A new storyline, no reference to golf and different characters (I suppose I'm still me). Comments welcome.
Coming Home

I work away from home most of the time, staying away for ten or twelve days and then coming home for the weekend before returning to work again on the Monday morning. As it happens we had just bought and moved into a new house. I say we but, as usual my wife had done all of the work, I just came home to sign documents and then help fill the odd box or two. I’d helped with the move into the house and then gone away for a fortnight, leaving Caroline to finish off.

So when I came home it was for my first visit to the house. I pulled onto the drive and carried my suitcase through the front door expecting a weekend of emptying boxes, moving furniture around, putting up shelves and perhaps the possibility of christening the house one evening. As I walked into the house, Caroline came down the stairs to meet me. She was wearing a dressing gown around her obviously naked body, not her usual dress especially at four in the afternoon and she was looking very flustered, perhaps she had the same ideas as me about christening the house.
“Hi baby, welcome home. Erm.. you’d better come up stairs, I have a present for you.”
She did have the same idea!

She turned around and I followed her up the stairs, playfully squeezing her bottom through the dressing gown. She crossed the landing and led me into the bedroom, when I got through the door I nearly fell over. On the bed, stark naked, was our friend Nicki. Her wrists were held together in our play handcuffs, which were looped through the bars of the bed headboard. She had a ball gag strapped in her mouth and her ankles were spread wide apart, pulled up above her head, tied with silk ropes, to the bar on the head board. Most exciting of all was the end of a butt plug protruding from her bottom. She had a very satisfied look on her face, probably due to the vibrator discarded on the bed, and she mumbled hello to me. Caroline explained, “Nicki called around to have look at our new house, we had a couple of glasses of wine and then I gave her the tour. Before she arrived I’d been unpacking boxes in our bedroom, including the one with all our toys, and when we got to the bedroom Nicki couldn’t help but notice them. She started to look through the box, asking what we did with them all and, well one thing led to another!”

“Well as you have her trussed up so nicely, it would be a shame to waste her.” and I started to undo my shirt buttons.
“I was hoping you’d say that.” she knelt down in front of me, taking off my shoes and socks, unfastened my trousers and unzipped them. As she pulled my briefs down, my dick sprang out and slapped my stomach. “Oh baby, you are ready.” She leant forward and took me into her mouth rolling her tongue around the head.
“Well I have been away two weeks and apart from the odd wank …oh god that’s good, suck me babe!” she was going to town on me, sucking, slurping and licking. I don’t think I’ve ever been so hard.

Nicki was rattling her handcuffs and grumbling through her ball gag. Caroline released me
“We’re neglecting our guest, darling.”
“That won’t do, will it?” I climbed onto the bed and positioned myself at Nicki’s crotch. I placed the head of my dick against her fanny and gently entered her, slowly pushing my full length inside. I paused for a moment, reaching up to squeeze her breasts and roll her nipples between my finger and thumb. I could feel the hard buttplug inside her arse pushing against my prick. I withdrew until just an inch was still inside her and then thrust back in, the plug rubbing against my underside. I got into a rhythm slamming into her. Caroline could see that I was getting close to coming and started to slap my backside.
“Don’t come slap yet. I slap want some slap of that slap too!”
“Well stop grunt hitting me grunt then, you know grunt how much grunt that turns grunt me on.”
I knew I was couldn’t take much more before coming, so I pulled out of Nicki, she immediately started to complain through the gag.
“Take over here for me.” I told Caroline and she replaced me, leaning in to slurp at Nicki’s fanny. Nicki stopped complaining.
I moved to the foot of the bed, lifted Caroline up onto her knees, rubbed myself against her cunt and pushed into her. Caroline groaned into Nicki’s fanny and Nicki groaned into her gag. Again I got into a rhythm, this time fucking my wife’s cunt as she licked and fingered our friend’s cunt. After only a few minutes we were all close to coming. Nicki started the chain reaction, screaming through the gag and pulling against the handcuffs and ropes, Caroline followed and then it was my turn. I quickly pulled out of Caroline, pushed her to one side and knelt against her head. A couple of quick handstrokes and I came in a gush hitting first Caroline’s face and then Nicki’s fanny and stomach.

I sat back on my haunches and watched as Caroline licked my spunk from Nicki’s stomach. She moved up the bed, undid the gag and kissed Nicki on the lips, transferring the cum into her mouth. They broke from the kiss and Nicki licked my cum from my wife’s face.
I had barely subsided and the sight of the two of them kissing and swapping my cum between them was having an obvious effect on me. They stopped kissing and Nicki asked, “Can you undo me now, please?”
“Oh no, I haven’t finished with you yet.” I took hold of the butt plug and started to twist it around. She realised what I was planning to do,
“No, no not there. I’ve never done that.”
“There’s a first time for everything.” The plug came out with a satisfying plop and I lined up my prick in its place. I pushed the head inside.
“No, no don’t. Oh, oh yes. Oh god, don’t stop. Fuck me, fuck my arse!” My whole length was inside her and the more I fucked her the more she was enjoying it. Caroline had picked up the discarded vibrator and applied the tip of it to Nicki’s clit, with her other hand she was playing with herself. Again the three of us were approaching a simultaneous climax, Caroline came first with four finger thrust into her fanny, Nicki came screaming again and I came in a massive spurt into her backside.
After we had untied her, the three of us cuddled together on the bed.
“Well you two, welcome to your new home. I think we’re all going to enjoy it!”
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