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The blackmail continues as more cock joins the party
Names of all involved changed to help with privacy.

Fiona had been left tied to Steve Lomax's desk for around ten minutes now and she’d written in her diary that she was beginning to panic and struggle against the plastic restraints, but it was no good she was stuck fast and going nowhere unless she was untied and that would mean being found like this; which wasn’t an option for Fiona. She was in way to deep already.

‘The door opened and I feared the worst; but my fear soon turned to relief when I realised it was Steve. I asked him nicely if he could untie me but I was ignored whilst he pulled out two brown envelopes from his bottom drawer and smiled at me. Please I asked again, and again I was ignored and left again as the door slammed behind him. I knew only too well that the envelopes he’d took with him contained all over the images Steve was using to blackmail me with, the trouble was I had no idea where he was taking them’
Again Fiona was left tied to the desk naked and covered in drying come only this time she thought that she’d been left for good, to be found by some unsuspecting security guard who’d get the shock of his life. But she was wrong.

‘The fear returned again as I heard voices approaching the office, it had to be security I’d told myself. It was a Monday night so they would defiantly be working; it wouldn’t be night shift as they only worked downstairs on Neal’s and Shaun's contracts. I braced myself for what was about to happen and who was about to find me.’

“Untie the whore chaps I’ll grab the envelopes”

‘In one respect I was very relieved to find it was Steve, Neal and Shaun and in another respect I was worried as to why Steve was bringing the envelopes. Once I was untied I was told to dress by Steve, I was quite surprised this time as I allowed my underwear. As I was dressing I kept an eye on Steve and noticed that he’d taken three brown envelopes off the top of the huge stack and chucked them back in his draw. I presumed these were the envelopes for the three directors, Gary , Donald and Graham.’

“Right lets go and get this show on the road shall we, haha”

‘Steve's sinister laugh and glances at Neal and Shaun had me worried. I was told to walk in front whilst they walked behind each carrying a small stack of the brown envelopes dished out by Steve. another thing that was bothering me was the amount of come I had on my face and in my hair and I contemplated asking Steve if I could wash in the toilets; but I thought better of it considering the mood he was in tonight and the fact he had nearly all the photos of me naked. I was just going to have to keep my fingers crossed that my punishment from Steve was over for today’

“Go right down isle G and keep going till the end”

‘I turned into isle G wondering where the hell Steve was taking me this time; I heard them still behind me so carried on walking. Luckily enough we didn’t bump into any night staff in the isles order picking or it could’ve been a little awkward. I reached the end and stopped at the fire exit.’

“Through there” Steve nodded at the door.

‘I did as told and pushed the door open and stepped out into the fading light. It was around seven thirty now and getting dark real soon; the one night guard would be on but most likely asleep I hoped as I had no idea what was in store for me out here. Neal kicked the door shut with his foot and I looked at Steve for instruction.’

“Head over there to the workshop”

‘Our premises were very large and out the back of the warehouse was a huge yard that was used for parking all thirty articulated lorries; also in the corner was room for a large workshop or garage big enough for one vehicle at a time. I knew this because I’d been told about it but only ever seen it from the windows that overlooked it from upstairs in the office store room. Now I was heading towards it with no idea why.’

Again I was sat at home with Fiona and Alice this time both working on my dick as I read Fiona's compelling journal, I often thought about how good the idea was by getting her to write about the encounters.

‘I reached the garage and was told by Steve to use the smaller door to the left and found it unlocked, I stepped inside and could smell engine oil and grease it was fairly cold in the garage and assumed there was very little heating if any, I shivered as the cold penetrated my thin blouse.’

“Go on, down to the far end”

‘Again Steve told me where to go and I just kept walking towards the end of the garage towards the back of one of our vehicles which was in for some sort of repair as damage was clearly visible on the side I passed. As I neared the end of the building I heard what sounded like two male voices and a crackling spitting sort of sound and it seemed to get a little warmer. Turning left round the back of the trailer it opened up into a open space that looked like an area used for lunch breaks. There was a little bench with a microwave and a tea urn; in the middle of the floor were two very worn green sofas and two armchairs in different colours, everything looked covered in grease. Standing I the corner under a big manmade looking chimney stood an old barrel with fire coming from it and the smoke leaving the garage via the chimney; this was obviously the heating system. Sat at the chairs were Gerald and Trevor, each had what looked like A4 pieces of photo paper in their hands and massive grins on their faces as I looked back at them.’

‘I was nudged from behind by one of them until I was stood in the middle of the sofas and chairs. The brown envelopes were dropped onto a self made coffee table that had seen better days then Steve, Neal and Shaun joined Gerald and Trevor in the empty seats leaving me standing with nowhere to sit. Not that I was stupid enough to think I’d been bought here for sitting around, I fully expected to be getting used by some ones cock if not all their cocks. Steve really was punishing me for grassing him up a crime of which I wasn’t even guilty. I think Steve was loving having me as his blackmail pet that he could do whatever he wanted with.’

I pulled Alice onto my cock as I lay back on to Fiona’s lap; I needed my cock riding whilst I continued with her juicy story.

“Well Fiona as you can see I took the initiative and sorted out the little problem you posed to me by way of showing Gerald and Trevor here just what sort of woman you really were. I didn’t like to think that you would use these two genuine guys and try to get me in trouble Fiona, but now that they are fully aware of your character I know that there won’t be a problem. But Fiona you’re lucky that they are such nice guys because they offered me a little ultimatum too; they didn’t quite believe me when I said you were a complete whore so I told them I could prove to them that you are and the photos aren’t faked. So why don’t you take off your clothes..........again and shoe Gerald and Trevor what you’ve already shown us three.”

‘All eyes were on me and I couldn’t get out of the situation’

“What's that on your face and hair Fiona?”

‘I knew it wasn’t going to be long before one of them asked about my sticky face and matted hair and I was hardly in a position to lie. “It’s Neal and Shaun's sperm”.’

“And there’s plenty more where that came from” Neal said grabbing at his crotch.

“Ok Fiona, I'm starting to see I different side to you, maybe these photos are real after all”

‘I continued to strip until I was in my underwear standing before the five men, I wasn’t uncomfortable with this as id been in this position many many times before. What bothered me was the fact two more people from work were now about to be involved in my situation and I was still unsure as to why Steve had bought all but three of the envelopes down.’

“Come here” Steve barked.

‘I went over to Steve who had stood up and he led me to the side of the coffee table that was closer to Gerald and Trevor who were side by side on the dirty green sofa. He patted the table in front of me.’


‘I wasn’t even sure if the bloody thing would take my weight so slowly lifted one knee at a time onto the dirty wood, when both knees were on I held the greasy sides for support as the table felt very unsteady. Neal was to my left in an arm chair and Shaun was in front of me but on the left hand side of the other green dirty sofa. Steve came and stood in front of me and unzipped his trousers before pushing them to his ankles with his boxers; his large impressive cock that earlier had made such easy work of making me come was again naked before me.’

“Suck my cock”

‘I moved my head forward and tilted it under his helmet and opened my mouth when I moved my head up ready to swallow his helmet. He let out a gasp as my head moved up his shaft and I only stopped when his helmet hit the back of my throat.’

“Oh shit”

‘I heard Gerald and Trevor behind me expressing their disbelief in unison as they realised I was a whore but also one doing these things whilst in a sticky situation. My head was now being held by Steve and his cock fucked my face just like he had in his office; he then told Neal and Shaun to unzip. They both wasted no time in getting half naked and soon enough Neal’s cock was replacing Steve's when he moved aside. It sounded like Steve had slumped back in the other armchair but I was unable to turn to look as again my head was being held, I could hear Steve talk to Gerald though’

“Why don’t you peel her knickers off Gerald, or Trevor it won’t matter who does it she won’t object.”

‘I had no idea who leaned forward but I knew someone was as I felt my sticky knickers peel away from my buttocks and eventually my very sticky gusset with a little firm tug. They were pushed down as far as they could go which was the grubby table. I presumed now that Gerald and Trevor would be getting a good look at my well fucked sticky fuck hole; Neal moved aside and Shaun was quick into his space before I could see behind me.’

“Look at the mess I made of her earlier in my office Gerald, she certainly didn’t object to me filling her with cock and come that's for sure. Turn her round Shaun so she’s length ways on the table”

‘I was turned around sharply almost tipping me off the unstable coffee table, Shaun's cock was stuck straight back down my throat leaving my exposed rear pointing towards the back wall. Gerald and Trevor were now on my right who I could now see from the corner of my eye; both were holding growing bulges in their black uniformed trousers. From behind Shaun who was still using my mouth I heard Steve call out to Neal.’

“Why don’t you get yourself acquainted with her pussy Neal I’m sure your cock will be becoming a regular visitor from now on. Ha ha “

‘Laughter from all the men filled the room as I was spoken about like a piece of trash, not that the way I was acting was doing anything to prove otherwise, but I had no other choice if I wanted my well paid job to continue. Neal obviously wasted little time as I felt my sticky hole being nudged at from behind by Neal’s hard cock; he didn’t need to apply to much pressure as my pussy was still loose from the awesome fucking that Steve had given me, in actual fact my pussy lips were still feeling ultra sensitive and as soon as Neal’s shaft slide against them into my used hole I lifted my head from Shaun's dick and moaned loudly.’

“She can’t get enough of the bloody stuff Steve”

“I told you Trevor, she’s nothing but an untrustworthy whore, and how she got the job here I’ll never know”

“Ha I bet I could have a good guess”

‘They were totally wrong I got this job on merit, but the way things were going it probably wouldn’t be too long until another fantastic job slipped through my fingers because of my filthy past.’

Even though I’d turned Fiona into the cock hungry whore she is today she never once blamed me for anything that happened to her. She might have looked back on her initial decision to suck my cock all those years ago as a mistake but it was too late now and she knew it. Alice was giving me a fantastic ride while I read this journal and I could feel my come bubbling up deep in my balls.

‘Neal and Shaun began to hammer away at either end of me now and built up a rhythm between themselves. As Neal’s dick hammered in and his wiry pubes brushed my sensitive lips my head was forced forward down Shaun's shaft this continued for a few minutes, maybe three or four until Steve told Shaun to move away.’

“I want to hear the bitch moan when we fuck her, you bout done there Neal give Shaun ago at her”

‘They swapped over and I braced myself for Shaun massive cock, it was equally as impressive as Steve's so I was secretly looking forward to that thing inside me. ARRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHH Christ I wasn’t disappointed he filled my wanton hole as much as Steve and I moaned again, even louder as he pulled out and slammed back inside hitting me deep where it counted. He would be having me coming before long and I couldn’t stop it.’

‘I managed to count twenty three wonderful strokes before my cunt convulsed and gripped his vein covered shaft tight...OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH SSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTT. I came nosily and gripped the table as Shaun continued fucking his dick into me right through my orgasm; I looked across at Gerald and Trevor who had now removed their dicks from their trousers and were slowly wanking them. I continued to watch for a minute and thought about how a sixty plus year old cock would feel as I’d never been screwed by one before. I thought their dicks looked of decent length and girth but seemed a lot less solid as the cock that was doing such a good job in my cunt behind me. Maybe Steve wouldn’t even allow Gerald and Trevor to fuck me anyway, they may only be here to watch me in action and verify Steve's claims.’

I had to put Fiona's journal down in order to grip Alice's slender hips and hold her on my cock as I unloaded my creamy load deep into her tight little pussy; afterwards I pushed her off then swung back into a seated position to finish reading Fiona's entry.

‘Shaun fucked me hard for a good ten minutes and in that time I came nosily twice more much to Gerald and Trevor's approval; who seemed to be getting more and more comfortable and had moved forward to the edge of the sofa making them close enough to reach out and maul my swinging right breast. Neal replaced Shaun and had a second go at my hole this time he was able to make me come after over ten minutes of frantic pounding. Steve Lomax was still sat on the armchair watching me being passed and used by his two workmates all the while stroking his cock.’

‘The next time Shaun came towards me I was pulled up off the table and pulled down on top of him as he slumped in the middle of the sofa opposite Gerald and Trevor. I was turned around to face my audience then he lowered me by my hips towards his engorged dick; I lifted my left leg and placed it on the sofa at the side of Shaun's thigh and left my right leg supporting me between his legs. Doing this allowed me be impaled with ease as his helmet slid right past my puffy flaps and didn’t stop until bum was flat on his body. Gerald, Trevor, Steve and Neal were all staring at me and between my legs at my stretched pussy and continued to watch as I was easily lifted up and down Shaun's pole by his big muscular arms from behind. Even when he moved his arms away I needed very little encouragement to continue riding his cock; I tilted back a little putting my hands on his hard stomach and with my arms and my right leg which was on the floor I heaved myself up and down his cock for what felt like twenty minutes but in reality was only about four or five. As my orgasm gathered momentum my legs and arms began to falter making my rhythm erratic; but Shaun soon remedied this with his strong hands on my waist and bounced me through the final stages of a huge wet orgasm. I must have drenched Shaun's cock from the juice I could feel seeping from my hole.’

‘I was pulled up off Shaun by Neal and bent over the arm of the horrible greasy sofa, my bare skin rubbing against it leaving black marks on my stomach and left breast. Neal’s cock was roughly entered into my well used pussy and another ten minute hard hammering was dished out but without making me come, which didn’t surprise me with his poor fucking style and slightly under proportioned cock which never really did it for me now after being fucked by so many bigger cocks.’

‘There was no let up for my now very sensitive and sore pussy as Shaun threw me down on the grubby sofa on my back and pulled me towards the front of the sofa so that my bum was nearly on the edge. He then lifted my legs and pushed them wide apart opening my cunt for his lovely cock yet again. He had a hand on each of my thighs holding my legs open but also pushing them back a little, further opening my hole put also giving him the possibility to drive that eight incher deeper into my well used tunnel. He did just that and speared me expertly bottoming out on his first stroke and making me squeal loudly and I continued to squeal and moan loudly over the next fifteen minutes as Shaun administered one of the best fuckings I’d ever received since becoming such a whore.’

‘I came twice screaming slightly more loudly than I had throughout the impressive deep pounding and I could literally feel my juices cascading across my arse cheeks as it oozed from my battered pussy. I was tired and spent, my cunt was sore and lips swollen and inflamed but Shaun continued for at least three more minutes before he drove that wonderful tool deep into my womb one last time and held it there his weight pinning my legs back as he laid on me smiling.’

“Here comes the cream you whore”

‘My pussy was soon filled with hot sperm; one, two, three, and four times his dick pulsated and emptied thick hot cream into my womb. I really had just received the cream. Shaun lifted up and removed his slimy shaft with a noisy squelch and I could instantly feel hot sperm trickle out from my pussy hole down across my arsehole and round to the small of my back. I looked across at Steve who was stroking his dick smiling so I turned my gaze slightly and noticed that Gerald and Trevor were now stood up closer to the sofa I was spread out on. A body walked across my view and swung in on top of me my legs pushed back again and Neal’s cock easily vanished inside my hungry hole.’

‘After the fucking I’d just received from Shaun I just laid there and went through the motions as Neal fucked his six incher into my stretched out sticky tunnel, if it was perhaps a good job that he was adopting the same position as Shaun so that he could get his thin six inches as deep as possible into me. Needless to say I didn’t come even though he exerted himself one hundred percent but if I was honest his cock just didn’t match up to Shaun's or cocks that have fucked me in the past.’

“ARRGGGHHH AAAA AAAAAAA, Oh yes take my come”

‘Neal’s cock twitched three times as he emptied himself in the same place his friend had only eight or so minutes earlier. Again my pussy oozed hot semen as Neal’s cock vacated me leaving me sprawled on the sofa with my legs still spread. I opened my eyes at the sound from the right and saw Steve walking towards me with his huge dick swinging in front of him, almost leading him to its target which I hoped was my well beaten pussy.’

‘Steve spun me round on the sofa so that my head was dangling off the edge towards the table, when I looked up Steve was standing directly above me and I could see Gerald and Trevor slightly behind him with their dicks in hand. Steve continued to slide me off the grubby sofa by pulling me with his hands under my arm pits; I fell back off the sofa onto my shoulder with my legs pointing up in the air, I was unsure what Steve was trying to do for a moment until he pulled my legs back a little so that they were almost aiming over my head. He then pushed my legs apart and my pussy pulled open, he then turned round and lifted his left leg up into the sofa at the side and planted his right foot at the side of my head. I then watched as he used his right hand to angle his cock downwards towards my cunt.’

‘OH MY FUCKIIIIIIING GOOOOOOOD. ARRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. As you can gather I came all over Steve massive rod as it disappeared down into my sticky well fucked hole. Just the feel of his thick rock hard shaft rubbing against my ultra sensitive swollen lips tipped me well over the edge; I screwed up my eyes and gripped onto the first things that I could get my hands on and screamed the garage down for about two whole minutes. Steve didn’t once stop pile driving his solid eight incher up and down deep; and I mean deep into my womb. Steve had watched Shaun demolish me for fifteen minutes making me come numerous times and he wasn’t about to be out done.’

‘The fucking was hard and savage, every stroke was hammered home by all sixteen plus stone of Steve as he feel into me almost doubling me over. Somehow Steve made me come three more times and I don’t know how as my body was spent and sore by the time he drove into me one last time I think I’d nearly passed out. I knew he’d come as I felt my womb feeling up with a torrent of steaming hot cream that had shot in there from Steve's twitching dick. I felt his cock vacate my cunt leaving me feeling totally empty, I still couldn’t move so I just stayed like I was with my back against the sofa and my legs spread in the air taking the weight on my numb shoulders. Steve’s come couldn’t escape me like this and my tunnel felt hot and sticky for a few minutes after his spent cock had gone and I had to admit I felt totally satisfied.’

‘It was then that I felt something splash my left cheek and my neck so my eyes sprung open and I looked up. The first thing I saw was a helmet pointing down towards me with a strand of semen dangling from it towards my face; I tilted my head a little and wasn’t surprised to find Trevor smiling down at me looking pleased with the little load he’d just directed at my face, he was nudged out the way by Gerald who took a different approach by almost sitting on my legs and crouching a little so that he was able to get closer and directly in front of my face with his dick.’

“I don’t want to waste a drop of this on the floor Fiona so open wide”

‘I opened my mouth and he crouched a little lower, as low as his old back would allow anyway, then gripped his cock and aimed at my tonsils ready to shoot, I closed my eyes’

“Open your eyes Fiona I want you to watch as I come at your pretty face”

‘I did as instructed by Gerald and watched as he pumped his cock a few times before he grunted and unloaded into my waiting mouth. I kept my eyes open even as the second spurt missed my mouth and hit me on the nose. His old seed came to an end after three squirts and turned into a dribble like Trevor's but he’d succeeded in getting some in my mouth.’

‘Eventually I was able to get to my feet even though I was very very unsteady and had to hold the edge of the grubby sofa for a moment until I felt comfortable to stand unaided. My cunt was really sore and hurt as I stood normally I presumed it was because my lips were so swollen and they were being pushed together as I stood and walked looking for my clothes. I was aware that the blokes had all dressed and were laughing and joking together looking across at me occasionally struggling to pull my trousers up my very sticky legs. By the time I’d gotten round to buttoning them up wet patches were clearly visible around my pussy and on the insides of my thighs.’

“Has anyone got a cloth so I can wipe my face?”

‘Neal picked up a grubby old rag covered in grease and threw that at me’

“Dirty rag for a dirty whore”

‘They all laughed’

“Actually Fiona throw the rag on the floor you can leave Gerald's mess on your face until were back at the cars how’s that sound guys.”

“Sounds good to me Steve” they all piped up.

‘We all left the garage and walked round the outside of the building to the car park, it was dark now and only the security lights lit our path; I was in the middle of all the guys and occasionally my bum was slapped or my tit was grabbed and I was called a derogatory name. This went on until we reached my car where they watched until I was inside and driving off out the car park; with a face and sore pussy full of all their hot come.’

‘It was only Monday so I still had four days to situation had worsened as I now had five men involved in the blackmail..................what had I gotten into............’

The blackmail continues..........................

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