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The teenage barbecue descends into an orgy
Amy the 16 year old daughter of a friend was staying with my wife Kate and I whilst her parents' house was renovated.

A few weeks after the school style disco Kate went away for the weekend to her Mother's house. Amy asked if she could have a few friends around for a barbecue at our house that weekend.

I agreed and suggested that I make myself scarce for a few hours. In truth I fancied the opportunity to have a few pints at the pub with a friend.

Just before lunch I helped Amy put together the barbecue, tidied the patio, set out the tables and chairs around the back garden. Her friends began to arrive and so I made my excuses and headed off to the pub to meet my friend.

After a couple of hours my friend received a call from his wife asking him to come home because she'd been involved in a minor prang in their car. I drank up and headed home in a taxi.

When I arrived home the party was in full flow. There was music blaring out of portable music system on the patio and lots of alcoholic drinks all over the place. There were around fifteen or sixteen girls was aged through from about 14 to their early 20's and a couple of young lads there aged around 17 or 18. The girls were generally larking around in a boisterous manner.

Being a hot summer's day the girls were wearing a mixture of shorts and t-shirts, bikinis and swimsuits. I felt like a kid in a sweet shop, I truly did not know where to look first. The girls were all shapes, sizes and ages. Some had fuller figures, others were slim, some had large tits, others small pert breasts, some were tall, others short.

The barbecue was alight and we all enjoyed a bit of lunch and a few drinks.

As the afternoon wore on the temperature began to rise and before long one of the girls bought out the garden hose and so began a long water fight. The girl sprayed everyone until we were all soaked to the bone. This obviously cooled the girls' temperatures judging by the erect nipples I could now see sticking out through their scant clothing.

Standing near me was a a tall leggy blonde with short hair of about 15 wearing a tiny black bikini top and high cut black thong bottoms. One of her friends winked at me and quietly crept up behind the blonde and with a smile tugged quickly on the knot holding the blonde's bikini top closed. With that the blonde haired girl's full breasts tumbled out of the material to much laughter and giggling. Her breasts were a bright white colour much in contrast to her gorgeously brown tanned arms, stomach and legs.

The blonde girl made no attempt to put her bikini top back on but instead let if fall to the floor clearly comfortable with her own body and retaliated pulling the other girl's strappy top down off her shoulders revealing her tits. They both stood giggling at each other.

Another drunk girl suggested they should all go topless and the suggestion met with a round of applause. I could not believe my luck as these girls began removing their tops one after another.

Before long there were only two girls still wearing tops. Since I had arrived I had noticed a girl called Molly. Molly was about 16 years old, with red hair and the most attractive deep green eyes, a plump fuller figure with small pert breasts and a full shapely arse. Molly was wearing a full swimsuit.

The second girl called Carly was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Looking at Molly, Carly said "Well I'm gain if you are?" and with that she lifted her t-shirt over her head revealing a huge pair of breasts topped with the most enormous nipples.

Molly looked rather embarrassed and was reluctant to expose her body. After much encouragement Molly slowly slipped the straps of her swimsuit over her shoulders and off down her arms. Then slowly she slid the top of her swimsuit down to her waist. Fantastic sight! Molly had small pert breasts with tiny erect nipples.

Amy came up behind Molly and tugged her swimsuit down over her hips until it fell to her ankles leaving Molly standing totally nude. Molly had a small tuft of sparse red hair which barely covered her vagina. Molly went a bright red and tried to cover her fanny with her hand.

Before long one of the girls picked up the garden hose again and sprayed the girls to much screaming and squealing. The girls screamed and rushed around, breasts bouncing and bobbing as they did so.

A short time later I saw Molly again. She had put on a t-shirt to cover her modesty, but only just, and her pert pink bottom was barely covered as she walked around. I could scarcely keep my eyes off her gorgeous figure, something Molly seemed to sense. Our eyes met a few times although Molly looked away on each occasion in a rather shy manner.

The afternoon pressed on and soon darkness fell giving way to a hot evening. By now all were rather the worse for wear having drunk far too much alcohol.

I went to the kitchen to get another cold beer and as I came out of the door at the side of the house I noticed movement near the garage. As I watched I saw that one of the girls was standing completely naked and one of the lads was kneeling in front of her with his face buried between her legs eating her pussy. The girl was moaning and uttering words of encouragement to the lad.

In the moonlight and light from the kitchen I could see her long straight hair cascading over her shoulders and down over her firm breasts. She had broad curvy hips and long slender legs. Her face was a picture, eyes closed and mouth wide open as she took deep breaths totally lost in the moment and her own pleasure.

As I watched her moaning became louder and louder and increasing urgent as she was obviously reaching an orgasm. When she had come she reached down, picked up her shorts and took something from the pocket. With that she told the lad to stand and tearing open a packet she proceeded to roll a condom down the lad's erect penis.

She lent back against the garage wall, parted her legs and pulled the lad towards her. She reached between her legs and guided his erect cock inside her pussy. The lad let out a sharp gasp and began working his cock in and out of her body grasping her firm arse to guide himself inside her body.

Before long the girl pushed the lad away and kneeling on all fours like a dog she told him to fuck her hard from behind. The lad didn't need asking twice and dropping to his knees he positioned himself at her arse and guided himself back into her pussy. As he worked in and out of her like a jackhammer the girls full breasts swayed rhymically in the shadowy light. She began swearing at the lad telling him to fuck her like a slut until her pussy was red raw. As he did so she moaned and groaned and thrashed obviously having another orgasm.

As they slowed down I quickly slipped away before they might notice me.

The party continued until about 2 in the morning when the girls and lads settled down to sleep off the alcohol. I went up to my bedroom and after undressing collapsed naked on my bed falling fast asleep almost immediately.

Some time later I became aware of someone in my room and realized that Molly had entered with Amy. Despite my state I quickly drew the bed clothes over my groin.

Molly and Amy stood giggling. When they had regained their composure Amy explained that Molly had something she wanted to show me and with that Molly raised the t-shirt over her head revealing her pert naked body. To my amazement Molly sat on the edge of the bed next to me and Amy slipped off her own bikini revealing her full rounded body.

Amy knelt in front of Molly who looked rather shy and red faced. Amy gently pried open Molly's legs and to my amazement I could see white thick fluid running from her dark pink inflamed pussy lips onto the bed duvet and down Molly's leg. She was obviously absolutely full of one of the lad's spunk.

Amy shuffled on her knees between Molly's legs and gave her a full long lasting French kiss. With that she told Molly to share her evenings experiences with me and dropped her attention to Molly's small pert breasts working upon her hard erect nipples, kissing them gently before drawing her tongue slowly around the nipples leaving a glistening trail of saliva.

Amy took her full breasts in her hands and rubbed them against Molly's soaking wet pussy, drawing the first her left nipple over Molly's pussy, then her right breast. As Amy drew away her nipples were liberally coated with a mixture of Amy's pussy juices and sperm.

With a series of small tender kisses Amy worked down Molly's stomach before beginning to lick and kiss Molly's inner thigh. Before long Amy drew her tongue across to Molly's tender vagina and using her fingers to hold Molly's vagina open worked her tongue deep into Amy's vagina.

As this happened Molly recounted how one of the lads had seduced her in the garden before fucking her on the lawn whilst Amy watched offering encouragement to the young couple. Molly's deion was fairly graphic and I became increasingly aroused listening to her tale while watching these two young girls making love.

It was clear that Molly was extremely turned on by the mixture of recounting her being screwed in the garden and by Amy licking her vagina out. She became increasingly red faced and was barely able to concentrate. I too was becoming very turned on and my bed sheets barely covered my increasingly erect penis.

Before long Amy drew away from Amy's sopping pussy, her face glistening with sperm. "It's your turn now" she announced to me.

Amy worked back up the bed and lay with her legs wide open. I dropped my face to her pussy and took in the animalistic smell of sperm and her pussy odor. I worked my tongue over her sparse pubic hair getting my first ever taste of spunk before working my tongue deep into her vagina.

By now I was very worked up and I quickly moved up positioning myself between Molly's thighs and slipped my erect cock into her soaking wet pussy. Despite the amount of moisture her pussy was still extremely tight on my cock. I began kissing her neck and worked down to those gorgeous little nipples, sucking and kissing all the time.

After a few minutes Amy told me to pull out and Molly to lay on her side. With that Amy instructed me to lay beside Molly and fuck her pussy from behind, which I duly did. As Molly and I fucked Amy licked the base of my cock and Molly's pussy lips and clitoris.

Shortly Amy disappeared from the room and reappeared wearing a long slender strap on rubber cock which was molded to include thick petrouding veins. She stood at the end of bed, poured copious amounts of flavoured lubricant on the tip and began to liberally coat the rubber cock. From where I lay it looked like she was wanking a long slender erect cock.

She told Molly to kneel on all fours and me to fuck her from behind. Amy then came around alongside us both and told Molly to suck the strap on which she did. My cock became harder and harder as I watched the show in front of me. Then Amy poured a huge amount of the lubricant on the cock and disappeared from view.

Suddenly I felt a cool hard object touching my arse cheeks. Then the object began to work it's way between my arse cheeks slowly drawing up and down before Amy positioned it at the entrance to my anus and gently slid the tip into my anus. Amy gently slid just the tip in and out of my anus for about three or four minutes giving me time to adjust to this new sensation.

I gradually became used to the sensation and as I worked in and out of Molly's pussy I found I was controlling the degree to which Amy fucked me with the dildo and could feel the rim of the cock head and veins.

Soon Amy began to slip the dildo deeper and deeper into my arse until I could feel her warm thighs touching my arse cheeks. Amy draped herself over my back and I could feel her full breasts on my back as she began to kiss my neck and ears. Amy progressed to French kissing me from the side as we all became more and more excited. The sensation was incredibly.

I was fucking Molly more and more roughly as Amy fucked me in turn. Molly began to thrash and moan as she reached her orgasm. Before long I could hold back no longer and I sprayed streams of my hot stick spunk deep into Molly's womb as Amy thrust the dildo deep into my arse.

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