Gina becomes a true slut on the pool table in the bar
It was almost 8 pm when the two young couples left. Gina went upstairs to get a bath and rest. As they started to leave, he pulled Tim and Becky to the side.

“Ann was a great fuck but from now on don’t bring anyone with you except married couples or married women. Understand?”

Becky gave him a sweet smile. “We understand. We just didn’t have a choice today.”

Tim’s eyes lit up and a big smile came on his face. “I think I know just the couple to bring next time,” he said as he winked at Becky.

He watched them get in their car and pull away and then walked upstairs. Gina was still in the shower and he walked into the bathroom. Pulling back the curtain, he looked at her and she gave him a big smile as she rinsed the soap from her beautiful body. He couldn’t believe she was so petite and so beautiful. Her titties were smaller than Yvonne’s but not by much. He knew from going shopping with her that they were a size 34C but they looked big on her petite frame. Even now, her nipples stood out a good half inch as if asking to be touched; to be pulled until they hurt. He resisted the impulse to do just that. She spoke then and got his immediate attention.

“Will you shave me now?” she asked with a smile.

“Are you sure?” he asked knowing that she was.

“Yes. Just let me dry off and tell me what I need to do.”

He helped her dry her beautiful body, taking time as he rubbed the ribbed cotton towel over her sensitive nipples and then again as he dried her between the legs. Her clit was as long as her nipples and she moaned as he touched it with the towel.
“Ohhhh,” she moaned. “That feels good.”

He laughed. “I want it nice and sensitive when I shave you.”

“That’s certainly not going to be a problem,” she said with a light laugh.

When she turned for him to dry her back, he took his time and gently patted the skin dry around her ass.
“Did you enjoy getting fucked in the ass?”

She took a deep breath and looked at him in the mirror. “I was really worried when he first started but it was extremely sensitive after he got inside me.”

He laughed. “I think it was more than that. You passed out.”

“Okay. It was intense,” she said with a smile. “I still don’t know if I can take your big dick in my ass though.”

He smiled too. “You’ll be surprised how easy it is after the first time.” He swatted her ass playfully with the towel. “Now, go lie down on the bed while I gather up what I need to shave you.”

He quickly gathered his razor and found some scissors and went into the bedroom. Gina was lying on her back with her knees up and legs spread as if inviting him to fuck her. It was very difficult not to just climb between her thighs and plunge in but he restrained himself. He didn’t even know if he would have the strength right now. Besides, he wanted to see how she reacted to getting her bush shaved. As he walked towards her with his hands full, she gave him a big smile as she reached beside the bed and picked up a mirror.

“I want to watch,” she said happily. “I’ll have to do this myself eventually.”

He had her lift up while he slid a towel under her beautiful ass and then began to trim the fine blonde hair covering her pussy. She kept the mirror moving as she watched his every move. He then used his electric razor to trim as close as he could. As he worked, he watched her face and was pleased to see she was smiling. Finally, he put shaving cream in his hand and smoothed it over her pussy, teasing her as he pushed a finger inside.

“Ohhh,” she said. “If you keep doing that, you’ll never get finished because we’ll get side tracked.”

He just laughed lightly and continued to spread the shaving cream. Taking his safety razor now, he began to fine shave the barely visible hair remaining. When he was finished, her pussy was completely smooth except for a very small patch of fine hair that pointed to her clit. Going back to the bathroom, he soaked a wash cloth in warm water and returned to wash her pussy slowly.

“Oh God. That feels good,” she moaned.

He gave her a smile and started gathering up his supplies. “See what you think now,” he told her.

She moved the mirror side to side and then put it between her legs so she could see everything.

“I can’t believe I let you do that but it feels so different now.” She slowly moved her hand down and let her fingers move slowly across her pussy. “Very smooth,” she said with a dreamy look as her fingers slid back and forth across the smooth lips and then settled on her clit.

Roy laughed lightly. “Make yourself cum,” he said.

He quickly took everything back into the bathroom and returned to set beside her on the bed. She still had a glazed look in her eyes as her fingers continued to feel her now baby smooth pussy.

“Will you fuck me now”” she said, her eyes glazed as her fingers moved inside her pussy. He knew she was right on the verge of climax.

He laughed. “We need to get some food first lady!” he told her. “There’s a little pub called the Mountain Inn not far from here. Make yourself cum and then put on one of those sexy outfits you bought and let me show you off to some of the locals.

She took a deep breath and slowly pushed her finger deeper. “Okay, but only if you promise to fuck me when we get back.”

He laughed. “I may fuck you before we get back.”

She smiled. “That will work too,” she said as she added another finger. She slowly closed her eyes and he watched as she reached up with the other hand to play with her sensitive nipples. She added a third finger to her pussy and began to finger fuck herself faster as she squeezed her nipples hard. Suddenly, she threw her head back against the pillow and arched her body.

“Ahhhhhhhhh, yes,” she cried as she buried her fingers deep into her soaked pussy.

Roy left her on the bed to recover from her climax while he took a quick shower and slipped into slacks and a sports shirt. Gina then took another shower, fixed her hair and dressed. When she came out of the bathroom this time, even he was amazed at her appearance. The sheer white sun dress she had worn earlier had been eye catching but the outfit she had on now was even more so. The black mini dress was cut so low in front it barely contained her beautiful titties. If the fabric shifted even a little in either direction, her nipples would be exposed. There was a vee cut in the front held together by two buttons. If it was undone, her titties would be completely exposed. As she turned for him to see the whole dress, he saw that the back was also cut into a deep vee, stopping only a couple of inches above her ass. It was held on her body by two thin straps across her shoulders. She sat down on the bed to put on 4” heels and he had a great view of her now very smooth pussy, the puffy lips clearly visible as she spread her legs putting on the heels. She stood and posed for him with a big smile. The heels displayed her great legs in every way.

“Does this meet your approval?” she asked.

“Absolutely! You did well in picking out your outfits.”

“Chuck helped. He seems to have a pretty good idea about what you like.”

“I would consider thanking him but I think he likes the way you say thanks better,” Roy said with a big smile.

It took all he could do not to throw her on the bed and fuck her right then but he managed to get her in the Navigator with her clothes still on. He had insisted on bench seats when he bought the Navigator so Gina was able to slide over close to him. The short dress did nothing to conceal her pussy as she slid over. He calmly put his hand on her upper thigh and she gave him a smile of agreement.

“How far is it to this pub?” she asked with a devilish smile.

“About 15 minutes,” he replied. “Why?”

“Then I’ll have plenty of time to do this,” she said as her hands reached for the zipper to his slacks. Seconds later, she had his dick out and gave him a big smile. “Just drive,” she said as she leaned over to take his dick into her mouth.

“Oh yes,” he moaned as his hand moved to her head to encourage her. She slowly took his dick all the way in and began to use her tongue and lips to tease him. It took all his concentration to keep the Navigator on the winding mountain road as she gave him an expert blow job. He found it hard to believe she had learned so quickly how to take his big dick all the way down her throat. She was a natural. He had placed his hand on her back and he wasn’t surprised when she took it and pushed it inside the top of her dress. Her nipples were hard already but they got even harder when he began to squeeze and pull at them. He looked down to see that the bottom of her dress was up around her waist and smiled. She was fingering herself as she sucked his dick and he pulled at her nipples. He had definitely turned her into a slut very quickly.

“We’re almost there,” he managed to moan. She increased the suction of her mouth and he had to almost stop as he began to cum. He exploded in her mouth and could feel his cum hitting the back of her throat. She didn’t miss a drop as she swallowed hard, not once but three times. At the same time, she began to finger herself faster and he knew she was very close to climax. Squeezing her nipple hard, he pulled it out from her titty and felt her body shiver as she climaxed.

He was pulling into the parking lot when she sat up with a big smile. “Was that good?” she asked with a big smile.

“You know it was,” he said with an equally big smile.

“I’m glad,” she said. “You’ve taught me so much in the past two days. I wanted to really please you.”
He looked at her intensely. “Just keep letting me push you to explore your sexual limits and you’ll always please me,” he said.

By the time he parked at the side of the building away from the lights on the front of the building, she had managed to adjust the dress so her titties were no longer exposed. When he went around and opened her door, she gave him a big smile as she made it a point to expose her soaked pussy to him as she slid over to get out. He gave her another smile of appreciation and took her hand to lead her inside. Just as they entered the lobby, her cell phone rang and she gave him a surprised look as she took it out of her small purse. Looking at the number displayed, he face took on a surprised look.

“It’s my husband,” she said with a disheveled look on her face.

“I’ll find us a table while you talk to him,” he said and walked into the pub so she could talk in private.
Inside the pub, there were only 4 booths along the back wall. Two young couples were at two of the booths and several men were setting at the bar. There were pool tables in the back where four men were playing pool. He recognized one of them as the owner, Sam. He walked quickly to a booth and set down so he could watch the front until Gina came in. A couple of minutes later, she entered and started walking towards him. Her smile was gone and she was biting her lips. He stood to let her slide in against the wall. As soon as he sat back down, he put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her to him.

“Why such a grim look?” he asked.

She shook her head in dismay as she snuggled against him and then looked into his eyes. “My husband finished his business early. He’s on the way to the airport to catch a Red Eye flight home.”

That would definitely cut the weekend with her short, Roy thought. “When will he get back?”

“His plane lands at 6 A.M.”

He looked at his watch. It was after 9 PM now. “Don’t worry. After we eat, I’ll take you back to get your things and take you home.”

“I don’t want to go home,” she said sternly. A tear was forming in the corner of her eye. “I was counting on spending tomorrow with you.”

“Relax baby. I’m sure it won’t be long before he has to leave again. We’ll get together then, I promise.” He then gave her a big smile and kissed her lightly. “Besides, the night isn’t over yet.”

She wasn’t the least shy anymore and quickly pressed her lips against his and put her hand behind his head to hold his mouth tightly against hers. Her tongue quickly pushed into his mouth as she gave him a deep, passionate kiss. When she broke the kiss, she looked deep into his eyes.

“Please tell me you’ll fuck me again before you take me home.”

He laughed lightly. “I can guarantee you that I will. Now, let’s eat.”

They ordered a light dinner, a sandwich for him, a salad for her, and ate it slowly. After they finished eating, he ordered a beer for himself and a stiff whiskey sour for her. He was not surprised that she downed it quickly and asked for another. By the time he finished his beer and paid for the meals, the pub was almost empty. Sam was now playing solitary pool in the back. When he saw the customer at the bar get up and leave, Roy motioned to the bartender. She gave him a big smile as she approached.
Her name was Kelly. She was a beautiful blonde in her mid 40’s but didn’t look a day over 35. She apparently worked hard at keeping her body trim and firm and always wore sexy clothes to show it off. She was working at the Mountain Inn the first time he came in to the pub. Over the past two years, he had developed a friendship with Sam, a retired Navy Seal, and had quickly bought half interest in the pub when Sam mentioned he needed some cash to keep it running. Shortly after buying half interest, he convinced Sam to convert the 2nd floor into a motel and now it was making money for both of them.
Sam had recently bought a cabin not far from his. On quite nights, they would get together and just chill out. During those times, he learned a lot about Kelly from Sam. She was married but her husband couldn’t keep a job and she did all she could to keep hers, including sleeping with Sam as his friend had admitted recently while sharing drinks around the fireplace at his cabin. She had no knowledge about Roy’s half interest in the pub but she flirted with him often. He had yet to sample her body and looked forward to the chance if it ever presented itself. Sam told him repeatedly that he should try to get into her panties because she always seemed ready for sex.

“Another round please”, he said as he returned the smile.

“Of course,” she replied sweetly.

He then motioned to Sam. “Take one to your boss too.”

When she started back, she took a beer to Sam first and Sam looked over at their table with a smile and a wave. She then brought over their drinks. When she leaned over to set the drinks on the table, Roy saw the top of her black lacy bra under the low cut blouse. It barely concealed her firm titties.

“Sam said he would be over to chat in a minute,” she told him sweetly.

Roy put his arm back around Gina and pulled her tightly against him. His mind began to think about the possibilities here tonight. Sam walked up to the table before he had time to dwell on the subject.

“Hi Roy. Good to see you here tonight. Who is this beautiful lady with you?”

Roy greeted his friend with a strong handshake and then motioned towards Gina. “This is Gina. Gina, say hi to Sam.”

“Hi Sam,” she said with a weak smile but her eyes took in Sam’s muscular body which he kept in shape through rigorous exercise and running in the mountains.

“Join us,” Roy said and Sam quickly set down across from him so he was facing Gina.

They began to chat about the day in general and then Sam had Kelly bring another round for them. Roy knew it was getting late but Gina seemed to be enjoying herself so he was in no rush to leave. After a few minutes, Sam asked him to play a game of pool. Roy looked at Gina.

“Would you care to watch?”

She shrugged her shoulders and smiled. “Sure.”

They walked back to the pool table and Roy put his arm around Gina’s waist as Sam racked the balls. Sam took his time but kept glancing up at Gina. Roy knew the dress was distracting to his friend and he suddenly decided to distract him even more. When Sam started to break, Roy let his hand drop to the top of Gina’s dress and easily undid one of the buttons to expose even more of her beautiful titties. He pulled the dress back just slightly and one nipple was immediately exposed. He half expected Gina to object but she just gave him a smile as if she was willing to let him do whatever he wanted. He leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“Be sure that nipple stays exposed baby,” he said calmly as he stepped to the table to take his shot.
He intentionally missed and stepped back to her side. His hand went back around her shoulder and seconds later the other button was undone and now both nipples and most of her titties were showing. Gina’s face was flushed but he knew she was getting turned on by being exposed to this man she had just met. Roy knew that Sam had a great view of her nipples and he smiled when he caught his friend admiring them. Sam was a great pool player and never missed some of the shots he was missing tonight Roy suspected he was having a great deal of trouble concentrating on even the easy shots.
Roy took his turn and pocketed two balls before missing. Stepping back to Gina, he stood in front of her and leaned over to kiss her. As soon as his lips met hers, he knew for certain she was turned on. Her kiss was deep and passionate and she clung to him passionately. When he broke the kiss, he looked into her eyes.

“Do you want me to show all your body to him?” he asked calmly.

She stared into his eyes and he could see the passion in them. “Yes,” she said hoarsely. “If that’s what you want.”

“No baby,” he replied calmly. “It has to be what you want too.”

She took a deep breath and quickly kissed him again. She broke the kiss slowly. “Yes!” she said quickly. “I’m so turned on right now. I want him to see my body.”

He knew Sam was waiting for him to shoot but he ignored him and reached up to pull the strap from her shoulder so one side of her dress slid off to completely expose one of her beautiful titties. The nipple was rock hard and he calmly reached down to pinch it and make it even harder. Turning to look at his friend, he smiled and stepped away from Gina so Sam had a good view of her titty. He spoke with a smile.

“Sam, why don’t you get another drink for Gina while I shoot.”

Gina leaned against the wall and tried her best to remain calm but she was anything but calm. Her pussy was already soaked with her juices running down her thigh and her nipples were as hard as they had been all weekend. She couldn’t believe she had agreed to be exposed so wantonly in a pub to Roy’s friend. She watched as Sam walked to the bar and returned with another whiskey sour and two beers. Many more of these and she wouldn’t care who saw her, she thought. When Roy held out the drink to her, she looked into his eyes and gave him a smile as she took it. Their fingers touched slightly and it was like electricity surging through her body. Sam turned to look at Roy and saw the smile on his friend’s face. He knew it was a smile of approval. He handed Roy a beer and then held his up in a toast.

“A toast to a beautiful lady,” he said as he touched his beer to her glass. He waited for her to take a sip and then stepped closer and kissed her. She was taken by surprise but she quickly responded, opening her mouth to let his probing tongue enter. The next thing she remembered was his hand reaching under her dress. He was well aware of Roy’s penchant for his ladies to go without panties and wasn’t surprised when he found Gina’s pussy ready and waiting and he easily slid a finger into her soaked pussy. Instinctively, she spread her legs to allow him full access and his finger went deeper. As the finger curled upwards, she felt him massaging the wall of her pussy and then a sudden charge hit her as he found her G spot.

“Ohh! Oooohhhhh!” she cried into the kiss as a sudden climax ran through her body.
It had been so sudden, so unexpected, she quickly broke the kiss and looked at Roy. He was smiling as he put his pool stick on the table and walked towards them, the game now forgotten. His voice was extremely calm as he spoke.

“You seem to have found a sensitive area there Sam,” he said to his friend. “Why don’t you probe deeper while I help?”

Calmly, he stepped behind Gina and pushed the other strap from her shoulder and then pushed the dress down to her waist to expose her entire upper body. Without hesitation, he took her titties in his hand and squeezed firmly before taking the nipples in his fingers and pulling on them. With the finger in her pussy now moving in and out and Roy pulling hard on her sensitive nipples, Gina let out a long, satisfied sigh.

“Ohhhh! Yesssss!” she moaned.

Roy grabbed her chin and pulled it around until he could kiss her from behind. As his tongue probed inside her mouth, his fingers kept squeezing and pulling at her nipples. She felt a mouth sucking on one of her titties and knew it had to be Sam. Suddenly, all of her nerves were becoming super sensitive and she couldn’t wait to be fucked. She completely forgot about where she was.

“Please fuck me! Someone please fuck me!” she moaned as she pulled her lips from Roy’s mouth.
She felt Roy’s hands pushing her dress down farther and Sam’s finger left her pussy to let it drop to the floor, leaving her in only her heels.

“Get on the table Gina,” Roy said calmly.

The two men quickly helped her get on the pool table so that her feet were hanging over the sides and her pussy was right at the edge. Without hesitation, Sam dropped to his knees and pushed her legs apart. Just before he leaned over to start eating her pussy, he smiled at Roy and motioned his head towards the front of the pool room.

Roy glanced over and saw Kelly standing there, her eyes wide in amazement at what was happening. She seemed unaware of his presence as she stood transfixed, unable to keep her eyes off Sam and Gina. Roy pretended to ignore her but kept glancing her way as Sam ate Gina’s pussy eagerly and then stood up between her legs. His pants were around his feet now and his dick was rock hard. It was not nearly as big as Roy’s but his thick 7 inches was quickly pushing into Gina’s pussy and she moaned as every inch entered. Glancing back at Kelly, he saw she was still watching intently but now one hand was gently massaging a titty through her blouse. Sensing the opportunity he had longed for was here, he walked towards her. She didn’t appear to notice him until he was right beside her and then she looked at him in alarm and started to drop her hand.

“Don’t do that,” he said as he took her hand and put it back on her titty. “It’s beautiful to watch you playing with your titty.”

Her eyes were glazed and he leaned over and kissed her gently. She didn’t respond at first but when he put his hand on top of hers and squeezed her titty harder, she suddenly began to return the kiss, eagerly accepting his tongue into her mouth. He broke the kiss quickly and stepped behind her so she would have a clear view of Sam fucking Gina. Gina was eagerly fucking him back, giving him everything he gave her as her legs wrapped around his waist and pulled him deeper into her pussy while they kissed long and deep. When he finally broke the kiss and locked his mouth on one of her nipples, her excitement grew even more.

“Bite them! Please bite them hard!” she cried as she grabbed his head and pulled it harder against her sensitive nipples. When he sank his teeth into one, she began to moan even louder while his dick continued to plunge in and out of her pussy.

Kelly felt Roy’s hand squeeze her titty as he stepped behind her. Slowly, he put both arms around her so he could cup both titties at once.

“Yes,” she moaned. “Squeeze them.”

As he squeezed her titties, he leaned to whisper in her ear. “Are you enjoying watching Gina get fucked?” he asked calmly.

She moaned softly. “I’ve never seen another woman getting fucked before,” she said in a bare whisper.

“Does it turn you on?” he asked as one hand moved down her body and then below her waist.

“God yes!” she whispered.

She seemed unconscious of his hand moving across her body until his finger began to rub across her pussy through the short skirt she wore. She surprised him when she grabbed his hand and shoved it under her skirt as she let out a soft cry.

“Pleas finger me!” she said in a deep, passionate voice.

She was wearing a thong and he quickly pushed his hand inside the small piece of cloth that covered her pussy. His dislike for panties of any kind was evident as he grabbed the thong and jerked. He heard the fabric rip as it came away from her body.

“Oh yes,” she cried. “Be rough. I need it rough.”

Her pussy was already soaked and his long finger slid in easily. He took her at her word and jammed his finger in deep with one hard thrust. “Like that! Yes!” she cried as her back arched away from him.

Her pussy was tighter than he would have imagined and he suspected that her husband did not fuck her often. He soon had two fingers inside and began to pump them in and out of her soaked pussy hard and fast while his free hand continued to pull on her nipple. Her juices literally soaked his hand and her thighs. Soon the room was filled with the moans of both women. Looking at Gina, he knew she had climaxed more than once and was not surprised when he saw Roy grab her and turn her over on the table. With a smile, Roy quickly slammed his dick back into her soaked pussy and began to fuck her again.

Roy smiled and whispered to Kelly. “Take your blouse off,” he said and she immediately began to pull at the blouse, throwing it on the floor as soon as she pulled it over her head.

“Now the bra,” he said.

The black satin bra had a front hook and was quickly tossed aside with the blouse. Without hesitation, Roy turned her so to face him as he pulled her skirt up and unfastened his pants to let them drop at his feet. He had been hard for a while and the sight of Kelly’s beautiful body only made him harder. He kicked at her feet and she quickly spread her legs to give him access. Without hesitation, he pushed her against the wall and looked into her eyes as he bent down and then stood up. His dick slid into her pussy but only by an inch or so.

“Ohhhh shit!” she cried. “You’re sooo big. Go easy.”

He just smiled and clamped his mouth over hers as he worked his dick into her body one inch at a time. Every time he slid another inch deeper, she moaned that much louder. When he finally drove in the last inch, she broke the kiss and looked into his eyes.

“I’ve wanted you to do this since the first time you came in here. Now fuck me hard!” she said as she lifted one leg and wrapped it around his waist. The new position made it easier for his dick to slide in and out of her pussy. He fucked her slowly but he wanted her to watch Gina and Sam fuck and she couldn’t see that well pressed against the wall. He suddenly pulled out and she cried weakly.

“Don’t stop! Please don’t stop! I’m soooo close.”

He laughed. “I have no intention of stopping,” he said as calmly as he could. “I want you leaning over the pool table beside Gina.”

As she turned to move to the pool table, Roy realized for the first time that she still wore her skirt.

“Drop that skirt too,” he said and was pleased that she managed to unzip it and let it fall around her feet as she walked to the pool table. She was now wearing just her heels and thigh high stockings and she was a beautiful, sexy sight.

“Someone should lock the door?”

Roy looked at his friend for the first time in several minutes as the words penetrated his brain. Sam was pumping in and out of Gina slowly as she lay on the pool table with her arms out in front of her and her eyes barely open. It was obvious she was enjoying it. Sam motioned towards the door.

“We don’t want unexpected company coming in here right now,” Sam said with a big smile.

Roy slapped Kelly’s ass softly but firmly before she could climb onto the pool table. “Lock the door Kelly.”

Kelly looked at him with passion tinted eyes and then hurried to the door. Her nude body shook in remarkable ways and he enjoyed watching her walk away from him, her nylon covered legs displaying her beautiful swaying ass as she did. While she was locking the door, he took the opportunity to lean over and whisper to Gina.

“Are you getting fucked good baby?”

“Oh yes, yes, yes!” she moaned softly as she looked weakly into his eyes.

He kissed her briefly and then turned his attention back to Kelly. She was hurrying back and he could see now that she had a mass of soft blonde down covering her pussy. It was soaked and plastered against her body. She came quickly to him and threw her arms around his neck. Their kiss was deep and passionate and he cupped her beautiful ass as he pulled her body against his hard dick again.

“I need you back inside of me,” she said as they broke the kiss. “Please!”

“Lean over the table,” he said and watched as she quickly spread herself out on the table much like Gina at the other end.

Without hesitation, Roy stepped forward and slid his dick back inside her soaked pussy. She became wild as he fucked her and she moved her body against his so fast that his dick came out of her pussy. In his effort to slam it back in, he felt it slide into her ass instead.

“Ahhhhhhhh,” she cried out at the sudden invasion but she didn’t pull away. Instead, she pushed back against him, taking his dick deeper and deeper into her ass until he was all the way in.

“I love to be fucked in the ass but I’ve never had a dick that big in me before,” she said softly as she turned her head to look back at him. “I feel so full but it hurts so good. Just fuck me slow at first but don’t stop.”

Her ass was tight and his dick was so big that it was painful for her at first but the more he slid in and out, the more she was able to take him. Soon, he was moving in and out of her with ease and she pushed back against his dick with every thrust.

“Be rough with me now!” she said almost in a whisper.

He smiled and slammed into her ass forcefully just as his hand came down hard on one firm ass cheek. “Crackkkkk”.

“Oh yes,” she cried. “More.”

He began to spank her ass with every thrust, changing from one cheek to the other until both were red and rosy from his slaps. The imprint of his palm was blazed on each rosy cheek. Suddenly her body drove back against him hard and he felt her body shiver all over as she climaxed. Unable to hold back any longer, he drove deep and exploded inside her ass, his cum flooding her bowels. When he regained enough strength to stand, he pulled away from her and she slowly got off the table. When she turned towards him, there was a big smile on her face.

“That was sooo good!” she said as she put her arms around his neck and gave him a slow, passionate kiss. Her eyes suddenly locked on the clock on the wall behind him. “Oh my God! It’s after 11:00. My husband will be here any minute to pick me up!” she said excitedly. “I have to get dressed!”

She hurried about picking up her clothes and was quickly covering her beautiful body again. When she picked up her torn panties, she smiled at Roy. “I guess I’ll have to go without these,” she said with a smile as she tossed them into the trash. “Maybe my husband won’t notice.”

Roy heard Sam from behind him. “Don’t worry about the register. I’ll take care of it,” he said. “Go! We don’t want him to try to come inside.”

She started to walk towards the door but then turned and came back to Roy. She gave him a light quick kiss this time.

“I hope this isn’t the last time you fuck me,” she said. “I could get addicted to your dick.”

“Next time will last a lot longer, I promise.” Roy told her honestly.

“I hope so,” she said with a smile and then turned and walked out the door. He heard the lock click back in place as she closed the door behind her.

Turning back to Gina and Sam, he saw both of them sitting on the edge of the pool table. Gina’s body was covered in sweat from her many climaxes and her pussy was overflowing with Sam’s cum. She smiled as he walked towards them and eagerly accepted his kiss.

“Are you ready to go baby?” he asked her.

“No,” she said quickly. “I want you to fuck me like you did her.”

He was confused for a second and then realized she was asking him to fuck her ass, something he hadn’t done yet even though she had let Tim fuck her there earlier.

He looked at her with a big smile. “I’m afraid that’s going to have to wait,” he said. “I’ve already cum more today than I normally do in two or three days.”

He looked at Sam and smiled. “Suck him until he’s hard again,” he told Gina. “Let him fuck your ass for me.”

She bit her lower lip as she thought about what he said. “Maybe that would help. I’m still not sure I can take your big dick in my ass but I really want to try.”

Slowly, she got on her hands and knees and began to give Sam one of her first class blow jobs. It only took her a couple of minutes to get him rock hard again. He knew she would suck him until he exploded unless he told her otherwise so he calmly pulled her away.

“Bend over the table Gina.” Sam said calmly.

She slowly did as he asked and then looked back at him with a weak smile.

“Reach back and hold your ass cheeks apart for me now,” Sam told her.

Roy watched quietly as Gina reached back and took an ass cheek in each hand and then pulled them apart slowly. Sam’s cum was visibly leaking from her pussy to coat her thighs and he took advantage of it. He calmly slid his finger into her pussy and then pulled it out and slid it in her ass.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh,” Gina moaned as his finger slid past the tight muscles of her ass. “Go easy, please!” she moaned.

Sam wasn’t about to miss out on this opportunity and he reached around to take one of her perfect titties in his hand. He pulled on the nipple and heard her moans increase. He couldn’t believe she could be so sensitive there but he loved the way she acted when he pulled on the nipple. Gina felt her ass expand as he slid a second finger into her ass and then he massaged the wall separating her pussy from her ass. The feeling of his finger fucking her ass was amazing.

“Relax Gina,” Sam said as removed his fingers and slapped her ass gently.

“I’m trying,” she said with a soft weak voice.

He used more of her juices to lube his dick and placed it at the entrance to her ass. He pushed firmly but she tightened up again and he hit her ass firmly. She immediately relaxed and the knob of his dick broke through. After that, she began to relax more and he was soon in her ass to the hilt.

“Now, just let me do the work Gina!” he told her as he began to move out slowly.
It was an exquisite feeling when his dick finally penetrated her ass until his balls slapped against her pussy. Gina laid perfectly still, her hands clenched tightly on the felt of the pool table as he began to move in and out very slowly. Gina moaned constantly, her cries getting louder and louder as Sam fucked her ass. He wanted her to experience a mind blowing climax and was determined to take his time and make sure she enjoyed it. Reaching around her body again, his fingers searched for her pussy until he found the firm knob of her excited clit. He massaged it slowly and her moans got louder as her body began to move more and more. Soon, she was pushing against his finger one second and his dick the next.
Roy had been watching intently and knew she was getting close. He stepped up to the pool table and reached under her body to squeeze her titty. As soon as he touched her, her eyes opened and she looked at him through glazed eyes.

“Pinch them,” she said weakly. “Pinch them hard.”

He moved his hand. “No,” he said sternly. “You do it.”

Her mouth opened in surprise but her hand moved at the same time. She found her nipple and squeezed hard, pulling the nipple to full extension and then rolling it roughly in her fingers. The look on her face changed immediately. Her mouth opened but no words came out, yet he could see the sexual excitement in her eyes. With her squeezing her own nipple and Sam playing with her clit and fucking her ass, she cried out even louder as her climax peaked. Sam felt her ass clamp down on his dick just as the juices squirted from her pussy to flood his fingers. He waited for her ass to relax again and then began to pump faster, driving in deep with every thrust until he couldn’t hold back any longer. He felt his dick expand and then the flood gates opened as he filled her bowels with his cum. When he pulled away, she was so weak it took both of them to help her set up on the table. Slowly, she regained her strength and looked at Roy with a weak smile.

“That was sooo good. My husband would freak out if he knew I had been ass fucked twice today.” A big smile then slowly formed on her face. “He would freak out if he knew anything I’ve done the past two days.”

Roy calmly picked up her dress and held it out to her. “You better get dressed. It will take a couple of hours to get you cleaned up and then take you home. I don’t want your husband to get home and you’re not there.”

A few minutes later, Sam opened the door to let them out. “I hope this is not the last time I’ll see the two of you in here.”

Roy smiled. “Maybe you can talk Kelly into coming with you to the house one night,” he said. “We can enjoy it more there.”

Sam laughed. “I enjoyed it a lot here,” he said with a big grin. “I can only imagine how good it would be at your cabin.”


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