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This is my first story so go easy on me...
And my name isn't really jeff and im not really 16


My name is Jeff and I turned 16 a few months ago. I have a sister named Julie who turned 14 recently. I knew she was a fairly attractive girl. If Julie had played her cards right, boys would be all over her, but she had made the tactical mistake of being best friends with the two prettiest girls in her grade, Dana and Nicole. We were about a month into summer and Julie had friends over everyday.

That summer both Julie and I had decided to work at a summer camp. The job was great; solid pay and barely any work. There was only one drawback; we were only allowed to take one week off from work per summer. This wouldn't have been a problem had our parents not rented a beach house for two weeks. These circumstances led to us being left home alone for a week.

Of course, the only logical thing to do was to throw a party on the first day. Since I was going to be a junior and my sister was going to be a freshman, we invited people from every grade to our house that fateful first evening. The party got started and while I got to drinking and smoking pot with my older friends, my sister and her friends were surveying the party for any older guys they might be interested in. I had told everybody at the party that I didn't want anybody getting too drunk, but I guess that I was having too much of a good time myself and let things slip out of hand. Next thing I knew, even the future freshmen, who had no experience with anything illegal, were downing shots like there was no tomorrow. I even saw some first timers try some weed. I then saw that my sister and her friends, who had claimed they don't drink, had joined in on the festivities.

Everything was going great until I saw something I didn't like. A senior that I was friends with walked over to my sister's friend, Dana, and slapped her on the ass. Dana was a petite girl without much in the chest region, but what she lacked in tits she more than made up for with her terrific behind. She was a newbie to the drinking scene and had no idea what to do. Seeing the situation unfold before me, I walked over and pushed my friend and told him to back off. As per my 6'2'' and muscular build, usually when I tell somebody to chill, they calm down for fear of what I might do next. Unfortunately, my friend and his buddy Jack Daniels were a little cocky tonight and he wound up as if to punch me. I was buzzed but I still had my reflexes, so before he could make contact I sidestepped and rocked him with a right hook to the eye. He crumpled like a burning building. After that situation had been defused I walked over to Dana, who was now drunk and sobbing uncontrollably, to check if she was okay. Seeing that she was in no condition to continue partying I picked her up and carried her to my room so she could rest.

On the way up the stairs Dana had stopped crying and instead started hugging me. When I reached my room I put her down on my bed and turned towards the door when I heard her groan. I looked back at her and saw that she had her left hand in her shorts. Being the hormonal, slightly inebriated 16 year old I was, I couldn't just turn away. Dana motioned for me to sit down on the bed with her and I obliged. As I took my seat Dana reached over and planted a passionate kiss on my lips. I was taken aback. Although many of Julie's friends had made passes at me, Dana had always somewhat ignored me. When I began return the kiss Dana moaned softly into my mouth. I had forgotten that she was still playing with herself. Seeing my excitement, Dana removed her shirt and shorts, leaving only her bra and the sexiest thong I'd ever seen. As I watched her undress, Dana stood and walked to the door, making sure it was locked and we wouldn't have any unwanted intruders. When she was satisfied that we were alone, she returned to me and pushed me onto my back. She straddled my hips and we resumed making out. After about a minute or so I was fully erect and extremely horny. Sensing my throbbing 9 incher through her thong and my shorts, she started to grind up and down on me.

Then she did something I would never have expected. In a single fluid movement she removed my shorts and boxers, allowing my member to flop out of its hiding place. She grabbed my dick with one hand and looked at me. “I've never done anything like this before Jeff,” she said tentatively, “but I'm glad I get to learn on you.” Less than a second after this was said, she leaned down and licked the head of my dick. A shiver of anticipation and excitement ran down my spine. She continued to lick for a few seconds until she finally wrapped her lips around the head and began to suck. The sensation was amazing. As I let out a groan of pleasure, Dana got the message that she was doing something right and began to take more of me into her. She managed about 3 inches to start and then pulled back, repeating the process. Each time she took a little more of me into her. Finally when about seven inches of my cock were buried in her mouth I felt my tip reach her throat. Amazingly, she didn't gag. At this point, I was ready to cum, so I grabbed her by the hair and forced myself into her throat. Now she was gagging but I didn't care. I came with a roar and shot my load right into her throat. After I was spent, I held her head there for a moment, making sure she swallowed it all.

I then looked down and saw that Dana was soaking wet between her legs. I pulled my cock out and lifted her tiny frame up to my bed. I knelt beside her and licked at the wet spot through her thong and used my finger to rub the area that I assumed her clit would be in. After several moans of joy from Dana, I pulled the thong aside and just looked at her pussy for a moment. It was the prettiest little cunt I had ever seen and I wanted nothing more than to eat her out, and thats exactly what I did. As soon as I licked her outer lips Dana shuddered with pleasure. I could tell that this was the first time anybody had connected mouth to pussy with her. I continued with my feast, licking her lips, then pulling her apart and sucking the inside of her sweet little cunt. Once the juices really got flowing I turned my attention to her clit, flicking it with my tongue and sucking on it at the same time. All the while I had inserted two fingers into her pussy and was pushing them in up to her hymen. Dana couldn't handle it anymore; she let loose her first real orgasm from another person and her whole body convulsed as her pussy exploded into my face.

As Dana was coming down from her orgasmic high, I continued to lap up all her juices. At that point I heard a faint moan escape Dana's mouth and then she said “Jeff, thank you for that it was amazing, but now I really want you to fuck me. Its okay, you don't need a condom, I'm on the pill.” I could hardly believe my luck. I had already face fucked the prettiest girl in my sister's grade, and now here she was begging me to fuck her. With gusto I leaped up onto the bed gave her clit one last lick, sending another wave of pleasure through her. Then I lined my dick up with her pussy and slid it up and down her lips. She groaned something about stop teasing her and put it in. I was in no position to resist, so I slowly started to part her lips with dick. Wow, this was a tight one. As the head of my dick had made its way past the entrance, Dana started crooning and begging for more, so I gave it to her. As I felt my tip reach her hymen, I looked to her for approval. She gazed back at me and nodded her consent. I then pushed slowly through the pressure of her hymen and finally felt it break. Dana squealed in pain and started writhing under me. Sensing her displeasure I pulled out and waited for her to catch her breath. When she was ready I once again inserted my cock into her waiting pussy. Now that she wasn't so tense, I started to experience the pleasure that comes with fucking a tight pussy. It felt like she was trying to squeeze my dick right off, and I was only about 3 inches in!

I then began a slow, rhythmic thrust, going very slowly to make sure she could handle my size. As I made it deeper into her pussy the tightness kept increasing and it felt absolutely amazing. I suddenly had the urge to sheath my entire dick in her pussy. I pushed a little bit harder into her, amazed that this tightness would even allow me to go any further. As I continued to bury myself in her she began to let out little moans of pleasure, alerting me that her pain had subsided. With this in mind I picked up the pace a bit, which earned a surprised but pleased reaction out of Dana. She had never experienced anything like this and was loving every second. A moment later, she went silent and her eyes rolled back. Her whole body shuddered and her pussy began to contract around my dick. Then she lost control and started to scream wildly. Her insides flooded and I figured it to be the perfect opportunity to fit all the way.

I pulled out of her and turned her around. I held her ass up and her face down. I moved my dick into position and began mercilessly fucking her cunt doggy style. Dana seemed to love being used and instantly came all over my cock a second time. Now I felt about ready to blow. I took hold of her hips and finally thrusted all the way in, my cock bottoming out at her cervix. I couldn't hold it anymore. I came inside her womb and it was the most amazing feeling I've ever experienced. The hot jets of cum coursing through her body put her over the edge for her fourth orgasm that night. She bucked back at me and screamed my name.

As we began to come down from our shared orgasm, I pulled out and held Dana like a child. We cuddled in my bed for a few minuted before drifting off to sleep. My last thought that I remember having was hoping that nobody had heard any of that.

That concludes part one. I really enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoyed reading it. If anybody wants to see a part two, I'd be glad to write it. Just send me a pm. If any of you are seasoned writers and have any tips, let me know.

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2016-07-23 05:03:26
great read , enjoyed it but there are a few parts that are not realistic ( and for many or some , it can come out as a turn-off )

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2016-02-15 00:13:54
Stopped reading at nine incher.

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2013-05-03 21:50:39
great story but im still gay

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2012-12-28 21:30:23
Good story and i m still a virgin

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2012-12-11 23:24:23
Good reading this story I had my period and at the same time got drunk and evened up in a bed somewhere

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