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Well since the first story got a fair few posistive ratings I made a sequel, I did make a mistake with the breast size in the previous so sorry about that. But anyways I hope you all like this one. Enjoy!
I pay the pizza guy and start back up stairs, my thoughts racing a mile a minute. Questions whirl around in my head, I didn't think that I could want this so bad.
I get back upstairs and see Olivia looking at me with a devilish grin. I smile back at her, and walk over, setting the pizzas down between us. I open them up, spreading them between us, but Olivia doesn't seem that appealed by them. I'm not really that hungry either.
“Are you hungry?” I ask, hoping she says no.
She looks at me, and smiles a little, and then it turns into a grin.
“Yes.... but not for food” she smiles while putting the pizza on the floor, and then looking up at me with a seductive smile. My body is getting hotter, and my pussy is starting to get wet. She slowly pushes me onto my back, wrapping her arms around my waist, and kisses me. Softly at first, and then again with passion. Our tongues are dancing with each others, and she brings a hand up onto my breast, and starts groping them, gently then hard, pinching my nipples slightly. I moan. But she's getting tired of the cloth to cloth contact, so she pulls back and rips my shirt over my head, exposing my breasts in their bra. She makes short work of that too and, in what seems like no time at all, I'm completely uncovered waist up. She breaks the kiss again, and slowly starts trailing down my neck, collarbone, until she finally plants her mouth over my left breast. She starts sucking, and flicking her tongue over my nipple, I let out a moan of pleasure. My pussy is now dripping with desire, and I push her up so I can get her shirt off too. I'm a little surprised to see that she's not wearing a bra.
“You little minx” I say, lunging for her tits with my mouth.
“ohhh....” she lets out a moan as I start licking and sucking on her nipple, and groping her other breast and nipple with my hand. I tentatively give a gentle little nip on her nipple with my teeth, and she lets out a quiet squeak. The sound drives me crazy, and my pussy is practically burning with desire.

I roll her over completely and start to take off her pants, as she does mine. She lifts up her hips a little to let hers slide off, and she pulls mine down with a tug. Soon the only thing that we're left in are our panties.

I look down at her with an evil grin, and slide a finger down her chest, stomach, right until it's just on her underwear line. Then in a swift motion, I slide my fingers under her panties, and start stroking her pussy, very lightly teasing her. Her eyes widen slightly, and then lets out a groan.
I know she's getting hotter, and she lets out a pathetic moan.
“Please Lindley, don't tease me” She begs. I can't resist her big brown eyes, and I push a finger into her pussy, directly hitting her clit. She lets out a high squeal and starts thrusting her hips slightly up against my finger. I slide another one down and am now rubbing and flicking her sensitive little button with two fingers. She's moaning, getting louder and louder every time. My fingers are getting soaked, and I can tell that she is loving this, but I think I can do more for her, as a wild idea pops into my head.

Suddenly I take my fingers away, and she lets out a sound of distress.
“Don't worry” I say, smiling and sucking her juices off my finger. “I have something even better planned for you.”

And with that I slide her panties off completely. She's now fully naked, and I soak her up slowly scanning her up and down.
I lean back up to kiss her on the mouth, and then slowly trail kisses down to her tits, each of wich I place in my mouth and suck on one at a time. She is moaning and making little mewling sounds. I then start my way slowly down from there, trailing kisses gently down her chest onto her stomach, and arrive at her hips. Slowly lean down and spread her legs apart, so my face is hovering inches away from where her cunt is. It's giving off a strong aroma, and I don't think I can resist the temptation much longer.
I take a quick look up at her, questioning. She looks back at me, with a look of pure lust. The look she gives me is all I need, and I pull my gaze from hers, back down to her dripping cunt. Her lips have opened and her pussy is practically presenting itself to me, I gently lean down and give it the lightest of a kiss, and she quivers and lets out a high pitched groan. I then lean even further and take a long deep lick, sliding up her pussy.

She lets out a scream of pleasure, encouraged, I start licking her rapidly. I spread my mouth over shaven pussy completely, and start sucking and licking with all I've got.
“Ooohh... ah... Lindley yes... Ahh!...Mmmmmnmm... Oh my fucking god yes... Yes ahhn” She's moaning.
Her pussy tastes so good, and I'm loving the sounds she's making, loving hearing her saying my name. I focus mainly on her clit now, and start rapidly flicking my tongue over it with pressure. She wraps her legs around my head and starts thrusting against my mouth. I only start going at it harder with my tongue, moving with her thrusts. Her moans and groans are turning into screams, and she's thrusting her hips into my face harder and harder.
I can tell she's starting to get close to cumming, and I press my tongue harder and harder onto her clit.
She lets out a wild scream, thrusting her hip into my face, wrapping her legs around my head even tighter.
My mouth floods with her juices, and I lap them up. She moans as I clean her, and thrusts a little still, coming down from her tidal wave of ecstasy. After I'm satisfied with my cleaning, I take my head away, and look at her. She's shaking a little, with a look of utter bliss.
“Oh my god Lindley......... That is the best thing I've ever felt” She says, pulling me onto her and locking me in a passionate kiss.
After we're done I look down at her, and smile.
“I just wanted to make you feel good” I say sheepishly. She looks up at me, with one of her most sexiest looks. And I just about faint at what she says next.
“Well you did!......... And now..... It's your turn!”

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2011-11-30 10:58:32
Hot story!!! I love good girl on girl action!!!

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2011-07-20 11:00:58
Now lets here about your turn.

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