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None of those caracters are mine, and they are property to miss LJ Smith, and the Vampire Diaries TV Show. Please, this is my first story, don't be meen, but I would appreciate any useful comments! (: Enjoy!;D
Stefan & Damon Part 1.

Mystic Falls, 2011

Chapter I: Awakening

“Get up! Get up! Get up!” I wake up, with the image of Damon screaming. “We have lots to do today, come on, sleepy heads!”
“Damon!” I almost forgot about my girlfriend, Elena, rapped in my arms. She began to wake up, too.
“Oh my God, Damon!” she screamed at him.
He rolled his eyes and continued his speech as if nothing happened. “We have lots of research to do, come on get dressed!”
“Get out of here, Damon, and we’ll get dressed,” Elena responded, bitterly.
“Alright, fine.” He said, heading out of the room.
I kissed Elena passionately, the kiss lasted 2 minutes until we broke away to get dressed. “What are your plans for today, milady?”
“I’m sticking around with you guys,” Elena said, her eyebrows fluttering.
“No you’re not, it is way too dangerous. You’re staying here, taking a break from all the supernatural. You’ll need it.”
“Fine, I will. Need some help to pack?”
“Thanks hun, it’s already taken care of,” I replied, flirting. “I’m sure as Hell going to miss you!”
“It’s just two weeks… but I already miss you… Don’t forget your cell phone like last time! I want to hear the sound of your voice”
“I won’t,” I said, kissing her. “Goodbye!”
“You haven’t even gotten dressed!”
I ran in the room, grabbing my clothes and getting dressed, which probably looked to Elena’s human eyes like a blur.
“Aghh I’ll never get used to that. Feed well! Bye!”
I kissed her passionately. “I’m gonna miss those lips” She giggled. “And this laugh...”
“Ha-ha. Goodbye,” She didn’t have enough time to finish her sentence, but I was gone.
Chapter II: Trip to Italy
I grabbed the two plane tickets Damon had gotten us, a few bags of blood and was on my way out to the car.
See me and Damon, we are not human. Of course, you guys have figured out that part. We are Vampires. When I was a new born, I embraced my vampirism as a gift, while Damon cursed his nature and had a furied heart over it. It was because of our mutual love for Katherine, who had been manipulating both of us using compulsion, another Power us Vampires own. As the years went by, Damon wouldn’t speak to me. I was a monster, a murderer. But one day, I met this vampire, her name was Lexi. She taught me how to love, how to feel. And from that day on, I would never kill a single human. Damon, on the other hand, went from being weak like I am now from feeding from animals, to a monster like I was… It is ironic actually. Now, we are both feeding on blood bags, it is the best solution. I got into the car, sitting next to Damon who was flashing me one of his 101 Kilo Watt grins. We had to go to Italy to do research on a special type of species we encountered, the Originals. As in, the original Vampires. And Italy had the most resources. The trip began as Damon drove to the airport, music the only sound coming out of our car, none of us talked to the other.
Damon was tall, and had straight black hair. His gorgeous blue eyes were an ocean of secrets, lies, and stories to fill a lifetime. His always-curved lips were blood red, ironically. His body was full of muscles, and he had an amazing not six pack, eight pack!
Sometimes, I felt attracted to Damon, I don’t know why. It could be his tall muscle-y body, or his deep blue eyes I didn’t know, but I felt attracted to him in the most physical way possible. I realized I was staring so I quickly took my eyes off him, and then I realized we were at the airport. I jumped out of the car, but Damon just pulled me back in.
“You fool, we have to feed! It’s a long flight and I doubt that you could keep your urges that long!”
“You’re right” I took the blood bags from my own bag, and gave Damon three. I quickly tore open the top of a blood bag and started sucking off the scarlet rainbow of life. When I was done with my third, Damon had gotten out of the car and was waiting for me.
“Well, ready, little brother?”
“I am” We both carried our bags, and after all the checking and stuff with the airplane people, we were waiting in the plane.
“Woaah! Looks like it’s gonna be a while now.”
“Yes. I’m going to take a nap” I told him. “I deserve one after I got brutally interrupted from my sleep.”
“As you wish Stefan” He winked at me, I rolled my eyes and fell back.

Chapter III: Dreams.
I wake up, feeling dizzy. I reach for Elena’s body, which was curved all around me. The body moved and collapsed, turning. To my surprise, it wasn’t Elena’s face that turned around. It was Damon’s. Awkward. We were both naked in the same bed. He turned around, his blue eyes gazing into mine.
“We sure had some fun last night, little brother, didn’t we?” He reached up to my face with his mouth as if to kiss me, and I woke up, screaming in the airplane that had apparently taken off.
“Watch it, Stefan! We’re here! It’s me, Damon!” Damon said to me, while slapping me softly on the face. I straightened up into my seat.
“Sorry, bad dream” I mumbled, and to my shock, I realized I had a boner.
“You’re kidding”
I rolled my eyes at him and slowly caught my breath. “How long have I slept?”
“The trip’s almost over, we just landed, now we’re waiting for the doors to open.”
“Oh, okay.”

Chapter IV: Italy.
We got out of the plane and took our stuff, and then we were on our own. We got lucky, there was a cab waiting just outside the airport. We got in, and Damon bribed the taxi driver into taking us to the nearest five star hotel.
“You know, while we’re here, we better stay incognito, and you bribing the taxi driver, with the five star hotel isn’t helping anything” I said sarcastically. With unlimited Powers, and immortality, Damon and me were bound to getting richer and richer every day.
“I don’t give a fuck, babeee!” He yelled in the cab. Man, he liked goofing around.
The taxi suddenly stopped in front of a HUGE hotel called “Dungeons & Dragons”.
“Whoaa, a Halloween themed five star hotel!” Damon retorted, sarcastically.
We were inside, and Damon picked the biggest suit with a real dungeon (God knows why he choosed it), a Jacuzzi, and a pool. Plus, it was one hell of a room! We unpacked and he laid on the bed, stretching his muscles. “So what’re we gonna do today, we’re no researching, we just got here! Right?”
“Sure we aren’t” I smiled at him.
“It’s Italy; I’m dying to try the pizza! Let’s go!”
We probably visited every single pizza shop in Venice. Us vampires, we could eat loads and loads, it wouldn’t harm us at all, and we would use them to enrich the blood of the Humans / Animals running in our veins. Sunset was near, so we decided to go back to the hotel, since we were so tired.
When we got there, Damon immediately began to take his clothes off.
“Wanna join me in the Jacuzzi?”
“Sure!” I giggled and started taking my clothes off.
We were both in our swimsuits as we got into the steaming hot water. As we dove in, our bodies adjusting to the temperature of the water, I noticed Damon’s eyes scanning my body. I looked away, not wanting him to know I had caught him. I felt a boner in my shorts so I adjusted myself, in a way that he could stare as much as he’d like, he wouldn’t notice it.
“Okay I’m getting tired, let’s go to sleep. Big day ahead of us tomorrow!” He smiled mysteriously.
I ignored his weird grin and got ready for bed.
I went into my room in the suite and got naked to put some pajamas on, but I stopped in front of the mirror, to examine myself. My hair is brown, not very long. I had green onyx eyes, unlike my brother’s deep blue ones. I, too, had a body full of muscles, as I excercised with my brother. Just the fact of being a vampire facilitates the body building techniques. I quickly got into my shorts that I called pajamas and dived into bed. I always sleep bare-chested.

Chapter V: Dungeons, and chains.
I slept, and slept. I had some weird dreams, but only remembered few of them. Then I woke up, with the most awkward situation ever.
I was standing in the dungeon of my suite, my hand tied up to the low ceiling, and around my waist was some metal thing connected to one of the walls. I felt panick overwhelm me, and I screamed.
“Oh! You’re awake!” He strolled out of the bathroom door, wearing only sport shorts, bare-chested.
“What the fuck happened here?”
“Oh, I thought we could have some fun!”
“What do you mean?”
“The Hell, Stefan! You know exactly what I mean! I saw you glancing at my body, and don’t deny it!”
“So were you!” I screamed back at him, anger getting the best of me.
“Sure I was. Did you know why you had that dream in the airplane?”
“How’d you know about that dream?”
“Because I was touching you, and you were liking it.”
“Damon, stop this bullshit right now!”
“No, baby. We’re just getting started.”
He ripped off the metal band wrapped around my waist, and tore off my shorts.
“Damon, stop!”
“Hmmm…” Next, he reached for my underwear, and ripped it off as well.
I didn’t know what to say. I was outraged, and surprised at my older brother’s behavior, but I was liking it. My body was responding to his touch, sending waves of pleasure inside me. I was hard as rock, and I was exposed to Damon. He could kill me, kiss me, do whatever he would like with me, and I was helpless.
He knelt down in front of me and grabbed my now-hard 11 inch cock with his meaty hand. “Well, what do we have here? Looks like somebody’s got a boner!” He grinned up at me, and I felt embarrassed, and aroused at the same time.
Damon got up, and, I didn’t see that coming, lunged for my throat. He sank his teeth in, and started drinking some of my life’s essence. This aroused me even more than anything. When he was done, he wiped the blood away from his lips and kissed me passionately.
I kissed him back, knowing that resisting would only get me killed. But, in some way, I felt even more drawn to him, and kissed him back eagerly. He stepped away from me, knelt down, and grabbed once again my throbbing member.
“So, ever heard of the Italian kiss? It’s just like French Kiss, but way down there!” He dug my cock into his mouth and sucked it off like he was grabbing it for life. He then got it out of his mouth and started licking my balls, going up all the way up to the shaft. He licked the head for a minute or two, then, he was done and he went back to sucking the head.
My whole body flexed and my toes curled, he realized I was about to cum, so he stood back, leaving my cock just hanging there.
“Not quite yet.” He said, winking.
He then loosened up the chains which he used to tie my hands with, and got me to kneel down. He took off his shorts, then his underwear, revealing an astonishing 12 incher. He got into doggy style in front of me, as if I was to fuck him. “You have to pleasure me with your toungue.”
“What? No, I ain’t doing none of that shit!”
“Don’t you wanna live? It looks like the Originals aren’t gonna be the ones killing you, mate! Besides, keep acting that way and I will be sure not to let you free of your bonds. Get to work!” He exhaled.
I gave up and knelt down, adjusting myself behind his tight asshole. I approached my face and licked his little hole. After a few minutes of this I was tongue fucking him, and he was moaning deeply, which made my throbbing cock to jump even more.
“That is enough. Now, it’s the turn of my cock to get some attention.”
“I’m not sucking that!” I almost shrieked, afraid of the size of his huge cock.
“That wasn’t what I meant”
I caught my breath, as he approached me and stood behind me, carrying me to stand, and re-adjusting the chains, that way I would remain standing.
He was behind me, and I felt his hot breath on my neck. I even felt his body temperature.
“Now count to three!”
“3… 2…1!”
Suddenly, I felt a huge pain up my ass, literally. I knew that Damon had gotten in me. The pain shot through me, as I screamed all that was left of me.
“Shut up, somebody could hear us!”
“Aaahh!” He ignored my screams of protest and started pulling his 12 inch cock out, when he reached the head, he pushed back in, and continued pumping that way for 10 minutes. I moaned as the pain slowly converted itself into pleasure. Damon was there, behind me, enjoying himself. He was moaning and screaming.
“Yes! Take it in there, brother! Come on’! Fuck my 12 inch cock, yes baby!”
I continued fucking him, ignoring his rude comments. Until he just pulled it out of me. I moaned as the pain left my butt.
He then got in front of me, jacking himself off on my face. He was on the edge until I told him, “hey! Don’t cum yet!”
He opened his eyes and stared at me for a moment, and stopped his jacking off. He smiled, satisfied that I now wanted sex with him.
“You’re right, brother,” He said, smiling his crooked smile.
He got in front of me, and unlocked the chains binding my hands. I grabbed the opportunity and knocked him off, he fell down. I carried him to my bedroom and got him into doggy style, once again. I got on top of him, and placed my cock on the entrance of his ass. Without any warning, I pushed in, his ass taking my whole 11 inches. I never heard anyone scream as much in my whole life. Damon screamed, his asshole getting tighter after my penetrating him. I continued pumping him, and he began to moan.
“Fuck! Oh yes, Stefan! YES! Fuck me! Oh my god YES, Stefan, YES!”
“You like that, eh? Take my cock in!”
I fucked him harder and harder, until when I was on edge. I backed away, and stood in front of his face, wanking off inside his open mouth.
“You want that cock, don’t you, Damon?”
“Yes, Stefan, YES! I want it! I want you!”
After 2 minutes, I came inside his mouth, cum filling his mouth, and some coming in his hair, eyes, and nose. He swallowed most of the cum in his mouth, but I licked away the rest.
“Now it’s my turn!” Damon got up and I knelt in front of him, opening my mouth wide. He wanked off for 5 minutes, me dirty talking him.
“Yes, cum in my mouth, PLEASE! Yes, Damon, Yes!”
And he shot loads and loads of his male essence into my mouth, also covering my face. I swallowed the cum inside my mouth, and he licked away what was on my face.
We then collapsed on the bed, took each other in our arms.
Since this day I knew, that me and Damon’s relationship would never be the same.

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