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Hello Readers this is something that I thought I could try out. I notice that there are some similarities to the Reluctant Wizard, but my plot take a different direction then that. If you believe there is something I could do to make this more entertaining, please post your comments.

I should have known this would be my fate for summoning her to my world, yet I had believed that my power was strong enough to control her. I now know why it was forbidden to bring a being such as her to our plain of existence. Her power is on rivalled in our world and only an army of magi could even hope to defeat her. Now I’m her personal toy, a slave to serve her needs at any given moment. But let me tell you how it all started.

When I only seven years old I discovered that I could magic, at first I kept this to myself and used my new found power to my toys come to life for short periods of time. At the age of nine my parents found out about my gift and had me taken to the Magi Order, or as the apprentices called it the Lost City of Magis. This place once a massive stone castle stretching into the clouds now remained as four towers connected by the high walls of the fallen keep. Each tower had its own name and housed both genders. The shortest tower know as the Closed Circle housed all the new apprentices, the next in line was Harrowed Tower the home to Magi who had become low level mages. The third tower was named after one of the Order’s best Magi, Septenius tower this was home to Magi who had faced their inner demons and won full control over their powers. And finally the larges tower reaching nearly forty stories high was the one which housed the Order’s oldest and wisest Magi as well as the more experienced Magi who have fought against the evils of the demon world.

I as you may have guessed was place in the first tower, although my skills were exceptional I was told that I still had alone way to go before I ready to face my inner demon. A battle held in another world called the Isle of Chaos. I know it sounds dangerous and evil but to be honest it’s like you’re walking through a realm based on your dreams and state of your soul. But I’ll get into that later.

Nearly a month after my acceptance I was already the top of my class, not that it was hard to be. The spells we learned to use were rather simple and of course were meant for those who had just discovered their power. Their was one other person who was as skilled as I was, she was a cute girl back then and she loved to use water based spells when she wasn’t studying or practicing in the courtyard with the rest of the class. She had long crimson hair and sapphire eyes that seemed to enchant most of the other boys.

As time went on and I grew into a young teenager I found that my powers were also growing stronger with every passing day. I was still top of the class when I turned fourteen, closely rivalled by that redhead who was maturing into a beautiful young woman. I had short dirty blonde hair with pale blue eyes which seemed to frighten most people because they thought I was possessed by some sort of demon, but I ignored them and continued with my studies. I was only about five foot six at the time so I wasn’t some powerful giant teen.

One day while sitting in my room with my cat lying on my lap I was reading an old book of spells which for the most part held enchantments and transformation spells. But near the back of the book were a few summoning spells to conjure small creatures from other plains along with creation spells to bring anything you could think of to life and use as either a familiar or something clean your room while you were gone. So after some thought I decided to turn my cat into a black panther, just to see if I could pull it off. Later that night I locked my door and placed a magic barrier over it to keep the teachers out at least for a moment. After than was taken care of I drew the circle of transformation on the floor closest to the center most point to give myself some room in case something went wrong. I then placed my cat in the center of said circle and used a paralysis spell to keep her from walking around be she could still turn her head and move her tail. Taking in a deep breath I began to chant the worlds from the book. Closing my eyes I pictured the form I wanted her to become and started to weave my hands as the magic flowed through me.

Before the transformation of my cat would be completed an image of a half woman half cat entered my mind. With a sudden burst of energy the spell came to and end and knock me on my ass a few feet away. Dazed from the blow I opened my eyes and stared at what looked like a woman but she was covered in black fur, had a long tail and ears on the top of her head. Her face was human in shape but her nosed was flattened and looked like the nose of a cat. I watched in awe and confusion as she licked herself and moved like the creature I had originally intended her to become. Then she noticed me. I was sure she would be pissed that I turned her into this human cat hybrid, so as she prowled over to me I kept completely still.

Before she reached me she decided to lunge the last few feet and pin me to the ground. Closing my eyes I braced myself for her to bite or rip my throat out; instead she just licked my face and lay on top of me. Not to be mean or anything but in her new form she was kind of heavy. Seeing as she meant me not harm I slowly stroked her neck and scratched behind her ears. “Hey girl I hope you don’t mind the new body I just wanted to see if I was able to perform the spell.” I said softly then was nuzzled and licked some more. “Okay okay, enough girl I get it you don’t mind. But can you please stop licking me? And maybe get off, you weigh more then you used to.” I said while panting for air.

Once she moved off me I sat up and stroked her head. I was kind of glad that she was in this form rather then being a regular panther. I then remembered that since she was a cat she would age differently, so to keep her young and in her current form I placed an immortality enchantment on her. She would stay young and keep her matured form as long as I was still alive. That would later prove to have been a good thing on my part to have done. After I cleaned up my room a bit I decided to add one more condition to her new form. I read through that old book once more and found a spell that would allow my familiar no matter her form or race to have the ability to understand every known language in the world. That was harder then I expected since it took a lot of my strength to cast this spell when I finished the spell I collapsed onto my bed and sighed heavily. It felt like I had just run several hours up a mountain. With my body now drained of most of my strength the barrier on my door vanished and the door unlocked itself. I was glad that last spell was a life long enchantment. It wasn’t long until I fell asleep with my cat curled up beside me.

When I woke up the next morning I found two of my teachers looking down at me and my sleeping cat. “Um hello, I assume those looks are for why I have a human cat hybrid in my bed.” I said while sitting up and yawning a bit. “I found a transformation spell in a book and wanted to try it out, so last night I did and my cat turned into her.”

My teachers nodded and smiled before moving away a few feet and whispering among themselves for a few moments. “Lunabell wake up.” Lunabell being my cat stirred slightly before rolling around and facing me, she meowed then pinned me to the bed and started to lick my face. I figured that her relaxed nature had become more energetic and frisky since she used to just wander around and lay down on a near by rail or any surface she could find then nap for a few hours.

“Okay girl relax, I need to get up for class.” I said and pushed her off me and forced her to fall back onto the bed. Not a smart move since she took this as an act to play and pounced on me. Yep she was heavy, and to make matters worse she was in heat so she refused to move off me and continued to lick and nibble my neck. After several minutes that felt more like an hour my teachers final managed to levitate Lunabell off of me so I could get off my bed and stand up. “Thank you.” I said while catching my breath and grabbing my books. “Lunabell time for class, behave yourself young lady and maybe I’ll give you some catnip.” I said with a firm tone which got her attention.

I followed my teachers out of the dorm and down to the classrooms with Lunabell at my heels. Although she hand the figure a woman she still preferred to walk on all fours. Seeing that made me smile, so I reached down and scratched her ears as we continued on our way.

When we entered the classroom all the guys in my class stood up and started to stare at Lunabell, while the girls glared at me and shook their heads. I ignored both and took my seat at the back of the room. Lunabell curled up at my feet and fell asleep. The class was long but far from boring; I noticed that my peers kept glanced back to look at Lunabell. I smiled to myself knowing that most of them couldn’t even summon a worm at this point, but then I saw her glancing back at me and blushing every time she noticed that I was watching her. That cute redhead was still very interesting to me so I decided to talk to her but that would have to wait till later.

Later that day I found her in the courtyard practicing her spells to manipulate water. “Hello.” I said standing some few feet away from her. She turned her head and stopped casting the spell.

“Um… hello.” She said acting rather shy and lowered her gaze.

“I’m Alexander; I noticed that you couldn’t keep yourself from looking back at either me or my familiar Lunabell.” I said while walking a little closer.

She blushed then looked up at me. “I’m… Maria, it’s nice to properly meet you after all these years. As for why I kept looking at you… well I um… was curious and kind of impressed that you had managed to transform your cat into that form. She is very beautiful.” Maria said in a near whisper.

I admit her shyness was rather amusing and made her even cuter but I wasn’t attracted to her sexually not at that age. “Yeah well the transformation was easy enough but I also cast a few more enchantment on her. Those were rather difficult to perform and left me drained of strength.” I said while Lunabell had started to walk around Maria and sniffed her every few seconds. I wondered if she thought Maria might be threat or try to compete for my affection. My answer came quickly when Lunabell started to purr while rubbing her head against Maria’s leg. “I guess she likes you.” I said and knelt down beside Lunabell, petting her gently and scratching her chin. “That’s a good girl.”

“My, she is very well mannered and so elegant too.” Maria said softly as she crouched down and started to pet her.

“Yes she is and an irreplaceable companion at that.” I said and smiled. Obvious Lunabell understood that rather well since she pounced on me and started to lick my face.

Maria giggled while watching my familiar showed her affection for me. “Okay Lunabell enough I can’t breathe.” I said and tried to roll away, but she would have none of that she pinned me down and started to nuzzle me, all the while her tail swayed playfully. After a few moments I decided to use my secret weapon. With only a few words I summoned a ball filled with catnip and tossed it a couple feet away. Lunabell caught the scent and chased after the ball. Sighing I sat up and watched my familiar play with the ball. “Well that worked, should have done that sooner.” I said while getting to my feet.

Maria giggled again and we both watched Lunabell have her fun. “Tell me something Alexander, have you noticed that she is in heat?”

I did not expect her to say that. “Um yes I know she is which might explain why she is so frisky.” I said with a shrug. When I looked at Maria she gave me an expectant look. My eyes widened and I shook my head. “No I have not done anything with her nothing like that I swear.” I said while raising my hands.

“I see.” She paused for a moment then blushed before looking back at me. “You should at least play with her down there.”

I was shocked to say the least; this shy innocent girl was telling me to pleasure my familiar. I know that my face was red and I refused to say anything for several moments. “Um I guess I could but I’m not too sure how to do that. She never lets me up unless I toss that ball of catnip around for her. And this was when she was just a normal cat.” I said knowing that my red face had darkened.

“Well I could show you how….” Maria said barely above a whisper while looking down at her feet.

“I um would appreciate that.” I said quickly then looked away.

“Okay then lets go to your room and I can show you how to pleasure her.” Maria said softly then blushed a darker shade of red.

I quickly called Lunabell over but she didn’t listen so I levitated the catnip ball toward me and she followed it like cat hunting a mouse. I kept it in my hand so she would continue to follow us. Once we were in my room I tossed the catnip ball onto my bed which was shortly followed by a leaping Lunabell. Locking the door I walked over to my bed as Maria sat down on the edge. “So how should I start?” I asked while sitting down beside Lunabell.

“Well first get rid of that ball the have her lay on her back.” Maria said as she scooted up the bed.

Quickly I made the ball vanish and had Lunabell lay on her back. She looked at me curiously as if asking why I took away her toy.

“Okay now I’ll show you what to do while you hold her down, she might not entertain the idea of me touching her down there.” Maria stated then moved to lie on her stomach.

I held Lunabell down and gently stroked her chest and chin the way she had always liked. I watched as Maria took two fingers and started to rub Lunabell’s slit. At first Lunabell didn’t like having a girl touch her down there but I held her down and told her to calm down, adding that I would take Maria’s place in a moment. She calmed down and watched as her pussy was rubbed.

It was at this point where I stared to look at Lunabell not just as my familiar but also as a woman. She had an athletic figure, long sexy legs connected to some very enticing hips. She had a slim waist leading up to two sets of 36B cup breasts. Yes you heard me right two sets she was a cat remember. She was very beautiful and I now understood why most of the guys would stare at her, horny bastards but even though she was in heat I knew that even if one of the other Magi tried to fuck her she would reject him and most likely attack him if he continued to force her. My eyes moved over her body again and again, each time I would notice something I hadn’t before now. She had elegant feet instead of paws, and then I looked back between her legs and found that her pussy was the same as a human woman.

After awhile Lunabell began to either purr of moan. It was hard to tell since she never let us hear how much she was enjoying this. I watched Maria continue her administrations for a little bit longer before I moved between Lunabell’s legs and took over. I was gentle with her rubbing my fingers in slow circles while moving up and down her slit. I quickly noticed her hard clit poking out from underneath its hood. So with my right hand thumb I lightly teased the little nub. This made Lunabell gasp and arch her back slightly. With a smile playing across my lips I continued to tease her clit while slowly pushing my index finger of my left hand into her cunt. I buried it as far as I could before I bumped her hymen. I know what you’re thinking if she was once a cat how she could be a virgin woman. Well to be honest when we enter puberty our teachers take us one at a time to some room in the top of the tower where we stand in the center of a summoning circle, then the teachers tell us to empty our mind and listen to our hearts. While we do that they weave some magic and our familiars appear either on our shoulders or our feet. I was the only one to get a cat. Others were granted reptiles, birds or some other kind of creature which dwells in our world. One guy I know was lucky enough to have a miniature dragon. Another girl got a dire wolf, if you have never seen one then let me tell you this. A dire wolf is very territorial; this thing will rip your arm off if you even look at its Magi in a threatening way, not to mention that they grow to size of five maybe six feet. Anyway back to the topic at hand, since I was the only one to get a cat Lunabell had never mated before. So when I transformed her she became a virgin cat woman.

Now back to what I was doing to my familiar. I had started to slowly finger fuck her with my left while flicking and rubbing her with my right. She was now moaning and wriggling on the bed enjoying every second of this. My eyes moved to Maria who was watching both my hands and how Lunabell reacted to the stimulation.

Since my index finger had become soaked by Lunabell’s pussy juice I added my middle finger to increase the pleasure. She was tight but she loved how my fingers fucked her tight hole. “She seems to love this.” Maria said while wiggling on the edge of my bed.

I could tell that she was getting aroused from listening to Lunabell’s moans and needed to get off herself. Just as I pressed down on Lunabell’s clit she arched her back and moaned as she had her first orgasm. Her tight pussy muscles pulsed around my fingers trying to milk them. After a few moments she came down from her orgasm high and looked at me with a satisfied expression. I pulled my fingers out of her and sat up at the foot of my bed. “Well she enjoyed that by the looks of her.” I said stating the obvious while Lunabell curled up and fell asleep.

“Well now that you understand how to pleasure her you should do that every couple of days to keep her sexually satisfied. Now if you will excuse me I have some things to tend to before dinner.” Maria said as she stood up and walked over to the door.

“Um okay, oh hey I was just wondering. But what kind of familiar do you have?” I asked while getting to my feet and moving over to my door.

She stopped and looked at me for a moment before shaking her head. “I don’t have one yet, but I’m going to get one within the month. I’ve just been too busy with other things.” She answered softly before opening the door and waving goodbye.

I watched her leave for a moment before closing my door and locking it. With a smile on my face from thinking or rather knowing what she had to tend to I turned back to look at Lunabell who hand now woken up. “Well then I suppose that you would like to thank me for pleasuring you huh?” I asked as I walked over to my bed and sat on the edge. Lunabell tilted her head then pounced on me. She licked my face and nuzzled my neck while purring.

Stroking her soft fur I chuckled while watching as she cuddled up to me swaying her tail playfully. “Such a naughty cat you’ve become Lunabell. I said softly which earned me a quick nibble on my neck. She clearly understood that and proved how naughty she could be at any given time by moving on top of my and pinning me down with her weight. I raised an eyebrow while wondering what she was planning when all of a sudden she ground her pussy over my crotch. “Oh you naughty girl hungry for more pleasure already huh? Well you’ll have to wait until later I need to return a few book to the library then head to the dinning hall for dinner.” I said trying to sound commanding but her grinding pelvis was rather distracting. I guessed she didn’t care too much about what I had to do because she leaned forward and slowly licked my neck, cheek and finally my lips. I was a little shock by her sexual advancement but still kept my wits about be and resisted the urge to let her do as she wanted to me. So I quickly conjured the ball of catnip and held it close to her nose until she started to paw at it, then I tossed it across the room. Once she leaped after the ball I stood up grabbed the book and left my room. “Holy hell she is really needs to calm down.” I said out loud while going down the stairs.

After dinner I was pulled behind one the large columns holding up the ceiling and found Maria standing just inches away from me. “Oh hey Maria.” Was the only thing I could say before she looked at me with pleading eyes. Confused I tilted my head then asked what she wanted.

“I need your help with something. I… I tried to pleasure myself after I left your room… but no matter what I did I just could not make myself cum.” She paused for a moment before blushing a dark shade of red then looking into my eyes. “Can you pleasure me the way you did Lunabell earlier?” Her request shocked me but I agreed to help her out.

We quickly made our way up to Maria’s room, once inside she closed and locked the door. Then as a precaution she placed a silencing barrier over the door to keep any and all sounds that came from inside to go unheard on the other side of the door. Clever girl I thought then sat on the edge of her bed.

With her face still red with embarrassment she removed her robes and under garments. She now stood completely naked and allowed me to look over her beautiful body. She was small for her age but her body was maturing quite well, her still growing breasts were the perfect shape and size for my hands to fondle. She had a flat smooth stomach with lead down to nicely curved hips and slender legs. Her crotch had a small patch of curly red hair. “Wow you’re beautiful.” I said as my eyes continued to look her over.

She smiled then quickly moved onto her bed and spread her legs. “You… can start down there if you want, or you can play with my breasts.” She said softly while her hands wandered over her body.

I wasted no time getting into a position to fondle her perky breast while teasing her clit at the same time. She moaned as my fingers teased her clit then entered her tight pussy while I took one of her erect nipples into my mouth. Her hands held my head as her hips moved to take my thrusting fingers deeper. I noticed that she was also a virgin when my fingers bumped her hymen. She gasped and arched her back in pain but we didn’t stop. I continued to tease her breasts alternating between both every few moments; my fingers had quickened as did her thrusting hips. I now had three fingers inside her tight cunt while she rode my hand to orgasm. Her cunt gripped my fingers tightly in an attempt to milk them for cum that she could not get. When she finally calmed down I removed my hands and laid beside her watching her try to slow her breathing.

“Oh wow… I didn’t think I would cum that hard…” she said panting with a satisfied smile. “Oh thank you for that… it was wonderful.” She added while rolling onto her side and smiling brightly at me.

“Anytime Maria anytime.” I said with a smile, I couldn’t help but pull her close to me and kiss those sweet lips of hers. She was shocked at first then relaxed and started to kiss back. We made out for awhile before we rolled and she ended up on top of me. She smiled down at me and rubbed her wet pussy over my growing cock.

“Oh my aren’t you a naughty boy.” She said playfully then ground her pussy harder over my erection. “Since you gave me suck a wonderful orgasm I’ll return the favour and let you cum.” She said before sliding down and pushing my robes open and pulling my under garment down.

My hard cock sprung free and bobbed in the air before her warm hand encased my shaft. At the age of fourteen I wasn’t some prised stallion who was endowed with a massive cock. I was six and a half inches long and two thick. Maria stroked my dick with a gentle grip and smiled as I groaned in pleasure when she leaned down and licked the underside of shaft. “And I’m the naughty one?” I asked before she licked me from the base of my cock to the tip. Oh her warm tongue felt great and I yearned for her to continue licking my cock. I was shocked to say the least when she took the head of my cock into her mouth and started to suck. “Oh where did you learn all this?” I asked after a pleasured moan.

“I found a book in the library, it was a diary left by one of the older Magi. She wrote down instructions on how to properly pleasure both yourself and men.” Maria said then went back to sucking and licking my cock. Damn this girl was a naughty devil.

I don’t know if she was just so damn good at sucking cock or I was still inexperienced but I didn’t last more then about a minute. I came so hard and shot ropes of hot cum into her mouth. She just continued to suck and swallow until I was done.

Once I had come down from my high I looked at her and smiled. “Holy hell, you are one hell of a girl.” I stated and closed my eyes.

“I know I am. I do hope that you won’t tell anyone about this.” She said while getting off the bed and getting into her night robes.

“I’ll take this to the grave if I have to. But tell me was this just a one time thing or will we be doing this again?” I asked then looked over to see her pulling a dark night robe over her head and pulling her under garments back on.

“I’m not to sure at the moment, if I can’t get off on my own anymore then I will be sure to ask you to pleasure me again but if I do I want you to use your mouth on me.” Maria said as she moved back over to the bed and sat on the edge. “You better get dressed it’ll be time for bed shortly and you’ll have to run to get back to your room before curfew.” She added quickly then glanced down at my semi hard dick. “By the way you taste delicious.”

I smiled then got to my feet adjusting my clothes so that it appeared nothing had transpired I moved around the bed and quickly kissed Maria’s lips. “Thanks for the fun evening.”

“No problem I enjoyed it just as much if not more.” She said then removed the barrier allowing me to leave.

I ran through the halls and up several flights of stairs just to make it to my room before the night watch came by my room. Before I disrobed Lunabell crawled over to me and sniffed the air. She looked at me as if say ‘and what have you been up to mister?’ I smiled and scratched her head. “I helped Maria with something you nosey cat.” I said then was tackled to the ground. She looked at me with annoyed eyes and I thought that this one way argument was going nowhere since I didn’t know what she was thinking or wanted to tell me. So with a deep breath I started to cast a mind bonding spell that would allow a Magi and his familiar to hear each other’s thoughts. The moment the spell set it I hear a seductive yet angry female voice yelling at me. “You did something with a girl didn’t you?! Who was it and where is she?! I’ll show her what happens when you play around with my mate!”

“You won’t do a damn thing Lunabell, I just did the same thing I did with you. Except what I and this girl did might not happen again. I’ll still pleasure you every couple of days.” I said already regretting having cast the spell, but unlike others that you could remove or dispel, a mind bonding spell is permanent for life. Lunabell sniffed the air again and then hissed as my door opened allowing a cloaked Maria enter my room. “It was her wasn’t it?! You went off and mated with her didn’t you?!”

“Lunabell I didn’t do that I just pleasured her and she returned the favour.” I said while holding her down allowing Maria to close the door and place a barrier over it. I assumed it was the same one she had placed over her door.

“She noticed my scent on your robe I take it. Lunabell listen to me now, I did ask Alexander to pleasure me like he did with you. But unlike with you it was a one time thing, we are still too young to even think about doing that again. I came here to explain that to you.” Maria said as she knelt down beside me and stared into Lunabell’s eyes.

“But he is mine you had no right to do that! Why did you do that? He’s mine isn’t he?” She looked at me with said eyes. “Aren’t you? Or am I just a pet to you?” Her voice was now one of deep sadness and I could tell she was close to crying.

“Lunabell, you are mine and yes I am yours, but as Maria just said what she and I did was a one time thing.” I said softly while stroking her fur and holding her lovingly. It was hard not to feel what she felt during those long moments; our linked minds were also allowing us to feel the emotions of the other.

With tear filled eyes she laid her head down on my chest and curled up on me. I looked to Maria and nodded slightly. Silence fell over the room a silence which felt like an eternity. From that day on Lunabell became more of lover then a friend, although she often tried to get me to fuck her I managed to stave her off by pleasuring her multiple times throughout the day.

Time is an odd thing one moment can seem like an eternity while years can pass you by in the blink of an eye. Four years had passed by faster then I could believe. Maria and I along with the rest of my age group peers had made it into the third tower. Maria got her familiar which was some fort of fairy or sprite. It was rather mischievous little creature. Always playing pranks on the other Magi and a few of the teachers. Since it was a female her little jokes were even more daring.

One interesting fact about Septenius Tower was that upon entering it as a new Mage to face the inner demon all Magi were given a jewel imbedded arm brace to amplify their power. The interesting thing about these arm braces was that every Magi could only use a certain type. This was due to the fact that all Magi were attuned to using a certain type of magic. The types of magic include healing, elemental, curses and hexes, barrier, summoning, and an old magic know as the dark arts or as the void verses.

The first to receive their braces were those of the healing magic, mostly the kind hearted guys and girls. Then the barrier or protector magi strong and protective of others, summoning for those who strategists, Elementals were those of strong will and brave souls, next were the curse and hex users meant to be used for discretion and secret activities. Finally it was my turn, now I expected to be either a summoning or hex user. Instead I was taken to the top of the tower, confused and also a little nervous I found myself standing in the center of an old magic summoning circle. Before I could even ask what this was about I was surrounded by a wall of red and black light. For some reason I felt like my energy was being drained from my body soon all I could see was darkness.

Next thing I knew was waking up in a bed with a few of the older Magi staring down at me. As I sat up I found that my body felt heavier then usual, wondering why that was I looked at my mostly naked form. My shirt was gone as was most of my clothing except for my undergarments. Then I noticed the dark red tattoo looking lines running over my body.

“Those are your inscriptions they amplify your power and will allow you to become a great Magi. See yourself as a blessed young man, for you to be given these tattoos are a rare thing.” A woman said from the foot of my bed.

“Yes as of today you are one of five Magi who have the natural ability to use the Void verses. There hasn’t been one such as you for many centuries.” Said an elderly looking man off to my right.

“Okay then, but why do I feel so heavy? And where am I?” I asked softly as I moved to get off the bed. I soon found that my legs barely even slid on the bed. What ever these lines were made of it seriously impacted on my motor functions.

“Ah yes the tattoos are made from a powered found in abandoned caves which once housed many young dragons. The powder is or what we believe to be scales and bones of the dead dragons.” The elder man stated as he stroked his long silver bread.

“Right and since Dragons are creatures of magic it is only natural that their remains be studied so we Magi can further our knowledge of magic and of the Dragons.” A younger elder said with an approving nod.

“So the reason for the added weight to your body is the magic we infused into your skin. You will get used to the feeling soon enough, just be careful when casting spells they will be more potent then before.” The woman at the foot of the bed said with a warm smile. “I’ll be your personal tutor as well young man, so I expect you to do as I say.” she added softly.

Several days later I was placed in a room near the top of the tower, to my surprise it was three times the size of the ones the other Magi were placed in. As expected though all my things were brought up and I found Lunabell napping on my rather large bed. I tried to sneak up on her but her ears had great hearing, the moment I closed the door behind me she stirred then stretched. The second she saw me she smiled leapt off the bed and tackled me to the ground while purring. ‘Where were you? What happened after you left with those instructors?’

“I missed you too Lunabell, as for what happened to me. Let’s just say that I was given a very special gift. I was also informed that I will be taking lessons from a private tutor, who happens to be a woman.” I said while stroking her head and back with both of my hands.

‘What? Another woman is going to be around you? For how long, and will you be alone with her? I don’t want you getting into anything that involves sexual acts, you have me for that.’ She said in a firm tone while giving me a rather scary glare, had she used that on me before all those years ago I would never had done anything with Maria.

“I don’t think that will happen she is quite a few years older then me, besides why would I go chasing after some tail when I have one right here?” I said with a smile then actually grabbed her tail.

‘Hey! Don’t start messing with my tail. You know I hate it when you tease me like that.’ she said before nipping my neck and pinning me down on the floor. ‘Now then since you’ve been gone for so long I think its only right for me to do this.’ She stated before kissing me passionately and forcing her tongue into my mouth. She also started to rub her body against mine, not just her damp slit but her entire body. ‘I want you Alex. Please let me make you feel good, I want to mate with you… please.’

With what she was doing and having gone eighteen years as a virgin which I will tell you now is not that uncommon among Magi. Some don’t have sex until marriage or never at all. For women of the Magi order they are so much more powerful if they are virgins and have never done anything sexual to themselves. For guys not so much, are focus just changes after losing virginity, nothing serious or consequential. Anyway I gave in to temptation and nodded slightly before kissing her in a loving way.

It wasn’t long before we moved to my bed, I stripped while walking with is kind of hard in full body pullover robe with trousers and a long sleeved cotton shirt. I fell once. But once my clothing was off and we were on my bed Lunabell flipped me so she was on top, my guess to make sure I was a good boy and let her have most of the control. My cock was hard and ready to enter a tight virgin cunt.

Lunabell was enjoying the idea of being on top and in control of first fuck. She gripped my cock and started stroking it nice and slow; licking her lips she leaned down and started kissing me again. She adjusted her position the rubbed the head of my cock through her wet pussy lips before easing herself down onto my cock. She moaned and gasped as she took in a few inches before the tip hit her hymen. She stopped and growled and bit before raising herself up a little then impaled herself down to the hilt of my cock. She cried out in pain of course and bit down on my shoulder, which hurt like hell.

When Lunabell relaxed she started to move, slowly at first to let her body adjust to my cock. She moaned softly and licked the wound she inflicted upon my shoulder. After her body was able to get used to my dick she started to move faster. I of course held her hip and fondled one of her breasts while sucking on another. She has four remember.

Soon we were going at it hot and heavy, but seeing as it was my first time I wasn’t going to last much longer. With her moaning like a lust crazed woman I thrust hard and deep into her and came. My cum made her cry out in bliss, the feeling of my cum filling her cunt made her orgasm.

After we came down from our orgasm high we lay in bed panting and smiling at each other. ‘Short but sweet is the term right?’ she asked before grinding her pussy over my deflating cock and licking my neck. ‘When can we do it again? I’m not completely satisfied yet. But it was very enjoyable.’

I looked at her with a raised eyebrow then shook my head. “Give me a minute would you. I’m not some toy that gets hard whenever you want to have sex.”


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The one who wrote Reluctant Wizard removed it from the site I am sad to say since it was a good story.

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Amazing story, hope to see a chapter 2 soon, and where whouldmi be abe to read 'reluctant wizard'?


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