This story is fictional. I have written it because Zara asked me to write it. If you do not like the themes, do not read it.
A whore’s fantasy.

I walked off the main road and through the long grass in the field in front of her house. I noticed the bathroom window was open so I jumped the small wooden fence in front of her house and went to drag a rubbish bin under of her window. When I climbed up on it and looked through the window, I saw her naked and covered in soapy bubbles. She turned around in the shower and started washing the soap off, hiding her lovely large breasts from me and giving me a just as lovely view of her ass. She has long brown hair, down to her bum. Oh how I wish I was pulling that hair and making her squeal. I look around the bathroom and notice her choice of clothing: a red lacy thong and a large red lacy bra, black jeans, black leather belt, black military boots and a tight black singlet with wide straps to hide her bra strap. I look back to her and suddenly notice a stream of yellow running down her leg. After a few seconds she turns the water off and I decide to move.

I came through her back door, careful not to make any noise. She would take a little while to dry off and get dressed so I knew I had enough time to get into position. I stood in her laundry which is right next to her bathroom, out of sight until she goes past. I wait and wait and wait. Finally I hear the door to the bathroom open. She steps out and starts walking down the hallway. I tell her “Run.” She looks at me startled and backs up against the wall slightly. She asks “Why?” and I slap her and tell her that she shouldn’t speak and that I’m going to rape her.

She stands perfectly still for a second, then her eyes dart to the door at the end of the hallway. She bolts for it. I sprint after her with gleeful intent on my face. I watch her rear end again as she runs from me. The red thong stands out above her jeans; the singlet is too short to completely cover the bottom of her back. She pushes the back door open and runs out in the direction of the road. She trips when she tries to jump over the fence and falls down in the long grass. By the time I jump the fence, she’s standing up and starting to move again. She makes a few big steps before I grab her belt and pull her to the ground. She unbuckles her belt and struggles mostly out of her jeans before she realizes her boots need to be undone to get away. I pull the belt out of her pants and pull her to me. She struggles as I grab her arms and hold them behind her back. I use the belt to hold her elbows together, making her large boobs stick out. I pull a pair of handcuffs out of my pocket and cuff her hands together. She is mine. She can’t escape.

I lay her on her side and pull her singlet up to expose her tits covered in red lace. I took my knife out of my pocket and cut off her bra straps. I pull away the remains of her bra and throw it away into the long grass. I pinch her tits. She moans like a whore so I do it again and again and again. I bring my mouth up to her left boob and started chewing on her nipple. Her moans are so bloody arousing. My free hand I grope her right boob. Once I’ve had a little fun biting and groping her tits, I take a pair of clamps out of my pocket and attach them to her tits. She looks so beautiful when she’s in pain.

I grab her thong and pull it up hard into her pussy. She makes this wonderful little “eeeee” sound and scrunches up her face. I pull the thong down and stare at her soaking wet, cleanly shaved pussy. I kiss and bite my way up and down her inner thighs. She wriggles around in the grass and moans. I look up and notice her looking at the cars passing on the road. A few people look out their windows at us but mostly they don’t appear to notice. I turn my attention back to her wet pussy and start licking around her outer lips. I lick closer and closer, not letting my tongue touch her lips. She begs me with her eyes and I feel compelled to flick her clit with the tip of my tongue. She lets out the most wondrous little moan so I do it again. I push two fingers into her wet little cunt, all the way up to my knuckles. I kiss her clit and lick it with my tongue. My fingers move in and out, in and out. She moans loudly, turning me on even more. I increase the pace of my fingers. I bite her clit and put a third finger in her wet little hole. She screams her head off. She’s about to cum. I pull my fingers out and start frigging her clit really fast. She starts going “Oooooh! Ooooh! Ooooh!” and I move my fingers as fast as I can over her clit. I pull the clamps off of her tits and bit down on her clit again, causing her much pain to go with the intense pleasure she’s feeling. Her muscles spasm and she squirts. She sprays her legs and clothing as she cums like a whore. After her moans of pleasure die down, I make her lick my fingers clean.

I turn her over so that she’s laying face down in the dirt where she squirted. I make her rub her face and tits over the dirt where she came to make her look like the dirty, filthy slut she is. I get her up on her knees so that her ass is high in the air for anyone passing by to see. Her hands are tied behind her back so she can’t hold herself up so her face and tits stay in the dirt. I spread her ass open and spit into it several times. Some of the spit slides out of her crack and down her thighs. I unzip my pants and position the head of my cock at the opening of her shithole. I spit on the tip of my cock and then push it all the way in. She screams her head off as my dick slides up her insides. Once it’s in as far as it will go, I decide to leave it there for a while and spank her. I raise my hand up high and slam it against her ass. She jerks forward a little and moans in pain. I give her ten spanks on each cheek, every time getting the same result. It feels so good on my cock. Her ass is now red and ready to be fucked properly.

I pull my dick most of the way out and slam it all the way back in. She screams and it makes me do it again and again and again. She’s so tight. I can’t help it. I’m going to cum soon. I thrust in and out of her ass, loving the sounds of pleasure and pain she’s making. I thrust into her faster and faster. I slap her ass a few more times, not bothering to count this time. Her moaning gets louder and louder. She’s ready to cum too. I grab her long brown hair and pull her painfully up out of the dirt so she can see a group of guys in a car driving slowly past, all looking at her covered in dirt and being fucked in the ass so openly. It drives her over the edge again. When her orgasm hits, she clenches her ass really tightly and it makes me cum instantly. I fill her asshole with my cum, thrusting back and forth to make sure she gets it all.

I take my dick out of her ass and pull her by the hair until her head is in the right position to suck me off. Dirt is smeared all over her pretty face and large tits. I tell her to lick my dick clean. She pokes her tongue out and licks the end of my dick. Her tongue moves so skillfully. Once her tongue has gone over every inch of my cock, I grab her by the hair and pull her mouth onto my cock. I ram it down her throat. I pull her back and forth by her hair, making her moan in pain. Her lips are so luscious and red. She keeps her teeth well back out of the way like a good girl. She doesn’t fight it when I pull her hair. Her dirty face looks so good on the end of my dick. I feel like cumming so I let go of her hair and grab her head with both hands. I thrust in and out of her mouth, going faster and faster until I cum down her throat.

I pull my cock out of her mouth, put it away and zip my pants up. I grab her by her hair and use it like a leash. As I pull her hair, she realizes I’m going to take her somewhere and pulls up her pants. I take her to the garden hose and tell her to kneel. She gets on her knees as I turn on the hose. I put my finger over the end so that it sprays at a higher pressure. I start with her face. She closes her eyes as the water cleans the dirt off her face. The dirt washes off her face, down her body and onto the ground. I spray her tits with the hose and watch them move under the pressure. Once all the dirt is off of her front, I tell her to turn around and bend over. I clean the stray bits of dirt off her back. I tell her to spread her ass and she does it without hesitation. I direct the water into her recently used holes, cleaning them out. I turn the hose off and take her to the front door of her house. I tell her to strip off her wet and dirty clothing. She unlaces her boots and slips them off, and then her pants go. I pull her inside by her hair and close the door after her.

I take her to her room and make her show me where her sex toys are. She has a box under her bed full of dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, gags and other assorted goodies. I take out a medium sized black rubber butt plugs, put it in front of her face and tell her to spit on it if she knows what’s good for her own asshole. She spits on it, leaving a strand of spit going from her mouth to the butt plug. I have her lay half on the bed, face down. I slowly twist the butt plug as I push it in and out of her abused asshole. She screams her head off and it makes me rock hard. I leave the butt plug in place and slap her ass a few times, just to hear her moan some more. I go though her toy box and take out a set of nipple clamps attached with a chain and a bit gag. I dangle the gag in front of her face and tell her to open her cock-sucking mouth. She opens up and I secure the gag in place. I attach the clamps to her nipples tightly and pull the chain over her head. She moans through the gag. The clamps will be constantly pulling on her nipples until I remove them.

I unzip my pants and grab her ass. Slowly I slide my cock deep into her dripping wet pussy. Her moaning is divine. I move my cock back and forth inside her. She’s incredibly wet. I start thrusting into her faster and faster, listening to her lovely moans get louder and louder. I get a good rhythm going and start slapping her sore red ass. She starts meeting my thrusts with thrusts of her own. I pull my belt out of my pants and use it to flog her tits, made accessible by the clamps with the chain around her neck pulling them into view. She screams her head off, the gag doing nothing to prevent her moans of pleasure and pain. I feel like I’m about to cum so I fuck her faster and faster in a mad frenzy. She orgasms and it feels so good on my dick. I yank on the chain attached to her tits. I cum inside her cunt and fuck her until I’m spent.

I undo the belt around her elbows and she sighs through the gag. I unclip the clamps attached to her nipples and listen to her squeal as the blood rushes back into them. I take my key out and unlock one side of the handcuffs. I slide them through the bars at the end of her bed and secure it onto her wrist again. I tell her to sleep because she has a big day ahead of her tomorrow. I stroke and grope her as she slowly falls off to sleep in my arms. Soon I fall asleep too.

I wake up in the very early hours of the morning, forgetting where I am at first. Then I notice the slut lying next to me, handcuffed to the bed. She is drooling out the corner of her mouth because of the bit gag. I start rubbing her nipples with the lightest touch of my fingers, making sure not to wake her. Her nipples go hard. I venture my tongue out and slowly do circles around her nipples with the very tip of my tongue, teasing her sleeping body. I switch to her other nipple and lick and tease it as well.

I spread her legs slowly and carefully, trying not to wake her. With one hand, I rub her pussy as delicately as I know how. With my other hand, I start jerking off. Slowly I increase the pace. She lets out a sexy little moan in her sleep. I rub my dick faster and faster. Her pussy is very wet. I move my fingers to her clit and rub it slowly. She lets out a few more moans and I decide it’s time to stop because I don’t want to wake her just yet. I aim my dick at her pretty, sleeping face and jerk off as hard as I can. I unload my cum all over her face, making sure to get every last drop on her cheeks and forehead. I watch it slowly dribble down her face and decide to humiliate her even more. I go to her bedside table and get her lipstick. I draw on her chest in big red letters W H O R E. I get a mirror and straddle her. To wake her up, I pinch one of her nipples and pull it really hard.

She moans as she wakes due to the pain I’m causing her nipple. She opens her eyes and looks up at me. The first thing she notices is the mirror pointed at her. She takes a good look and notices that her face is covered in cum, she drooled all over herself while she was asleep and the word “whore” is written on her chest. She struggles underneath me and tries to get away. The handcuffs keep her in place and the gag stops her from complaining.

I pinch her nipples, twist them and pull on them hard. I spit into her cleavage. I position my cock between her big double D breasts. I grab her breasts firmly and squeeze them together. Slowly I thrust back and forth between her large soft breasts. I spit onto them again to lubricate them better. She wriggles around and tries to get away. It only turns me on more. I thrust faster and faster, loving the feeling of her huge tits against my cock. I spit on her again, this time on her face. She gives me an evil look and it’s more than enough to make me cum. I thrust as fast as I can as my cum blasts out the end of my cock and onto her chest and neck. I use her tits to squeeze the last of the cum out of my dick and onto her breasts. She looks so cute covered in my cum.

I leave her handcuffed to the bed and go off in search of more toys to use on her. I find no new toys under her bed so I check her closet. She has lots of slutty uniforms and outfits all neatly arranged. Under an old coat, I find a sybian and a milking machine. I plug them in and set them up in front of the bed, making sure she sees everything I do. She looks both aroused and scared. I take two short lengths of rope out of her bag of toys and use them to tie her ankles to her thighs so she can’t do anything but kneel. I unlock her handcuffs and pull her onto the floor. I drag her to the sybian and put her into position on it. She moans through the gag as her wet pussy swallows the dildo on the sybian. I pull her hands behind her back and handcuff them to the bed frame so she can’t get away. I take more rope from the bag and use it to tie her elbows together. I get two dozen pegs and clamp them onto her breasts in two big circles. She moans and squirms but can’t get away. I take her biggest butt plug out of her bag, spit on it and slowly work it into her ass. She practically screams through the gag. The sudden pain causes her to piss herself. I take her bit-gag off and she starts begging me to let her go. I put a ring gag in her mouth to stop her chattering and so that I can fuck her face.

I turn the sybian on to a low setting and listen to her moan through her open gag. She starts drooling. I take the milking machine suction cups and put them on her nipples. They brutally suck her nipples into the see-through suction cups. It makes her moan very loudly. I grab her hair and put my dick in her mouth. Her tongue tries to push me out but it only adds to the sensation on my dick. I thrust back and forth, using her hair to pull her face onto my dick. Her moans build up; the vibrations feel so good on my dick. I thrust back and forth, back and forth. I quickly cum down her throat and take my dick out of her mouth.

I turn the sybian and milking machine up to full power. She screams her head off and has a very powerful orgasm. She thrashes against her bonds and tries to get away from the machine between her legs. I get her cell phone and take a picture of her lovely body as she builds up to another orgasm. I send the photo to her boyfriend with a message “I’m so horny, come fuck me, I’m a dirty little whore.” I smile and wave to her as I leave. She moans at me, trying to say something. I tell her “Good bye, you dirty slut. I had so much fun. We should do this again some time.” And smiling my evil smile, I close the bedroom door on her and leave her to her pleasurable torture.

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