A Car Crash takes a Mans Family leaving him alone with just his little girl..
This is a Story Written by my Girlfriend, She wanted some opinions by people who know what their talking about. This story contains a Ten year old girl, Incest, and Rape. If you don't like that. Move on, and Definitely don't comment about how Evil my girlfriend or I are for posting this story.

If this story is positively reviewed, and rated, she will be writing a second part.

Thank you, and Enjoy The story!

Nestled into a meadow, surrounded by nothing but trees, was a large victorian style house. It rose several stories, and no matter how old, it still radiated elegance. Years before when it was first built, it was used for ballroom dances and lavish parties. Alas, in the present, it was merely used to torment and further shove a man of twenty-seven into pure insanity. Guilt was laid upon his shoulders as though it was the weight of a thousand men, and sometimes he wondered if Atlas himself could have held up this pressure. His late wife had been almost obsessed with Greek Mythology of any kind, and that had been shared with their four children. All of their names passed through his head now, like a broken record... Rebecca, Lyllian, Marcus, Jakob, Evelyn... At the last, his eyes darted toward the the invisible door across the hall from behind his. While his gaze was still trained on the door he could not see, the door to his last living child's room, lightning illuminated his room, and his guilt increased tenfold. He was worried about Evelyn, hoping with all his might that she did not wake up tonight, because he did not know how he could comfort her, when he could not even help himself. He purposely shut his eyes, tightly, almost as if to pretend that the storm wasn't happening.

But, when he did, a different storm flashed across his vision from behind his lids. A flash of light, screeching tires, and endless screams echoed throughout his mind. A shudder ran through his body, and never seemed to cease, as thoughts of his weakness couldn't help but force their way into his mind, whirling around in an endless tornado. His body unconsciously curled into a tight ball, his arms reaching out and pulling the pillow his wife's head used to rest on into his arms, squeezing it as if his life depended on it. His breath started coming more quickly; more ragged, and his need, his want for his wife's return escalated. His eyes still closed, almost sensed the change in his emotion, and began flickering images once again along his eyelids. His wife and him when they had first met. The long, passionate night when they first had sex. All the laughs, and smiles. The showers, and days, both spent together. He couldn't escape any of it, but most of all, her body formed in his mind. Every curve, every bump, he remembered. Every touch he had ever given her, he remembered, as well as how her blonde hair would tickle along his chest, how her emerald eyes would widen in shock; her dark pink lips popping open to release a moan when she would cum...

His breathing was even more difficult now, to the point where he could have been hyperventilating. He buried his face in her pillow, releasing tortured sounds into it as he grew in his boxers, harder than he'd been in a long time, and it made it even worse that he could have no release. His body had long since uncurled from it's clenched up state, his hands moving down to slip off the only clothes he wore, his underwear, and kicking them somewhere down beneath the sheets. Trusting that he would have utter peace during this, his hand reached down to slowly wrap around his cock, adam apple bobbing as he gulped, and began working his fingers against himself. His thumb circled around the sensitive skin of his cock, while his other four fingers jerked upward at his head every few seconds as he grew even harder. His breath came out in gasps, his hips almost jutting upward against his hand. This was his only pleasure these days, and he reacted to it just like a man that had been deprived of his wife for almost a whole year would. His skin was hotter, a very thin sheen of sweat along his forehead, and he felt; he knew he was close to cumming.

He had squeezed his eyes tighter, biting on his lip so harshly to avoid moaning, afraid it would wake Evelyn, and jerked his hand against himself once more. He felt the pleasure spreading through him, and knew that with one, or two more motions with his hand he would explode along his sheets. He took a deep breath, unable to stop the smallest whimper from escaping him, as he slowly began working along his length, his hand tensing to jerk upward. A loud breath slipped through his lips, and as he moved to jerk his hand up, a loud knock echoed through his room. He clenched his teeth, his hand releasing from his cock in surprise. "Daddy?" A small voice whispered through the door, sounding afraid and alone. The man's eyes couldn't help but widen at the voice, a mumbling almost too low to hear escaping him,"Shit!" He tried to find his boxers, at least, but they were lost in the sheets and blankets around him and he couldn't help but want to scream in frustration. Instead, he covered himself up as best as possible, pulling a single blanket around his waist to just use for himself, before leaning back.

He struggled to form a normal expression on his face, before calling out to Evelyn,"C-come on in, Lynie..." He stuttered at the beginning, his voice weak and almost sounding as if he was in pain, before he cleared his throat, and grunted,"Door's open." As if on cue, the door creaked open, revealing the small, shadowy figure of his little girl. The light from the lightning, and the moon, was enough for him to be able to see her when she stepped closer into the room. Her blonde hair, her green eyes... her dark pink lips. Evelyn had always been the mirror image of his wife, and it had been very hard for him in the past year to look at her, but tonight... tonight, it was almost unbearable. Her small frame was covered in nothing but a t-shirt, the length of it just hiding her tiny, pristine white panties. He struggled to hide his labored breathing, forcing his gaze on her innocent face while she stared up at him; her emerald eyes wide as anything, fear deep within them. "Daddy..." She whispered again, voice shaky, and almost sounding as if she were on the verge of tears. "I'm scared.." She looked down at her white feet, shuffling them as her hands clasp together, tightly, as if she was embarrassed. "Can I sleep with you tonight?" She almost whimpers, her gaze almost immediately snapping up to meet his deep, brown eyes.

Her expression is one of worry, and fear, as if truly afraid her own father would reject her. He forces a laugh, trying to look normal as he pats the spot beside him on the bed, sucking in a whisp of air through clenched teeth. "Of course you can, Lynie." He almost spits out, his smile faked as well, while he tries to busy himself with straighting the blankets, and putting the pillows back in place. Meanwhile, a grin had broken out on Evelyn's face, her fear almost disappearing completely along with a giggle from her lips, as she pounces onto the bed, bouncing over to his side and kicking back the covers with her feet. She snuggles down into them, before pulling the covers up over her head with another giggle. She curls up at her father's side, peeking her eyes out of the top of the covers at him, pretending to be sneaky. Her father, Rick, kept his own gaze shifted away from her on purpose, even though he could see her out of the corner of his eyes. A few seconds passed, of him glancing around the room, before he peered over to her, blinking a few times in fake confusion. "Lynie? Evelyn? Where'd you go?!" His voice is teasing, and playing for once, yet he still wishes to scream because of his daughter's close proximity. He moves his hands around the bed like he used to, or Evelyn would probably think something was wrong, before patting the side of her body, and her head. "What is this?" He questions, his voice on the verge of fake laughing, before whispering,"Is it a horse? A cow?" Several giggles escape from the girl's mouth, as she squirms rapidly beneath his hands, before trying to lay still. "No, no!" She grins, cheekily, not able to stop her constant wriggling, always having been extremely ticklish. "It's me, Daddy! Evelyn!" She pouts as she tears back the covers from her face, staring up at him with open purity and a giddiness that only comes from thinking that she tricked her father.

Rick forced another expression, one of a surprise, as he shoves a gasp from his throat. "Really?!" He can't help but laugh, then, and begin tickling her crazily all along her body. Her giggles cascade and echo along the room, as she struggles against him, his body stiffening, and yet he somehow manages to keep tickling her, even though it slows. His breath hitches in his throat, his cock harder than it had been even at the time just before he would have cummed, and because of the pleasure; the need pulsating throughout his body, he can't help but let his hands stop moving. He keeps them rested on her, applying slight pressure as if keeping her pinned. He barely notices her confused expression, her questions going in one ear and out the next while his eyes roam her small body, heart thudding rapidly in his chest. It was as if the world had gone silent, and all that was left was him and her body. He moves out of the sheets that had been covering him, and begins hovering over Evelyn's body. He rests his left hand on the bed beside her, to hold himself up and steady, while his right begins roaming down her sides to grip her hip tightly in his hand. He heared her squeaks; felt her squirming beneath him, but it only caused him to become more aroused. The thoughts of his and Rebecca's sexual roleplays had flickered across his mind, and it almost seemed as if he was possessed when he gripped the bottom of her t-shirt, fingers grazing along her bare thigh. A whimper from her cracked through his recently developed defenses, his back arching while his cock brushes up against her thigh.

Evelyn screeches, and wriggles wildly, immediately thinking that there is something in the bed, or that he is messing with her. "Daddy! Daddy.." She whimpers, shrinking back into the bed as she glances up at him. His eyes snap to hers, a growl escaping him as he observes her frightened body, his fist bunching around the hem of her shirt. "What is... what is it..?" Evelyn whispers, confusion and fear now evident in her eyes. He doesn't bother responding, his hips moving back and forth slowly, rubbing himself against the inside of her bare thigh. He can obviously hear her whimpers now, the sounds almost too pleasing to him to bear, causing his hand to roughly yank up her shirt beyond her non-existant breasts. He shifts to his knees, freeing both his hands, and leans down to lightly stroke Evelyn's cheek. "This is what people do when they are scared..." He murmurs, having no guilt or reluctance toward lying to her. His eyes travel along her body once more, even as her words slice through his mind. "But... but, Daddy.. we... we ne'er did this when I scared before.." Evelyn begins thrashing, almost, her flat chest rising up and down as a result of her fright. She stares up at her father, almost wondering if he's playing a joke on her, her lower lip trembling quietly. He clenches his teeth as he stares down at his daughter, leaning down to whisper softly in her ear, his breath tickling the side of her face. "Stay right here... Daddy just has to get some toys from the dresser..." His voice is strangely filled with excitement, and is almost vibrating with joy for the first time in a long time.

He points toward the dresser next to the be, for her to know what he is talking about, before he quickly slides over to it. He runs his hands along the smooth, black wood, before opening the bottom drawer. It was this, that he had just remembered, him and his wife having all their toys in here... The first real grin he's formed since his wife's death stretches his lips across his face, as he grabs the things he needs wants. Rick closes his eyes for a mere minute, the devices resting in his limp hands, while he begins to contemplate what he is really doing. For a second, he begins to feel sick with himself, unable to believe that he is trying to rape his little girl. But, then, a voice calls to him, layered with excitement herself. "Daddy? Do you have the toys?!" Evelyn can't help but giggle now, her bright emerald eyes staring at him from the bed, glancing down at the unfamiliar objects in his hands. Rick's own eyes snap open, his cock hardening even more, and he can't help but glance down at it, blinking as he realizes he got up without even bothering to cover himself. A quite sadistic thought then enters his mind,'What does it matter if she see's it? It's going to be making her bleed in but a few minutes.' A gasp slips from him at this thought, his hands tightening around the toys, while his gaze roam over to her. He slowly begins making his way back over to the bed, resting the 'toys' on the bed beside Evelyn, before gripping her from under the armpits and lifting her up and over the covers.

He sets her down lightly, both of his hands slipping down along her sides, her hips, and her legs before his left moves out to grab at one of the toys. Several metal clinks echo throughout the room, while he drags the two pairs of handcuffs closer to him. Rick turns on a comforting smile to Evelyn, only his eyes betraying him. "We're going to play a nice game with cops and badguys, Lynie... You know all those shows we used to watch with Mommy? It'll be like that..." He murmurs this, quietly, while Evelyn begins grinning at the end of his words. "Ooh!" She squeals, her hands thrashing around in the air in excitement. Rick's eyes dart over to her hands, and he snatches one out of the air, roughly. He picks up one of the handcuffs in his other, and snaps it along her wrist until it fits to where she couldn't get it out. A deep breath is taken and released, from him, as if trying to calm himself down, but with one glance at her eager, and excited expression, a growl escapes him. He yanks her over to the headboard, by the handcuffs, and snaps the other part of the handcuff shut around a pole from the headboard. He hisses through his clenched teeth, and does the same to her other wrist, rough as the last time. It doesn't bother him when she starts squealing, and thrashing in pain, but it does cause him to crave her even more. "Shh..." He whispers, even as his eyes spark dangerously, his expression obviously malicious considering Lynie's whimper. He let his hands roam along her chest, across her stomach and to her hips. He grips them tightly, almost massaging them with his fingers before leaning down, and lightly running his tongue along Evelyn's thigh. A shriek escapes her lips, the lick surprising her, as well as the near painful grip on her hips, and she begins thrashing, widly, yanking on her wrists. "Daddy, daddy! I'm scared!" She almost screams this, her body bucking against the bed, and him.

A deep growl escapes him as she fights against him, and he slams his hand forward along her face. "Shut up, you dirty fucking whore!" Evelyn's head whips to the side, her mouth popping open as tears swell in her emerald eyes, causing them to glisten, while her body trembles," Dadddy..." She whimpers, before going silent, the first few droplets of saltwater leaking out of her eyes and cascading down her cheeks. Rick arches his back almost like a cat, but more lethal at her tears; her whimpers. His hand immediately finds the gag he and Rebecca would use often, and positions it around Evelyn's mouth easily, considering she stopped fighting him. A dark chuckle escapes Rick's pale lips, as his eyes dart over to the knife lying next to them on the bed. A predator's growl escapes him once more, this time out of the pure pleasure of the thoughts invading his mind, before he grips the knife in his hands, and slowly brings them around to Evelyn's clothing. He stares down at her frightened eyes, barely able to hear her muffled cries, surrounded by red from her crying, and grins sadistically, positioning the sharp knife at the start of her t-shirt, and slowly cutting; tearing it up to the neckline, the tip of the knife slicing along her skin just harsh enough to be painful, but too light to bleed.

The shirt falls to each side as he quickly jabs through the thick neckline; his breath quickening at the small sliver of pale white skin that can be seen of her flat chest. He closes his eyes for a mere minute, his cock incredibly hard and resting against the inside of her leg, the desire; the need for her almost unbearable as she struggles and squirms still against his body. She understands nothing, but remembers her mother once telling her to never let anyone touch her, or take her clothes off, and this is why she thrashes. He, quickly, but smoothly, cuts a line down either of her sleeves, and after dropping the knife beside him, he takes a deep, deep breath. Evelyn struggles, still, against him and the handcuffs, screaming her fears against the gag.

Her 10 year old mind is still completely clueless to anything except the fact that she is, for once in her short life, afraid of her father, and whatever he is doing. She is even more confused, by the strange sensations rippling through her apart from the pain, especially down in the area her mother had told her not to let anyone touch. To her, it was a weird sensation, that she couldn't possibly describe, but somehow... it felt good. She couldn't register that completely, but a small part of her knew that she didn't want it to go away, somewhere deep within her. Her eyes widen as she suddenly feels a hand brush against her skin, and then the fabric of her t-shirt disappear from her body. A whimper tries to escape from behind the gag, as she wiggles the bottom half of her body, while Rick's hands begin to roam along her bare chest and stomach. She hears a moan escape his mouth, whether or not she realizes what it is, before the feeling of his hands moving even lower along her body reaches her. Evelyn screams through the gag as Rick's hands grip the hem of her white panties, and rip them from her body. Her legs fly up in the air because of his roughness, before falling roughly back on the bed. She stares up at him, her eyes showing much fear; horror, and almost hope for him to stop... and, yet, unbeknownest to her, herself... She doesn't wish it to stop, deep inside of her, she wants him to continue. She wants to keep feeling how she is... she doesn't want to lose the sensations.

Rick lets his hands roam along Evelyn's body, flicking his fingers along her absent nipples, before he finally lets himself move them down to her cunt. Without warning, he jabs his finger into her, deep as it can go; a groan escaping his lips when he realizes how tight, to an unbelievable extent, she is. Her muffled screams only excite him further, as well as his pleasant surprise at finding her wet when his finger entered her. He wiggles his finger around slowly, other hand pressing it's palm firmly at the point below her navel to keep her still, his thumb slipping into the top of her pussy. He flicks his thumb, violently; quickly, along her clitoris, a wide grin forming on his face as her whimpers soon start to resemble young, innocent moans. He goes faster, and faster with both his fingers, rubbing along her clit, and delving into her insides. Evelyn's whimpers almost turn pleasurable, but she can't help thinking something is wrong with her for this feeling... good. Her noises are softer than before, and can barely be heard through the gag as Rick, removes his hands from her, the desire too much to play with her much longer. His head leans down, his tongue flicking out and up her hairless cunt, a moan escaping from his mouth into her when her taste; her juices register on his tongue.

His teeth clench, as he pulls his tongue roughly from her tight, young pussy, before he slowly moves his way up to her, until his cock rests against the outside of her hairless self. His cock is as hard as it has ever been, almost throbbing along with her cunt, that seems to have a mind of it's own, in it's eagerness to be in her. A deep breath escapes him, as he stares down at her, wondering whether he should go gentle or rough... A voice, so small and muffled, he barely was able to decipher it stops his train of thought. It was Evelyn, staring up at him, her eyes unconsciously pleading with him, as a whisper manages to make it through the gag. "Please." She begs him, whether or not she wanted him to stop, or slam into her, even she doesn't know, but he took it as a sign. He gripped the sheets on either side of her, and mumbles something incoherent even to himself before smacking his hips into contact with her's, his cock roughly moving into her tight pussy, with difficulty, but managing..

Her hymen breaks, and her screams are unable to be muffled by the gag, her body shaking as it arches against his own. He can't help but moan, feeling slight liquid moving along his cock; knowing that it's her blood drives him insane, and without waiting for her to adjust to his size even the slightest bit, he begins moving his hips back and forth against her's, thrusting fierce into his little girl each time. This thought crosses his mind, but somehow, it only causes him to thrust harder; become more and more aroused until he feels as if he might cum right then and there. Evelyn's screams die off after a few minutes, her small, hairless cunt finally adjusting to his size. Her screams are replaced by almost pleasurable muffled moans, whimpers, and unheard begging as her body; what it needs fully takes over her 10 year old mind.

Rick's hands cup either hip, fitting to their tiny size almost perfectly and yanking her body against his, two moans almost escaping the both of them in unison. He pulls out of her completely once more, before slamming ferociously into her, sheathing himself inside her. Her cunt muscles involuntarily contract around his cock, causing an almost scream-like moan to escape him, his hips jerking against her's violently. At this motion, Evelyn explodes for the first time in her short, so short, life, her cum not as thick as an adults; not lasting as long, but causing Rick to explode in her as well, with a gasp, his body bending unnaturally over top of her's in his absolute pleasure. When he finally stops, he practically collapses on Evelyn, before forcing himself to move to her side. After a year without no release, he had begun to wonder whether or not he would stop at all. Rick reaches up, and takes off her handcuffs, so that he can tuck her small, naked body against his larger one.

He reaches up to take the gag off as well, before assaulting her neck, wondering how the small, mirror image of his wife could've been better than the orignal. Evelyn started shaking against him as he pulled her to him, a few small whimpers escaping her mouth. She doesn't know what exactly her daddy did to her, but she knows, deep, deep inside of her, that whatever it was... she liked it. She glances up at him, her emerald green wide, filled with unfamiliar emotions as Rick looks back down at her, running a hand through his messy black hair while biting his lip, harshly. His cock aches with want; need, once again, just from looking at her, and he wonders if he can stop himself from... Evelyn shifts, her cunt brushing accidentally against his stomach, and that's when he loses it. He moves her slowly downward, peering into her eyes, before gently sliding himself back into her, sheathing himself once more. He can't help but moan quietly, almost simultaneously along with Evelyn's whimper. Rick wraps his arms tightly around Evelyn's waist, and tucks her back against him, fitting to every curve. Evelyn doesn't say a word, and neither does he, his mind whirling as he finally realizes what he just did. Evelyn's fallen asleep quickly, understandably exhausted from painfully losing her virginity, and Rick notices, his head resting on top of her's. He believes that he won't be able to fall asleep for a very, very long time, because that is the farthest thing from his mind. In fact, the only thing even on his mind... are six little words... six small words, that would cause scorn to fall upon him, even if most would silently be envying him... 'I just fucked my little girl.'

End of Part One

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