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Wendy was sexy, she was a stripper, and she was an exhibitionist.
Fbailey story number 605

The Exhibitionist Next Door

When I moved into my new house I was not expecting to have a young woman to be living on either side of me but it was nice.

I made some good investments and decided to get to hell out of the rat race for good. So I up and moved to another state and a fairly out of the way place at that.

As it turned out I had moved into the middle of “Divorcee Hill” as the locals called it.

I had a rather big lot on the end of the street. It contained several acres of wooded area too. In addition I had a heated in-ground swimming pool that actually started in my lower family room so that I could swim even in the winter. I had a large Jacuzzi that was big enough for a party. It held twenty people but they would have to sit pretty close together though.

For some strange reason it came with a tennis court and a three-hole golf course. I was told that my house had been used as the demonstrator house to get people to buy in that new community.

After the movers had placed my personal items in the appropriate rooms it was up to me to unpack.

That was when Wendy knocked on my door and let herself in. I was surprised to see a beauty like her just come into my bedroom as if she lived there.

Wendy said, “Hi neighbor. I just wanted to welcome you to our little community. I knocked but you didn’t hear me. I hope you don’t mind.”

I looked at that sweet little thing and took in her incredible beauty. Her pink bikini top was as tiny as any that I had seen before and her breasts were perfect for her size. She had on a pair of pink shorts that were so tight that they showed off her camel toe to perfection. I was impressed. I replied, “Not at all. Make yourself to home.”

With that she walked over to my bed and sat on the mattress as we exchanged small talk and I got my first taste of our local street gossip.

Of the nine homes on our street I was the only single male among eight single females. Every one of them was divorced. I on the other hand had never been married. Also there were no children either. That alone amazed me.

By the time I had finished filling my closet, my chest of drawers, and making the bed, Windy suggested a welcome to the neighborhood party at my house with me ordering pizza and wine…lots of wine.

Of course I thought it was a good idea so I called the local liquor store and had them send out enough booze to stock the bar in the lower family room along with a few cases of wine. They were even good enough to sell me the mixers, glasses, and any supplies that I might need.

Wendy made some calls and the women started arriving shortly afterwards. I told them that I needed pictures to go along with their names. They giggled but they let me take a waist up picture of them and print out an eight by ten with their name and phone number printed along the bottom. They admired my professionalism. I admired their beauty. You could hold a beauty pageant on our street.

The booze arrived and one of the women was a bartender so she just took over the unpacking and the mixing. She asked me if I wanted her to go easy on the booze or if I wanted to get everybody drunk. I went for the later and she smiled.

When the pizzas arrived, two other women took that job over since they were waitresses. As it turned out I had a nurse, two schoolteachers, a librarian, and Wendy as neighbors. Wendy was a stripper. They got along surprisingly well.

It wasn’t long before Wendy asked who wanted to join her in the Jacuzzi. That was when I heard her say, “The no clothes in the water rule still stands.” One of the schoolteachers told me that the realtor had allowed them to use the pool and Jacuzzi as long as they were naked. She added that the realtor was a lesbian. I had met her and she was very sexy. I could imagine her checking out the other girls and it gave me an erection. I was the last one to get in the water so they all smiled at my condition. They seemed to like what they saw. I certainly liked what I had seen and now I had eight sets of breasts floating on the surface of the water.

Jokingly I said that I should take new pictures of them for my bulletin board. Wendy being ever so cooperative said, “Okay! Get your camera and I’ll even give you my vital statistics.”

I got my digital camera and she got out of the water. I took the same shot as before but nude of course. Then I took a full frontal and a side shot. Then she gave me her measurements 32B-22-34, five foot three inches tall, and a hundred and three pounds.

One of the waitresses had the biggest breasts. She worked at Hooters. She was 36DD-24-38, five foot seven inches tall, and a hundred and twenty-five pounds. I bet she got some good tips.

One of the schoolteachers was Oriental. Miho was 32A- 20-32, five foot two inches tall, and she weighed ninety-seven pounds. Her long black hair hung to her crotch. She really was an Oriental beauty.

The other schoolteacher was from India, She was heavier than the other girls at 38C-28-40, five foot six inches tall, and she weighed one hundred and forty-two pounds. She had that exotic beauty. I was pleased to see her naked even though she seemed a bit shy about it. Her nipples were hard all the time I was taking her picture. They were very long, almost black in color, and they were fat. When I was done Wendy called out, “Make her open up her pussy for you, she has the pinkest insides I’ve ever seen, and her clit is huge. Make her get it excited. She damn near fucked me with it the other day.” She realized what she had just said and looked at the other women and said, “Sorry. I forgot.”

The nurse said, “We have a don’t ask don’t tell policy here. We all swing both ways, we just don’t want to hear about it. However, now that you are here things might change.”

The librarian added, “We might have to draw straws to see who gets to fuck you first.”

I said, “Why don’t I work out a schedule with each of you and post it on my door.”

The Indian said, “If I can spend the night in your bed I’ll show you my pussy, my clit, and I’ll make you happier than you have ever been in bed before.”

I smiled and said, “Okay!”

The night wound down about midnight and everyone headed home…all except Wendy and Cynthia which means Moon Goddess in India.

Wendy asked Cynthia, “Can I join you in a threesome?”

Cynthia replied, “Not tonight. I want him all to myself tonight. Perhaps the next time.”

Wendy went home and I took Cynthia to my bedroom.

She said, “Please tell me that you love me. I can only have sex with a man if he loves me. It is my upbringing. Please.”

We were both still naked so I looked her right in her eyes and said, “Cynthia, I love you and I want to make love to you. Will you let me…please?”

Cynthia smiled, gave me a big hug, and then she kissed me. She sat on the edge of the bed and leaned back, opening her legs up for me. I knelt on the floor before her and she placed her feet up on my shoulders. In that position I used both hands to open her pussy lips and saw her beautiful pink pussy. She had very dark outer lips but she had magnificent inner lips and a pinkness that went all the way inside. Her clit was quite pronounced but I latched onto it with my lips like I would be doing to her long fat nipples soom.

Shortly her clit grew in my mouth. Wendy was right it was a spectacular sight to see. My pubic bone would rub the hell out of it and give her an incredible orgasm when I entered her. I slowly worked my way up her body stopping at those fat nipples for a couple of good sucks before going after her mouth. Her breath was sweet and she tasted good. Then I slipped my cock into her moist pussy. It belonged there I lifted her ankles up to my shoulders and stood next to the bed fucking her. I slammed down into her striking that huge clit on the way down. She reacted as I had expected and cried out in orgasm. That woman was in great need of a good fuck and I was nothing like Wendy in bed. I took Cynthia like any man would take a woman like her. She needed it hard and that’s the way I gave it to her. She wanted it deep and she got it. She wanted it fast but I wanted it to last. When I was finally ready to cum inside her she had had three orgasms. Then I buried my cock deep in her, held onto her tightly, and blasted her insides.

That was it for the night. When I woke up in the morning there was a note on her pillow. It read: “Sorry lover, but I had to go to work. See you after school.”

I was still in bed when Wendy came in with breakfast. I could not remember ever having breakfast in bed before. We had a nice chat about the other girls and then she undressed and climbed in with me. I was going to invite her to spend that night with me but she beat me to it…she had to work until two in the morning. So I decided to ask the Oriental schoolteacher Miho to spend the night with me, as if they were all part of my harem. Maybe they were.

After Wendy left for work I had two women walking up the street toward my house. It was the bartender and the other waitress that worked with her at a local pub. I opened the door to greet them as they walked up my sidewalk. They smiled and came inside. They wanted to spend an hour in my Jacuzzi before they went to work saying that it relaxed them. I had to agree that it was very nice sitting in the hot water with the jets hitting your body while sipping a nice wine. I thanked the bartender for loosing the women up the night before. She said that it was nothing. She said that the girls would have gotten naked and posed without any alcohol. I believed her.

Before they had to leave for work my two schoolteachers arrived and joined us. I had to smile at Miho. She was wearing just a T-shirt and a pair of panties. Her T-shirt read: Save a virgin…do me instead and her panties read: If you can read this…it’s your lucky day. She had quite a sense of humor.

Miho said, “I hear I’m next in your bed. Do you have a thing for schoolteachers or do you just like exotic beauties like Cynthia and I?”

She had me there. I really did like girls that were different and I had always wanted to fuck a girl from India and Japan. I also wanted to fuck a girl from Iran, an American Indian, and an Eskimo for some strange reason. As far as actresses I’d love to be able to fuck Emma Watson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Salma Hayek, Halle Berry, or Vivica Fox.

I had four naked women in my Jacuzzi for an hour before two had to go to work. I asked, “So, do you girls ever fool around with one another?”

It was the waitress that said, “Of course we do…all the time…that’s why we want you to fuck us. Too bad there is only one of you to go around, now the eight of us will have to share.”

I looked at Miho and ran my hands down her hair and cupped her fine ass. Then I asked, “Would you mind eating their pussies while I do you from behind?”

Miho blushed and replied, “I’ve never had an audience when I’ve made out with a girl. Except for other girls that is.”

I said, “Pretend that I’m not here.”

Miho smiled and said, “With your cock poking into my uterus?”

I laughed and said, “Yes!”

That was when Cynthia grabbed Miho’s head and pulled it to her breasts. It certainly was not the first time that those two had been together. She grabbed onto those 38-C breasts and ravaged her nipples with her teeth until Cynthia cried out in ecstasy. I had never seen a girl have an orgasm just from nipple stimulation alone.

Miho told me to stick my cock in her or she would not continue with the other two girls. She was leaned over in the Jacuzzi holding the bartender’s legs open when I jammed my cock into her very tight pussy. Even the hot water had not loosened her up. I reached under to cup her tiny breasts, I looked at her small back, and then it hit me…she looked like a thirteen-year-old girl but I knew that she was thirty-one years old. She was pretty and petite. That was when I realized that I had it made, I could pretend that I was fucking a young girl without the discomfort of her father catching us in the act or the police knocking on my door. It was an illusion but it did more for my mind than anything else did. I was not aware of how much time had gone by but I knew that I was cumming in her depths.

Suddenly Miho looked back at me and said, “Wow! That was great.”

The bartender looked at me and said, “You really excited her. She never got me off that quickly before. It was great.”

The waitress said, “Miho do me next. I’ve got to go to work soon.”

So I just sat back in the water between Cynthia and the bartender while we watched the other two girls get into a sixty-nine. We chatted and watched as the two girls got into a sexual fight to see who could make the other orgasm first. Miho won in the end and the waitress and bartender left us. Soon the librarian, nurse, and the Hooter’s waitress joined us. There I was just me and five beautiful girls.

I was so happy that I had bought that house and I loved every one of my neighbors. Wendy was always an exhibitionist, she rarely ever wore clothes when she came over to see me or use my Jacuzzi. She would take me out in public and then have sex with me. I loved every minute of it. I also loved my other seven girlfriends. Each one brought something special with them. The librarian and I talked about books. The nurse made sure that I stayed healthy. Cynthia and Miho taught me about their countries. Wendy taught me how to dance like a male stripper. The waitresses and bartender liked to go out to restaurants and to various bars and I liked taking them.

I wondered which one I would marry if I ever decided to give up my current life and settle down…no…that would be stupid…I had eight women at my disposal…why to hell would I ever give that up!

The End
The Exhibitionist Next Door
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