This is my very first story. It's supposed to be a quick read and a cliff-hanger. Constructive criticism is welcome. This is not a true story, but based off actual people with names changed. Enjoy!

Relatives that Fuck

My 16 year old winter went slow, as always. I was about 5’5” with blonde hair, and had a stocky, athletic build that year. School was boring, the ladies were elusive, and my stupid extended family members kept staying with us. We were the only family well off financially and were constantly host to lengthy visits. I tended to dislike most of them (as most teenage boys do) but put up with their nonsense nonetheless. Everything went on as usual, until one night.

My Uncle Chris and Aunt Terry were staying for the weekend for the first time in quite some years. My parents and I watched as they pulled up in their minivan and got out. But, three tiny blonde girls clambered out of the back one by one. How could I forget that they had three beautiful daughters! It had been far too long since I’d seen them. After helping them in and getting them settled I asked if the girls wanted to watch a movie with me in my theater room.

Alone with all three of them I learned about each and every one of them. Jessica (13), Jill (11), and Jane (8). All of them were cute as a button and had beautiful, bright blonde hair. I instantly became obsessed with them, despite the taboo of their young age.

That very first night, I was asleep in my room and I woke up with a terribly dry throat. It was probably 1:30 AM. I stood up and quietly made my way to my door to get a drink. Right as my hand reached for my door knob I heard a whimper on the other side. I froze with arm still stretched. Then, a quiet gasping noise found my ears. I slowly turned the knob of my door to investigate.

I poke my head out into the dimly lit hallway and hear more noise: squeaking, breathing, and an occasional cry. I slink down the hallway and ascertain where the sound is coming from, my living room. My head peaks around the corner into the room and I immediately snap it back behind the wall. I cannot believe what I just saw, but I definitely saw it. The image was burned, frozen maybe into my mind. It was my completely naked mother on top of someone’s cock, getting her asshole pounded like I’ve never seen before. Then, I hear another whimper and decide to risk so much again and take another peak. My head snakes around the corner a little further and I see my Aunt Terry licking my father’s ass while she fingers hers.

No. This is not happening. I can’t even think straight, my head is spinning. In my state of shock, I completely forget to recoil my head from view.
“Ugh, I knew this would happen, Alex! Come in here!”
That was the voice of my mother, the voice I had heard from birth, asking me to come and see her in the state she is in. I freeze at first, but comply with a burning curiosity.

I walk around the corner and see my mother’s pussy dripping with cum, contracting while her sphincter still grips my Uncle’s rock hard penis. I walk to the middle of the large room and my father and aunt make their way back to sitting on the couch.
“I don’t think I need to explain much, but all I can say is that we are all family, and there is nothing wrong with exploring sexuality with each other. And that means you too.” My mother calmly stated.

With that, she pointed to a chair next to the couch and I sat down obediently. Immediately, Uncle Chris resumed his pounding of my Mother’s plentiful ass. She was about 5’2”, blonde, and a little bit overweight. Her eyes closed and she let out a drawn-out moan that lasted for longer than I could remember. On that cue, my Aunt Terry leaned down while my father laid back and she began to lap wildly at his anus. She was around 5’6”, brunette, with a full figure and excellent breasts. As my father stroked his cock and grabbed her hair she reached back and easily inserted two fingers into her puckering asshole.

I loved what I saw. It was sex, in its completely unbridled, taboo beauty. I looked down and finally viewed my massive erection that was protruding from my nighttime boxer shorts. What I originally thought was going to be a disgusting, terrible scene of degradation and humiliation, turned out to be a beautiful opera of human bodies without inhibition.

Seeing my arousal, my Aunt Terry pointed at me without looking back and then pointed straight at her ass. My eyes darted straight to my mothers’. The only thing she gave me was a small grin and a nod of the head. I seized the moment and moved over to behind my beautiful Aunt. I had fingered girls my age, but never done any anal play. Without wasting any time, I shoved my hand in between her legs and started a circular rubbing of her clitoris. Then, I slowly slipped my left index finger into her waiting anus. Her sphincter gladly accepted me in and I felt the unique, soft texture of her insides. With that idea, my aunt began to finger my father’s ass using three fingers as he pushed back at her while still tugging on his cock.

This went on for a few minutes until my Dad came all over Aunt Terry’s face and I finally felt her orgasm contract on my three fingers I got into her ass. Then, after watching my mother get fucked for a few minutes, the kinkiest thing I had ever seen happened. My mother stepped off to the side of my Uncle and sucked his cock till it was coated in her spit. In awe, I watched as my father stepped over my uncle’s legs and grabbed his slippery dick. He then squatted down and guided it into his ass and grimaced in pleasure. I couldn’t believe that I was watching my Dad take a cock all the way up his anus. Immediately, my Mom then climbed on top of my Dad and easily shoved his penis into her gaping ass. It was incredible to watch.

Aunt Terry and I were watching this together, getting hornier and hornier.
“Have you ever had it in the ass?” she whispered to me.
Without another word, she pushed me onto the chair with my ass facing back and in the air. She knelt down behind me and grabbed my throbbing cock through my legs. She then leaned in and furiously lapped at my sphincter, trying to ease her tongue into my virgin ass. I went mad for the feeling, bucking back at her. After I was slippery with her saliva, she slowly slipped her right index finger into my asshole. It hurt as she pressed in all the way while I squirmed in front of her. I couldn’t believe what was happening. My Aunt’s finger was wiggling in my ass while my Uncle, Dad, and Mother all fucked each other next to me.

My aunt could not go any longer without any fulfillment of her own. She traded spots with me on the chair while holding my rock hard penis in her hand. She bended down on the chair and pulled me towards her puckering asshole. Without another thought, I grabbed her hips and shoved myself deep inside of her waiting anus. The sensation resonated through my body. It was so wrong, but so right. I lost control and started slamming her, our bodies clapping in glorious tempo. My mother saw this entire event unfold while getting pounded herself. She dug her two middle fingers into her slippery pussy and yanked while screaming at the top of her lungs. After one last deathly scream, a steady stream of womanhood exploded out of her pussy and soaked my Aunt and me.

It smelled so sweet and delicious that it pushed me over the edge of control. I grabbed Aunt Terry by the shoulders and pulled her as deep as possible on my rod and let loose the floodgates. My orgasm felt like an hour long, as I pumped rope after rope of sticky cum deep inside my Aunt’s bowels. She screamed in delight as she too rode out a tremendous orgasm. I slowly pulled out my softening penis as Aunt Terry shook in recovery.

Meanwhile, my Mother had dismounted and was on her knees in front of the couch. My Dad lifted himself off my Uncle and they both stood in front of my Mom and Aunt on their knees. I watched as they both beat off and shot massive loads onto both of the women as they cooed in delight. Ropes of hot white cum collided with both their faces and racks. They both looked at me, covered in beautiful semen and smiled. Then, Aunt Terry looked past me and stopped smiling.

I turn around to see what stunned her and see a pair of tiny eyes and a head of golden blonde hair. And another, and another.

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2013-09-28 06:01:03
I wish if I were d member of this family it would be a heaven.I would have made both mom and aunty pregnant

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2013-01-12 15:29:23
im a nudist family relative


2011-08-13 20:59:44
it reminded me when i was very young and my aunt's there way with me. I was there sex slave, i injoy it alot

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2011-08-07 04:47:20
this is realy amazing

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2011-07-23 04:43:24
I would have left him out of getting involved with the adults... even if he saw them... and had him fucking all of the girls. Do they have a couple of dogs?

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