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<i>“Did you ever have a dream that was so real you could swear it actually happened?”</i>
You are working hard, and don't notice that someone is watching you. My gaze follows every move you make, I am so excited I feel my nipples harden, my clit begins to throb. I lick my lips hungrily, adjusting the dress I am wearing making sure it shows off my best assets. It is a short flowery number, cut low in the front, and short enough to be modest, but I bend over just right, and flash you. I'm not wearing a bra, and my panties are drenched. I feel like taking them off and stuffing them into my purse, but decide to wait.

I walk around as if searching for something, eying you out of the corner of my eye. I quiver lightly as I see you walking toward me, my voice catching in my throat. I turn a bit, so at first you don’t recognize me.

"Can I help you mam," you utter with a voice as smooth as Tennessee whiskey.

I turn and bat my green-eyes, blush, and purr, "Depends on when you get off work Michael."
I thought for a moment you were going to pass out. "Omg, never in my wildest dreams would I think I'd ever see you."

Glancing around quickly you notice we are alone, you take me by the hand to a secluded spot away from the camera's lens, pull me close and kiss me hard.

I kiss you in return as our tongues do the dance of lovers. I notice the outline of your hardened cock against my leg, and stop you. "Let's wait baby, I do not want to cause any suspicion here where you work. What time do you get off?"

"I get out of work at 6pm. What time do you plan on me getting off?"

I handed you a key, and purred, "Meet me there around seven. I want to be with you, even if it’s for a few minutes darling."

I kiss you softly turn and walk away, feeling your gaze watching me, making my skin boil with lust.

I glanced your way, noticing that you are staring at me as I exited, and smiled, "Baby you have no idea what I have in store for you."

I drove back to the hotel. Kicked off my shoes, and ordered room service. After it was delivered, I stripped down, and put my blue teal nightie on. I love the way silk feels against my skin, clinging to every curve, and showing my hard nipples. I want to touch myself, cum like crazy because I want you that bad. I flipped on the TV hoping it would distract me only to find this couple making out.

“Damn, where's his cock when I need it.”

I lay there flipping through the channels, and then look at my watch, 6:45p. My mouth goes dry, my heart races, and I go to the bathroom and, check my make-up.

Turning around to check myself out, I giggled, "If this outfit doesn’t make Michael hard, I don't know what will. He did say it was his favorite from the photos on lush.
I went in and turned down the bed, laid on it. I was lost in a day dream, when someone knocked on the door. "Who is it?"

"Michael, honey, let me in okay?"

I hurried to the door, opened it, and pulled him in, locking the door behind him. I then planted a kiss on him that would curl any man’s toes. He responded kissing me, sucking my tongue, and running his hands over the length of my body.

"Let me see you doll, oooh my god, I love you in blue. It matches those sexy green-eyes and red hair. God I’m hard! He takes my hand and pulls it to his swollen cock.

"Let me help you take those clothes off before I tear them off."

You strip; I gasped, and feel my juices run down my leg. You were rock hard and already oozing pre-cum. With one flick of my hand, my blue nightie ended up on the floor. I stood there legs apart and letting you gaze for a second.

"Turn around honey, oooh fuck, you're so beautiful. Come here honey."

I walked into his awaiting arms, and you pull me close, my hard nips brushing his. We kissed long and hard, as his hand caressed my wet pussy.

"Mmmm you can do that all day long,” I purred.

"Lay down baby, spread those legs daddy is hungry."

You looked puzzled when I lay my ass down on the large bath towel. You dive into my cunt, like a pup on a bowl of milk, lapping, sucking, and fingering every inch of me. When you sucked in my clit and slid two fingers deep inside me I squealed, "Ooooooh fuck Michael, eat me, ooooh god just like that."

You nibbled, and tantalized me, then looked up and said, "Cum in my mouth darling, it’s been too long since I tasted such sweet nectar."

You resumed finger-fucking me, and then placed your lips over my clit biting it gently.

“Oooooh fuck bbaaabbbyy!” cumming so hard, I covered his whole face.

You rose up, kissed me, sharing my juices with me. “Hot-damn baby, I never realized you would cum that hard.”

“Remember me telling you I lay on a towel, because I have too, I cum that hard.”

We kissed long and deep, and I felt his cock oozing against my leg. “Michael, fuck me baby. I want to feel that pole deep inside me, fucking me hard, and filling every crevice with cum!”

“Now how can I resist such a sweet temptation?”

You grabbed your cock, and guided it into my tunnel of love; I pulled you closer by your hips driving you all the way inside me. We rocked in a slow steady rhythm like two well oiled machines.

I looked up into your eyes and whispered, “I love the way you make me feel, I could fall in love with you, very easily.”

“I love you Kandy, I wish you lived closer, I’d make you my mistress, sex kitten, and be your love slave.

“It’s mighty tempting. Now hush Michael and fuck me!”


The wetness from her throbbing cunt sucked me into her. She felt tight around my shaft as she tightened her pussy around it as I pulled out. I thrust into her so hard that she did not have time to tighten again.

Her big wonderful milky white teats bounced on her chest as I sent my cock home faster and harder.

She held her breast up to me, her eyes telling me to suck on her nipples. I was able to lower my face over them and nibble on the nipples until they were twice as large as normal.

I moved back and stared into her eyes. They watered with the feelings of a deeper desire to spend more time together.

She placed a finger around her clit, teasing it, sending shock waves thru both our bodies.

I could not get enough of this woman, wanting to fuck her and make her happy and content.

“Kandy, baby, would you like me to fuck you in the ass?”

“Oh Yes, Michael, yes. You can fuck me anyway you want and as often as you want.”

I pulled out of her as she turned over on her stomach. I spread her ass cheeks and licked her puckering anus. It was puckering and falling flat as my tongue ran around its edges. I closed my lips over her brown spot and left saliva there for my entrance. I placed my cock head in-between her ass cheeks, feeling for her entrance. I felt it at the tip of my cock and pushed hard.

Her ass did not fight off my intrusion; instead it opened to welcome my cock into its darkness. Kandy let out a soft moaning sound, as my cock penetrated and began fucking her ass.

“Do you want me to cum in your ass?”

With a breathless hiss she uttered, “Yes.”

Her body began to spasm for the third time tonight. Her pussy again releasing its wetness onto the bed. My cock began to vibrate uncontrollably as load after load of white hot fluid filled her dark cavity.

After our bodies were at rest, I asked her to push out my cum. and as she did. I licked it into my mouth. She rolled back over and we shared my fluid as we kissed.

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2014-03-22 10:50:44
Anonymous reader needs to get a life and get fucked. It's an erotica story dickweeds, not a literature assignment! I loved it baby....Peter.

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2011-07-21 05:34:43
he was late and there no question asked about why he is. Ruined it for me

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2011-07-19 18:21:43
BTW..... ''True Story'' my ass.

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2011-07-19 18:20:28
You gave him a key but he had to have you let him in. When there was no explanation for why he didn't let himself in, I stopped reading. ... ''Great writing and attention to details.''... yeahhh right.

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