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Stick with this story; this is only the start of a much more exciting story...
I hate where I work. In fact to say I “hate” it is an understatement. When I think about all the jobs I could be in, I get sad and angry at my present situation. I work in a dusty warehouse called Knappers, where I pick orders for local shops, day in, day out, 2pm until 10pm. I have to admit though; I am only working there for the summer holidays, the rest of the year I am at University. Being a student is a difficult life in terms of money, so really it is not my choice to work at Knappers, it is my bank balance’s choice. Believe me, my idea of fun is definitely not walking around the same aisles over and over again, stacking confectionary into a cage for lazy customers under the yellow lights that barely illuminate the claustrophobic warehouse. In fact, the only way I can amuse myself is by looking at some of the women who work there with me, but there is one who had caught my eye.

I must introduce myself better. My name is Chris, and I am an 18 year old student. I live in a small town in England, and live the simple life. All I want in life is to have money and to be happy. I never do anything wrong, and have been on the straight and narrow all my life. However, sometimes I do feel like I want to break free of this reputation and let my hair down a bit. When I was at Knappers last year for the summer holidays I had had a girlfriend. We had never done much, we stayed together for 10 months, but we were not serious. To say that I am not a virgin is arguable. My ex and I did have sex once, but it was so fast and amateurish that it could not really be counted. I feel inexperienced, and somewhat embarrassed about it. What I would love to have is someone who is more experienced in that area, someone who can teach me some tricks, and that is where Claire comes in…

Last year when I was at Knappers, Claire worked in the same place as me. However several things were different; at the time I was in a relationship, and so really wasn’t looking for anyone else, plus Claire was somewhat shy and reserved, was reasonably chubby, and had frizzy blonde hair that was too large for her petite head. It was for these reasons I never noticed her… However, when I returned this summer, things had changed. After some awkward arguments with my ex, I became single, and University just didn’t have anyone that I wanted to be in a relationship with. Furthermore, Claire had changed the most. During the time I was at University Claire had lost 4 stone, and was now a luscious and curvy 9 stone, and her once outrageous hair had now been improved; for now she had very long and straight blonde hair, much better suited to her shape. I had gotta admit it, she was looking hot.

Claire and I had always got on well; we spoke as friends, and told each other stuff that maybe you wouldn’t tell someone who you had just met, although we weren’t so close that we would discuss personal things. However, when I returned this had changed too. Claire, once shy, had now become more sexual and confident. She revelled in talking about her body, and so on. Claire was 26, married and had a 7 year old girl. Yet when listening to her, it was easy to forget this and to think that she was single. I was attracted to her life, her honesty, and to her sexual magnetism that oozed from her like perfume. She would talk about her holiday which she chose purely because it was near a nudist beach; how her and her husband had been to a doggin site; and how she was feeling horny 24 hours a day it seemed. Being only 18, I saw Claire as something to dream over, for I would never have a chance with a 26 year old, especially one that was married and had got a child. I saw this as a “Stay Away” sign, and so decided to just dream over her, and to remain friendly, and continue my hum-drum job.

It was a still, hot and humid day. June in England tends to be like that, and doing a manual job does not help the situation. Sweaty bodies, hard work, 8 hours non-stop, it’s a recipe for a bad day. It was Wednesday the 17th of June, and I was a month into my summer job at Knappers. I had got friends at work who I would talk to as I went round the warehouse, both men and women. When I was with the women I would talk about mediocre thing such as latest events, shopping, and ask about their families etc. I did this because I felt at ease with the women and wanted them to feel comfortable around me. When I was with the guys, I would talk about soccer, and (of course) women. On this particular day I was working up an aisle with two of my male friends at work, Mike and James. Both of whom were slightly older than me; 20 and 21 respectively. Mike was definitely the ladies man, and was experienced to the point where he had encountered everything it seemed when it comes to sex. James was also a favourite with the ladies, but was less keen to talk about it in explicit detail like Mike. He was more the smooth operator. On this particular day we resorted to our favourite subject; women.

“Ok, so I have come up with this cool game right…” smirked Mike.

“Oh yeah, come on then, share it with us… I could do with cheering up, I am so bored!” I replied, wiping the sweat from my forehead.

Mike moved in closer to James and me, making sure that no-one heard his game that he didn’t want to hear.

“Ok, this is a cool game that you can play about women… It’s called the “COWMA” game… Right, what you do is, you pick a woman, any woman, and you choose what sexual position you would most like to do to them. That’s where COWMA comes in; C stands for Cowgirl, O stands for giving them Oral, W stands for against the Wall, M is for Missionary position, and A is my favourite, Anal…”

“You’ve been thinking about this too long” I choked, James laughed at my retort.

“No seriously, it works for any woman, even celebrities. All men have a preferred sexual position depending on the woman, and this way men can talk about it without the ladies knowing what you’re talking about!”

I sighed, this sounded kind of stupid. “Ok then” I sighed.

“Ok, Chris I’ll give you three women for example, just to make it easy for you to play the game… woman number one: Jennifer Lopez?”

I stood and laughed, this was so easy.

“All of them” I spluttered.

“Aha…!” Mike exploded with a gasp of breath. “You can only choose one. It’s the rule. You have to choose one and only one, no matter how ugly or how hot the woman is…”

I slowly began to work again, thinking about the options. I came to a decision quickly.

“Well, it’s got to be A for Anal hasn’t it?”

Mike seemed to burst with excitement with my answer. James too seemed impressed.

“Damn right…” grinned Mike “You know that that ass is worth a ramming! Ok, next one… Britney Spears?”

This too was a reasonably difficult one. I continued to work slowly, just in case my supervisor walked past and caught us talking instead of working. I didn’t want to be fired, especially as I needed the money. I came to a decision quickly again.

“Well, they are all tempting, but I am going to have to go for W…”

Mike seemed more intrigued with this answer. James began nodding his head.

“So, can’t wait to get into bed, hey? Just wanna do her right there and then against the wall, huh?” chortled Mike.

“I can’t say I blame you, Chris” mumbled James, also working slowly to avoid being caught.

“Well, I think it would be cool… not that I will ever get the chance though!” I laughed. It was true, here’s me fantasising about which position I would choose for a celebrity, knowing that it will never happen!

“Ok, you have one more left…” Mike grinned, stroking his chin in thought.

“Ok, but after that I have gotta get on with this order, I don’t wanna be caught and get my ass whooped because my work sucks” I said firmly.

“Ok, I’ll make this one a good one… your third choice is… Claire”.

I almost exploded with shock at this suggestion. I looked up quickly at the now laughing Mike, and the smirking James slightly behind him. What a preposterous suggestion!

“That isn’t fair; you can’t pick someone from work - that just isn’t right!” I said nervously, knowing that I was becoming redder by the second.

“Oh come on, that’s the whole point of the game! Everyone has a preference for everyone, so I might as well choose someone at work rather than a celebrity!”

“Come on Chris, what do you say?” asked James, who had now abandoned his work and stood in a trance, waiting for my response.
“Why have you chosen her?” I asked, now somewhat offended.

“Oh come on Chris! We know what you’re thinking most of the day! We see you drooling over her, we’re not blind you know!” Responded Mike, shocked at my question.

“I do not!” I replied, almost shouting.

“You’ve never wondered what colour her panties are?” Enquire Mike.

I had gotta admit, during the time at work where no-one talks, and there’s only the dull music playing from the fuzzy speakers above, your mind does tend to wander. I find myself playing through all sorts of scenarios in my mind, most them sexual. But of course, I would never tell the people that were involved in my daydreams. One of the many thoughts that I have had HAS included Claire’s panties, and staring at her secretly from a distance I have wondered what they are like…

“No, never!” I lied, sounding totally unconvincing.

Both Mike and James scoffed. James in particular seemed amused by this.

“Oh come on, even I have, and I am sure Mike has!” joked James, smiling as he spoke.

“Damn right! Can you imagine what they are like? Her, fitting into a tight pair of lace panties… Makes you hard thinking about it!” Mike chuckled, obviously joking. I on the other hand did have the embarrassing encounter of becoming hard over such thoughts. It was the ultimate mystery it seemed.

Just as this conversation ended, Claire arrived from the end of the aisle. She beamed at Mike and James, both of whom muttered deep greetings to her, both looking down at their shoes. I on the other hand felt more comfortable around her; I was blessed with not feeling embarrassed by her being there.

“You ok honey?” Claire said in her dreamy voice. She smiled at me as I stood there, trying desperately to remove the previous conversation out of my mind. I failed badly.

“Yeah… Yeah I’m fine thanks” I spluttered back at her.

“Good” she said, extending the word into a long, sensuous sound. She walked past me, and headed to the other side of the aisle, bending down to pick up something off the floor. I quickly glanced at Mike and James, both of whom were now arching their necks to get a better view of the now bent over Claire. I returned my view to Claire who was fumbling around with some products on the floor. My gaze drifted slowly up, getting a great view of her tight, round ass pointing directly at me. My eyes lit up when I realised that her tight blue jeans had fallen down slightly, showing off a sultry black thong poking above the waistline of the jeans. My mouth opened in awe as I stared at her rear, I looked back at the other two, and both mouthing “wow” silently as Claire continued to fumble. It was as if she were doing it on purpose; giving us lads a “show”. It wouldn’t have surprised me, as I have mentioned she is incredibly sexually charged, and loved the attention of the guys. After what seemed a heavenly lifetime, she stood back up straight, turned and began to walk past me again, winking at me as she does so. I could have sworn she was eyeing me up as she did so. I just grinned at her and started to fan my now hot and red face when she left.

“At least we know now!” Mike laughed. He began to laugh so hard that the supervisor heard, came up to us, and told us to continue with out work and to stop talking. Typical…

The rest of the day resumed as expected: slowly, hot, and very boring. Occasionally I would bump into Claire and have a conversation laden with innuendoes about “liking it hard”, and “it’s so hot in here, I want to take off all my clothes”. Meaningless fun for her, a dream for me. The thing about working long hours, drinking to replace lost water, is that you tend to have toilet breaks regularly. I left my order, and started to head to the other side of the warehouse towards where the bathrooms are. I opened the door, and entered the narrow corridor that led down to the bathroom entrances. As I made my way down there, I noticed Claire coming out of the Ladies’ bathroom.

“Hey there big boy” she smiled.

I didn’t really know how to reply to this, and so replied with a pathetic “… Hi there”. I grimaced at my lame retort. Claire giggled like a school girl. She seemed so innocent, and it was such a turn on. I would never have guessed that she was a married mother. She continued to walk past me, and slapped my ass when she walked past. I laughed, as did she, and she left the corridor back to the warehouse.

I continued towards the bathroom. I dislike going to the urinals as I feel I have no privacy, so I always go to the cubicles. I locked myself into one of the toilets; the bathroom was empty, just as I like it. As I sat there in the cubicle I began to think about what just occurred. I kept replaying her walking towards me, her hair flowing, her smile penetrating me, and most of all her low cut top allowing a bit of cleavage to be seen; her breasts slightly bouncing as she walked towards me. It was this that I could only focus on in my mind. I remembered that I never answered Mike’s COWMA suggestion for Claire. I began to go through each scenario of the game in my mind. First off C: I pictured myself lying on my back on a bed, a vision of a naked Claire gently rocking on top of me, moaning in ecstasy as she rides my erect cock filling her vagina. Next I pictured O: Claire sitting on the edge of a table, the back of my head seen in between her spread legs, moving up and down with each lick. Claire has a hand on my head, again moaning with pleasure as I spend time on her clitoris. Next is W (my choice for Britney Spears): I have now pictured my bedroom wall, me pressing Claire against the wall, her legs wrapped sultrily around me, me giving her slow but steady strokes, both of us breathing heavily. Next is M: I have a vision of a bed with no sheets on, me placed on top of Claire, her smooth legs in the air as I shunt backwards and forwards, filling her cunt every time I push forward. And finally A: Claire, on all fours, with me holding onto her hair as I press my erect cock into her tight ass, Claire squealing with pleasure, yelling for me to do it harder each time. I quivered in excitement over this idea. I decided that that would be my ideal position with her. In fact, I got so excited about all these scenarios that I quickly developed an erection. I slowly pulled my erect cock out from my trousers (barely keeping it in as it is) and thought about masturbating. I was just about to do so when I suddenly had a change of heart. It was ludicrous for me to do this, especially at work. This is a 26 year old mother for Heaven’s sake! I can’t do this! It is wrong! I quickly pulled my swollen penis back into my underwear and sat there in that cubicle until the swelling had reduced. Today was obviously not going to go easy, not with this on my mind. I had to resist the urge; not this woman, not someone with a kid and a husband, surely not…

The next day I went to work; it was the last working day of the week for me. The rest of the previous day was Hell, but I managed to get through it without turning into a quivering wreck, no thanks to the smutty duo, Mike and James. This would be a new day, a fresh start. I believed that 18 year olds shouldn’t be having these kinds of thoughts, it was just wrong. I know that I craved to let my hair down, but I didn’t want it to be like this… She was looking sexy though yesterday, hopefully she wouldn’t look so good today. I mean, she shouldn’t look good anyhow, purely because no-one wears good clothes to work, the chances of them getting ruined are pretty high. Yet Claire managed it excruciatingly well. I walked in on my own, and prepared myself for what was to come. There she was, standing by the drinks machine; another pair of tight blue jeans, and now a strappy black top which showed her sexy waist, and highlighted her firm, large breasts. This was not what I wanted, not today! Although I didn’t want it, I was also excited by her figure; she certainly could get away with these tight clothes, and looked so, so sexy. Her blonde hair flowed down to her breasts, hanging excitingly over her back. I made a stifled greeting to her and went to my locker.

“Well?” A voice said from behind me.

I turned round to find Mike standing behind me, a curious look on his face.

“Well what?” I replied, feeling very confused.

“What is your response?” Mike added. I stood there confused. “You know… Claire… COWMA…” Mike added further.

“Oh..!” I looked around “Ok, you gotta promise me you won’t tell anyone this…” Mike nodded - a grin on his face. “I promise” He added. “Ok… I would say A” I exclaimed. Mike began to chuckle with excitement. “You wanna tap that ass don’t you?! Good man!” He spluttered, walking off almost with a skip in his step.

I began to wonder if he would tell anyone. After all, sex to him wasn’t a personal issue, so why would anyone else’s feelings be any more important than his own? I began to become nervous, this warehouse was a breeding ground for rumours as it was, and I didn’t want this to be passed round the warehouse like the plague. I went to the now empty drinks machine, got myself a cool drink, and prepared for what could be another “interesting” day at work…

It was no use; I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I would try and think about other things; soccer, music, films, what I would do at the weekend. You know mundane things like that. But it was no use. I couldn’t do it. I didn’t even need to speak to Mike or James about it; she was permanently in my mind like a virus. Her elegance, the way she moved, her sweet perfume filling my nose, her sultry body… I knew that my work was suffering because of it, and so tried to make it appear as if it was because I was constantly going for a drink, trying to disguise the true reasons. It was getting near the end of the day, there was only about 2 hours to go, and decided that I would waste some time by going to the bathroom. (In that kind of job, any kind of break from the monotony is a relief). I made my way past a few workers, one of whom being Mike. He nodded at me in recognition; I returned the nod and carried on. I turned a corner to head towards the narrow corridor’s entrance. It was then that I heard a voice from behind me; I instantly could tell who it was.

“We’ve got to stop meeting like this or people will start talking about us”

I looked round as I walked to see Claire smiling behind me, catching me up with a fast pace.

“Yeah… don’t want any rumours going round about us!” I replied, an air of desperation in my tone.

Claire giggled again. She was so sexy. “Yeah… although I wouldn’t mind, would be kind of exciting don’t you think?” she enquired.

I really didn’t know how to respond to this. I always seem to land myself in these situations; someone says something which is sexually awkward, and I resort to my obligatory “Yeah…” and then a short chuckle. Pathetic I know, but 18 year olds do not tend to talk like this with older people. 9 years ago I was still playing with toys in my bedroom! It was at times like this I was reminded at how inexperienced I am, and how I long to be taught the tricks of the trade.

We continued our way to the narrow corridor’s entrance; being a gentleman I opened the door for Claire and entered in behind her. I couldn’t help myself from looking at her body up and down whilst she rattled on about the heat, and how hot she was getting… We reached the bathroom doors, I stood in front of mine, she in front of hers. We made a bit of small talk, before I attempted to move. I was stuck. It seemed the luminous yellow jacket had got caught in the door handle, and I wasn’t allowed to reach round and unhook. I felt a fool.

Claire noticed me struggling, and began to giggle uncontrollably. “Need a hand?” she managed to say. I began to turn red again, and nodded at her. She began to walk towards me, and had obviously noticed my reddening face. “Awww, you’re so cute” she whined. “Now hold still…” Normally, in this kind of situation the person helping would have only needed to reach round with their arm and unhook the other person. However, Claire adopted her own technique. She leaned in closer to me and put her hand on my chest. With the other hand she reached round, all the time looking at my face. I too stared into her gaze; this was the kind of intimacy that started my heart pumping. I think Claire noticed the pumping. She unhooked my jacket, but did not move away from my body. My mind was speaking to me in two voices; I had a voice which was telling me “Don’t do anything, she’s a wife and has a 7 year old daughter, think of the family, think of the problems!” and then there was this slightly louder voice which was constantly urging “Go on, here’s your chance, you have been waiting and fantasising about this moment ever since you got back here… look at her body…”. It was at that moment I decided to follow one voice’s advice.

Claire had pulled herself nearer to me, allowing me to feel her soft breasts against my chest. This sensation sent an immediate reaction to my cock, and was steadily hardening as we stood there. “Wait here” she whispered. Claire then went into the ladies’ bathroom and disappeared for 20 seconds. I become fidgety, nervous, excited all at the same time. What was going to happen? What am I doing? Questions that were being deafened by the original “Give it to her good” thought. I waited patiently. The Ladies’ door swung open again, and Claire’s pretty face appeared round the corner. “Come here” she whispered, gesturing for me to follow her. I stood there for a few seconds, almost grounded with excitement. I looked around to make sure no-one was about, and made my way towards Claire. When I got to her she reached out for my hand. I clasped my hand in hers, and she led me into the bathroom…

The door clunked heavily behind me. It struck me suddenly that I was in the Ladies’ bathroom, something I have never seen before (as it should be). I glanced around nervous that I was going to get caught. After all, being in an intimate state with a married mother isn’t the best reputation to have, especially at Knappers. I could feel my heart thumping in my head. Claire opened the door to one of the cubicles, grinning naughtily as she did so. She gave me a cheeky glance and pulled me into the cubicle, locking the door behind me. I had never gotten so close to Claire before, and there was nothing closer than a couple of adults standing in an enclosed toilet cubicle. Claire had instantly put both hands on my chest. I could feel myself getting redder as time progressed; this kind of scenario was completely new to me.

“C-C-Claire….” I spluttered. I was beginning to quiver with excitement and nerves.

“This is what you want isn’t it…” Claire said seductively. She took one of my hands and placed it on her firm ass. I exhaled quickly with what I was feeling. She had now moved her head closer to mine and was breathing softly onto my neck, listening to my short, sharp breaths. I was somewhat reluctant to feel at first, but now I had closed my eyes and was feeling Claire’s spectacularly tight ass in circular motions. Claire kissed me softly a couple of times on the neck as I did so.

After 20 seconds or so, Claire moved away from me, pushed me down onto the toilet seat and moved closer into me; her breasts hovering tantalisingly close to my face; the smell of her perfume arousing me further. Her strappy top revealed enough cleavage for any man to get excited, and she was now wriggling her tanned bare waist inches from my face.

“You want me…” she laughed. I looked up at her face; as I did so she reached for my face with her hand and kissed me passionately on the lips. This was becoming much too much for me to handle!

“L-L-L-Lo-L-Look Claire… I…” (Claire moved one of my hands gently onto one of her breasts over the top of her clothing) “…I….err….I….oh fuck…. I…” I couldn’t spit out what I wanted to say. I had never felt so out of control in my entire life. The feel of her firm breast was divine. It was as if it was made entirely for me; my worries were quickly evaporating with every passing second. Claire moaned softly as I massaged her breast, licking her lips in the process. After half a minute had passed, Claire seemed to have a determined look on her face. She straddled me as I sat there on the closed toilet seat and began removing her top. My breathing seemed to gather speed, I felt as if I were going to pass out at any point at this rate. Looking deep into my eyes, she finally managed to untie the knot at the back of the top, and she slowly peeled it off to uncover two large, tanned, delectable breasts. I gasped in amazement at what I was seeing. My ex had small breasts, and this was always something which annoyed me when were together, not that I ever told her this. Now, I was seeing the kind if breasts that dreams are made of.

“Come on Chris… lick my nipples….” Ordered Claire; she obviously knew what she wanted, and so expected it to be done. Clearly she liked to be the one in charge.

I hesitated for a moment, but decided against all odds to do as she pleased. I slowly moved my head forward, and just as one of Claire’s luscious nipples were about to enter my mouth I heard the bathroom door open. I quickly shot my head back and sat there in the cubicle without breathing. Claire had flung her head round to get a better listen. We could hear the footsteps of someone coming into the bathroom, and going to the cubicle next to ours. I scanned around the cubicle nervously, trying my hardest not to make even the tiniest of sounds. I noticed that Claire didn’t seem phased at all by this, and was still caressing me as I sat there on edge. I softly removed her hands from me, and continued to listen carefully to the person in the next compartment. The person in the next cubicle finished her business and made her way to the other side of the bathrooms where the sinks were. Just then I heard the door open again and someone else came in. “Great!” I thought, “This is just what I need (!)”.

Claire continued to seem turned on by this and started to rub herself on me in defiance. I did not return the favour and listened to the conversation that the two visitors were now engaged in. I could tell that it was Paula and Sharon; two 40-somethings who loved nothing more than to gossip. If only they knew the clinch I was in at the moment.

“God, I can’t wait to get home tonight, I’ve had enough of here today!” groaned Paula.

“I know what you mean, I’m sweating like a pig, but then again I don’t resort to skimpy little clothes like some people!” replied Sharon.

“Oh I know who you’re on about… I gotta admit it; Claire does seem to do it on purpose! I mean for God sake, she looks like a tart, she’s only doing it for the guys!” yacked Paula.

“I know I know…” mumbled Sharon. It was then that the door opened again, and I can only assume it was Paula who left. Sharon must have only come in to wash her hands, because I heard the tap running, and then door opening and shutting again. When they had both left I let out a sigh of relief, and a giggle came from Claire. I was not pleased about how close this was, but I must admit, it was a bit of a turn on. I decided that maybe now wasn’t the time to continue what we were doing, so Claire continued her sneaky traits by smuggling me out of the women’s bathroom, and back onto the warehouse. I knew that this was only the beginning of something much, much bigger…


2005-06-28 12:03:23
There doesnt need to be a lot of fucking to start off with does there, it's part one of probably many!


2005-04-09 13:32:04
there wasnt enough fucking


2004-09-23 18:07:06
Man, that is wicked, I can really imagine everything. As the last guy said, there isn't much fucking, but I'm DEFINITELY looking forward to Part 2...


2004-09-20 21:44:39
nice story, but wheres the fucking? i hope there is a part 2.....

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