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This is my first story. I don't think there are any spelling errors, but if there are, please excuse them. I hope you enjoy.
He had seen her before. Where? At a park, that's where it was. How could he forget her long wavy brown hair and slender frame. She had been at her nephew's eighth birthday party. He saw her from across the park. Even from such a distance he knew that she was perfect. Her white sun dress stood out against the lush green grass, clinging to her slim figure as the wind blew. He wanted to hold her, to touch her and make sure that she was real. He wanted to grasp at her body, he wanted her to feel his passion. He wanted to look into her eyes, but they were hidden from him as her hair was swept across her face.

She saw him, too. Her heart stopped for a moment when she saw a man with deep brown hair standing at the opposite end of the field. She saw the powerful but gentle muscles of his arms, his strong chin and perfect lips. Then she saw the gleam of a ring on his finger, the children who ran past him to play with her nephew, and the woman who slipped her hand into his as they began to walk towards the party. It was all just a quick fantasy. Nothing would become of it. She turned back to her niece as she complained about the attention her brother was getting.

They were walking towards the party. She had turned away, but his eyes clung to her. She had seen his wife, his children. All was lost. The family he thought he loved had taken the possibility of her away from him. He blinked, as if for the first time, and forced his eyes onto the task at hand. He had to get through this party, for the people he loved. He would not look at her again, for fear of losing all he had worked for.

She had made the same vow. Though she had no romantic entanglements, she would not permit herself to be disappointed so brutally. She had never thought much of herself and had never been willing to risk the little self-esteem she had on love. No, she would not look at him. They stayed on opposite ends of the party, as if a magnetic force kept them separated. As one moved forward and to the right, the other moved back and to the left. When the birthday boy was called to his cake, they were forced to come within twenty feet of each other. No, they would not look. But they did. As her nephew made his wish, her eyes flickered up to his, at the same moment that his moved to hers. His were blue. A deep ocean blue that held her for eternity and choked the air from her lungs. Hers were brown, filled with an explosion of copper from the center, tearing his heart apart as he ached for what he could not have. They stayed that way forever. The soft sound of a child's breath ended their eternity, and their world came crashing down to the sound of clapping. It was done. She moved away first, severing the bond. There wasn't much longer, and soon his children were tired and tugging on his shirt to go home. He turned once more to see her, hoping with everything he had that he could see her just once more, but she would not look. There was nothing he could do. She felt his eyes, but she couldn't let herself look; there was no hope. There was nothing she could do.

Each forbade themselves from thinking of the other, but now they were brought back together. He was walking down a city street on his way to the market. He was going to buy groceries for his family. She had just gotten off of work and walked along the street, her khaki pencil skirt sliding up her thigh as she moved her leg forward. Her dark violet heels gave her confidence as she walked to her apartment. The ruffles of her white silk blouse were swirled about by the wind, and she stood for a moment in front of her building to reach for her keys.

He turned a corner and saw her. He had he seen her before? Where? At the park, that's where it was. She looked even more perfect now, and his heart was lit on fire as a lump formed in his throat. She stood at the corner building, reaching into her purse, searching for something. She pulled out keys and inserted one into a door. It opened, and as she went in, he ran for it. He caught the door just as it was about to close. He could hear her walking up the stairs. He was just beneath her. He stopped for a moment to think. What was he doing? Didn't he have a family who needed him? No. They didn't matter anymore. They were nothing compared to her. He followed her up the stairs, careful to be silent. They walked up six flights, and he hungered as she glided down the hallway and stopped at the second door. She turned her key, the lock clicked open, and she felt his breath on her neck. She could feel his heat and she knew who he was. Slowly she turned, knowing that she would soon drown again in his ocean eyes. But there was nothing could be done now. Their eyes met and locked together. He slowly reached out his hand across the miles that separated them and turned the door knob. She walked backwards and he walked forwards, the same magnetic force that kept them apart was now holding them together. Their eyes had never wavered, but his now had to as he turned around to take her keys from the door. He closed and bolted the only chance of escape, tossing her keys to the floor. There was no way out for either of them. She held her breath.

She moved first. All that caution was lost to his eyes as she went within inches, stretching her neck to hold her lips in front of his. Hers brushed against his and he grabbed her tight, as if for survival. Their lips crushed each other's as her hands held his face and twisted his hair. His arms encircled her slim waist and pulled her close, knocking the wind out of her lungs. She pushed him back enough for him to get his hands on her blouse. He ripped it open and kissed her neck as eight little buttons fell to the floor. He tore off his shirt and grabbed her once more. He could not be separated from her touch for more than a moment. She could feel his passion, and he hers as they stumbled blindly to her bed. She pushed him onto the bed and moved away, unzipping her skirt and letting it slip to the floor. Her hands moved up her torso as she reached for a clasp, unhooking it and letting her black bra drop. He wanted to touch her, to kiss her and to take her, but he sat transfixed by her eyes. She turned around and his eyes followed the trail of her brown locks down to her hands that were pulling off her small black panties. Her body was beautiful, her small but shapely ass turned around and he saw a glimpse of hairless pink. He looked up and marveled at her breasts, shaped like teardrops and begging to be held.

He stood up and held her stare, reaching for her waist and pulling her to the bed. She climbed onto the sheets and watched him unzip his pants. He kicked off his shoes and watched her as he pulled his pants and dark boxer briefs down to reveal his masculine physique and impressive manhood. She lifted her eyes back to his, showing lust with the liquid copper in them. He went to her, finding the edges of her body with his hands and lowering himself onto her. They kissed, her fingers raked his back as she felt him thrust into her for the first time. Their blood raced as they made love, each thrust from him was met by one from her and their tongues collided as she moaned into his kiss. When theirs mouths separated, he put his head down to kiss her cheek, her jaw, her neck, her collarbone, and finally her breasts. He took them in his mouth as she gasped for air, breathing heavily and pulling on his hair.

He returned to the warmth of her mouth and grabbed her waist, lifting her up on top of him. She forced his torso down onto the bed and arched her back, pushing her breasts towards him as she drove herself down onto him. His hands rubbed her breasts and sides, ending at her ass and he squeezed it, pulling her onto him even further. She was suffocating his cock, and she was being stretched farther than she thought possible. He sat up and they kissed again, barely breathing as they climbed to their climax. The world was spinning around them as they became one. They could not be separated as he quickly moved in and out of her. They lost their breath at the same time as they came, her arms around his neck and his around her waist. She could feel his hot liquid filling her every crevice as he came with her, her insides milking his cock. They opened their eyes. He could feel the liquid copper from hers dripping onto his cock and she was lost once again in his deep blue. They stayed like that forever.

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So wrong, yet so sensual and romantic

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A rolling stone is worth two in the bush, thanks to this airtcle.

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YMMD with that aswner! TX

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