looked back over her shoulder and looked lasciviously back at me.

“Let’s do this again soon Mark,” she said as her hand went to her pussy and stroked her fingers against it for a second, “I bet you’d love to stick that in here.”

I just sat there looking at her as she left, catching my own breath. Something had changed in the last few days. It wasn’t just the music, either. I’d normally never do this that way. I’d graciously and passively receive the party slut blowjob, and then be all gawky about it afterwards.

I liked *everything* harder now. And I knew it wasn’t Lacey Casey that I wanted. I gave my head a shake and left the party, my cock still semi hard in my pants from the lingering mental image of little Aliona burying it deep in her tiny little mouth while she looked up at me with those mischievous green eyes of hers.


I sat on my front step with a coffee, not having slept yet. I felt a nervous energy inside me as I saw Aliona down the street and noticed that she had indeed noticed me. Tucking the newspaper she had just bought from the box on the corner under her arm she walked towards me, flipping her long brown pigtails over her shoulders so they hung across her chest instead of her back. She had on a little yellow sun dress that only came halfway down her thighs and a pair of flip flops. I ws pretty sure by the way it clung to her lithe form that she didn't have anyhting on underneath it.

“So you live in this one,” she said, looking at the building with feigned disapproval, for it was of identical design to hers.

When I looked into her eyes and her smile got bigger all I could see was the mental image from last night. I smiled back, but there must have been something different in the way I did it. Aliona’s smile changed for a second and then she winked slowly at me, licking the corner of her mouth with her moist, pink tongue. She looked up at the cat in my window.

“That’s your cat, right?” she asked with a sly tone in her voice.

“That is the Chairman,” I replied, nodding.

“Can I come in and meet your cat?” she asked in a playful tone, "then maybe you can come over and meet my kitty too. My aunt and sister left to register my sister for school."

“Absolutely yes you can,” I replied without a thought, and stood up to hold the door for Aliona as she sauntered through, looking up and over her shoulder at me through her long lashes with a wicked little smile on her perfect little lips.

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