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DJ and club producer Mark Fox takes his budding relationship with the young an im[pish Aliona a step further and is left questioning his lifestyle even more.
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As she went up the stairs in front of me I followed the subtle shape of Aliona’s hips with my eyes as they swayed back and forth under her short, thin, silky dress. There was just enough of a curve to set them apart from her slender waist above. Her ass pushed out against the material just enough to give it shape below her lower back; a handful and a half, certainly not two full handfuls. It was tiny. I’d had my hands on her back yesterday when she climbed over my lap while putting her lips to mine and slowly wiggling her tongue into my mouth in the park so I already knew she was lean and fit. Her bottom looked only slightly less firm as it moved back and forth; her dress clung to its shape in the morning heat.

At the top of the first flight of stairs she stopped short in front of me and I bumped into her from behind. She pushed her ass back ever so slightly into me and she looked up at me over her shoulder again.

“Where am I going?” she asked.

I put my hand softly on her left side just below her ribs and pointed over her right shoulder down the hall to the second door on the right. She started walking again and I followed. My mind stopped to think independent of my body and I found myself wondering what exactly it was I was doing. What did I think was going to happen here? After how forward Aliona had been so far I had a fair idea where this was probably going, and there was no question I was aroused at the thought. What had happened last night made that rather clear. Thinking now, as I reached out to open the door, of actually doing that to Ali I felt a stab of guilt. I had only recently met her and I really actually liked her. That was the problem. Forcing my cock into some slut’s mouth and making her gag over and over with it was different than doing that to someone you actually cared about. I felt a second of revulsion at myself for having pictured Aliona in my mind while I’d fucked Casey’s throat at the after party.

My cat, The Chairman, ran towards the door as soon as it was open and Aliona let out a cute little shriek of glee and dropped to her hands and knees in the hallway to rub her forehead against his. He was a friendly cat and would soak up any attention that anyone gave him. He turned and ran for the living room, looking back at her every few steps to make sure she was following. She chased him on her hands and knees over to where his carpeted tower was by the window where he proceeded to show off his claws by tearing at it a bit. I came behind slower, looking at how small and lithe Ali was and how good that tiny ass looked stuck up in the air when she lowered the front of her body to her elbows to pretend to scratch along with him.

“You’re a scumbag,” I muttered accusingly at myself.

“Oh, he’s not a scumbag,” she said playfully looking over her shoulder at me, “he just wants to show off.”

Going back to the cat, she wiggled her ass back and forth and she rubbed his belly. Done with new humans for now he climbed to the top of the tower and closed his eyes half way, making sure every bit of him was placed perfectly before sliding them the rest of the way shut. Aliona hopped to her feet and cocked her right hip out a bit to the side as she surveyed the room.

“This isn’t what I expected,” she said as she looked around, “I expected a mess of big speakers and cables and full ashtrays. This is very…domestic.”

“I know, it’s like an Ikea catalogue,” I said, “and it’s all me. Lisa would probably like the room full of speakers better.”

She looked at me suddenly, furrowing her brow and biting her lower lip nervously. She quickly looked around again and noticed the photographs here and there, most of them of me and Lisa.

“Um…who’s Lisa?” she asked, her faced staying in that mixture of trrepidation and dismay.

“An amazing friend,” I replied, picking up a picture of us and handing it to Ali.

It was taken in Peru, halfway up the hike to Machu Pichu. Lisa was many feet ahead of me on the trail wearing one of her sports prosthetics attached to her left knee and throwing up both middle fingers at me with a huge squinty grin plastered across her face as I leaned on my knees with my hands, sweat pouring off my face and soaking my shirt. Someone else on the hike from the hotel had taken the picture for us because Lisa wanted indelible proof that I couldn’t keep up.

“This looks like a married couple’s place Mark,” Ali said as she handed the picture back, “I bet you don’t even have separate shelves in the refrigerator.”

“Indeed we do not. We haven’t for years. Lisa and I have been roommates and best friends for, what, 17 years now?”

She brightened up as she looked around some more. She took in Lisa’s paintings, hung without frames here and there. She walked through the kitchen and out the other side back into the hallway and towards the bedrooms. Lisa’s door was open and she glanced in only casually as she walked by before pushing the half shut door into my room all the way open.

“This is what I was looking for,” she said with a wink and she went in.

I felt an initial rush of sexual excitement followed by another stab of guilt, and went into my room behind her. She was standing in the middle of the room with huge speakers pointing at her from almost every angle, looking around a bit wide eyed at the racks of equipment and keyboards with cables coming from the front and back all leading to a small mixing desk and dual screened computer by the window. A pair of turntables and a lamp took up the only other free space other than the bed. A simple unaffected bass line looped by itself over and over at almost imperceptible volume. You couldn’t quite hear it, but you could feel it deep inside of you if you stood in the center of the room as she was. She turned slowly around once looking at everything until she was facing me again. She was swaying her hips below her waist in time to the slow grind. She closed her eyes and put her hands on her sides, sliding them down her hips and back up again, pulling the hem of her short sundress up higher at the sides. She started to wind and swivel around, her hands moving around her chest and sides. One went down the flat plane of her stomach stopping just above her pubic bone while the other caressed up the side of her ass and lingered in the small of her back.

I stepped to the mixer and turned up the track, punching in a high pitched and minimal drumbeat to counterpoint the deep subharmonics of the bass line. In that sexy place between 84 and 85 bpm, Aliona moved one hand back to her ass as the other slid slowly back up her stomach and higher. She lingered shortly on the slight rising mound of her left breast before stroking her fingers up to her throat. She leaned her head back and swiveled her neck from left to right with her long brown pigtails swaying on her chest. Her hips were still grinding, forward and back now instead of side to side and she bent her knees slightly. I punched in the second, crunchier and distorted, part of the bass line I’d been working on since Lisa left for work that morning and the floor and walls began to vibrate and the air oscillated against Aliona’s tiny little body. Her hair moved in the breeze we liked to call “the bass wind” and her mouth dropped open; I could see her shudder as she took in a shaky breath. Her hands trailed down together to rest on either side of her pelvis between her hip bones, pressing the material of her dress tight enough that I could see the outline of her small little pussy beneath. There was a small wet spot on the pale yellow fabric. She took in another shaky breath, and then another. Her entire 4’10” frame shuddered as she inhaled sharply a few times and then let out one last long shaky breath.

She opened her vivid green eyes completing her mischievous imp smile, licked her lips, and started to say something. I lowered the volume back down to almost nothing so I could hear her.

“…like that before Mark,” she was saying breathlessly, “I think you just fucked me with your stereo.”

“That’s how it looked too,” an awkward tone was in my voice, “I don’t think that’s ever happened before.”

“Then I guess I’m your first,” she took another deep breath and held it before letting it out slowly, never taking her eyes off mine, “can I sit down and talk to you about something?”

I gestured to the door and followed her gently swaying form down the hall back to the living room. She waited for me to sit down so she could sit right next to me with one leg tucked under her so she was turned slightly towards me. I did the same so we were almost facing one another. I waited while she appeared to be gathering her thoughts, putting one finger to her tiny mouth. Shortly she looked up into my eyes from under her brows as she often did.

“I really like you Mark. A lot,” she stopped for a second, as if trying to decide if she should go on, “and I want to apologize.”

“Apologize?” I asked, surprised.

“Yeah, for yesterday,” she had a stricken look on her face, “I don’t want you to think I do that sort of stuff all the time. I’m not a slut.”

If she thought kissing me and putting my hand on her leg was slutty what would she think of Lacey Casey? There was an honesty in her face, an innocence in her eyes that I didn’t see very often in others. She truly believed that her behavior had been over the line. The type of behavior I was used to being around in the circles I moved in was in sharp contrast to this beautiful little thing sitting in front of me. I remembered what is was like back when I wasn’t much different from her, before I had been ground down and jaded by too many fake people in too many fake situations. Aliona shifted a bit on the couch, biting her lower lip and still looking up at me with those stricken but utterly beautiful green eyes. I realized she was waiting for me to say something.

“Trust me, you’re no slut Ali,” I put my hand on her knee and her face brightened a bit, “it was just a kiss.”

“Was it really? Was it just a kiss?”

“I’m not sure what you mean,” I said to her. Yes I did, but I’m bad at this part.

“Do you like me too Mark?” she asked, the stricken look casting a shadow over her face again.

“I don’t even know much about you, but yeah…I really do,” I meant it too. I had been rapidly realizing this was far more than just an attraction to a sexy younger girl.

“Nope,” she said, holding her hand palm out and shaking her head, “I told you that you get to skip this part. You said you’re bad at it.”

I smiled at her and nodded. She put her hand over mine on her knee.

“As long as you want to skip this part too then that’s cool with me,” I said quietly, “I really do always fuck it up.”

She frowned while smiling and shaking her head and just kept staring at me. I stared back and we sat in silence like that, me squeezing her knee gently or her moving her hand on mine from time to time. She moved even closer to me, her thin leg going under mine while she held my hand in place so that it was now higher up her leg and just under the mid thigh hem of her yellow dress. I seldom enjoyed silence this much. She put her other hand on my face, rough from not shaving for two days, and ran her fingers down in front of my ear and along my jawbone and then back up again with the backs of them. She ran the tips of them through my hair behind my ear and simultaneously pulled me slightly forward while raising herself up onto her knees and leaning her face to mine. My hand fell between her knees on the couch and she put her lips softly against mine, opening and closing her mouth slightly in a tender kiss. Our tongues met in the space between our open mouths and slid against each other, reaching and flicking and undulating.

I moved my right hand to the inside of her right thigh and slid it up and down her soft skin. She inhaled sharper with the contact and pressed her mouth full against mine. I took her tiny probing tongue in my mouth and moved my own against its underside as she ran her own around the roof of my mouth. Her other hand found the back of my head and she gripped my hair in both, moving her head around as her lips locked with mine. My hand had moved higher on her inner thigh and I could feel the heat coming from her as she moaned softly through our kiss. I raised my other hand up to the front of her neck where she had been touching herself in my room and slid it up over the right side of her face. She drew back her head minutely so our lips were barely touching and our tongues slid against each other and in and out of each other’s mouths while she lowered her pelvis just enough that my fingers pushed lightly against her pussy.

It was shaved bare and still moist and hot from what had happened to her in the circle of speakers. I didn’t move my fingers at first and so she started to move her hips forward and back almost imperceptibly to get me to touch her. Locking my lips tightly against hers once more and pushing my tongue back into her mouth I touched just the side of my index finger against her and started moving it along the fine soft skin. She moaned again, high and pleading, and took her hands from my hair and used them to brace herself against my chest. We made out like horny school kids and I slowly started applying more and more pressure with my finger. Sliding softly passed her tiny pussy lips I began stroking up and down above her tight opening with my finger tip. She was small but wet, and I inserted the tip of my finger into her. Her soft cry was muffled by our mouths being pushed together. I moved my fingertip in and out, sliding it up her slit now and then before pushing it back in. She gripped my shirt in her little hands and started to move her hips slowly up and down so that each time my finger went a little bit deeper. The heat enveloped my finger as it slid in up to the second knuckle on one of her down thrusts, and then all the way in on the next. She shuddered and leaned back from me, looking into my eyes with hers open wide and the tip of her tongue between her teeth at the corner of her mouth. She arched her pelvis up and down very slowly to move my finger in and out of her, all the way out and then all the way in. On each downward motion she exhaled a sigh that was half breath and half high pitched sound in her throat.

I leaned forward, my other hand going behind to the small of her back, and she unfolded her thin legs from under her as I laid her backwards down onto the couch. I lay down beside her and pulled her against me with one hand while my other continued to finger her incredibly tight and perfect little pussy. She continued moving her pelvis back into my hand and sighing as I put my mouth to hers again, our tongues twining and untwining as her breathing increased in tempo along with my finger penetrating her. The palm of my hand clutched her small mound and I replaced my index finger with my middle finger. She was so small I could feel every single bit of her inside. I’d never been with a virgin and had always wanted to but it seemed Aliona had lost her cherry at some point before today. Part of me, the part that still wondered how old she was, was glad of this fact. It said something. What, I’m not sure.

She started thrusting her hips harder against my hand and arched her back in time with her thrusts. She wriggled and bucked against me while we kissed and my finger slid in and out of her. Her sighs turned to moans and then to cries as she boiled over the edge and came. Her pussy got even wetter as it flooded in her ecstasy and I could feel all the muscles inside of her milking my finger with a sucking motion, tightly. She broke from our kiss and panted and sighed through her orgasm, her mouth wide open and her eyes half shut. She froze there, arched with her back off the couch, her shoulders pressed into the couch as she pushed down hard with her pelvis. A long sigh escaped her and she very slowly relaxed her body, coming back down from wherever she had just been. I slowly withdrew my finger from her clutching pussy and she tensed up once more as she drew in a shaky breath and then released it.

“Nnnnnnnn,” was all she said as she wrapped her thin arms around my chest and shifted so I was laying against the back of the couch and she was nuzzled against me with her head under my chin. We lie there together, time slipping slowly by. My head was full of the smell of her hair. I inhaled deeply and she lazily pulled out her long pigtails without looking up. I ran my fingers through her soft brown hair with the fingers of my left hand while my right caressed the small of her back and top of her ass where her dress had pushed up above her waist as she had arched her back over and over again.

“That was kick ass,” she eventually said, quietly, before breaking out into girlish giggles. I laughed with her and she leaned up on me to look in my eyes with a smile, “maybe you’re the slut Mark, you just met me.”

She was joking but it stung. Maybe she was right. If I got the chance I’d fuck. Being around the people I was usually around you took what came your way. Nothing was permanent, everything temporary; over a decade of meaningless encounters with relatively meaningless people stretched back behind me. I had a career out of it, but no real friends. I had some acclaim, mostly as a producer and some as a DJ as well, but nothing I could hang on the wall like Lisa had. No matter how hard a track hit today it would be old news and replaced with a new floor banger by next week.

Everything was transient, drifting constantly. It was like playing molecule in a warehouse full of strangers.

“Whatcha thinkin’?” Aliona asked me with a raise of her eyebrows, resting her elbows on my chest and her chin in her hands. She put her right leg between mine and moved her body slightly along the length of mine.

“Upper brain chatter, nothing really,” I told her, smiling to reassure her. My hands moved to her hips, resting my fingers on the sides of her small bottom.

“Just so you know, you can do that to me whenever you want,” she told me with a sly grin on her lips and slightly surprised look in her eyes, “I really liked that.”

“Oh yeah? I hadn’t noticed” I joked.

“I have a gift for understatement,” she flashed that grin at me again.

I could feel the warmth and dampness of her pussy were it rested against my right leg through my shorts. She hadn’t pulled her dress down yet and her bare ass started to rise and fall and she absentmindedly rubbed herself against my thigh. She tightened her grip on my leg with hers as she lay her head back on my chest and slowly squirmed her whole lithe body against mine. I caressed her cheek with my left hand while my right cupped her ass and pulled her tighter against me, pushing softly with her movements. I raised my right knee a bit to put more pressure against her with my thigh and she moaned softly against my chest. She rocked her hips up and down, grinding her pussy against my leg while she clenched and unclenched my shirt in her little fists. After a minute or so she pushed herself up onto her knees, sliding her hands down my chest as she did so, stopping when her forearms were along my thighs and her perfect ass was stuck naked up into the air. Her silky yellow dress was now pushed up to the bottom of her ribcage.

Aliona looked to the bulge along the leg of my shorts and winked up at me from under her eyebrows. She put one of her little hands on it and moved it along the entire length. She stroked me softly through the black material as I looked down at her perfect petite form. I wanted this so bad, but I remembered what had happened last night and felt the guilt rise again.

“You don’t have to do this,” I said to her, suddenly serious.

“I sure hope not,” she said slyly with that rakish grin and glint in her green eyes as she lowered her chin right down onto my stomach under her folded hands, “you don’t want the cops showing up.”

I let out a single “heh” as she raised herself up again and went for my belt with her hands. She fumbled at the clasp and a slight look of frustration crossed her young face. I reached down and undid it for her and she moved on to the button and zipper. There was an uncertainty to her movements as she opened the front of my pants, and she looked up at me more than once while she pushed them open and moved her hand inside; whether to see if I was watching or for my approval I couldn’t tell. She pulled the front of my boxers down a bit and reached inside awkwardly and groped around to pull my big hard cock free. I felt the guilt again, but not as strong as before. Lust was a louder voice in my mind at this point. As she got it loose she gasped a bit, holding me by the base of my shaft with her right hand and bracing herself on the couch beside me with her left.

“This is really big,” she breathed more to herself than to me without taking her eyes off it. I saw her look up and down its length a couple of times with her wide green eyes before she looked into mine with a look that could have been nervousness. I could feel her hand shaking slightly where she had it wrapped around me, her fingers barely reaching all the way.

“Look, you don’t…” I began. She cut me off with “shhhhhh…” and turned her gaze back to my cock as she started moving her little hand softly up and down its whole length.

She barely touched it, the soft palm of her small hand just grazing along as she moved it up and down. I could feel her hand still shaking and felt her warm breath on my head. She kept that up, gradually gripping it firmer and firmer and speeding up the motion of her hand. My cock would jerk every now and then which made her eyes get wider whenever it happened. Her ass was moving up and down slightly as she stroked my hard on in her tiny fist. She looked up into my eyes again as she stretched her whole tongue out and licked the underside of my head quickly with just the tip of it, experimentally. My cock jumped at the warm moist touch and the feel of her breath on me, and then again and again as she did it twice more. She grinned her huge grin at me and kept eye contact as she stuck her tongue out all the way and cupped it lengthwise on the base of my shaft and licked me slowly from root to tip. As she reached the tip my dick jumped again and precum oozed from it. She raised her eyebrows upwards and down again in a quick little stab of pique and let out a short but prideful little laugh before licking it off. She started licking the end of my cock like it was an ice cream, maintaining her sparkling gaze into my eyes the whole time.

She moved her tongue slowly around the entire head, rubbing the surface of her tongue against the bottom from time to time, never looking away from my eyes. She smiled again, all teeth and mischief, and moved so both her legs were now between both of mine; her feet and knees together, her ass rising again into the air as she leaned back down to my huge cock in her hand. She took me in both hands so the weight of her upper half was fully against her elbows on my upper thighs. She licked up and down with the flat of her tongue along my length, she lapped at the bottom of my head, she twirled and spiraled her tongue around just the tip, and whenever there was precum pushing out she licked it into her mouth with just the tip of her slippery pink tongue. My cock was wet and slippery now, and she started moving one of her hands slowly up and down midshaft as she continued her lurid licking of my straining erection.

There was a tenderness to what she was doing. It felt amazing, but inexperienced as well. I moaned softly and put my right hand on the side of her head. She pushed my hand away, looking at me with the end of my cock on her tongue and shook her head slowly side to side. With a soft moan of her own she took just the tip of my cock into her mouth and slid her lips softly up and down the rest of my head. She didn’t move her head, just her lips, making tiny little sucking sounds through her saliva s she suckled on the swollen head of my dick. Her hands were still now, clutching at the base for support, and she just kept looking deep into my eyes. I could feel her tongue in her mouth, sliding along the underside of my head and out past her lips. She pushed her tongue in and out of the lower side of her mouth as she sucked delicately with her wet little lips. I’d never had anyone do that to me before, or maybe I had and I just hadn’t noticed because I just wanted to cum then leave. A momentary image of Lacy Casey on her knees gagging on my cock last night while I thought about Aliona flashed through my mind and then was chased away by the present as Ali slid her mouth further down onto my cock, taking the head over her undulating tongue so she had about a third of my length passed her still softly sucking lips. Very slowly she moved up and down, all lateral motion with no twisting of her head side to side, while staring into my eyes as if to see if she was doing it right.

I held her gaze as she continued pushing her tiny mouth up and down, my cock held against the roof of her mouth by her tongue. Her cheeks were sucked in as far as they would go against me and the odd sucking or slurping noise escaped from around her lips as she got more and more into what she was doing. Her bangs were hanging just over her eyes, the hair moving back and forth on her forehead as she sucked and stroked my cock. The rest of her hair hung longer, some across her back, some over her shoulders, some gently tracing against her arms as she worked. One lock was stuck to her lips and hand as she pumped up and down and as she brushed it away it stuck in an arc across her cheek and her lips, soon brought back to her hand and mouth by the motion of her head. As she increased her tempo more and more of her hair fell forward and got stuck to her hands and my cock and her glistening chin and lips. Her ass had still been up in the air until now and she stretched her legs out on the couch so she was laying almost flat on her stomach with her knees bent an apart, her tiny toes wiggling in the air as she kicked her feet slightly. One of her feet was bare, and the other flip flop lazily fell off onto the floor.

She had worked up quite a tempo pushing her head down onto me, two strokes every second. Her new position made her slow down and she leaned forward as far as she could, taking more than half my length into her mouth before I felt the top of her throat opening and closing on my head. I could feel her swallowing, trying to get more in but not knowing how. I reached down to push the hair out of the way and caress her face and pull her back off it a bit but she pushed me away again. She closed her eyes for the first time and pushed even harder, choking herself with my girth. She pulled back sharply off of me and took a ragged breath, making a gulping sound in her throat as her eyes teared up.

“I can’t do that,” she said in a wet voice, gasping in another breath.

“You don’t have to,” I panted, my chest rising and falling with my breathing.

“Am I any good at this?” she asked almost desperately, wiping below one of her eyes.

“Very,” was all I said. I pushed myself up so that my back was against the arm of the couch, my left leg stretched along its length and my right foot on the floor.

Something had changed in her demeanor. The cocky girl I had met several days ago was gone and instead a very insecure seeming rail of a girl was on her hands and knees in front of me with blowjob hair, her face a mixture of sweat, spit, and tears from choking herself on my cock. Her dress was a crooked mess, hiked up to her waist exposing her ass at the bottom and slipped down off one shoulder at the top so that I could see her bare chest underneath, pushing the slight rise of her breasts in and out as she labored to catch her breath. I reached to struggle with my cock, trying to put it back in my pants. The guilt had returned.

“Wait,” she said breathlessly as she put one hand on my cock and the other to her chest, “I just have to catch my breath. I’m not done with that yet.”

It seemed all wrong coming out of her sweet mouth, the way it now seemed all wrong for me to cum into her sweet mouth. I looked at her with honest concern, but she moved forward on her knees on the couch to be closer to me again, leaning her head down into my lap once more.

“You don’t have to do this,” I said again as I pulled her face up close to mine, holding it between my hands, “I already really like you Ali. You don’t have to do this. I don’t want you treated like this.”

She smiled her coy and disarming smile and winked her coquettish wink. Her hand was still on my dick and she wrapped her fingers around it and started stroking it again.

“That’s sweet...but I’m old enough not to need a babysitter anymore Mark,” and she wrapped her delicate lips around my cock again.

I got lost in it somewhere. I don’t know how long she bobbed her head up and down, looking up at me from time to time and winking while she slurped my throbbing shaft in and out of her tiny mouth. I had one hand on her back and she had let me put the other on the side of her head at some point. The whole right side of her head fit under my palm and I gripped her hard with my fingers as I felt myself beginning to climax. She leaned more of her weight back, spreading her legs apart so her tiny little ass was flat on the couch so she could tilt her face up slightly and look in my eyes through her hair as she felt my cock pulsing harder and harder inside her eager mouth. She looked worried again, nervous, and stopped with my head just inside her mouth and parted her lips as far as they would go as I came on her tongue, shooting into the top of her throat. She flinched and squinted slightly as every shot went into her and I could hear her gulping and swallowing without closing her mouth. I pushed her hair away from her face and she closed her mouth gently around my head and sucked on it with just her lips as she had before. She still had that look in her eyes, desperate for approval. Breathing through my mouth I leaned back against the arm of the couch and looked at the ceiling as she let go with both hands and pulled softly on the tip with just her dripping lips. She climbed up onto me, one leg on either side, and lowered her pussy against me. She swallowed over and over, trying to get all of the cum out of her mouth, as she rubbed her pussy up and down the middle of my shaft, wet with her saliva. Her pussy was even more wet now than when I’d made her cum with my finger and the motion, the moist grip, and the heat was keeping me from going soft. She ground against me, my cock parting her lips and rubbing along her young fresh slit. Her breathing quickened again as she tensed up; I could feel her whole body shivering as she leaned her torso back so her long hair fell onto the couch behind her.

“ah, ah, aH, AH! AH! AH!,” she cried out in a high pitched voice as she leaned back even further and bucked her hips up and down, dragging her tight wet pussy over and over against my dick. I held her tightly by the waist, my fingers reaching almost all the way around her, as she came. She leaned upright again and kept moving her hips against me as her orgasm subsided, a pouty look to her eyes and mouth with one fingertip between her teeth. Her dress had dropped off both her shoulders and now was just a tangled mess around her midriff, with the thin straps hung limply from her forearms; her chest was bared to me so I licked softly at her left nipple. She leaned back again, her arms going limp at her sides as I felt her pussy quivering against my cock. Her breasts, barely a rise on her chest normally, were even flatter now as she leaned far backwards at the waist. I used the whole flat of my tongue to lick from one to the other and then up her neck as I drew her back towards me and we locked in another wet and sloppy kiss.

Eventually we looked into each other’s eyes again, both of us panting and not saying a word. She clutched herself to me, her arms tight around my chest and her pussy still against my cock. My hands gripped her by her tiny ass and repositioned her. She ground against me a bit more as our breathing collapsed back to a natural state. I shuffled back down the couch so I was lying on my back with Aliona on top of me, pressing her pelvis against mine and shivering slightly now and then. My hands explored every inch of her now exposed body and eventually came to rest, one cupping her entire ass and the other on the back of her head.

I hadn’t slept in over 24 hours, and she had just burned a week’s worth of calories. It’s no surprise that we fell asleep like that, a tangled wreck on my couch. The Chairman opened his eyes and rolled over up on his carpeted tower and went back to sleep as well.


I felt a gentle hand on my face and put mine over top, entwining my fingers. I heard a giggle and opened my eyes slowly to find myself looking into Lisa’s dark blue eyes. She grinned at me, wrinkling up her nose and patting my cheek after freeing her fingers from mine. She stood up and laughed, shaking her head.

“You fell asleep on the couch again Mark,” she said, still grinning down at me, “why do you have a room again?”

As I sat up she turned and went into the kitchen and I heard the shuffling of grocery bags and the clink of things moving around in the fridge. I looked down at myself to see that though my shorts had been buttoned, the zipper and belt were still undone. The cushions were still in chaos beneath me.

“You must have been sleeping hard,” Lisa called from the other room. I could hear the espresso maker, “want a coffee?”

“No, just another shower I think. I have to get to the studio” I replied, rubbing my eyes. I wasn’t a napper. I hated the groggy feeling of waking up from a nap. I’d been living on both sides of the clock for so long though that I could barely tell whether I was napping or sleeping anymore. I was always groggy when I woke up.

I passed through the kitchen on my way to the bathroom and Lisa stopped what she was doing to watch me and smile. I smiled back and she winked at me. She wasn’t usually a winker. It made me think of Aliona. I stopped, leaning against the doorframe, and looked at her.

“What’s up?” she asked perkily, leaning her ass back against the cupboard and crossing her arms under her breasts. Her already elevated cleavage pushed up more under her tight fitting tank top. She’d been running; the outfit gave it away. Without accusation she said, “You’re leering at my breasts Mark.”

“Sorry,” I said with a laugh and a smile as I looked back up into her eyes.

“Seriously, what’s up?” she asked.

“Seriously, nothing,” I said back.

“Bullshit, but whatever man,” she turned back to making her coffee.

I think that’s when I noticed for the first time how hot Lisa was. I’d always thought she was pretty, but my desire for her had been quelled one drunken night long ago that both of us used as a punch line for jokes when people thought we were a couple. We’d joke that we’d broken up 17 years ago and she just hadn’t moved her stuff out yet. I stood there looking at her, admiring her athletic body and how well she’d taken care of herself over the years. At 32 she was even better looking than when we’d met in high school. Her hair was short and blonde, coming down in a bob just to her jaw line. Her skin was clear and flawless. She turned her head back over her shoulder to look at me and caught my gaze with her deep blue eyes and smiled questioningly. I could smell her from here…she had always smelled the same and I didn’t even know after all this time what perfume that was.

“You’re leering again man, chill the fuck out already,” she said, then put down her coffee and crossed the distance between us with a hop and shuffle and put her arms around me without warning. She held me close to her and I put my arms around her as well. She held me like she wasn’t going to let go, but eventually did. She left her hips against mine and leaned back from the waist putting one hand on my chest and the other on my face. Her eyes were deep, like dangerous water, as she looked into mine like she expected to find something there.

“You’ll know,” she said, emotion in her voice betraying the casual manner she attempted to affect.

“Know what?” I asked as she turned away and went back to her coffee across the kitchen.

Without looking back she said, “When the time is right you just know dude. If you don’t feel it yet, then it’s not time.” She turned back around with her over sized mug between her hands, blew on it, sipped, and then smiled at me warmly, “You’ll just know. And the things that really matter will still be here when you come back.”

I smirked lopsidedly. We were on the same frequency 99% of the time and I was getting where she was going. I couldn’t keep this up forever. I knew it, and as the one who saw me the morning after as opposed to the night before she knew it too. My lifestyle looked totally different when viewed from the opposite angle; all aftermath and no denouement. I knew she felt strongly about it, but we’d never talked about it before. I didn’t want to answer the question ‘what’s after the club?’, though it entered my mind more frequently these days.

“Are we breaking up?” I asked her through my forced smile.

“You’re a jackass Mark Fox,” she smiled and threw a dish towel at me. As I went into my room she called down the hallway, “Oh yeah, Mr. Popular, you’re phone was blowing up when I came in!”

I picked up and looked at my phone. I’d missed seven calls from an overly anxious technician who was interning at the studio I managed. I quickly texted “keep your fucking pants on and meet me in an hour” without listening to his messages. I saw that Aliona had entered her phone number in as well and had sent me a message. It was a picture of her in her room, self taken, of her in her underwear on her knees on the bed. The grin and the wink, and a playful angle to her head with a lock of her hair in her mouth. Around her I could see some of her things. They were all a bit more…little girlish…than I had expected. Appended to the photo was the text “call me when you wake up, you didn’t come see my kitty.” I tried to examine the things around her in the picture closer to once and for all take a guess at her age but my gaze kept going back to her perfect lithe little body which I had racked with pleasure earlier, both before and after she sucked my cock with more genuine desire than anyone ever had before. I shook my head at myself and set the phone down and got in the shower thinking to myself that plenty of girls liked the little girl aesthetic. Lacy Casey had a Hello Kitty backpack full of pills she’d wear to particularly large parties. Some ravers still rocked soothers and fur pants. A girl at the sandwich shop had a teddy bear wrist watch that giggled when you clicked it, and she was over 40. Was I justifying or rationalizing?

Sometimes things are plain and obvious; sometimes things get complicated. The corollary had been central to my life for long enough that it was like this everywhere I went.

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2014-06-14 21:51:58
Amazing erotica story so far. Have read a description of fellatio (blowjob just seems all wrong for what you wrote!) Words fail me?....passionate, tender, eros at it's most elegant, a set act beyond the mind, lustfull with no sharp edges or forcing. In short art at the most fucking - fantastic level I have ever read! Had to stop between parts 2 and 3 to slow my head down. And now enters the twist..... Lisa as an erotic, exotic presence. You are a very skilled author. Keep writing in a class by itself. J. Cox

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2013-01-22 06:33:49
James, Although the word Blaxploitation does not sound complimentary, at least it gave ppleoe the opportunity to express themselves artistically and in turn provided the rest of us the opportunity to experience some great music and dress style leading to the 70s fashion that is still popular today. It was thanks to ppleoe like Don Cornelius who created Soul Train that brought previously unknown music, and artists to the public who in turn appreciated them and made the music popular. Even today their music and the clothing from the 1970s is inspiring both modern day musicians and fashion designers alike.

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2011-08-29 19:15:11
Ok, after the whole thing about music, I threw on my pair of DJ headphones and listened to some really rocking techno and it totally matched up with everything in the story. That was either the creepiest thing ever or the most awesome thing ever. Seriously, one of the songs the beat was so deep and I could just see Aliona dancing to it and it was hot. Time to let my eardrums rest for a bit and go back to my own writing.

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2011-08-10 12:35:33
Hmmm I thought lisa wouldwalk in on them

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