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Patrick and Me part 2

After that Patrick and I often went to Shay's. No one in H__ was going to mess with one of the few money making enterprises in the burg, so Shay's was pretty much an open house to kids. Still, we were probably the only ones under eighteen except for Johnny Thompson of Danny kids fame. Luckily, he didn't deign to notice us or he would have blown the Mike and Jeff cover we were getting awfully good at. And he was sixteen. The weird thing was we somehow couldn't get ourselves to do the same trick again. The thought of repeating the experience, as unlikely as that was, was somehow ridiculous. It didn't seem exciting at all. When we stumbled out, at closing time, we had done nothing more than drink beers and sit in a booth. Sometimes we would look at one another and both wonder who the other guy was.
It wasn't until one night Marlene and Caroline came in that we understood what was going on. The girls saw us right away, and Marlene caught my eye, but then they turned away and pretended they didn't know us. They were wearing matching outfits than seemed to make them part of a sorority or something. Of course the Mike and Jeff thing crumbled with them around, since they knew who we really were. But as soon as they turned away a surge of rage coursed through me. I swear it was like life coming back to my dead body. And I could see pretty much the same thing was happening with Patrick, or rather Jeff. For Jeff was not about to just let himself crumble away. Who the fuck did these girls think they were! Mike came back quick too.
They had turned and gone into the other room where the bar was. We got up and followed them. Even before we got there they were talking away with a couple of pretty boy college types. Marlene was talking to a tall blond relaxed guy. They seemed to know each other quite well. They were standing at the bar with drinks with little umbrellas in them. He sipped his through a straw. The first thought that came into my mind was that she had come up in the world and the second was that she was pointedly ignoring me. They were standing there at the bar laughing easily.
I stepped between them.
“I'm taking her,” I said. “Do you want to make something of it.” Without looking I reached back and grabbed Marlene by the back of the neck and forced her to her knees. Patrick had to only snap his fingers at Caroline and she did the same, terrified. The whole place froze, and by that they thought they had done something. The blond guy balled his fists and looked at me. There was a stare down and I began to realize that he was waiting for me to do something first. I think my fucked up face scared him. He looked it. I decided to let him wait. I pulled Marlene back a few steps and gave her a little kick and she stood up. Still holding her by the neck I led her out. I gave her a couple of slaps when my anger boiled over, always remembering that she was a girl and not to hit her too hard. Caroline followed behind and Patrick gave her a real boot in the ass, which hurried her along some.
On the next block was the Wonderland Motel, a shack up joint that survived on what Shay's brought its way. We walked the girls over there kicking them in the ass and slapping them all the way. We were both very pissed off but never hit them harder than a girl should be hit. Just hard enough to make her know she's a girl. We thought of ourselves as gentlemen. We made the girls pay for a room and took them upstairs to it.
There were two beds and we put one girl on each on elbows and knees asses arched up in position. Then we began to whale away. Christ I spanked her. Every time the memory of her turning away came to me I hit her harder. Patrick was giving Caroline pretty much the same treatment. Pretty soon they were both whimpering pretty good. I guess we both felt a little merciful at the same time because we both stopped. The girls asses were all quivery and red. Really they were trembling all over, very scared.
All kinds of weird stuff went though my mind. Where did it come from? I was just a kid. Or was I Mike, Mike even though she knew I wasn't Mike. As soon as I thought she thought I wasn't Mike another surge of anger poured through me. Maybe it had nothing to do with being Mike.
“Turn over,” Jeff said.
“You too,” I added.
Both girls turned over fast. Without even being told they held their hands over their heads, shimmied their panties the rest of the way off, and spread their legs. They both had looks of sheer terror on their faces.
“We're sorry,” Marlene whimpered.
“Really, really sorry,” Caroline added. Looking back and forth.
“What are we going to do with them?” Patrick asked. He had broken first. The sight of these poor terrified girls, their arms up over their heads, their skirts up around their waists, their legs waving in the air, their pussies taking an outing, their asses all red and their faces all blotchy, softened his heart. “I don't know if I want to fuck her.” he added.
“I mean, shit,” was all I could say. I approached a little closer to Marlene and she looked scared and then, almost immediately, came. She closed her eyes tightly as if having a very private experience. Pussy juice squirted across the room, and her ass rose off the bed.
“Wow,” Patrick said, “wow!” He approached Caroline, who cringed but didn't come. “Aargh,' he said pretending to lunge at her. With a little squeak she came. Long deep contractions and moans.
“Can you match that?” he said.
“I'll try. Squirt.” I said to Marlene. She squirted even further than Caroline had.
“Well I'll be horns-waggled,” Patrick said. He had been going bumpkin on me lately. He turned towards Caroline Like a coach turns towards his star athlete and shrugged. She just looked at him, frozen, for a second. “Aargh,” he said again and lunged. And again she came and squirted across the room. But this time when it was over he slapped her face. “What do you think we should do with them?” he asked.
“I don't know. I certainly don't feel like fucking them.” Where this sentiment came from I don't know. It was clearly Mike's not mine. I would have loved to jump right on that sopping pussy. The problem was I didn't really understand Mike. I was along for the ride just as much as Marlene was. From the looks of things Patrick was Jeffing it just like I was being Mike.
“They fucking pretended like we didn't exist.
“We didn't mean to, honest we didn't,” Caroline said, and then came again. No squirt this time but powerful contractions.
“Fuck you didn't,” Jeff said. And gave a light spank to her yearning pussy, still in the throes of orgasm.
I lifted Marlene's dress up so it covered her face, for it was her face, the image of her face as it was when she turned away from me in Shay's, that was driving my anger. I was frankly afraid of what I might do, and her actual face only reminded me of how she looked then. When Caroline saw me do this she lost it. She slid off onto the floor, crawled, and grabbed Patrick's foot. She kissed his shoe madly.
“Oh please,” she said. “Oh, please.” Tears were streaming from her eyes, and her kisses on his shoe were the tenderest things. Lips trembling. While licking she emitted a strange quavery high pitched note that apparently agitated Marlene.
“What are you going to do? What are you going to do?” Marlene cried. Although highly agitated she remained in the position I had put her in, her eyes covered by the hem of her dress. She did squirm a little. Suddenly, I don't know why, I wavered. I was a little fourteen year old kid. But that vanished like a cloud and Mike returned, completely devoid of even a hint of an idea about what to do next. I had to be Mike. I had to be Mike. It was a war going on within me, a war for my cock. Mike's was the harder cock, Bob's the one that would have sought the pussy.
“These girls are beginning to bore me,” Patrick said.
“Yeah,” me too. “I'm still angry, but at the same time I don't even care.”
“Get out of here, girls.” Patrick said. There was a little table in the corner and a couple of chairs. We each sat in one and began talking. Actually, there was a lot to talk about. As you can tell, this whole Shay's thing had made us grow up fast. The thought of going back to school in the fall seemed impossible. Neither of us could imagine ourselves sitting through those classes, after what he had done that summer. We had to get out of there, but how?
“What the fuck are we going to use for money?” Patrick said.
“We'll find something.”
“Yeah, what?”
“I don't know. I'm thinking.”
“Oh is that that smell.” Patrick swung at me but I was ready for him, ducked, and gave him an incredible shot in the stomach. We went at it for a little while, but we both knew that wasn't helping our problem.

When I looked around there were the girls, pretty dissheveled, but more or less put together. They stood together huddling in the corner. They didn't know what to do.
“Go on, get out of here,” Patrick said giving them a quick glance and turning back. “We didn't do anything to you you didn't deserve.”
“What are you guys talking about?” Marlene said.
“Nothing,” I said.
“Are you running away?”
“None of your business. Go on, get lost, I'm tired of you.” I stood up and tried to scare them away, but they only cringed slightly and waited for the blow. My anger was all gone and they looked kind of pathetic. “Look, except for red asses you're both all right. And you deserved those, didn't you?”
They both nodded guiltily.
“Go back to Blondy. He'll take you back. Don't worry.”
“Are you really going to run away?” Caroline said. “You're just kids.”
“Shut up,” Patrick said slapping her. “We are whoever we want to be, get it.”
I slapped Marlene and both girls nodded. A giddy laugh threatened to break out of me, but I suppressed it. The thought of how old they were got me suddenly hard.
“Let us come along,” Caroline said.
“Nah,” said Patrick. “What for?”
“We'll suck your cocks,” Caroline said as if she had just had a bright idea. “Won't we Marl?”
Marlene's look was new to me. She nodded slowly, staring into my eyes and licking her lips.
“ I don't know,” I said. “Suppose I let you suck my cock. What's in it for me?”
“Well, we could do other things, too?” Caroline said, looking from me to Patrick hopefully.
“You're going to just be in the way,” Patrick said. “Sometimes we're going to have to move fast.”
“We can move fast,” Marlene said.
“What's this all about? An hour ago you acted like we didn't exist. Now you want to tag along.”
“I can't go back there.”
“Why not.”
“Don't be stupid!” Marlene said. She cringed back, expecting Patrick to hit her, but of course he wouldn't think of touching her.
“Apparently, we've made a big impression on them, Jeff.”
“Look. You've taken me away from two guys without them even putting up a fight. What more do I have to expect from S__ College?”
Caroline hopefully agreed.
“You girls are OK,” I said. “I thought you were great after that first night with the cops and everything. But we're a couple of guys with real short fuses and well, if I ever saw a hint of what I saw tonight when you turned away...I might lose it. Know what I mean? You'd be safer with somebody else.”
Both girls suddenly began to cry. It was no little whimpering either. Great heaving sobs and they weren't calming down either. Instead it was getting worse. They seemed both to be about to become hysterical. Patrick and I looked at each other. We had no clue as to what to do. It wasn't just a crying jag. They seemed ready to go stark raving mad, both of them. I' d had no idea girls could be like that. We were both suddenly fourteen year old kids again. Damn Mike and Jeff had made themselves scarce just when we needed them most. What the fuck were we going to do?
“Cock sucking!” Patrick said. “They said they wanted to suck our cocks.”
“Do you think that would help?”
“Can't hurt.”
We both unzipped our pants and pulled out our cocks. In a flash Marlene was on her knees and on my cock, slurping and sucking, and kissing as if her life depended on it. Sucking mixed with great heaving sobs. To me it was a little weird, like having the teacher suck your cock, exciting but weird. And a little scary, like the whole world is out of joint. She was sucking and sobbing so desperately. I felt sorry for her but I really didn't want to come in her mouth just like that. She was going to have to work her way back into my good graces, and she seemed all right with that. I tried to reassure her by stroking her hair and petting her as she sucked. This seemed to calm her down a little bit and her cocksucking became a little less hysterical. She stopped sobbing and kept sucking. After awhile I came in her mouth and she burst into tears and fell down at my feet.

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