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Alexa and her neighboor Nick get busy.
As the waining days of May arrived everyone was looking forward to the last day of school. Alexa liked the idea of summer break. She would hang with friends, lay out in the nude getting some sun, have use of her parents liquor cabinet to create new fruity drinks, and read trashy sex novels. No summer job for Alexa. She didn't have to. Her dad was loaded and her mom devoted all of her time to the many philanthropies in the city. Alexa spent most of her time with Jenna her best friend since junior high.

Jenna has always been Alexa's confidante and partner in crime. She was the one who explained the facts of life to Alexa and instructed her in the fine art of hand jobs and blow jobs. Alexa loved the power she had over the high school boys.

Today was the unofficial “Junior Sluff Day” and everyone knew that meant you just didn't go to school. You stayed at home and fooled around. Since no one else was at home, Alexa would begin the day like any other, masturbating her hot young pussy.

Alexa lounged around only wearing panties for most of the morning then finally decided that it was time to shower and dress. She stood in front of the mirror in her bedroom, checking out the tan that she had been working on for the last month. Jenna and Alexa had been laying around in their back yards since the end of March. Alexa's 34-C breasts were full and her large silver dollar sized nipples were always perky. Her shoulder length brunette hair was up on her head with an elastic. She ran her hands over her body and looked at her recent 'girl-scaping' job, her neatly trimmed pussy hair had been waxed leaving a 2” strip of pubic hair growing just above her clit. She liked the way it felt as she would run her hands over her pussy as she would masturbate herself to sleep at night.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Alexa became aroused. She ran her fingers through the light patch of pussy hair that was only a shade darker than the hair on her head. The lips of her pussy were clearly visible since they were engorged and ached to be rubbed. She let her hand drift between her legs and gently massaged her moist pussy. She reached for her favorite hair brush and slowly massaged the handle along her cunt. She slid the handle inside herself. It felt so good that she started fucking it in and out faster and faster. As she pumped the hair brush in and out of her cunt, she felt herself pulsating. Her asshole and her cunt were contracting as she moaned out loud.

Alexa suddenly felt that she was not alone. The bedroom door was shut, but her bedroom windows were wide open. Her bedroom faced the neighbor’s back yard. She walked over, still naked, and looked toward her neighbor’s house.

She saw Nick Johnson, a guy from her science class, sitting on his deck, looking right at her. She smiled at him and waved. He quickly went into his house.

Alexa knew that he had seen her. She felt embarrassed yet she was so aroused that she had lost her inhibitions. She knew that he had not only seen her naked but he had also been watching as she pleasured herself in front of the mirror. Alexa liked the way she felt. Nick was sort of a geek. She knew he didn't have many friends at school. Alexa knew that Nick would watch her at night when she would get ready for bed. She and Jenna would give him a topless show once or twice a week. Once, at night after one of their “shows”, they turned off Alexa's lights and watched him with her Dad's binoculars as Nick jacked off in his room. He had a long thick cock. The girls squealed when he came because he ran his hand up to his mouth and he licked his own cum!

Alexa got into the shower. She was still a little turned on by what she had started a few minutes earlier and, by the fact that Nick had been watching her. She soaped her body all over. She spent 10 minutes rubbing and massaging her tit's with the soap, this always made her hot. She finished off her shower by spending a little quality time with business end of the shower massager head. She pointed the massager between her legs and let the jets of water pulsate against her hard clit. She stopped just short of cumming. Her legs were buckling at the knees from her pleasure. She wanted this horny feeling to last all day long.
When Alexa got out of the shower she glanced over into Nick's yard, she smiled at what she saw.
There was Nick laying on a chaise lounge, jacking himself off. His long thick dick was standing straight up and his large purple head was swollen that it looked like a huge mushroom. Alexa walked out onto the deck of her bedroom and called out, “We have to stop meeting like this! People are going to talk!”

Nick didn’t notice at first. When Alexa's voice and what she said sank in. He stopped immediately and stood up from the patio chaise lounge.

“Oh shit!” he said, louder than he meant to.

Nick swung his head around to see Alexa and in the same motion knelt on the deck behind the chaise lounge he had just gotten up from, his eyes wide with terror.

“I’m so sorry, Alexa. Oh God. I am so embarrassed,” he said.

“Nick, don’t worry about it. It’ll be our little secret. I promise.”

“Oh man! My parents will kill me if they find out.”

“Nick, I just told you it’s our secret and I meant it. You saw me doing pretty much the same thing in my bedroom window.” That thought gave Alexa an idea and a little guilty pleasure.

“I can’t believe this happening to me,” he said. His eyes were closed and he was shaking his head back and forth, still kneeling behind the protective cover of the lounge chair.

“It's Okay Nick,” Alexa said, “get a grip on yourself.”

He opened his eyes and then and a smirk crossed his face.

“That’s pretty much what caused the whole problem in the first place,” he said.

Alexa burst out laughing and after a few seconds, so did Nick.

“Come over to my house Nick, I have something to show you!” Alexa called out. “Just jump over the hedge!”
“I can't, I have to do something here!” Nick called back.
“Don't worry! I promise you'll like it, and I won't make you stay too long!” Alexa replied.
With that Nick decided that he would go over to Alexa's house. He stood up, pulled up his shorts and walked to the hedge that was the boundary between the two houses. He hopped over the hedge and walked past the pool to the stairs of the deck and up to Alexa's room. His erection had shrunk.

“I meant what I said, Nick,” Alexa said softly. “I know how embarrassing this must be for you, but it’s perfectly natural to masturbate. Hell, I do it all the time.”

“I know. I mean I've seen you and Jenna without your shirts on, and I've seen you around your pool and stuff, when you went to your shower, I couldn't help myself and because no one is at my house today, I just started to jack off. I really like spying on you, you know what I mean?”

“Are you, uh, sexually active?” Alexa asked.


“Are you a virgin?” Alexa purred.

“I want to show you something, Nick.” Alexa said. “Since we’ve come to know each other so, uh, intimately already this morning, can I ask you another personal question?”

She could feel her heart racing. Her pussy, which had still been a little damp from the shower, was positively dripping now and was dripping down her legs.

“Sure, go ahead and ask,” Nick said.

“Have you have ever had someone else, a girl I mean, touch you the way you were just touching yourself?”

“No,” he said.

“May I touch it?” Alexa asked.

“Um, sure, I guess so,” he said.

“Stand up.” He did.

“You might as well take those right off,” she said, nodding towards his shorts. He did that too.

Nick was thin but not skinny. He wasn’t muscular, but he had an athletic build, and his muscles were beginning to be defined. His tan wasn't as dark as Alexa's, evidenced by the sharp contrast between his brown, flat stomach and the stark white where his swim suit usually resided.

He was blond and although his chest was hairless, there was a thin trail of almost white-blond hair that led from his navel down to a fairly thick patch of curly hair that surrounded his cock.

His balls which were smallish and tight in his scrotum had a light downy covering of hair on them.

But it was his cock that commanded Alexa's attention. He was average in length and girth, but extremely thick and he was hard. Nick was circumcised and the head was flared and the pinkish color of roses.

His cock pulsed, less than a foot in front of Alexa and pre-cum oozed from the tip.

Alexa gently reached forward and used her thumb to spread the clear jizz fluid all over the tip and around the head of his magnificent piece of manhood until it glistened in the sunlight that shone through the window.

Nick took a breath and held it as Alexa's hand made contact with the heat of his straining cock. She moistened her thumb again with the pre-cum that continued to flow, and gripping it with her right hand, she ran her lubricated thumb along the underside down to the base of his cock and back up again.

Alexa looked up at his face and smiled.

“How does that feel?” she asked, already knowing the answer from the expression on his face.

“Fucking incredible,” he said.

“Ooh, I love it when you talk dirty,” Alexa said, jokingly. “Tell me what you want me to do with this hard, throbbing cock of yours, Nick.”

“Oh God, touch it again. Stroke it for me, please Alexa.”

“You’re so fucking hot! I love your tits and your pussy and . . .”

His voice trailed off as he began to lose himself in the sensations of Alexa's hand lightly stroking his young cock. Alexa had learned that the secret to a memorable handjob, or blowjob for that matter, is to take her time, varying the pressure and slowly let the pleasure build.

“Would you like to see my tits again?” Alexa asked.

“Y-y-yes, please,” he stammered.

Alexa pulled her t-shirt over her head and and her full teenaged breasts fell out from underneath. Her nipples were hard and aching to be squeezed. Using some of Nick’s ample supply of pre-cum, she coated each nipple with his warm, sticky fluid until they too, glistened in the sunlight.

She returned her attention to his pulsating cock, Nick probably wouldn’t last long enough for her to take her shorts off.

His breath was coming faster and Alexa sensed his impending orgasm. She took the head of Nick’s cock in her mouth and sucked off the coating of pre-cum.

No sooner had Alexa pulled her mouth off of his thick hard cock when he erupted. The first shot was a long thick string of white, cum that laid itself out across her cheek. The next two shots were just as white and thick as the first and Alexa leaned back and watched as one splattered right in the center of her chest and the next squirt of jizz landed on her left breast and nipple.

Nick kept on cumming. Alexa caught as much as she could in and on her hands. There was a little less with each subsequent squirt and before long it was just running down his cock which continued to tremble and pulse as Alexa continued to pump a slower rate.

Alexa leaned forward slightly and ran her tongue up the underside of that beautiful, hard young prick and lapped up the cum. Then, she looked up at Nick and licked her fingers clean.

More than anything she wanted to rip off her shorts and teach him the wonders of giving a woman oral pleasure, but a rustle just outside of the still-open door caught her attention.

Holding her t-shirt in front of her cum covered breasts, she ran to the door and looked down the hallway to see Jenna, standing in the hallway, smiling a sheepish grin.
“What are you two up to?” Jenna said with a little tease in her voice.

Alexa looked at Nick. He was frozen in horror.

“It's okay, Nick.” Jenna said as she started to laugh.

“What the fuck?” Nick said.

“Let me see that mess all over your tits, Alexa.” Jenna said as she grabbed for the t-shirt that Alexa still held up to her tits.

As Alexa lowered the t-shirt Jenna put a finger on Alexa's nipple which had a drip of seamen about to drop. She caught the cum on her finger tip and then sniffed it.
“Ooo yessss. I love the smell of guy cum.” Jenna moaned as she put her cum coated finger into her mouth.

“Did you see how much he squirted Jenna?” Alexa asked.

“Yep I did and my pussy id so hot and wet. Do you want to see my pussy Nick?” Jenna asked. Nick just nodded his head. The thought of two naked girls made his cock get hard again.

Jenna pulled down her daisy dukes and pulled the string of her bikini top letting her 32-B titties loose. Her young nubile body was tight from cheerleading all year long and her black pie shaped bush looked downy soft. Her pubes were straight and she kept it neatly trimmed but long enough to enjoy the soft pubic hair.

Nick's hard on was back and Jenna told him to lay down on Alexa's bed. She walked over and started to rub his legs and thighs. Alexa sat on the edge of the bed too. Jenna bent over and licked the cum off of her tits. The sight of two girls doing anything sexual to each other made Nick moan in pleasure.

Alexa placed her hand on Jenna's right titty. “I just love your boobies Jenna.” Alexa said as she began to squeeze Jenna's nipple. “They are so perky.”

Jenna's breath increased and she grabed the base of Nicks raging hard on.

“Nick, I want to sit on your cock. Is that ok?” she whispered.

“Um, yesss. Please sit on my cock.”

“Oh Jenna, you ARE a naughty slut!” Alexa squealed with delight. Alexa liked to watch Jenna fuck guys. Jenna knew how to ride a guys cock and said that she could sense when a guy was about to cum. She would always slid off a guy just as he would cum all over her pussy and ass.

Jenna straddled Nicks hips and rubbed his cock all over her hard clit and soft bush. Nick was in a daze. He didn't know what to do or say. He grunted with pleasure as Jenna's pussy slid down his cock.

“Do you masturbate thinking of us Nicky?” Jenna whimpered as her body began to ride his rock hard dick. “I masturbate thinking of you watching us.” Jenna whispered.

Alexa was so hot that her pussy had to be dealt with. “Nick! I want to sit on your face! Lick my pussy hard. I need it so bad Nick!”

Alexa climbed onto the bed and positioned herself over Nick's smiling face. As she lowered herself onto his face she could feel the prickly teenaged five o’clock shadow on his chin. This made her shoot a stream of girly juice all over his face. Nick licked at her pussy. Alexa moaned with delight.

Jenna began riding Nick's cock faster and faster. She began to scream in pleasure and Nick could feel her pussy begin to grip onto his cock. She continued to ride his dick thrashing up and down. Nick could feel his boner getting harder. Suddenly, Jenna slid off of his cock and moved between his legs. She started sucking him! She knew he was about to cum and as she began rubbing his anus he started shooting his load into her mouth.

Nick thought he would go insane. The feeling of Jenna's mouth on his cock and Alexa's sweet slick juices all over his face were too much to handle. He spurted more cum as Jenna stood up and kissed Alexa with a mouth full of Nicks cum.

Alexa moaned and she kissed Jenna. Alexa liked the taste of cum and Nicks salty virgin sperm combined with Jenna's sweet pussy juices were so good that she climbed off of Nick and french kissed him letting the sperm and pussy juices drip into his mouth.

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