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I had a dream about you and me last night.
I was in online on the site and you had been trying to reach me for quite awhile and I had been avoiding you because I was so busy flirting and teasing guys at Webscutest. Finally you left a message for me telling me that my ticket was at the airport and to fly to you and check into a certain hotel that you had already made reservations at. The message was very stern and you sounded very controlled but angry. You said something like, "Since you are refusing to return my messages, then I will take you out of that setting there that seems to be so distracting to you. Your tickets are at the airport. You will be there to be on your plane at 10 PM to fly here. Once you get here, you will check into the Congress Plaza Hotel. You will be in the room....waiting for me...until I arrive. This is a command Amy!" and then you slammed down the phone.

So I packed up quickly and not even knowing how long I would be gone, but knowing you were very angry and I had pushed you to the limit, I did as I was commanded. After I got to the hotel, not knowing what time you were getting there because that was not one of the pieces of information you had snarled to me in the message, I wasn't sure if I had enough time for a quick shower or not. I risked it, and took one, but left the bathroom door open and kept listening for you to arrive. You didn't show up during the shower or during the time I spent getting pretty for you afterwards. I decided that I would wear a short little button up the front, very thin sun dress, with only thong panties. I didn't know if you would want us to leave the room or not, so I thought I had better have something decent on when you arrived...but I knew that whatever it was, had better please you, and hopefully take some of your anger away.

So I sat down and composed myself and began my wait. I didn't know how long you were going to be, and after waiting there for quite awhile, I realized this was part of your plan. You wanted this to be part of my lesson...that I was supposed to wait on you, not the other way around like I had been doing. Finally after more than two hours and me almost falling asleep but too afraid to actually fall asleep and have you come in and find me that way, I heard someone outside using their key in the door. My entire body went all cold with fear, then hot in the next moment with sexual tension. You opened the door and your eyes met mine. You didn't break the intense eye contact even as you closed the door behind you, sat down your suitcase or took off your sweater. Then you just stood there with your arms folded across your check, still looking at me sitting there all breathless on the bed. The first words you said to me were, "Stand up and let me see what I own."

I stood up awkwardly, my face blushing, my hands behind my back, not knowing what to do, but hoping you were happy with me. You slowly walked toward me, your face still stern and your arms still across your chest. You said, "Turn around slowly, I want to see everything I own."

I turned around slowly and could feel you very close behind me appraising me. I finished my turn and ended it by facing you and looking up at you meekly, hoping I would see praise in them. Instead I saw the same sternness. I lowered my eyes, afraid to meet yours. Then I heard you say softly, "I said I wanted to see EVERYTHING that belongs to me."

My face went even brighter red and I nodded yes and began to unbutton my dress. I let it slide down my arms to the floor and stood there in only my thong. My eyes flickered back up to yours and still there was only sternness and no approval. I bit my bottom lip as tear sprang to my eyes. You said even softer and with a little meanness, "That is NOT everything Amy."

I shivered and closed my eyes and bent over, and almost brushed against you because you were standing so close, and slid my panties down my hips and legs. Stepping out of them, I did accidentally bump into you, and the contact was like electricity and I let out a little "OH!” You said absolutely nothing and your face didn't change at all. I stood up, completely naked, in front of you shivering and trying hard not to cover myself.

I watched as you sat down on the bed. You told me to turn around facing away from you. I turned slowly peeking over my shoulder to see what you were looking at and what you were doing. You commanded, "Eyes forward!"

I quickly looked forward and stood there, only hearing your breathing. I stood that way for a few moments and was just getting nervous enough to risk another peek over my shoulder when I felt your hands on my hips and felt you pull me to stand only about a foot in front of you. You said almost to yourself, "Lets see what exactly it is that I do own."

You put your hand firmly on the small of my back and said, "Bend over." Knowing that if I bent over that close to you, I would be displayed right there in your face. I hesitated a moment then I felt a sharp, hard slap to my bottom. Then you shot up and grabbed the back of my hair and pulled it so my head was tilted up. You said into my ear in a soft menacing voice, "Are you going to be a bad little girl or are you going to do as you're told when you're told?"

And with that you slap my bottom hard again, showing me what would happen in the chose the first. I began to shake, feeling your hand print blooming on my bottom. I said, "I'll be good Mistress."

You kissed the side of my neck and rubbed your crotch against my flaming bottom and whispered, "Good girl." You sat back down and pulled me a tiny bit closer. You said again, "Bend over now Amy."

This time I didn't hesitate, I bent over slowly, knowing that you had a very, very intimate view. I also knew that even though I was very embarrassed, you would see by my wetness, that I was also very aroused. That there would be nothing I could hide from you. At first you did nothing, and I knew that you were looking at how tight and closed I really was. Then I felt your fingertips slide down my slit to my clit. You spread my lips apart then gently probed my swollen clit.

You said, "It looks as though you like displaying yourself for your Mistress, don't you Amy?"

I bit my lip because I was torn...I wanted to say the correct "good girl" response, which was no, but I also knew that I really did like showing myself to you. In that moment that I hesitated, I felt another hard, slap to my bottom. I could still hear the sound of the swat echoing in the small hotel room even as I heard you say, "If I ask you a question, you will answer me!"

I said, "Yes Mistress!" Immediately I felt another sharp blow to my other cheek. I gasped, tears coming to my eyes.

You snarled, "Was that a, yes Mistress? to your liking to display yourself, or that you understand that you will answer questions immediately when asked?"

I quickly answered, "Both Ma’am!" My body was already trembling, knowing that I already would have trouble sitting down for the rest of the day because of the paddling I had already gotten...and I hadn't even said ten words to you!!

You then stated, "That’s a good girl" as you stroked my throbbing clit a few more times. Very businesslike, you said, "Now, my little Amy, we are going to find out if you are really a virgin or if you have been lying to your Mistress."

You took my hips again and moved me just a little closer to you, so close that I could feel your body heat against the backs of my thighs. You said, "I want you to stand very still, do you understand?"

I whispered, "Yes Ma’am."

You gently spread my soft, outer pussy lips open with the fingers of one hand. Moving in a little further, you spread my inner ones. I stopped breathing as I felt the fingers of your other hand gently and slowly moving into my opening. I instinctively moved my hips forward just a bit, but before I had gotten more than an a few inches away I felt another two hard swats on my tender bottom.

You yelled, "What did I just get through telling you?"

Shaking, I said, "To stand very still Mistress."

You swatted me yet again and said, "And did you stay still Amy?"

I sobbed, "No Mistress."

You then replied, "If you don't want this sweet ass getting any redder....oh, and it IS red already will stand still, do I make myself clear?"

On the word "clear" you slapped my bottom so hard that I gasped. "Yes Madam! I will stand still now."

You said, "See that you do." You resumed your probing, spreading my lips with one hand and gently maneuvering slowing inside with the other. I felt your finger entering me. I held my breath and bit my bottom lip, but was very still. Just as I felt you hit a barrier inside of me, I heard you say, "Here we go...this is what I was looking for."

You gently pushed and I felt myself being stretched, even though I knew it was only finger that you had inside me, and not even very far inside me at that. Finally after exploring to your satisfaction, you pulled your finger out of me and leaned down and kissed my swollen moist pussy. You stood up and pulled me up to face you. You took my face in your hands and tilted it up to yours. Looking down into my eyes, which were filled with unshed tears, you said, "You make your Mistress very proud Amy." Then you kissed me.

“Now you see why I woke up and curled up to you the way I did honey, that fantasy made my little pussy ache for your tongue,” I whispered.

You immediately slipped her fingers into my moist slit and kissed me deeply. “Well then princess, get your ass to the edge of the bed and let me see what it is I own.”
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