After dinner, as Rach helped mom clean up, I took the opportunity to pull up my shorts, close them as best I could, and excuse myself. I left the scrunchie on my dick, not knowing yet, where or when I was going to give it back. I went to my room shakily, still recovering from “dinner”, and fell back onto my bed exhausted. I must have fallen asleep, because, suddenly it was dark outside. I looked at the clock on my bedside table, it read 9:30.
I could hear music coming from Rach’s room which was unusual because she usually used headphones. Curious, I went to my computer, and pulled up Rach’s web-cam. I considered turning off the speakers, and then decided she might as well know I was watching, which she would pick up on for sure, when she heard her music coming from my room too. She was dancing. Not, out at a party dancing, but sexy, dancing like I imagined strippers danced. She was wearing the same stuff she had on at dinner and the motion of her hips and flat stomach had me mesmerized. I noticed she was looking right at me, as if I was sitting in her room, and realized she had been waiting for me to wake up. She might have even turned her music up, to rouse me. I assumed she had my webcam on, and decided she deserved to see how well she was dancing. I backed up my chair enough to be sure my dick would be in view, and opened my shorts. The cum from dinner had congealed, but not dried, and Rach’s scrunchie, was so sticky and slimy, that I wasn’t sure I could use it again. I took it off, setting it carefully down on my desk, and got ready. I looked up to see Rach had stopped dancing. She looked right at me, a puzzled/almost hurt look on her face. Then she bolted off camera. She was gone a minute, and then I heard her door open; I thought I had blown it; somehow, I had upset her. Was taking off the scrunchie seen, by her, as rejection? I was just about to start really panicking, when I heard a soft knock on my door. I flew to it, hopping I could explain before it was too late. Just as I got to my door, I heard her’s close. Baffled, I opened my door. Sitting in a neat pile, on the floor in the hall, were 3 white scrunchies, and a pair of dark blue lacey thong panties. Laughing in relief, I scooped them up, closed the door, and went back to my desk. She was there, on the cam, waiting; her hands on her hips, a stern look on her face. Without sitting down, naked, my dick standing proudly at attention, I put one, two, three scrunchies on my dick, like I was decorating it for her. I watched her as I did it. She got less stern, and more excited, as I decorated. By the time i got to the panties, she was wiggling around, and giggling like a five year old walking through the gates of Disney world. I was about to add the panties to my now wreathed cock, when I noticed they were wet. I brought them up to my face to get a better look. The crotch of the panties was soaked, as if they had been dipped in water. I think I could have wrung them out, and gotten a drink. I looked back at Rach through the cam. She was so intent upon what my reaction would be that for a moment, I was nervous I might screw it up. Then I looked down and saw her jean shorts were undone, the zipper down, a little bit of her light blond pussy hair showing. She was just wearing these panties, I realized. She was this wet now. When she had bolted off camera, she had stripped them off, and pulled her shorts back on, not bothering to do them up.
Looking her dead in the eye, I brought them up to my face, and smelled them, she trembled. I very slowly licked the wet spot, and watched as Rach put her hands to the sides of her shorts and, pushing them down over her hips and ass, let them fall to the floor. As I lowered the panties to my throbbing cock, she followed their progress, pulling off her bikini top. I stopped lowering her wet panties, holding them suspended an inch above my cock; she looked up at me, an excited pleading in her eyes. Finally, I was in control. I was winning. And then, as I looked at her; her beautiful face, her amazing body, I realized I didn’t need, or even want, to win. I wanted a tie, and here we were, both naked, both horny, we were even…almost. With a burst of inspiration I bolted from my room. Not bothering to put anything on, Rach’s scrunchies bouncing on my dick as I ran, I streaked to the bathroom, and grabbing my electric toothbrush, ran to Rach’s door, knocked and tore back to my room. Slamming the door behind me, I skidded to a stop exactly where I had been seconds before. I was just in time to see Rach, my beautiful sister coming back to stand in her place, my toothbrush in her hand, the devil in her smile. I smelled her panties again, and she turned on my toothbrush. I could just hear it’s hum through the cam. As I brought the panties down to my dick, she brought the head of the toothbrush to her pussy. I wrapped the wet crotch of her panties over the purple swollen head of my cock, as she touched my toothbrush to the top of her pussy, and quivered. I started slowly sliding her scrunchies up and down my shaft, wanting this moment to last forever. As much as we had shared today, this was the first truly intimate experience we were sharing. I felt a connection to my Rach, here, us doing this together.
With all of the cumming I had done today, I was sure I could make it last. I kept up the slow rhythm, the soft silk of the scrunchies sliding smoothly. Rach, I was pleased to see, was not having as easy a time. From the moment the toothbrush touched her pussy, she started quivering, her legs began shaking, and she grabbed onto my toothbrush with both hands, as if it would help her stay standing. As we watched each other, she started squeaking, just the way I had heard her squeaking in the bathroom, but louder, and with more heavy breathing. I could feel myself rising to an orgasm, and slowed slightly, releasing some of the pressure from my grip. I wanted more. Her squeaking became high pitched grunting, as her hips began thrusting into my brush. I turned sideways, hoping she would get the hint, and copy my move. After a few moments, she turned also, her legs clearly not working well. With her turned, I could see the dimple of her ass muscle flex with each thrust she made into my toothbrush. I put my free hand to my chest and mimicked pinching my nipples. With a glaze in her eyes; she imitated me, and started pinching and pulling her near nipple. She apparently liked that, because as soon as she stared playing with her nipples, her little grunts got bigger. She started to shake violently all over, somehow managing not to fall. I realized she was close, and viciously cranked at my cock, determined to catch up. Her grunting stopped, and she froze in place. For a moment in time, she stopped, then it hit her; she managed to stay standing for a moment, and then she softly, in almost a whispered panic, said “jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake”, and fell to the floor in convulsions repeating my name in the spasms of her orgasm. I came hard into her panties as she hit the floor.
It was a strong orgasm for me, but I managed to stay standing unaided; Rach on the other hand, had a monster orgasm. I finished, and came back to reality, hearing a croaking “JAKE” coming from Rach. She writhed on the floor; the vibrator slammed on her pussy like a vice. With each thrust of her hips, she called out my name. My exultation turned into worry, as a particularly violent spasm threw the vibrator across the room, and yet her convulsions continued. After perhaps 2 minutes of her or writhing on the floor, repeating “Jake” over and over, she suddenly went limp; her eyes rolled up.
Panicking, I rushed to her room, opening, and closing her door as I raced to her. She was lying on her back, legs splayed wide, in a messy pool of her own cum, unconscious. I could see, by the rise and fall of her chest, that she was breathing. I knelt next to her, speaking softly to her, my mouth inches from her, “Rach? Are you O.K.?” She mumbled something incoherent, weather in response to me, or not, I couldn’t tell. I slid my hands under her head and shoulders, and pulled her to my chest. “Rach, it’s me Jake. Can you hear me?” I whispered into her ear. Her eyes fluttered open, a glazed look in them. Her hand moved, quivering to my leg, “Jake?” I barely made out her whisper. “Yes Rach, It’s me Jake.” I whispered back, relief flooding through me. Her hand quivered jerkily up my leg, and made it’s way to my still moderately hard cock. As her hand wrapped around my cock, her expression went from confused, to contented; she whispered “I love you” and passed back out, her hand still holding me.
I scooped her up in my arms, and both of us naked, carried her to the bathroom. I laid her gently in the tub; putting a towel behind her head, and filled the tub with warm water. I gently bathed her, not allowing her beautiful body to dictate my actions. When I started to wash her hair, she responded; opening her eyes, and smiling up at me. She started to move as if she was going to get up, which, by the feebleness of her movements, I knew was impossible. I took her head in my hands, and got her to focus her slightly less glazed eyes on me. “Rach. It’s O.K. Your Big Bro is here to take care of you.” Her smile widened, and she relaxed. She laid there like a rag doll, a big smile on her face, as I finished washing her. I wrapped a towel around her, and carried her to her room, laid her down on her bed, and massaged her as I dried her, hopping to rub some life back into her. She let me do as I wished, literally not moving a muscle. As I pulled up her covers, and arranged her head on the pillow, our eyes met, and she softly repeated “I love u”. “I love you too Rach. Go to sleep now. I’ll see you in the morning.” She closed her eyes, and I left to take a shower myself. Before going to sleep, I retrieved the forgotten scrunchies and panties, now nicely coated in my cum, and laid them under Rach’s pillow. Her contented innocent dreaming face, the image I took with me to sleep.
I woke up a bit confused. The events of the last day seemed to come back in waves. It hardly seemed possible to fit into them into one day. I got up slowly, still naked, and glanced over to my computer. The web-cam, still active from last night, showed only the bottom half of Rach’s bed, but, I could see, from the lumpy covers, that Rach, was still in bed, and by the lack of motion, I guessed she was still asleep. A glance at the clock showed me that it was 8:15am. We would have to leave for church in a little over an hour and a half. Knowing Rach wouldn’t need a shower, I let her sleep, and, after dressing in clothes fit for church, which is to say nice khaki shorts, and a polo, I went down to the kitchen for some breakfast. Mom was there, and we talked sporadically as we ate, her commenting on our “roughhousing” last night. I suppressed a grin, and apologized for the noise.
Having finished my breakfast, I got some cereal, juice, and a banana, put them on a tray, and carried it up to Rach’s room. It seemed strange after all we had shared, and the fact that we had mutually “agreed” to let each other see, via webcam, into our rooms, that I still felt the need to knock. “Rach? Are you up?” I said, trying to thread the needle in volume between too soft for her to hear, and so loud, I’d wake her up. “Yea” came a sleepy response. “Can I come in?” i said as sweetly as I could. “Uhu” just as sleepy was her answer. I quickly stepped in, and closed the door behind me. There was Rach, my Rach, sitting up in bed, the covers falling, unheeded to her waist. The morning sun angling through the window, cascaded across her tanned torso; highlighting every perfect curve of her body, and lighting her hair as if she were a haloed angel. She took my breath away. I couldn’t believe this vision had been invisible to me until yesterday.
“Are you O.K.?” she said with a crooked grin. “I was about to ask you the same thing.” I retorted, feeling silly for my mind wandering. “I brought you breakfast” I said indicating the tray, as I walked to her bedside. Just as I bent over to place the tray she said “You’re sooooooo sweet”, and jumping up on her knees, the sun now lighting her blond pussy hair like white fire, she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. It wasn’t a passionate kiss, it was more like the hug wasn’t enough, so she used her lips too. “Careful” I managed to say as our lips parted, and she sheepishly sat back down, a delighted look on her face.
As I placed the tray over her, her nakedness was all too apparent, to both me, and the quickly growing monster in my pants. I firmly, but silently, told the monster to get lost, and sat down on the edge of the bed.
Not being sure where our intimacy began and ended, I said nothing about yesterday, and simply kept her silent company as she ate. After a few minutes off ravenous eating, she looked up, a puzzled look on her face. “Did you give me a bath last night?” “Well…yea, you were kinda a mess, and I was just trying to help…?” I broke off my babbling as I saw her starting to cry. With no regard for the tray of food, she threw herself at me, nearly knocking me off the bed, and hugged me so long and hard I thought she was trying burry herself in me. When she finally let go, she had a look on her face that I’m positive, perfectly mirrored the look I had on my face minutes before, as I saw the sun shine on her. It was wonderful to know that look from both sides, and I smiled at her, hopping, somehow it would convey my thoughts. We sat there, on her bed, her naked, and me in my church clothes, and stared into each other’s eyes for a long time; neither of us wanting that feeling to end. Eventually, though, I remembered church. “Rach” I said anxiously “We’ve got church in like 30 minutes”.
The spell broken, she hugged me again, and kissed me; a real kiss, long and passionate, as if she wanted to breathe in the feeling, and then she hopped up and scampered to her dresser. “Hey Rach” I said as I reached her door. She turned, her face glowing at me, “I left you some presents under your pillow.” And I closed the door behind me as she scrambled, hungrily, over to her bed.
Mom and I were waiting in the car as Rachel came out of the house, a vision of beauty. She had on a sun dress of pale green which looked amazing on her tan body; and she had her hair done up in two pigtails that stuck out just above and behind each ear. She looked so innocent, I almost couldn’t believe it was the same girl who had shared yesterday with me. As she skipped to the car, I noticed each pigtail was held by a white scrunchie; and I knew it was the same girl.
She hopped in the car, all smiles and sunshine, and we sat together in the back seat, as our mom drove us to church. We didn’t speak the whole trip, content to sit together. Along the way, she set her hand next to my hand, and curled her pinky around mine, and we sat there sharing an intimacy I hadn’t known could exist 24 hours ago.
We got to church, and mom went off to practice with the choir. We made our way to our usual spot in the last row, but instead of sitting haphazardly, each picking our own place, we slid down the pew, me leading, to the far wall together; as far from the isle, and, the rest of the world, as possible. We sat, my left side feet from the wall, my right side against Rach, and waited, as people wandered in, each passing our row by, for the “better” seats.
Rach slid her pinky up and down mine; a secret caress, and I turned to smile at her. She smiled back, and reached forward for the paper and pen they used to get the attendance, from the pocket in the pew in front of ours. Her smile turned mischievous as she began to write on the blank attendance sheet. When she finished, she handed them to me. It read “I’m wearing three of your ‘presents’. How did you find out I was spying on you?” I read it again. I didn’t understand. She was spying on me? When? What? “Holy shit” I said to myself. I had no way of knowing how long her spy program was on my computer. I had just assumed she was retaliating to my spying. I laughed out loud at the irony, drawing a few disgruntled glances from fussy church people. I turned to look at her; her face was tight with worry. I wrote “Not until after I started spying on you. Did you know I was watching yesterday before practice?” and handed her the paper and pen. She read it, and giggled, flashing me a “really?” look. I nodded, and she bounced in her seat, pulling one leg under her as she voraciously wrote a response. “YES YES YES!!! I was so excited when I saw my cam light was broken. And when I heard your speakers blasting my hair drier back at me, I knew you were watching. I was watching you too, I wanted to show you, like you had shone me for so long, but after I took off my towel, I got nervous, and had to finish in the corner of my room. Did you know I was masturbating?”
Me: “No I didn’t, you were very quiet, and fast. I thought you were just getting dressed. I see two of the presents, where’s the third?” Rach giggled a little, and, after making sure no one could see, she turned away a bit and pulled the back of her dress up enough for me to see her butt, sitting on her tucked under foot, and the side of her blue thong, the one that had “capped off” my masturbation last night.
Rach: “I was so excited, I came really fast. And then I felt bad because I didn’t let you see, and bad that I didn’t get to see you too; so I decided to make it up to you. Did you like my ride?” As she watched me reading, she wiggled her but, and let out a low breath. This gave me an idea.
Me: “I was terrified the whole time. I didn’t know you were spying on me, so I wasn’t sure you wanted anything sexual from me, so couldn’t relax, but, yes, I loved it. So you’ve been spying on me how long?”
Rach: “Remember this spring; I went to your state meet. I guess I hadn’t realized how hot you were. I saw how big you were, and all your muscles. And then, when we were having that picnic between sessions, you were sitting there, with just you tight little suit on, and you must have gotten exited because your dick started to get bigger. I watched it grow bigger and bigger, and I wanted to see it so bad. When we got home that night, I masturbated; thinking of you, and it was the best orgasm I ever had. The next day, I snuck into your room and put the program on your computer. I’ve been watching you all summer. Every time you went to your room, I’d run to my computer, hoping I’d get to see you…all of you ;). I’m sorry you were scared yesterday. I just wanted you to know I wanted you. Are you mad?” I looked up to see that worried look on her face again. I smiled reassuringly.
Me: “I’m not mad. Exited, and complimented is how I feel. See? So the way I see it, you’ve seen me cum about a hundred times. I’ve only seen you orgasm once. And while it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. It’s only fair that you start catching up. What do think about right here, right now?” I watched as she read. When she got to the part where I said I was excited, she looked at my dick, which was running down my right shorts leg, and occasionally pulsing with little jumps. Her eyes went wide, and she gave me a look of mingled surprise, and greed. Then she went back to reading, and as she got to the end, she looked at me with hunger, and nodded.
I was expecting her to hump her heel, or secretly slide her hand under her dress, but instead, she pulled her leg out from underneath her butt, stood up, and sat back down so close our legs were touching. Spreading her dress out like a tent, her but on the bare pew. Her dress now covered half of my lap. She took my right hand, and guided it under her dress, using her other hand to keep the dress spread. She put her hand over mine and, tucking both our hands under her panties, she guided me to her pussy. I wouldn’t have had a clue, but I didn’t need one. She started using my hand to rub her pussy. She focused right at the top, a little bump, she later told me was her clit. After she got me started with her, she got started with me, she grabbed her little handbag, and pulled out some nail clippers. She took them in her left hand and, sliding her arm behind mine, reached under her dress, and into my pocket. I heard a little rip, and her hand was through my torn pocket, and wrapped around my dick, she looked at me and mouthed “Tell me before you cum”.
I might have been in church but it felt like heaven. I rubbed her clit, and she, squeezing hard, stroked my dick, as we sat facing forward, to all eyes, model siblings, pretending to listen to some guy at the front talk about “love thy neighbor”. Rach didn’t take long. Within a couple of minutes her body went rigid, her grip on my dick, like a vice. I looked over, and she was staring at me; a look of complete love on her open mouthed silently screaming, face. She stayed rigid for 10 seconds or so, and then shuddered, and melted into the pew. Within moments though, she was stroking me again, watching me as I stared straight ahead. After another 30 seconds or so, I could feel my own orgasm coming. With the shocking realization that I would soon be a mess, but too far gone to care, I turned to her hungry, eager eyes, and mouthed “I’m gona cum”. Everything happened fast. Rach did a single pass with her eyes to make sure no one was in position to see, and scooted off the pew, sliding in front of my right knee. Her hand still in my pocket, stroking my almost erupting cock, she used her right hand to push my shorts leg up, and expose the head of my cock. As soon as it came into view, she pounced, her mouth engulfing the whole head. That did it for me, and I came. I spewed 9 or 10 loads of cum into her mouth. She swallowed all of it, except the last load, which she kept in her mouth as she regained her seat; then she spit it into her hand, lifted her dress up, exposing her soaking panties, and rubbed my cum all over them. Then she stood up and slid in front of me, pushing her ass out to tease me along the way, and sat down on my other side. Grabbing my hand, she held it for the rest of church. As we left, she giggled, pointing out the puddle on the pew where she had cum.



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