Tatum becomes a girl thanks to daddy and siter
Tatum – The Beginning
Hi my name is Tatum and my story begins when i was 12. I have light brown hair, blue eyes i am average height for a 12 year old oy maybe slightly short and i still have a bit of baby fat around my cheeks and body. Perhaps it was my older sister Ashley's influence on me but i have always been more interested in girl things then normal boy activities like sport and war games which i think dissapointed my Dad who wanted a son into sports.One night i was in my room playing with Ashleys Ken and Barbie dolls when Dad came in and asked me if i would like to try dressing as a girl for a bit while i was on holidays, and if i liked it i could become a girl and start highschool as a girl. He left my room and came back with a box of Ashleys old clothes. He pulled out little pink panties and a training bra and a pink frilly see through night dress and said "put these on and get ready for bed Tatum. This box will have the only clothes you will wear for the next week. If you want to be a girl after that i will buy you new clothes." Dad left the room an i took off my clothes. I was now naked and looking over my smooth hairless body. I was looking at my small 2 inch penis. I have played with it a couple of times and it had grown hard to 4 inches. I wondered what my dad ment by become a girl. I knew girls had different parts because i had seen my sister naked before by accident. I put the panties on and tried the bra but couldnt work it out. So i slipped on the night dress and continued to play with the dolls. Later Dad came into my room to tuck me into bed. "Come on princess bedtime.Tatum why aren't you wearing your bra?
"i couldn't work it out daddy."
"ok take your nighty dress off and i will show you how."
I took it off and was standing infront of daddy in just my new little pink panties. Daddy fixed the new bra to my chest. Im a little chubby so i have a little bit of a chest, and showed me how to work the clip. he ran his hand over the cup of the bra and down my stomach. "There you go honey you look very pretty just like a girl. Your sister will be home from uni tomorrow she will teach you how to do you hair and put make up on. So you can have the full girl experience." I fell asleep that night dreaming of the pretty dresses i can wear and what i will look like with make up on and my hair done. The next day Ashley came home and showed me how to staighten my hair put it in ribbons and put make up on. "wow Tatum you look soo pretty all the boys will want to kiss you"
"Ew ash that's yuk." I said but i dont think i was disgusted by boys but more of kissing.
"Tatum dont you want to be a girl? Girls kiss boys not girls. And if they like the boy they do more." Our conversation was cut short at that time by Dad. "Wow Tatum you look like a beautiful young girl."
"Thanks daddy."
"ok pincess put your togs on we are going to the beach."
So i went to my room and put on Ash's old yellow bikini bottoms. I was a little worried about being in public in girls togs but daddy and ash were reassuring with their complements. but i was still going to have a bump in my bottoms. I couldnt work out the string bikini tops and was taking a while.
" Tatum are you ok in their do you need a hand?"
"Yes daddy i need a hand please i cant work out the tops"
"Thats ok Tatum these are tricky." daddy said as tying up my bright yellow top."You have really cute pink nipples Tatum. It's important you keep them covered in public as you dont want to get the wrong sort of attention by old men."
"ok daddy i will keep them covered from everyone else." i said but i thought to myself i will let daddy see them at every opportunity so i could be complemented some more.
I played in the sand and shallow water while dad rode the waves and ashley and her girl friends sunbaked. When we got home i had sand all through my bikini so i went first in the shower. i took off my yellow bikini and stepped under the shower. Ash was getting impatient waiting for me to get all the sand off me so she said, "Tatum you are taking far too long, im coming in i have other things to do."
"Hey what are you doin i sceeched?"
"Its ok Tatum we are both girls its fine."
it was too late to argue with her logic she had nudged me from under the shower and begin to wet herself. i noticed she also had very pink nipples, her breasts were big and perky, i hoped to have boobs like them. She noticed me stairing and said "dont feel bad one day you can have breasts like mine. Yours are very cute, guys will love your pink nipples. Turn around tatum i will wash your back". She lathered up my back and was rubbing, as she was doing this i could feel her boobs against my back as her hands got lower. Soon they were on my bum. "nice butt tatum, im just getting the sand out from between your cheeky cheecks" she got right down to my tight little but and made sure no sand was anywear on my but she then got some more soap on her hands and rubbed around my but hole and pop in went a little bit of her finger. i jumped a little bit "dont worry tatum im just being thorough you dont want to be uncomfortable." i was sightly as i realised it felt good. "this will be your girly hole tatum. and your little girly cock will be called your clit. you cant be a girl without a girly hole and a clit." i remained quiet as her finger went in a lil and out again. not really trying to understand what she ment by clit. she turned me around washed the front of my body playing with my pink nipples and then rubbing my clit as she called it. it grew a little to 4 inches from her touch and she giggled a little. As she did this she got me to wash her breasts and then asked me"do what im doing to your clit to my area there." i moved my hand lower and felt her wet slit as i moved my hand up down and around i could feel something grow slightly, it was hard but very small. "yes thats it tatum thats my clit like yours. go down and in a lil to my girly hole. put your your finger right in there deep." her knees started to bend her breething increased. "oh tatum in and out hard and deep." i did as a she said and her hands wrapped around my clit and rubbed hard up and down quickly. Her whole body shook and she made a light screem then whimper and moved my hand away from her girly hole. She then left the shower quickly leaving me to finish showering and wonder what just happened. I helped Ash get ready to go to the clubs that night. It was a good way to improve my hair and make up skills. She also let me do myself up, even though i wasn't going to see anyone that night it was good practice being a girl. Ashley looked so sexy once she was done up. Her skirt went just down below her bum and her top almost showed her nipples. Daddy i dont think was impressed when she left, "i hope you take more care then your sister does in hiding your pink nipples." daddy said. "Its even more important you do then ash as yours are shiny and pink like lipgloss, and will have the same effect as lipgloss, guys will want to kiss them." i giggled as dad said this it seemed funny a boy putting my nipple in his mouth. "what do you want to do tonite Tatum?"
"i just wanna watch whatever disney movie is on daddy?
so he flicked the tv to the disney channel just in time for Alladin to start." didnt we buy you and Ashley an alladin dress up box a few years ago?
"yes dady, can i please dress up as jasmin?"
"haha ok Tatum you can be princess jasmine tonite instead of princess tatum."
i grabbed the blue clothes crown and bangle and ran to my room to quickly change.
i was changed in a second and stepped out of my room hesitantly and looked at daddy. He just stared then said "aww tatum, i mean jasmin you look fit for a king."
"id settle for a a hug from a commoner if it was you daddy." i said as i ran and jumped on his lap.
We cuddled up and watched the movie. Dad was a hugger but this was the longest we had embraced probly since i was a baby. When the movie had finished it was raining and a storm was starting up outside. "daddy i dont want to sleep in my room alone if theres a storm." "thats ok tatum you can sleep in my room". I didnt really mind aobut the storm i just wanted to hug more. nothing happened at night but sleep and huging. But the next morning i woke facing away from daddy with him behind me and an arm wrapped around me and his hand resting cupping my bottom breast. Dad was still asleep and i could feel his hard dick poking my back, i had woken up with a hard one before but it would go down once i pee. so i didnt think much of it but tried to wiggle away from it. the more i wiggled the tighter daddy hugged, his hard one just got wedged more and more between my cheecky cheeks, it seemd to get harder and bigger too. pretty soon it was right up against my girly hole.the only thing stopping it was the thin material of my jasmine pants and his boxers. when i stopped moving his hand started to rub my chest, and moved under my small blue top, and egin rubbing my pink nipples. i new he was asleep because he was sorta snoring so i didnt want to wake him. but i was getting worried. so i thought back to the shower yesterday with Ashley. the harder i rubbed the more noise she made until she moved my hand away and stopped. so i went bak to wiggling and was movie my bottom as quick and far as possible i could sense daddy hard on grow even bigger it seemed huge between my cheeks. daddy was breathing harder and harder and then he woke up." what are you doing tatum?" "nothing daddy i was just trying to et your thing to stop poking me, but i just kept making it worse."
"im sorry princess i was asleep i didnt know." he said as he took his hands out of my top and moved away from my bottom. Dad had work that day so i spent the day trying on Ashleys clothes. They were all a little big for me. i found some interesting things in her room tho. Underneath some frilly lace panties and a bra that didnt seem to cover my nipples but more show them off was a long hard pink thing that looked like a bigger version of my clit. I thought itwas a fake hard one like my dads but luaghed at that thought, what would be its point but a practicle joke gag like a woopy cushion or fake spider. Thats when Ashley came home from the night before, she smelt and looked horrible compared to when she left last night. I didnt have time to clean up the mess i made but she didnt care she just walked into her room and droppped on the bed. When she lifted her head the thing was still in my hand. She had a devlish smile on her face and said "ah you fpund Mr Happy." "what this isn't mister happy i said mater of factly"
"haha this will make u happy mister"
i just looked back at her puzzled
"this goes into your girl hole like my finger did. if you do it long enough and deep enough you clit will shake everywhere will get wet and you will be happy. Now give that here and get out." she said as she snatched it out of my hands and pushed me off her bed towards the door.
Things seemed normal around the house with me as a girl, and no1 in public said anything. it had only been two days and i felt like a girl compeltely. i knew that night i was going to be a girl forever.
that night there was another summer storm. I thought great another chance to be with daddy. once again nothing happend that night but in the morning the same thing, i woke up with daddy asleep cupping my bottom breast and his hard one poking my back. I began to wonder if i did the same thing this morning what will happen. so i began moving my bottom so that his hard one got as close to my girl hole as possible and started moving my hips in all directions, like a circle, up down and around. i felt it grow and get harder this made me use more force, it was right up against my girl hole, all i was qwearing was a thin white panties and a siglet. daddys breathing got heavier and faster and his hips began to move more too. i than began to feel some wetness at the end of daddys hard one and wondered if this is what ashley ment about mr happy, i could feel the wetness seep into my panties and onto my girl hole entrance. i hadnt even noticed dadddys hand move towards to my nipples he was rubbing and they had gotten hard and pointy, also i became aware of my clit getting hard against my panties, i touched the tip of my tent panties and it was getting wet too. i lowered the band so my clit could be free and rubbed the wet stuff round as daddy kept moving behind me. he was getting faster and rougher to the point where he was forcing the entrance to my girl hole slightly open even through panties, (they were hand me downs and a lil warn through) daddy seemd to be moving alot and making alot of noise like grunts and breathing to be asleep but i wasn't sure he was asleep or awake he didnt say anything and neither did i. i was more thinking about my girl hole opening from force slightly and playing with the witness on my clit and then i felt daddy stop tensed up at the entrance and i felt a splash as something wet seemed to spray through my panties into the slightly opened entrance of my girl hole. splash again 3 more times my girl whole was covered with wet stuff from daddy and some went inside. daddy kissed the side of my neck and rolled away from me and said "morning princess" as he yawned not realising what had just happened. " he then stayed motionless in the bed as i smiled and held back a giggle. "oh shit sorry tatum i was asleep i thought i was just dreaming." he jumped out of bed and ran to the shower. i knocked on the shower door, "daddy i think i need to clean myself too. you made the mess you should clean it up." daddy had a shocked look on his face then said "ok tatum take off those clothes and jump in". as he put the plug in and turned on the bath aswell as the shower. as i got in i looked at daddys thing and it was growing right in front of my eyes, i let out a girly giggle and he turned around as i climbed in, i shouldnt have luaghed as i was still 4inches hard from being in bed but i didnt realise. "ok i better clean up my mess" daddy said. turn around he lathered my back up and rubbed and moved down lower and lower, he got to my cheeks rubbed them in circles, this was spreding my hole and closing it, which was actualy making the wetstuff move more in and deeper into my girl hole. he then moved his fingers in between my cheeks to my hole. "bend over tatum so i can get in and clean you girl hole properly,: i turned faced him and bent down to be a smart ass and giggled some more. "are you going to be difficult tatum? do i have to spank my princess?' yes daddy im a nuaghty princess" he slapped me gently and i pretended to cry briefly then was overcome with giggles. "thats a shame tatum because good princesses get lollypops in the bath while naughty princesses get smacks." "ok daddy i will be good i said as i spun around with my girl hole in front of him, by this stage the shower had washed off all the wetness on the outside of my hole, but some was inside and getting sticky.daddy noticed this as he opened my girly hole by spreading my cheecks, he soaped up his finger and pop snuck it in like ashley had done, but then he put two in and tried to move his wetness out. but he was pushing deeper and was feeling surprisingly realy really good and i coould see some wet stuff drip from the top of my clit and drop into the filling bath. i began playing with it again as dady put his 2 fingers in and out. i began to loose control of my breathing when daddy stopped. "aww you can keep cleaning me daddy, im still messy from you.' "but dont you want your lollipop now tatum" "oh yes daddy i do what flavours have you go."
"this is a special one you have not had before, i will let you tell me what to call this flavour"
i hugged daddy as his hard one pressed up so high his tip touched one of my nipples and some wetness rubbed onto it."where is the lollipop daddy i cant wait" its right there tatum touching your pink nipple."
"daddy thats not a lollipop"
"suck it tatum like a lollipop but after a while you get a surprise like a lollipop kinder surprise"
i giggled knowing that it was actualy going to spray me like he did in bed but i obliged. and bent my head down and put his bulbus pink head into my mouth. My mouth was spread as wide as possible and i was sucking hard like i would a lollypop and rubing my tounge all over and around the head. The water was rising so as i was sucking daddys hard one he turned the tap and shower offf. Thats when i noticed dads heavy breathing and whispering, "oh Tatum yer suck daddy, suck my cock, oh shit wow, wow aaahh this is amazing." i was trying even harder the more he spoke and was moving my head more as i noticed his hips moving. i wanted more and more of his encouragement and approval. and then he grabbed the bak of my head slammed me forward impaling my face on his hard one, this was the roughest daddy had ever been with me, i let out a massive dry reach gag and tried to pull back as my mouth reached the base of his hard one.daddy rawed "aahuughh Tatum" as he spurt a powerful but small burst of wetness right down my throat as he let go of his grip i yanked my head back and fell in to the water on my back and daddys hard one spurt thick ropes of wetness across the bath covering my face The first long rope down my eye cheeck and finishing on my pink left nipple.the next rope hit my nose and covered my nostrils and the third right in my mouth and lips. Daddy just stood over me smiling stairing, and then he slowly closed his eyes then opened them, i think taking a mental image of his little girl glazed wet and shiny. "now you can either play with ur surprise or eat it, or both. But i dont want to catch you playing with your food at the dinner table little girl ok?" i decided to play wth it and liked how it shined but it got sticky so i washed water of me. i was playing with it round my face, nipples and rubbing it on my arms like soap. Daddy watched for a bit before getting out and going to work. i Spent the day watching hannah Montanna and pretending to be her by dressing in sparkling clothes of ashleys. I didnt realise this at the time but the more times i got hard and didnt cum the more i wanted to play with daddy. but he wasnt at home and ashley was out too. So i began to wonder about her mister happy and daddys wetness. i got out my happy and took off my clothes and tried to emmulate daddy in the morning with mr happy, but nothing was happening and it wasnt opening up my girl hole, it hurt a lil avtualy so i stopped in frustration. That night there was no storm but i snuck into daddys room at night while he was asleep. But i wanted daddy to get close to my girl hole and open me up like efore wwith ease. so i wore my nighty dress without panties or a bra. As i opened the coveres i sore daddy was not wearing any clothes while sleeping, and i giggled but covered my mouth so i didnt wake him. I got right up beside him but he wasnt getting hard, i was once again getting frustrated. then i wondered if i sucked him like a lollipop again maybe it would get hard. It seemed skinny and flobby as i put it in my mouth but it soon grew and grew and was hard, i made sure i was sloppy and had lots of my spit on it. then i moved into our normal sleeping position. i lifted my top leg a litle and moved his leg over my bottom leg and his hard one was at my girly hole entrance, i then moved his arm over my breast hoping he would rub it hard again. he did and also began to kiss my neck in his sleep (i think) he began to rock forward at my hole and stopped and was slowly applying pressure, i had covered his hard one with my saliva but also his wetness was speading. and he opened my girl hole and his head poped in. my girl hole tightend at the end of his bulb head and he pulled back and i went with him, the only way he could move was further in. At this stage i had become rock hard, maybe even slightly longer and thicker then ever before. Daddy must have been getting hot in his sleep as he through the coveres open. i looked behing me and could see his hard one disapear into me. he then began to whisper betwen his kissin of my neck z'oh tatum you pussy is so warm and wet, being inside of you is heaven on earth" At this stage i was too far into this unbeleiveable feeling of being full and hard at the same time i didnt notice if he was awake or asleep.

as he slid deeper i felt his head slide over something inside of me, it felt like nothing before, like an electric shock through my body, i let out a moan im sure would have woken ashley in the next room. as he moved back out and back in i was waiting for it to hit again but it missed. i hoped this wasnt the end of the happy feeling ashley spoke about, i felt my clit and it was not any wetter then before, i shifted lower and back more on the bed hoping to get the feeling again when daddy rolled me ontop of him and pushed me up so i was sitting impaled on his hard one. i then began to bouce trying to find that spot again but didnt turn around for feat dad was awake. bbut then daddy said in a firm voice, "Tatum turnaround on my hard cock lil slut" i was shocked and scared and stopped bouncing and spun with him inside me, He had a grin on his face which put me at ease as i realised i wasnt introuble. i was staring at him but so was my 4inch clit right in the face and he was staring back at it. "bounce tatum and watch your clit dance" i rose off until i felt his bulb head cuaght on my hole entrance then dropped down and bam i felt it again this time his cock was pressing hard onto something inside of me. i got the shock through the body and rose again. I was sliding easily by this stage as i was loosened up and lubricated by his wetnesss. i then bounced a couple more times screaming as i bottomed out and his hard one pressed my inside button. but trying to sound as girly as possible. and then i slammed on daddy and bam he forced me up and kept the pressure on my button as i felt a powerful force inside me his dick grew and he shot a bullseye into my inside button that set me off in a long looud moaning scream i shot days of built up shecock wetness cum right into my orgasming daddys open mouth. we were spurting in unisen with my girly hole filling fast and cum squeezing out between our bodies and my cum spurting into dads mouth and chest and stomach. When the pressure inside let off i fell foward onto dady our cum mixing between our bodies, my cum rubing into my chest, daddy did something that never even crossed my mind, he kissed his daughter. My cum was still in his mouth tho and it swirled between our tounges and then we broke our kiss swallowed my cum together and fell asleep.


2014-08-24 17:31:54
Reminds me of when I was little. But it was my Daddy who liked dressing up. Good story

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2012-09-17 20:21:08
Oh my dad is a perv little girl has him by the balls now, she'll fuck him to death...this is starting out real good, Please cont.

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