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Just a stand alone sweet romantic story. It takes a while for the action to start but it gets hot!
I Check Out The Checkout Girl By rutger5

“ Sorry I have to ask you this but can I see your I.D.?”

The cashier who asked me this question didn’t look old enough to buy beer herself but in the supermarket where she worked it was store policy to check everyone, no matter their age.

“I know you’re only doing your job. Glad to help fight the menace of underage drinking” I said with a straight face while handing her my license. She typed my birth date into the computerized register before returning my license to me.

“ Wow that’s how old you are? Sorry what I meant is that you don’t seem that old. Still sounds wrong though. Never mind, forget everything I’ve said. Sorry.” The girl seemed embarrassed by her comments.

“Well Kelly is it, if my old eyes haven’t failed me in reading your nametag, you’re complimenting me and saying I’m not that old, or at least I don’t look old.”

“No I just thought you were a lot younger is all, closer to my age.”

For some reason her pale face reddened and she looked away from me. After putting a sold sticker on the case of beer she sent it down the belt then continued ringing up my order. As I packed my groceries I couldn’t help but stare at her. She was a cute young thing with short, spiky blonde hair that was so bleached it was almost white. Both her roots and eyebrows were black and on her it looked very attractive. Kelly wasn’t a thin girl by any means. Like much of modern American society she was thick, but in her case in all the right places.

She definitely had a hourglass figure with a big, round ass and thick thighs encased in a pair of black tights with a short denim skirt worn over it. A store uniform top was over her own shirt but I could see that she had a nice rack hidden under her clothes. Her arms did have an extra layer of fat over her muscles but there was no jiggling and as she handled the groceries I saw she had a cute set of biceps. Like many of the kids of today her ears had multiple piercings as well as her nose had a stud nose ring. I found the effect enchanting but I figured she was too young for me, as I was thirty three.

As she worked her phone sitting on her counter rang. Kelly picked it up and looked at the screen before putting it back down. She had just about finished my order when it rang again. This time she picked it up and put it to her ear and answered it.

“What is it? You know I’m at work and I can’t talk. Yes but that’s during my break. Fine hurry up Mother. No problem Mother.”

She had run all my items through the scanner and was standing there with a helpless look on her face as she continued to listen to the phone. Kelly held up her finger to me telling me one minute and I smiled and nodded at her. Finally she collected her breath and spoke in a low tone.

“Listen I have to go now, I’m dealing with a customer and I’ll get in trouble. Don’t worry I’ll be home in time. Goodbye Mother.”

She put down the phone and turned toward me with an apologetic half smile.

“I’m so sorry. Thanks for not getting mad at me, some people would have lost it. The total comes to $112.56.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m not in a rush.”

“I try to tell her that they don’t appreciate me taking calls but she never gets it. Thanks again, if you made a scene then I’d get written up.”

“Like I said I’m not in a rush, just a couple of errands to run today” I told her as I handed her the money “besides I enjoyed the view while waiting.”

There could be no doubt what I meant and Kelly turned red as she took the money and I heard her mumble something. She handed me my change without looking at me and I wondered if I had offended her.

“Thank you for shopping with us and you saved $8.70 today.” She then looked at me in the eye and gave me a sweet smile. “And thanks for everything from me as well.”

“Have a good day Kelly and hang in there.”

“Thanks I will.”

Pushing my cart to the exit I resolved that the next time I shopped here I would certainly see if she was there to ring me up. Soon I had loaded the groceries in the back of the extended cab and was headed to the location of my next errand. The masonry supply store was busier than I’d expected and by the time my bed was loaded with bags of gravel and some concrete mix the skies looked like they would open up. As I drove I was glad that the last stop I had to make was done. Halfway home the rain started although it wasn’t hard as of yet.

Driving down a highway service road I noticed a car on the other side of the road with its hazards flashing and a totally blown front passenger side tire. There was a figure pacing by the side of the vehicle with a hand to her ear. As my truck passed by I did a double take. The person with the flat was the young cashier Kelly. After checking in my side view mirror I pulled a quick u-turn and pulled up behind the disabled vehicle and turned on my hazards before alighting from my pick-up. When I approached she looked up at me and her face showed surprise at seeing me there.

“Hold on one minute Mother” she said into the phone.

“What happened to you and are you alright?” I asked concerned.

“I don’t know, some animal ran in the street and when I swerved and hit the brakes I skidded into the curb because of the rain and damaged the tire.”

“What about you, are you okay?”

“I’m fine thanks. It’s just the tire is destroyed and I have to get the car to my Mom soon. She needs it to get to work and I don’t know what to do.”

As she talked she seemed to get more and more upset and looked like she was about to cry. I put a hand on her shoulder and her big brown eyes met my gaze.

“Two things Kelly, do you have a spare tire? And is there any chance you have roadside assistance?”

She shook her head no. “I don’t have roadside assistance, I can’t afford it. I’m not sure if I have a spare either.”

“That’s okay we’ll check, can you pop the trunk?”

When she did I opened it and rummaged thru the junk she had back there. Her spare tire was in a little compartment in the bottom of the trunk so I removed it and checked it out and it seemed okay. Kelly joined me at the back of the car still looking worried and holding the phone in her hand.

“You have a spare so I can change it for you no problem. I’m just going to use my jack and lugwrench. Yours is a little flimsy.”

“Oh my God really, you’ll change it for me. Thank you, if I had to do it I think I’d be stranded here forever.”

“Well don’t worry, I’ll have you up and running in no time. The rain is starting to pick up so if you want you can wait in my truck where it’s dry.”

She followed me to my truck as she talked on her phone.

“Good news, someone is going to change the tire for me. No, it’s someone from work who happened to be passing by. Hopefully I’ll be there in time but I can’t control that.”

Kelly got in the passenger door as I removed my lugwrench and jack then removed my shirt leaving me in a wife beater. Between the rain and the grease there was no sense in ruining my shirt I figured. Her voice faded as I headed to her car. After loosening the lugnuts I jacked her little rice burner up and proceeded to replace the tire with her spare. It didn’t take too long but the rain had really come down hard while I was doing it and I was soaked. Her flat was in such bad shape with a huge gash that it couldn’t be repaired so I decided to throw it in my truck bed so I could dispose of it for Kelly. It was while putting it there that I got careless and skinned my knuckle bad making me laugh. Last and easiest part and that’s when I messed up.
When I opened the door Kelly saw the blood on my hand and gasped.

“What happened to you?”

“Just a small scrape, it’s nothing” I said while opening the glove compartment and removing hand wipes and a small first aid kit. She took the first aid kit from me and opened it.

“Give me your hand” she said in a no nonsense tone. The antiseptic wipe stung a little while Kelly cleaned it. She then applied some ointment and finished up by putting a bandage over the broken skin.

“There all done” Kelly said inspecting her handiwork critically.

“Good work Kelly, a bit of overkill maybe” I said at which she delivered a withering glance my way.

“Sorry, sorry” I apologized while throwing my hands up in mock surrender. “One day you’ll make a great mom.”

“Thanks but why do you say that, wait what is your name? I know I saw your I.D. but I didn’t notice.”

“My name’s Kevin. You took care of my boo boo and kept me in line just with a look, two big qualifications to be a mother.”

“Yeah but what about being a nag, I’m not one of those.”

I cocked an eyebrow. “Are you talking about your Mom?”

“She can be such a pain in the ass. I love her but sometimes she makes me want to scream. That reminds me what’s the time? I have to get her the car so she can go to work.”

“Time is three forty five. You guys share a car, that is rough.”

“Well her car died a bit back so she’s been borrowing mine. Either that or I’d have to drive her to and from work all the time. Damn that means I have to hurry home. I wanted to reward you for all you’ve done for me.”

“Helping you and seeing your smile was enough of a reward for me Kelly.”

She rolled her eyes at that. “Okay if you say so. But truthfully what would you go for now if you could?”

“I could go for a beer after the fun I’ve been having. You can buy me one if you like.”

“Two problems, I’m not 21 and I have to get the car home now.”

“You can get the car home and buy me a beer in a bar near where you live. You don’t have to be 21 to pay.”

“Okay Kevin follow my car and I’ll see what I can do.”

Kelly got out of my truck and ran to her car while I started the truck. We drove for around twenty minutes when she pulled into the driveway of an attached townhouse in an all right section of town. Before going to the house she came up to my window.

“If you drive two blocks and make a right there is a sports bar another block down.”

“You’re not coming with me Kelly? Where is the fun in that?”

“Want some fun, is that it? I’m going to meet you there but I didn’t want my Mother to see you is all.”

“Without a car you’ll get soaked. If you want I’ll pass by in a little while and get you.”

“Sounds like a plan. Come by in ten minutes. She’s late already so she can’t wait around.”

Kelly started to the house then changed her mind and returned whereupon she leaned in my window and gave me a quick kiss on my cheek before running to her house. Feeling on top of the world I pulled away from the curb and drove to the bar to check it out. It seemed to be a standard strip mall bar but it did have a front courtyard with tables under umbrellas that was fenced off from the parking lot. That looked promising to me as the rain had almost stopped now and I could see streaks of azure skies through the dark clouds.

Ten minutes later I drove up to Kelly’s house and her car was gone. I parked in front and rang the bell. After a couple of minutes the door opened and she stood there in front of me. She had changed her shirt and was now wearing a cream colored sleeveless top with a scoop neck that revealed some of her ample cleavage.

“Wow you look great.”

“Yeah right. I’ll just be a couple of minutes more so come in and wait.”

As I followed her in I did check out her butt again but it was so nice I couldn’t help myself. The living room was a tad messy to say the least with the coffee table buried under a ton of things but it was by no means dirty. The TV was blaring, tuned to some video program. Kelly gestured to the couch where an unfriendly looking gray cat was sprawled. When I came in it raised its head and gave me the once over. Kelly cleared some space by moving a pile of folded clothing.

“Don’t mind Zelda, she’s not too friendly with strangers but she doesn’t attack. Sorry but its laundry day and it’s a bit crowded. I’ll be ready in a minute.”

Saying that she disappeared around the corner. Sitting as far from Zelda as I could manage I returned the feline’s stare. When I made no sudden move the pussy cat got up and stretched its lithe body. I held out my hand with my index finger extended until Zelda deigned to come and sniff it. She must have liked my smell as she then rubbed her face along my hand. By the time Kelly returned a few minutes later Zelda was stretched on her side across my lap whilst I stroked her belly.

“I don’t know how you did it but Zelda has never taken to someone so fast before.”

“Maybe I have the magic touch with kitty cats.”

“We’ll see about that. Shoo Zelda, Kevin has to go now” Kelly told the cat. Zelda moved but took her own sweet time as befitted royalty. First she stood and languidly stretched before rubbing against me a final time. Then with her tail in the air she slowly climbed from me and hopped to the floor. After standing I brushed the cat hair from my pants and headed to the door with Kelly who had already turned the TV off.

The sun was peering through the clouds as we emerged from the house and walked to my truck. I held the door while she got in then closed it and headed to my side. In a few minutes we were parked in the lot and the sun was shining brightly. It had been a typical summer thundershower in that it was gone a little after it arrived. Again I held the door for her and for this she rewarded me with her dazzling smile.

“Not that I mind but since the rain stopped I could have walked here Kevin.”

“True but then I couldn’t have met Zelda or arrived with such a pretty young lady. The tables outside are nice, do you want to sit out here then.”

Kelly nodded in agreement so I held her chair for her as she sat. After a few minutes of sitting there I was about to look for someone to take our order when a waitress came out. Kelly ordered an iced tea and I asked for a draft. In a couple of minutes we were drinking and laughing as we talked. Kelly was nineteen I learned with mixed Irish, German and Italian heritage and she liked rock and country music and of course cats. When I asked her about school her face got serious and she paused before answering.

“No Kevin I really want to go to college but right now I need to work full time to help my Mother pay the bills. Things aren’t good with the economy and she lost her last job which paid better. She’s been working at a gas station/convenience store and without my salary she couldn’t afford the mortgage now. Which is why I wished she would cut me a little slack, I’m being responsible and helping out. I know it’s been tough on her all these years since my Father left and her supporting us both.”

“Sorry Kelly I’m a child of divorce too. It’s never a good thing when marriage doesn’t work.”

“Yeah he left when I was seven and I haven’t seen him since I was ten.”

She looked sad and wistful now and it broke my heart that some guy would abandon a sweet girl like her. If the marriage went south and her parents hated each other that was one thing, but to move and cut all ties with your kid forever was unforgivable. She started to rub her neck now and I saw her wince. Maybe I couldn’t help her psyche in regards to her father but perhaps I might be able to help her out with that.

“Is your neck okay?”

“Lifting and packing groceries all day sometimes makes my neck and back hurt. I’m used to it by now.”

“Sorry for the part I caused with my shopping today.”

“Oh no, you actually bagged your own and a lot of people won’t lift a finger. Besides that is how we met.”

She said the last part quietly like she wasn’t sure if she should say it.

“Your right about that last part” I said while standing. “Let’s see if my magic touch works on pretty women like it does with cats.”

Standing behind her I let my hands touch the back of her neck. We both felt what seemed like an electric current travel between us. Slowly I began to rub and massage her neck and shoulders. Her muscles were very tense but as I worked my strong fingers on them they began to loosen up. My thumbs worked between her shoulder blades and I felt the knots in her lower trapezoid muscles. Bringing all my skills to bear I worked at the tight muscles, alternating the use of my fingers with using my knuckles to rub firmly on the afflicted area.

It must have had a beneficial effect as she sighed with pleasure and her body sank deeper in the seat. When the waitress came out to see if we wanted anything she looked a bit jealous at the treatment Kelly was receiving. I ordered another round and the waitress left but she looked back longingly at us. Again I moved my hands to her neck and this time she put her hands on mine.

“Kevin that feels incredible. They are magic hands, did you see how she wished it was her in my place.”

“Well she’s plain out of luck then. These hands are for you Kelly.”

That statement just came out without me thinking but she smiled and squeezed my hands gently. When the waitress returned with our order Kelly made a big production of paying, letting the woman know that she was treating me. All the time she kept one hand on top of mine. Sitting down so I could look at her eyes I asked her the question that I’d been putting off.

“Kelly I want to ask you something but I have to ask this first. Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No and right now I’m glad I don’t.”

“So am I. Then can I ask if you are free tonight so I can take you to dinner.”

“I’m free but I’m wondering if instead of taking me somewhere we could….”

“Go on Kelly, what is it?”

“I could cook for you if you wanted and then maybe I could have a drink too.”

“Damn, I have steaks at home but I just realized that while I’m running around with you my groceries are sitting in the back of the cab.”

“That’s not good. Sorry I caused that didn’t I?”

“It’s not your fault but we should hurry.”

We finished up and left. As we drove I would catch glimpses of Kelly out of the corner of my eye sitting and staring at me with a little smile. When I would actually turn she would invariably look down before returning her gaze to me. When we reached my house I backed into the driveway to make unloading the bed easier. But first I had to unload the groceries and with that Kelly helped. Mindful of her sore back I only allowed her to carry the light items. We brought them to the kitchen and as she put the refrigerated items away first, I selected a nice bottle of red wine and put it in to chill.

“Kelly I still have to unload gravel and concrete from the truck so after you finish make yourself at home. Feel free to get a drink or whatever.”

“Okay Kevin but where do the rest of the groceries go?”

“Except for stuff that has to go in the fridge don’t worry about it. You are my guest so you shouldn’t be working anyway.”

I worked up a good sweat unloading and moving the supplies into the back yard but in present order I was finished and back in the house. Kelly was searching through the refrigerator for something when I came into the kitchen. She came out with some salad fixings and placed them on the counter.

“All right I can make a salad to go with the steak but do you have potatoes to go with them?” she asked.

“They are in the pantry but you shouldn’t trouble yourself Kelly.”

“Nonsense I’m going to make you a nice meal, you should sit and relax. Do you want me to get you a beer?”

“No thanks, I put the wine in to chill and I think I’m going to jump in the shower real quick.”

“Wait” she said as she approached me whereupon she pressed her sweet lips to mine for our first kiss. She tasted great and I found myself eagerly returning the kiss with growing intensity until Kelly pinched my ass and stepped back breaking our clinch.

“Hurry and shower before I forget myself. Go.”

Reluctantly I hurried upstairs and into the bathroom. After stripping down and putting my clothing in the hamper I turned on the water and climbed in. When I washed below my waist I was already so turned on thinking of Kelly waiting that just brushing past my groin was enough to trigger an erection of unparalleled proportion. Soaping up I gave myself a few strokes before moving on and finishing up.

I toweled off but I realized I had been in such a rush that I’d not brought my robe with me. Wrapping the towel around my waist I padded out into the hall when I heard Kelly calling me so I went to the top of the stairs. When she saw me she climbed up the stairs.

“I was going to ask you if you want a vegetable with dinner but somehow it doesn’t seem to matter now” she said as her eyes ran up and down my body, focusing on the bulge beneath my towel. As she stared it started to grow again after having shrunk a little after my shower. She stepped up to me and one of her palms she placed on my chest.

“Kelly…” I began but she shushed me as her hand worked down my torso until reaching the towel which she pulled from me and dropped to the floor. Her eyes took in my turgid erection and she let out a low sigh as she sank down to the floor, her knees resting on the just discarded towel. Kelly’s hand trembled as she wrapped her fingers around me and a moan escaped from my lips. Her head tilted up to me.

“Oh Kevin it’s so beautiful” she said right before she took the swollen head into her welcoming mouth. Her tongue played across the hot flesh as she took it deeper until the tip reached the entrance to her throat. At that point she slid her lips back until just the head remained in her and treated it like an ice cream cone until I thought I would go mad.

Kelly then began to work her mouth back and forth on my shaft, taking me to the back of her mouth with each bob of her head. Her tongue played with me as she continually moved along my skin flute playing a song of carnal pleasure. I didn’t know how long I could take her oral ministrations as it had been too long since I had cum when with a popping sound she pulled her mouth totally from me.

She gave my cock a stroke before she then ran her tongue the length of it from the bulbous head down to my hairy ball sac. Kelly opened her mouth and swallowed one into her mouth where she sucked on it while also teasing it with her wet, little tongue at the same time. My hand ran through her hair as she pleasured me, now switching her attention to my other ball until it received equal treatment.

She totally released my equipment and as she rested her body on her heels she lifted her shirt over her head and removed it. Next Kelly reached back and unhooked then removed her bra freeing her impressive breasts. She smiled at me before wrapping my engorged cock between them making it disappear. She held them to it as she tilted her head down and managed to lick the top of my head at the same time in a display of prowess.

“Fuck my tits Kevin, slide your hard cock between them and into my hot mouth” she said as she allowed her saliva to drip onto her breasts and my cock.

I didn’t need to be told twice. Grabbing her by her shoulders I bent my knees slightly and began to make little thrusts sliding my hard length between her breast flesh with my head going in and out of her open mouth. Kelly’s pink tongue was extended over her bottom lip and out of her mouth so each time my cock would rub against its little bumps driving me crazy with pleasure. She managed to reach my balls with some fingers that were pressing her tits together sending me into a delirium of sexual ecstasy.

“Kelly you’re incredible, I can’t take anymore. I’m going to blow my load all over” I managed to warn her as I felt my cum surging upwards.

She swallowed half my length while keeping her breasts pressed to the remaining part of my cock when with a moan I began to flood her mouth with my cum. Each spurt of cum shot out into her willing mouth and she greedily swallowed it down. Her hands now grabbed my ass as she took me deeper and I continued discharging every drop of my juice to her. Even when no more came Kelly continued to suck lovingly on my prick for another minute. Finally with a plop her mouth released my spent member but her hand closed on it and squeezed it, hoping perhaps for a final treat. With no more forthcoming she looked up at me and asked “Did you like that Kevin?”

“Like it? That was the best blowjob I’ve ever gotten in my life Kelly. You are incredible to tell the truth. Now how about letting me return the favor.”

She stood up after picking up her top and bra and managed to evade my attempt at putting my arms around her.

“Oh I will but that will be your dessert for after dinner. For now let me make sure I haven’t ruined your dinner while taking care of you. Now get dressed and come downstairs and don’t dawdle.”

“Yes ma’am” I answered but I couldn’t help myself from smacking her big ass when she turned to go. Her head swiveled back and she stuck her tongue out at me.

“Behave yourself and hurry or no dessert for you” Kelly said with a wink as she started downstairs.

Needless to say I hurried to dress even though I doubted she would carry out on her threat. In fact there was no chance I would allow that. There was no way she would leave this house until I feasted on her mons venus. Since I doubted I would be leaving before tomorrow I pulled on a pair of lounge pants and a t-shirt and slipped on some Chinese slippers before heading down. Kelly was the picture of domestic bliss when I entered the kitchen. She was humming to herself as she busied with preparing dinner. I grabbed her around the waist and kissed her neck as I approached her from behind. For a moment her soft body leaned against mine until she pulled away.

“Smells great Kelly, do you want to eat here or on the deck?”

Her happy face brightened even further from my suggestion.

“Can we eat outside, that would be so cool” she answered, the girl in her showing itself to me.
“You get everything ready out there while I finish up in here.”

There wasn’t much for me to do, just opening the umbrella over the table and bringing out the condiments and the bottle of wine along with two glasses and the corkscrew. Kelly bustled out with our bowls of salad and put them down.

“Eat, the rest will be ready in a few minutes” she said as she sat down across from me. I poured her a glass of vino and we clinked our glasses together.

“A toast to a beautiful young lady and to the animal that darted out to cause her flat tire” I said while raising my glass.

She smiled at me and took a sip of her wine and I followed suit. We had an enjoyable meal of steak, baked potato and green beans to go with the salad. We polished off the bottle and while I considered whether to open another bottle Kelly began to clear the table off. When I followed her inside I found her at the sink starting to wash the dishes. I snuggled up behind her and pressed up against her bottom with my again hardening cock. As I reached a hand around her waist I whispered in her ear.

“What do you think you’re doing Kelly? It’s time for my dessert.”

“Just let me wash these dishes so that it is done.”

“Not a chance of that. They can wait until I do them tomorrow. You’ve worked hard enough today. Now I am going to taste you young lady.”

“It feels like you’re already hard enough for both of us” she said with a giggle.

Taking her hand I kissed it before again tasting her now wine flavored lips before I began to lead her from the kitchen. When we reached my bedroom I turned the ceiling fan and a lamp on before again kissing her. Our tongues played with each other as I held her close to me. My bulge pressed into her covered mound as my fingers unzipped her skirt and pushed it down her legs. Next they slipped under the waistband of her tights and began to roll them down, pausing mid thigh. When I removed her top I came face to face with her large, full breasts. My mouth nibbled at a nipple as I cupped the pair in my hands. Guiding Kelly back toward the bed I continued to knead the flesh until her legs contacted the bed.

“Sit down Kelly” I ordered her firmly.

After she sat I knelt in front of her and divested her of her black sneakers, white socks and tights leaving her clad only in her black panties with little attached pink ribbons. There in the crotch of her girly panties was a large wet stain that still seemed to be growing. That turned me on so much I can’t describe it, knowing that as time passed Kelly was getting wetter and more aroused.

Placing a hand on each of her solid thighs I brought my lips to her right inner thigh and lightly kissed my way from right above her knee up to where it joined her pelvis. At that close distance I could smell Kelly’s sex scent and it intoxicated me more than the wine had. As I’d worked up her leg I had left a trail of raised goosebumps in my wake and now as I paused at the top her hand ran through my hair trying to direct me to her still covered pussy.

Instead I breathed lightly, allowing my hot breath to pass over her mound causing her to tremble from anticipation. Then I repeated the process with her left thigh and by the time I reached the top Kelly was actually squirming around. When I brought my lips to her covered lips and kissed the wet fabric she shuddered and pulled my hair hard.

“Kevin you made me cum just from teasing me, my God what you’re doing to me” she managed to gasp out.

Smiling with satisfaction I now reached up and pulled hard on her panties until they slid down her legs, not stopping until they reached the floor. Her pink pussy was revealed to me now in all its splendor. Framed by her natural black hair, which was trimmed short and sculpted, I was entranced by the beauty of it. The lips were puffy and glistening and they were parted slightly revealing a darker shade inside her. First I gave her lower lips an open mouth kiss, tasting her treat for the first of what I hoped would be many times.

It tasted to me what I imagined the ambrosia of the gods would be like. Her juice was clear yet sticky and I eagerly funneled it to my mouth with my tongue, savoring it for a minute before swallowing it down. My tongue burrowed deep inside her, probing her sweet honey pot and licking her sugary walls. Kelly was going crazy from the stimulus she was receiving letting out a series of low, throaty moans and humping her puss against my eager mouth. Her hand had never released my hair and she still held it tightly.

When I began to run my tongue the length of her, from her puckered little brown eye and up along her juicy lips, I would swerve to avoid coming in contact with her hard clit which jutted out prominently from its hood. On occasion I would tease Kelly by coming very close to her button but just before touching it I would detour. Finally when she had enough of my sweet torture Kelly literally begged me to give her release.

“Please Kevin I can’t take it anymore. You have to know what you are doing to me. Please lick me there! I so want to feel your tongue on my clitty. Don’t be mean, I’m begging you!”

That was more than I could take. Hearing Kelly plead for relief like that caused me to stop what I was doing and instead put my lips around her clit and flick it with the tip of my tongue while sucking it into my mouth. Her legs momentarily closed on my head and I felt her secretions flow from her pink lips toward the mattress. Her eyes met mine and I read joy, pleasure and thanks reflected in them. My tongue lapped at her escaping nectar before I stood upright in front of her. I practically ripped my clothes off leaving me in a state of nakedness.

My erection ached to be inside her but Kelly had other plans now. She adjusted her body so that she was lying widthwise across the bed with her head at the edge of the bed and between my legs. She grabbed my cock and pulled it to her mouth where she proceeded to lick up the pre-cum that oozed from it. Her tongue circled my crown before her lips opened wide and swallowed me into her mouth up to her hand.

Kelly’s free hand wrapped around my leg allowing her to support her body as she took me deep into her mouth. She worked her head up and down my length until I slipped into her throat and for a moment her lips met my pubic bone before she slid back down releasing my hardness from her mouth, saliva escaping from the corners. Kelly coughed a little but quickly regained her breath and stroked my hard on. It felt harder than iron to me and her strokes stiffened and swelled it further.

Not willing to wait anymore I pulled my prick free and sprang onto the bed next to her where I spun around and covered her body with mine, my legs slipping between hers. My cock was bobbing in the air when Kelly took it and guided it to the gap between her lips. My head forced its way between her soft petals, opening the flower with care. I slowly sank on top of her with my body being supported by my elbows. My hand brushed her short, bleached platinum hair as it worked its way to her shoulder where it rested. My body continued to press into hers causing my cock to fill Kelly’s kitty to its limit.

She lifted her legs in the air when I began to bring my hips back sliding my prick out of her before pushing it back in her. I fastened my hungry lips to hers while I rotated my hips in a circular motion as I was deep in her. Kelly’s eyes shut tight as we kissed while grinding our hips together. When we broke the kiss I arched my back enough to fasten my lips to her pink nipple while my hand fondled her breast.

I started a slow steady pounding of her treasure, going as deep as she could take with each thrust. My thickness worked in and out of her tight pinkness causing her to stretch to accommodate its girth. She held her legs in place with her hands as I increased the tempo of our lovemaking. While steadily thrusting myself in Kelly I positioned my hands against her breasts and took each nipple between thumb and forefinger and squeezed. Kelly moaned in response which made me continue playing with her erect little nipples until I felt my balls tightening up.

Knowing I was about to cum I pushed my cock all the way in her and again tasted her warm lips. With a grunt I flooded her insides with my hot sperm. My hips continued their movement but at a much slower pace until I stopped after totally discharging my load in her. First I kissed her face all over, from light kisses on her eyelids to her cheeks and again on her sweet mouth. She brought her legs down and wrapped her feet around my calves.

We stayed like that, motionless, as I shrank within her, our faces pressed together for what seemed like hours until I rolled us over. My now soft cock slipped from her as I positioned myself on my back and drew Kelly next to me. Her head rested on my chiseled chest and her arm draped across my body. Softly I kissed the top of her head as she snuggled against my satisfied body. I’m not sure how long we lay together in bliss like that but sometime she shifted slightly and her movement triggered a renewed desire in me. The blood began to flow to my manhood again and as it rose like a phoenix Kelly noticed this and reacted with a squeal of delight.

Her hand grabbed my growing erection as she moved her body into a kneeling position. She leaned in and kissed me as she also pumped my shaft with her hand until I reached my full size. Without missing a stroke she somehow moved her leg over my body while maintaining the kiss. Finally she guided my head to her wet lips and sank down on me as she broke our kiss. Again my shaft was enveloped in her sweet pussy and I thrust up further into her garden of earthly delight making Kelly gasp.

“Relax Kevin and let me do the work” she said as she began to ride me slowly.

Kelly rested her palms against my chest as her pelvis worked up and down my length. It was quite enjoyable in this position as my hands were free to roam the totality of her body as her tight tunnel pressed against my man flesh. For a while my hands kneaded her big ass as she made like a cowgirl, with an occasional light slap to a cheek to spur her on.

“Ride me Kelly, yee haa” I told her, causing her to smile.

Soon my hands were on her full breasts squeezing them as well as playing with her erect pink nipples. That turned her on and she began to move faster while biting her lip. When I moved one hand lower and began to strum her clit with my thumb Kelly went nuts. She was moving at warp speed now as her ass smacked against my thighs and she couldn’t stop moaning. Her hand covered mine and squeezed it tightly when with a start her body stopped moving and began to tremble all over.

Kelly’s face became flushed as her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. While keeping my thumb in contact with her clit I also began to rapid fire thrust into her clenching pussy sending her climax to an even higher level. Finally with her body spent Kelly fell forward onto me and rested her head next to mine. I paused my thrusting for a minute as she caught her breath.

“Oh God that was so awesome Kevin. You made me cum like crazy. Thank you.”

“You ain’t seen nothing yet” I boasted to her “just wait. Can you get off me?”

Reluctantly she slid off both my erection and body then I rolled to the side of her. I placed a pillow beneath her pelvis and pushed her onto her stomach. As she lay with her ass raised up slightly due to the pillow I placed my legs outside of hers before again guiding my hardness into her wet pinkness. We both gasped with delight as I slid deeper into her molten furnace. Resting my weight on my hands I thrust in and out of Kelly.

The position put a lot of friction on my shaft as I plumbed the depths of her womanhood. It gripped me tightly and it seemed to cling to me as I would pull back. My breathing became more rapid as I sensed the finish line approaching. With a final thrust I buried myself as deep as I could in Kelly.

“Oh damn Kelly, I can’t take any more. I’m…going…… cum” I practically shouted.

“Yes Kevin I want you to cum in me. I want to feel it” she answered.

With a strangled cry my body arched as my cock swelled up right before the first shot went deep in her pinkness. A few minutes later we were cuddling when Kelly broke the silence.

“Kevin I have to ask you, I don’t have a car and I’m not sure what your plans are…” her voice trailing off.

“Well I hoped you would want to spend the night and I’d drive you to work in the morning” I began but that was all I managed to say as Kelly started kissing me, her eyes appearing moist. When she finally ended the kiss I took her chin in my hand.

“I see you like the plan. What time do you have to be at work in the morning?”

“I love the plan, I was worried you would want to get rid of me. Tomorrow I start at 7:00 A.M.”

“Kelly even though we’ve just met I have to warn you - I’m crazy about you already. I’ll set the alarm nice and early.”

“Okay Kevin. I’m going to get my phone and let my Mother know I won’t be home tonight.”

“Do you want to use the phone here?” I asked while indicating the phone on the bedside table.

“No I better use my phone because of caller I.D. so my Mother recognizes the number.”

“Fine, I’ll get it for you, just chill.” Saying that I went downstairs and retrieved Kelly’s purse. After she made her call I shut off the light and we snuggled up together.

The sound of distant thunder was the first thing I heard when I awakened a few hours later. Feeling next to me I discovered Kelly wasn’t there. As I stood up to head to the bathroom I noticed her purse still sitting on the bedside table. After answering nature’s call I padded across the rug to the top of the stairs and went downstairs. I found her in the kitchen with her back to me looking out the sliding doors at the storm. She was wearing a t-shirt of mine which warmed my heart as well as stirring my cock because of her ass cheeks peeking out below the hem.

“Hey babe” I said as I nuzzled her ear while also wrapping my arms around her.

“Hi, I love storms and when I woke up I decided to watch it and here is the best view” she answered me as she leaned back against my nude body.

Realizing that I was naked, Kelly rubbed her ass on my groin causing me to hug her tighter to me as my prick pressed between her round cheeks.

“Feels like someone is trying to get up early” she joked.

“You can always get me up it seems” I told her as my hand began to stroke her kitty.

“I have an idea that I think you‘ll like” I said as my free hand unlocked and opened the sliding door.

Taking Kelly by the hand I led her out onto the deck and under the rain. I sat her on a recliner chair and knelt between her legs and pushed her back all the way. As the rain fell on us like heaven’s tears I lifted her shirt enough to where I could put my cockhead to her sweet pussy lips and then in one thrust I buried myself in Kelly. She cried out as I filled her and her hands grabbed my ass as it moved up and down rapidly. My hands rested on the chair arms enabling me to give her my all.

Lightning flashed across the sky, illuminating our bodies in its brilliance as our entangled limbs writhed together. A burst of heavy rain passed over drenching us even more if that was possible. I leaned down and kissed her as nature played about us. When thunder boomed nearly on top of us Kelly’s body jumped and I felt her bite my shoulder. At the same time I felt her vaginal muscles tighten on me as she pulled me all the way into her while the thunder rumbled in a growing crescendo. After a few more deep thrusts I sank on top of Kelly as my overworked cock released into her wetness again.

“Wow your heart is really beating fast” I heard her say over the storm.

It was true. I could feel it pounding like a jackhammer in my chest as I recovered on top of her. Slowly I pushed my body up and then pulled my cock from Kelly before I stood. She surprised me by sitting up and taking my fluid covered manhood in her mouth and sucking it clean. It was so sensitive that my whole body shuddered from the sensation. I helped her to her feet before bending so that I could lift her in my arms and carry her inside.

Once the door was locked I proceeded to carry her upstairs to the bathroom where I sat her on the sink vanity. First I removed the wet t-shirt and hung it in the shower to dry before producing a big, fluffy towel with which I gently rubbed Kelly dry before I toweled myself off. Again I lifted her in my arms, but this time I also kissed her, and then carried her back to bed.

The next morning I pulled into the supermarket parking lot at 6:40 A.M., twenty minutes early, so I parked in the back corner and killed the engine. She was wearing the same tights and skirt from the day before but Kelly was wearing the plain white t-shirt of mine she wore during our storm encounter on the deck. That morning when she shyly asked me if she could wear it I was only too happy to let her.

“Well we’re nice and early. Have to kill some time but it’s better than being late” I observed.

“If you want you can just leave me here. I know you have to get to work” Kelly answered.

“No I think I have a better plan” I told her as I ran my hand along her tight covered leg toward her crotch.

Her eyes widened as my hand crept to her waistband before burrowing under it on a quest for wet treasure. My hand slid across her pubes and my fingers found her lips already damp and inviting. She bit her lip as my middle finger snaked in her opening and slid all the way up her. As I fingered Kelly my palm rubbed against her hard, little clit making her moan from desire.

I closely studied her face and as her breathing became more rapid I also increased the speed of my hand. When Kelly grabbed my arm in a death grip and her face became flushed I attached my mouth to her pale neck and delivered a love bite strong enough to break the surface blood vessels. She writhed in her seat as her morning orgasm overtook her and my hand was trapped between her thighs.

When she recovered Kelly spread her legs allowing me to remove my hand from her honey pot. I brought my middle finger to my lips and greedily sucked on it until her juices were gone. We kissed tenderly until I realized it was almost 7:00. Starting the engine I looked at the teen I was infatuated with and noticed the fresh bruise I had marked her with. I smiled because it was deliberate. As I drove to the front door I talked to her.

“Kelly I’ll be here as close to 3:00 P. M. as I can, if I’m a little late don’t worry. By the way I left a token of my affection on your neck.”

For the first time she noticed the love bite in the side view mirror.
“I don’t mind but why did you do that?” she asked.

“Because I want everyone where you work as well as all the customers to know that you are mine” I honestly told her. We had now reached the front and I parked in front of the main entrance.

“You mean that? No one ever said that I was theirs before.”

“I mean it with all my heart Kelly. I know we just met but I think you’re the one for me.”

“I feel the same” she said before kissing me one more time before getting out of the truck.

Right before she entered the store she turned and waved to me with a huge smile on her face. I returned the wave as I drove off.


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