My girls have a surprise waiting for me when I get home
"I told her to suck my dick."

"Then what happened?" leave it to Billy to ask the questions that didn’t really need to be asked.

"She sucked my dick!" Joe had this way of telling his punch lines to his sexcapade stories with a rising crescendo, so that the word dick was heard by almost everyone in the bar. The guys I was there with roared with laughter. I chuckle and hang my head shaking it a little. Joe claps me on the back, "your turn brotha, how come we never hear your stories?"

"'Cause I got nothing on you guys. I will live vicariously through your stories, man." I pull out my phone and check the time on it. "I got to roll anyway man," I down the last swallow of my beer, my only one of the afternoon.

"Yeah, you don't want the ole lady cracking the whip on you do you?" I nearly bust out in laughter on that one, if he only knew.

"You got it man." Handshakes for all the guys and I head for the door. Now these guys I work with are a great bunch of guys, I just don’t really like it when they get into the sex stories, usually they are meant to be funny, which doesn't usually come out that way to me, and they are usually and they are usually just childish.

I get in the car and give Lisa a call. "Hey baby," I hear from the other end. I could also hear Amy in the background.

"I'm on my way, be there in about twenty."

"Early departure today, bad sex stories again?"

"You know it."

"Dinner will be ready probably ten or fifteen minutes after you get here."

"Sounds good, give Amy a big wet kiss for me before you get started."

"Will do, love you."

"Love you too."

Now from that conversation you might assume that Amy is my daughter. Not the case, although she does call me daddy. She is twenty, about ten years younger than me, and about five years younger than Lisa. They are both submissive to me. The stories of our meetings are quite interesting but I will save those for another time.

We live in a cul-de-sac. I have to drive past the house to get to the driveway. The curtain drops in the living room. I can’t tell if it was Amy or Lisa. Either way it told me that they got something up for tonight. I will let it go that I saw it. I pull into the garage, kill the engine and walk in, I enter the house through the kitchen.

Lisa is standing in front of the stove. She is a beautiful woman long legs fantastic ass. They are shroud in a pair of straight leg jeans that are tight across the ass. The waistband is just low enough that I can see the top of her asscrack. Her D-cup tits are bare. Her brown hair is loose and down to the curve of her lower back. I walk up behind her cup her tits pull her close and kiss her neck. "Hello, gorgeous."

"Hello, Sir, dinner will be ready in ten."

"Very good, is Amy in her room?"

"Yes, Sir."

"OK, I'm going to go check on her. Love you, smells terrific." I take my hands from her breasts. One reaches into her hair, pulls back and kisses her deeply.

I walk towards the back of the house, it's a four bedroom, we all have a personal space, that room is decorated the way we want, my girls do have rules on how theirs are decorated, but neither has ever been an issue. Then there is the master bedroom. The room is immense. The bed is custom made, large enough to sleep five comfortably. Five has never happened, but four has on occasion, and three does more often than not since Amy joined our home just a couple months ago. On the opposite wall there is a St. Andrews cross, a spider web made from chain, and a spanking bench with a half St. Andrews at one end. I made the bench myself its perfect to tie either Amy or Lisa to the cross section and the other one face down on the bench with their face landing in pussy. It’s the perfect height, I don't have to bend or stretch at all, my dick lands right at pussy.

I walk into Amy's room, she is lying face down on her bed scribbling in her journal. I stop and lean on the door frame and watch her. Her dark auburn falls and hangs just above the bed. She is also topless, and is wearing a pair of workout pants. She really is a beautiful girl too. How lucky am I?

I must have made a sound because she rolls over, the diamonds on her nipple rings sparkle a little in the light, and looks at me, "Daddy!" She gets up and grabs me with a tight hug. Her tits press into my chest, I suddenly wish I didn't have a shirt on so that I can feel her breasts on my bare skin. One hand grabs her ass and pulls her close. The other grabs her hair and pulls it back and kisses her waiting lips.

I was getting really aroused, she felt my half-hard through my pants on her stomach. She whispers, "Please let me."

"Ummm." She was already going to her knees. Her hands were working the button on my pants. "Baby..."

"Please, Daddy, Please?" She pulls the waistband of my boxers down and out comes my dick. Now I am not porn star huge, but I am not tiny either. She kisses my head, "please?" I know that she will not open her mouth until I say so. She kisses the head again.

"Go ahead." I barely get it out and her lips slide down my shaft. She pulls her mouth back so that only the very tip is still touching her lips. Her mouth moves back down my shaft. I know what she is doing, she is preparing herself to deep throat me. It only takes about three reps before her nose touches me, she holds my cock in her throat for a couple seconds, brings her lips back then takes my entire cock into her mouth, until her chin buries itself in my balls.

My cock is still buried in her face when I hear a voice behind me, "You couldn't wait for me could you, Amy?" Amy pulls her mouth back so that only my head is still in her mouth, I swear I could see her smile a little around my dick.

Lisa goes to her knees beside Amy, one hands starts massaging my balls, the other wraps around Amy's back and cups her breast. Lisa starts kissing Amy's neck and ear, as she continues with the blowjob. Lisa's mouth moves to Amy's cheek, I can feel the pressure of her kisses on my dick. Amy's mouth comes off my dick, and Lisa's takes its place. She only takes a moment to orient her throat to fit my cock down, she has had a little more practice doing it. Amy sucks a testicle into her mouth, each girl is fondling the other's breasts.

Amy's mouth goes back on my shaft as Lisa shifts her attention fully onto Amy's breasts. She sits down under me and takes a nipple into her mouth, one of her hands goes down the front of Amy's pants. Amy jerks a little, when Lisa's finger brushes her clit. Her fingers slide down Amy's slit and inside.

Now I have had Amy orgasm just from sucking my dick, she goes get off from pleasing me, but with Lisa fingering her, she cums quick. Her whole body shakes with the orgasm.

Lisa's hand comes out of Amy's pants, she works her way from under my legs and stands. She pulls her middle finger into her mouth and sucks it dry. She takes her index finger and slides it into my mouth so that I can taste Amy's cum. She kisses me deeply. Amy buries her face in my cock in my crotch again. Lisa's mouth leans over to my ear and sucks my earlobe into her mouth. She knows that that will push me over the edge if I am about to cum.

I explode my cum into Amy's mouth. I felt Amy shudder with another orgasm right along with mine. Lisa looks down at her, "You better save some of that for me." Amy stands up and they kiss, sharing my load. They kiss for a minute, and they separate, they look over at me, and at the same time, "Dinner time."

We walk back down the hall and into the dining room. Lisa had already brought the food over and had it waiting for us in the pots. It was a basic meal, which told me that she had barely gotten started on it when I got home, smoked ham and mac & cheese. I am not complaining about it, just noticing that the girls are planning something.

I sit in my usual seat, and Amy grabs the serving spoon. She dished to Lisa first, then to me, and lastly to herself. Now to most people this is fine and normal, but as I had mentioned before my girls are submissive to me. My rules are simple, no panties except during the rag, they are to remain topless in the home at all times when we do not have company, their three holes are to be available to me at any time, including during the rag, and I get served first at dinner. Of course there are more than that, but they are the ones that are important right now.

Now Amy has only been in the house a couple months. I have not taken her ass yet, but it will be soon. I am quite thick and it needs to get used to the size before I take it the way I want. I don’t want to cause any damage.

Amy is quite the masochist, but I do have one item she doesn't like, and it is in her near future for the faux pas with the serving.

Now there is something fantastic about being able to watch two sets of tits while eating, the subtle way they move as the girls eat. Lisa's are a little bigger, and each time she brings her fork down to the plate, they jiggle just a little. I picked Amy's seat out for her because of the piercings. There is a light that catches them just right to make them sparkle while she moves her fork up and down.

Dinner was good, but otherwise uneventful. After we finish eating Amy and Lisa gather the dishes and head for the kitchen to clean up. I head down to the bedroom, and pull out the one item that Amy hates, the evil stick. That little thing packs one hell of a sting, and its tiny, I could hide it in my back pocket if I wanted. I intentionally leave it where she will see it when she comes in.

I sit in the recliner that is next to the bathroom door and relax while I wait for the girls. It only takes a few minutes and Amy walks through the door with Lisa right behind her. "No, Daddy, nooooo," and tries to take a step back. She bumps into Lisa, who does have a bit of a sadistic streak.

"Do you know why I have it out?"

"Because I gave Lisa her food first?"

"Good, girl, are you going to take your punishment properly or do I have to tie you down to do it?"

"Yes, Daddy..."

"Now may licks was it again?"

"Six, Sir, three on each cheek." I knew the answer, I just wanted to be certain that she would answer correctly. She had tried to be slick and answered four before, so she got the four she asked for along with the six she would have gotten anyway.

"Lisa, remove her pants, please."

"Yes, Sir," she drops to her knees and grabs the waistband of Amy's pants. She pulls them down slowly, I think to tease me a little. Amy trims her pubs in the shape of a heart at the very tip of her slit, Lisa moves her hands over the heart as soon as it appears above the waistband.

"No, she doesn't get that until punishment is over." Lisa's hands move quickly away and pulls the pants all the way down in one quick jerk. Amy steps out of them and walks over to me.

"Please reconsider, I will be very good I promise." Her hand slides up my thigh. I swat the back of it hard enough for my palm to sting.

"You know better, punishment is just that and must be suffered."

"Yes, Daddy," she turns to walk to the spanking bench, it was then that I noticed what they had planned. There was the red rectangle of the base of an anal plug plastered right over her asshole. We have four butt plugs, and we have named them all. Dinky is the smallest, hence the name, it was the first thing to ever go up Amy's asshole, and he hurt her a little the first time. Marvin is the next largest. Larry is a size bigger, and is Lisa's favorite by far. And then there is Xavier, at its widest point it is bigger around than my dick by quite a bit, but tapers off to be a bit smaller than me.

"Who is that?" I grab the corner of the plug. We only have one that is red, so I had a pretty good idea which one it was.

"It's Xavier, Daddy, are you proud of me?"

"I am, but how long have you been enjoying his company?" I knew it was a bad thing to leave one in for too long, especially one as large as Xavier.

"You were pulling into the garage when he finally went all the way in, Lisa was looking out for me." She smiled real big, she was proud of herself.

"Good girl, but you do still get your punishment, bend over the bench and take it well."

"Yes, Daddy." Lisa took her hand and led her over to the bench, she had shed her pants as well, I didn't notice when they dropped, but I was certain it was sometime during the exchange about the plug.

Amy bends over the bench, I stand and walk over to her, and I grab the plug and turn it in her ass. She shudders, hard. I reach over and grab the evil stick. I snap it on her left cheek about an inch above the plug, she jerks violently then settles back in. I match that snap on the right side. She bucks hard against the bench.

I move lower, and snap across the spot that creases when she stands up, which she does, and almost immediately back down across the bench. This time she throws an arm across the bench and hugs it hard. I snap the other side to match. She tries not to jerk up this time, but she pulls two of the legs up off the floor for a second, and then does her best to gently set it back down.

I save the best spot for last, I move about three inches down her thigh, SNAP! "OHHHHHHHHH, Daddyyyyyyy......" I snap the other leg, "OHHHHHH...." She shudders against the bench. There are six bright lines down the back of her legs. A clear line of pussy juices is running down her right leg, I rub my finger against the fluids and turn to Lisa, whose hand is resting on her clit, she is touching herself but not masturbating, that too is a no-no unless I say otherwise.

"Do you want it?"

"You know I do, please, please." I smile and put my finger in her mouth she sucks on it hard like she could pull more out of my hand.

"Amy, move so that Lisa can get on the bench." Both girls comply quickly, Lisa mounts the bench she bends forward so that her breasts press into the top of the bench. Her pussy and asshole stand out almost like they are begging to get fucked. "Amy, I want you to show me, on Lisa, everywhere you want my cock to go on you, with your tongue."

Without a word Amy walks around and kisses Lisa deeply. She then walks back and gets to her hands and begins licking Lisa's pussy. "Stay right there for a minute, she made you cum before dinner, I think it’s only fair that you return the favor now."

"May I use my fingers?"

"Yes." She uses her tongue to tease and work Lisa's clit and slides two fingers into her hole. They move in and out slowly at first. She quickens the pace as Lisa produces more and more natural lube. She does this for a bit then pushes her fingers in deep to tease the g-spot with it. It doesn't take long before Lisa starts breathing heavily. She learned very quickly how to work Lisa to orgasm.

Lisa's hips begin rocking with Amy, "Please, Sir, may I cum?" She asks in a strained voice. Lisa is not allowed to cum unless I say so. I just watch for a minute or so longer.

"Go ahead." She does as she is told. Her body shakes hard and she squirts cum onto the bench and into Amy's waiting mouth. Lisa buries her face in the bench and Amy buries her face in her pussy. "Anywhere else?"

"Ummhmmm." Her fingers slide from Lisa's pussy. Her tongue slides up Lisa's slit, across her opening. Lisa shivers a little bit with that. Amy's tongue slides up to the asshole and starts to tease it. Her fingers slide back into Lisa's pussy. She takes her free fingers and starts to tease Lisa's clit. It only takes a few seconds for Lisa to start shivering with the orgasm that is building.



"Aaaaaaa..." She was ready to cum now, but if she has to wait the orgasm is that much better. Amy's tongue is dancing over her tight hole while her fingers tease the pussy. "Please, please, please..."

I stand up, quickly disrobe and walk over to Lisa, "So, Amy, you want it here?" I grab a handful of Lisa's hair and push my cock into her mouth.

Amy looks up from Lisa's ass, "Yes, Sir." and puts her tongue back. I face fuck Lisa while Amy tongues her ass. Lisa makes sweet little gagging noises as I push my cock deep in her mouth.

I pull my cock from her mouth and crouch next to her face, "Cum for me, baby."

She moans loud and her body shakes. I can hear the splash as she squirts cum all over the bench. I walk around to where Amy still has her face buried in Lisa's ass. I grab a handful of Amy's hair and pull her back. She grunts a little but does as she should. I pull her hand from Lisa's pussy I move them up to her ass. Her cum still coats Amy's fingers so they slide easily into the tight hole. "And you want it here?" as I slide my dick into Lisa's pussy.

"Please, Daddy." I can feel her fingers slide in and out of Lisa's ass through the thin layer of flesh. Having something in both holes drives Lisa absolutely crazy. Each time I drive my cock deep into her pussy the moan gets louder.

I can feel her body shake from the impending orgasm, but she is too lost in it to be able to ask permission, but she will not cum without my go-ahead. Amy continues to finger her ass as my dick works her pussy. Amy's free hand finds its way to Lisa's clit. I know Lisa must be close to the edge. "Cum for me." She bucks hard and screams out her orgasm and another gush of fluid flows from her. Amy buries her face in Lisa's ass cheek as she comes too. I love having a girl that cums from pleasing others.

I slide out of her pussy and into Amy's mouth. Amy's fingers start to slide out of Lisa's ass, "No." She slides them back in and takes her other hand from Lisa's clit and slides three fingers into her pussy. I grab a handful of Amy's hair and push my head against her throat. Lisa is so worked up that it only takes a minute before she is worked up enough to cum again.

"Ple... ple...," is as much as she can muster.

"Cum for me." She complies with another gush of juice all over the bench and a screams out again. I pull my dick from Amy's mouth. Her fingers drop from Lisa, and she stands up. Lisa rises up from the bench. I can hear as her flesh pull away from the vinyl. Amy reaches up to give her hand getting off. Her legs are a little shaky. She kisses Amy as she crawls up onto the bench.
I slid my dick into Amy's pussy. It is tight from the plug that's in her ass. Lisa's hand shoots under and onto her clit. It only takes a minute and her body rocks with orgasm and she moans loudly. I pull my cock from her pussy. "Turn over." Amy complies. Lying on your back on the bench is a bit of a balancing act but she manages well. I look to Lisa, "Straddle her face." She does as she is told and squats down she grips the sides of the bench with her knees. Her pussy is in Amy's face. She rests her chest on Amy's stomach and buries her face in her pussy.
I step back and watch my girls 69 for a moment. I walk to Lisa's face she looks up long enough to kiss the tip of my dick. I reach down and pull Xavier from her ass slowly. As the thickest part is coming out of her ass she shakes in a wild orgasm. Lisa looks up at me her whole face is wet with Amy's cum. "Please, Sir, I want to cum with your dick in my mouth."
I grab a handful of her hair and shove my dick down her throat. "Cum for me." Her body shakes and the throat flexes around my head.
I pull my cock from her mouth and move it down to the hole that Xavier had just vacated. My dick pushes in and her sphincter opens reluctantly for me. As my head makes it in Amy bursts into another orgasm. I push in a little farther. "Ohhhh Daddy, ohhh Daddy."
"Is it hurting?"
"A little but it’s not too bad," she says trough a strained voice. "I want it so bad, Daddy. Fuck my ass, Daddy, fuck your ass, it belongs to you." I push my cock further into the tight little hole, I feel her muscle flex as she cums again. I can feel Lisa's finger in her pussy, she is trying to distract Amy from the pain. I must reward her later.
My cock makes it all the way in, my hips are pressed into her asscheeks. I slowly start working my cock in and out. Nearly every other thrust is met with an orgasm. Lisa adds another finger to Amy's pussy. Lisa looks up at me, "Please..." I had nearly forgotten that Amy was eating her out. I am very close to cuming myself so I ignore her pleads for the moment.
I take a handful of her hair and press her face back into Amy's pussy. "Do you want my load in your ass?"
"Oh god, oh god, please."
"Lisa, cum for me," as I relax and let go, I shove my cock deep into Amy's ass. My cock throbs and lets its load go. Both of my girls cum together. I remove my cock from Amy's ass. A stringer of cum stretches from my head to her ass.
I offer Lisa a steadying hand as she removes herself from on top of Amy. We both grab a hand and help her up. As her weight rolls onto her ass she winces a little. She stands and the three of us walk slowly over to the bed. I lie back in the center of the bed. The girls crawl up on either side of me they both kiss me, I can taste pussy on both sets of their lips. They kiss each other and lie down, each on with a head lying on my chest.
We lie there for a while talking about the days events, the hour or so I had spent at the bar, the nights events. It doesn’t seem like long before we can see it growing dark outside. "We need to get a shower, ladies."
"All together?" Amy almost sounded a little giddy.
"That's the plan you two can wash each other then you can wash me."
The girls roll off the bed and head for the bathroom. I follow behind them. I can see Amy limp just a little, she is fighting not to. They make it to the custom shower I had built just for this type of occasion. Amy starts the water flow while I take a piss. She gets the water warm and steps in under the flow. The water rolls over her breasts. Water drips from her nipples and the jewels adorning them. Lisa joins her and kisses her. I just watch them for a minute.
Each girl picks up a bath sponge and squeezes their body wash onto them. They lather each other up paying special attention to each other's breasts. Lisa's hand slides up the inside of Amy's thigh and across her clit. You can see Amy quicken as she stays there for a moment. Amy grabs Lisa's hand and holds it so that she can continue. She buries her face in Lisa's shoulder as she climaxes.
After Amy catches her breath she reaches to return the favor. Lisa grabs her hand and shakes her head lightly. She turned to look at me, not at my face but at my cock, which has already began to stand at half mast. Lisa reaches over and grabs my bath sponge and squeezes my body wash on it. Both girls hold it with one hand as they wash across my chest. Their free hands move down and begin fondling my dick.
One hand is massaging my balls as the other slowly starts moving up and down my shaft. Each girl has one breast pressed into my chest as they wash my back. They drop down to their knees, the bath sponge thoroughly scrubs my cock and balls. After they finish washing that they continue down my legs. I take a half step back so that the water runs down my chest and across my dick.
As soon as they see that the soap is all washed away, Lisa buries me in her mouth. Amy licks her ear, it looked like she was whispering something but I couldn’t tell what. Lisa stands up and Amy starts sucking. Lisa faces the wall, leans against it and starts rubbing her clit. Without ever looking away from my dick Amy runs a hand up Lisa's thigh and slides two fingers into her pussy. She lingers there for a minute or so and she slides them out, moving up to Lisa's asshole.
The fingers slip easily through the sphincter. She pushes her way in up to her knuckles. Lisa drops one hand to her clit and starts rubbing away at it. I reach over and grab one of her tits and pull her back so she stands straight up, still with Amy's finger inside her tight ass. I tell her to cum as my cock finds the back of Amy's throat.
Her body shakes with the orgasm and her hips pump on Amy's hand. I let Lisa go and she leans against the wall. I grab a handful of Amy's hair and her hand pulling both away from their positions. She begins to stand, but I hold her down by her hair. I lead her under Lisa's legs, she quickly understands what I want, and she sits down under Lisa and begins eating her out.
My cock pushes into Lisa's ass. She begins to shake at once, "Please, Sir, Please..."
"Cum for me, baby." She screams out with an intense orgasm. I hear Amy cough lightly, Lisa must have squirted hard, like she sometimes does with anal. Her cum must be covering Amy's face and hair. Knowing that just turns me on more. I start pumping in and out of Lisa's tight hole.
Less than a minute later I feel Amy's fingers in Lisa's pussy. Lisa is moaning loudly. "Again baby, CUM." I call out the last word. I hear both of my girls scream out their orgasms, Lisa's ass tightens around my cock. I press my cock all the way in and hold it there. Amy strokes her fingers up and down my shaft through the thin flesh. Her free hand cups my balls. I cannot see it but I know that her tongue is working Lisa's clit almost savagely.
I grab a handful of Lisa's hair and pull her head back so that my lips are near her ear. "Can you cum for me again baby?" She nods and I feel her ass tighten around my dick. This time I can hear the splash of her cum over the shower. "Good, but that was your last one until I am ready."
"Nooo..." she trails of as I slide almost all the way out. I violently force my way back deep into her, paying no heed to Amy below with her face buried in pussy. My hips pound into her ass over and over. I can hear Amy grunting with each stroke, and Lisa moans louder and louder. "Pleeeeeease..."
I offer no reply except to keep fucking her and hard and fast as I can. Amy's fingers are still working Lisa's pussy, I can still feel them on my cock. I am on the verge of my orgasm, "NOW!"
Lisa screams out as her muscles flex around my cock, I shove my cock in as deep as I can and I explode inside her. I take a half step back and pull out of her ass. I blow out a quick sigh. Completely unexpected Amy's mouth closes over my dick, already going slightly limp. She is pumping my shaft with her tongue and sucking hard on me. She pulls her face off me and looks up smiling. I can see ribbons of Lisa's cum in her hair.
The girls wash each other again, pausing from time to time to kiss. By the time they are done, the water is beginning to run cold. I reach over and turn it off. Amy steps out and grabs three towels. The girls use the first one to dry me off. When they are done I lean against the sink as they dry themselves off. They are careful to never cover their breasts or pussy for too long.

We crawl into bed, me in the middle, I pull Lisa close to me and throw my arm over her. Amy snuggles up behind me, puts an arm over me and rests her hand on Lisa's hip as we all drift to sleep.


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