I awoke the next morning as my wife was heading off to work. I laid in bed listening to her shuffling around the house gathering her things then leave the house and drive off. Before she left she told me to make sure Roselyn was getting up and getting ready for school. I rolled out of bed and headed to our daughter's room and thought blissfully about the events that occurred the night before between Rosie and I. I had come home from work to find her fully naked hiding under the computer desk (again) and she had set up a naughty video on the computer to get me hard and horny so that she could suck my cock as I watched the video of a father having sex with his daughter. I admittedly paid little attention to the video as I gave in and let my own young daughter suck my rock hard erection and fondle my balls. I was watching her every move as she licked my balls and gently sucked one then the other into her young little mouth and stroked my cock for me. She put on quite a show as she was fingering her wet young snatch the whole time as well. Finally she begged me to cum for her and shoot it all over her face and young body, I was at a boiling point so I obliged and stroked my cock as she vigorously fingered herself. I shot my load over her face and young little barely developed breasts which sent her over the edge as well as she orgasmed on her hand while licking up my salty sperm.

When I opened the door to Roselyn's room I had a throbbing erection already just from thinking about her sultry sexiness last night. I walked into her room and found her still sleeping under the sheet. I couldn't believe how beautiful my daughter had turned out. She had long smooth brown hair that flowed out around her head on her pillow and her captivating dark green eyes were still closed. She had a naturally tanned skin tone since her mom is Hispanic and I am white. Her lips were small but succulent and she had a smooth and tender jawline and neck. Her barely developed breasts were poking up under the sheet with her puffy little nipples erect at the center of each one. At this point she rolled over away from me and the sheet fell off her hips and exposed her round little ass to me along with her long slender legs. Between her round little ass-cheeks I could see her wet little hairless mound taunting me.

I walked over to the bed and put my hand tenderly on her ass and stroked her hair with the other. As I looked down at my beautiful naked 13 year old daughter laying before me I thought blissfully again about our previous sexual encounters and how she had flirtingly invited me into the shower last night for more fun. Letting that be my assurance that she was interested and following the intuition that my erection was pushing on me I let my hand that was on her smooth round ass slide down to her crack and around to her moist little pussy and started stroking her lips with my middle finger. I ran my finger up and down along the slit of her little hole and along her sensitive little clit and I teased her perky little ass with my thumb. She stirred slightly but didn't fully wake up as I continued to massage her wet little pussy lips and clit.

She sleepily rolled back onto her back and let her legs lay open giving me access to her sexy little pussy. It was glistening with wetness and looked so sweet that I couldn't resist leaning over her body in a sort of crooked 69 and started licking her young pussy and sucking on her little erect clit. She started moaning and squirming a little under me then I felt her hand wrap around my cock and start stroking it.

"Good morning Daddy, I was hoping you'd come in here and wake me up. I take it you liked what you saw?"

I replaced my mouth with my finger in her little hole and replied "I certainly did, did you sleep naked just so I could take advantage of you this morning?"

"Mmhmm, I thought you might want continue what we started last night so I slept like this that way I'd be ready for you whenever you came in here." She replied then scooted a little further and started sucking on my throbbing erection.

"That's very generous of you sweety," I said and went back to eating her little pussy. I licked from her clit along her little lips teasing them softly with my tongue then down to her sexy little ass teasing that hole with my tongue as well. This made her jump a little but then she told me to do it again. I worked my tongue up and down her slit again and went and gently licked her ass again.

"Mmm, Daddy, that feels good. I like it when you tease my little ass" She told me as before she started licking my balls. At that point I focused my tongue on her puckered little ass-hole and started fingering her tight little twat as I licked her. She moaned on my balls and stroked my cock appreciatively.

I wanted to show her a little more attention so I stood up and repositioned her so that her ass was on the edge of the bed. I got down on my knees in front of her and resumed my tongue assault on her ass and shoved a finger deep into her sopping wetness. She let out a wild moan and grabbed her little boobs and started massaging them as I ate out her ass and slid a digit in and out of her tight little hole.

After a minute I decided to get a little more aggressive and slid another finger into her tight little snatch which accepted with another loud moan.

"Oh fuck Daddy, that feels so good. Fill my pussy up with you fingers Daddy, push them deeper, harder... ooh"

I backed my fingers out and pressed one against her little back door and started eating her pussy again.

"Oh Daddy, Push it in. Shove your finger in my tight little ass. MMmmm, suck my pussy hard, Ooh" she went on as I pushed my finger a small way into her ass. "Daddy, I want to feel you inside me, will you put your cock in me please Daddy? I need to be fucked."

My raging hard-on was in need of some release so I positioned myself above her on the bed and lined my rock hard cock up with her dripping wet little hole. I put the tip against her lips and held it there for a second. "Are you sure you're ready honey?"

"Oh yes Daddy, I want you to be the first one to fuck my virgin little twat. I want you to fuck me Daddy. Please?" she pleaded as she squirmed under me trying to push onto my cock. I couldn't hold back any longer so I pushed my cock in, careful not to go to fast and hurt her. Soon I was up to my balls in my young daughter's pussy and started easing in and out with long smooth thrusts.

"MMmm Daddy, your cock is stretching my little pussy, shove it in Daddy, fill me up" she said, so I started going harder and faster picking up the pace as I went. Soon I was pounding my cock furiously into my daughter's tight little pussy and she was moaning louder and louder as we went.

She wrapped her arms and legs around me as I thrust into her little body allowing me to fully ravage her tight young hole. I looked down into her green eyes and could not believe that I was pounding my cock into my thirteen year old daughters virgin cunt and she was loving every minute of it. She started clawing at my back and breathing hard as I thrust into her as deep and hard as I could.

"Oh Daddy, I wanna cum on your cock. Make me cum for you Daddy. Unload your cock deep in my little pussy and make me cum for you Daddy. Mmm"

"You want Daddy to cum for you baby? You want me to cum inside you tight little hole? Unnggghhh" At that I couldn't last any longer and I gave one last hard thrust into her little cunt and came hard and deep into my little girls virgin pussy.

"Oh YESSS DADDY, I can feel you shooting your load in my cunt, I can feel it filling me up, OOh DADDY, I'M CUMMING FOR YOU... AAAGGGHHHHH" She screamed hard and loud as she came on my cock.

We laid there for a moment catching our breathe with me still inside of her young pussy.

Finally I got up and looked down at her and said "shouldn't you be on your way to school?"

"Daddy, today is a student holiday, it's a rain make-up day. I don't have anywhere to be today"

"Hmm, well maybe I'll call in to work so I can spend some quality time with my daughter then. How does that sound to you?"

"Sounds great Daddy" she replied and reached out and started stroking and sucking my cock back to life.

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