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Sleepover Creeper

…..My daughter Samantha, or Sam was popular in school. There were always girls sleeping over at our house. They giggled, laughed ran thru the house and kept my refrig., empty of any snacks and soft drinks. I loved hearing them having such a good time…..but…there was much more to it than that. Sam was a very horny girl. The word spread quickly that a sleep over at her house and she would give you a finger orgasm anytime. I found this out thru another dad who’s daughter told him she got a ‘finger job’ at our house and she liked it. I told him is was just ’girl talk’ and we laughed about it….but…I knew it was true.

..... Not only Sam but other girls fingered each other a lot. I verified it by listening to the wall in my den, which was right next to Sam’s bedroom. In the den closet, I could hear real well what was going on. Late at night I heard moaning and some voices saying how good it felt.

…..They must have been watching porn videos as they commented on guys and their big boners. I would hear…”Slow motion, slow motion!”, as they found a favorite part. “Back that up!”…”Wow, look how far he can squirt his cum.” Lots of quiet giggling and then it would get quiet. That’s when the moaning began.

….I decided to have a little fun with all these girls. I took my old paint splattered overalls and a white hockey goalie mask. I told Sam that the ’Sleepover Creeper’ ’might’ visit them tonight. She jumped around and said: “Yes daddy!! That would be so much fun…do it!! Please.” We set a time at 11pm for me to go scare them. Sam ask me to grab them, and feel their tits and stuff.

....I said that might be risky, but if she turned the lights out, it might be fun to grope them a little. She said she would turn the lights out herself after they got a good look at the creeper. She said she would be the first victim of the creeper while the lights were on.

…..Saturday night and a total of 6 girls were all sleeping over. 11pm and I was suited up in the den. I had heard Sam tell them all about some creepy guy was reported in the neighborhood, but not to worry, her dad had a shotgun.

…..I came out of the den and turned out the hall light. I knocked on my daughters bedroom door real loud. All got quiet in her room. I heard my daughter say. “What the hell?…my dad is gone bowling, who the hell can that be?”
“Who is it?”…..silence
….I pushed open the door quickly and stepped in with my back to the door. Six screeching girls later… My daughter says: “Who are you!!!” …silence. We preplanned for her to pretend to call on her cell phone. I pointed to her and growled out a “NO”. She stopped. She said: “You better get the hell out of here, my dad has a shotgun, and when he gets home he will shoot you!” …silence.

….The girls all had on nighties and held stuff up to cover themselves up. My daughter walked up and stood in front of me. “He looks kind of sad and lonely. Are you looking for a girlfriend?”

…..She turned and put her back to me and leaned back into me. All the girls were in shock watching with wide eyes. She took one of my hands and put it around her waist. Then the other hand. She started rubbing my hands over her tits. I quick grabbed and held her around the waist. That’s when she reached over and turned off the lights. Six more screeching girls.

….Now my daughter played the victim….but a turned on victim. “Oh your hands are so strong, Oh…that feels so good, do you like my tits?…put you hand down here…oh yes …rub that more…oooo...your making me hot…I feel a lump behind me…do you have a big hardon?…oh …I can feel you do. Do I turn you on….do you want to feel me up more?…ok…let me unzip your coveralls. Mmmmm your big and warm….”

….Now I hear giggling and some girl say…”hey...that’s got be her dad trying to scare us. Let’s get him girls.” One girl turned on a night light. I released my daughter and out the door I went. I went in the den and shed my overalls and mask. I went to my daughters door and again knocked real loud. I said: “What all that noise in there!” I opened the door and went in. My daughter played the ’so called’ victim.

.... “Oh daddy! There was a creepy guy came in here and felt me up! “ One girl said: “Yeah, and he had shoes just like yours, and was the same size as you!” I said: “I’d better go get my shotgun”. One girl held the door shut and said: “Oh no you don’t Mr. Creeper, you scared us, let’s get him girls. Six girl all attacked me, hitting me with pillows and groping me. My own daughter turned out the lights and they proceeded to take my clothes off.

…..I pleaded…”Girls, it wasn’t me, your mistaken….let me go and catch the guy…”
By now they are feeling me up and have got me on the floor. I feel tits in my face and on my hands. My pants are being taken off and hands are feeling my cock. “How do you like it Mr. Creep being felt up?” “Ooooo you have an erection! Do we turn you on Creep, Huh? “ I feel more tits in my face and hands all over me. They start jacking my cock and giggling.

....I feel two tongues licking my cock and hands feeling my balls. “So you like to scare girls do you Creep?, well your our toy now. Some girl started kissing me and putting her tongue in my mouth. “Ooooo he kisses good girls.” I feel more kissing on my face and then I feel it. My cock going in a girls pussy. “Does that feel good, Mr. Creep?” I said: “Help!” “No way Mr. Creep, your our slave now and no one is going to save you.”

…..Now I was in a spot. I had a late teen pussy around my cock, tits in my face, girls kissing my face and body and I didn’t even know who they were. The girl got off my cock so another one could get on. I saw my chance and bolted for the door. I got it open and ran in my bedroom, and locked my door. My disappointed cock was rock hard. I hear….”Come out of there you Creep, we’re not done with you!” and lots of giggling.
….The next morning I sat on the couch watching T.V. I feel a familiar set of hands go down my chest. I smell the aroma of Sam. I feel her kissing on the side of my face. “Daddy, that was great. The girls all got real turned on by your visit, we had a great time later.” I said: “Those girls play rough, one girl even tried to have sex with me.”

.....Sam giggled and whispered: (“..that was me daddy”) I was shocked that my own daughter put my cock in her and fucked on me. I didn’t cum, but I sure wanted to. “Sam…your such a naughty girl.” She giggled and said: “We talked about you later that night and we played….well…with our ’girls stuff’, if you know what I mean. Did you wank thinking about us daddy?”

…I smiled in silence.

“They all want to know if ’Mr. Creep’ will visit next Saturday night….well?….will he?” I started getting a hardon just thinking about it. I sat thinking as Sam began to rub my chest and kiss my neck. She looked down at my tenting robe and giggled. “I see one vote for it daddy” and giggled again.

…..Sam has been horny ever since she was little. She liked to play with the other little girls vaginas. She liked to play with other little boy dicks too. I was her dad and she tried every way to play with me too. When she became of legal age she came after me strong. She was good looking, has nice tits and wanted sex with me as her birthday present.

…..I remember that morning when she came in my bedroom and got in bed with me. She laid on top of me and kissed me awake. She ground her pussy on my cock and got herself all worked up. I sleep nude and she knew it. I woke up to her kissing me and pushing her pussy on me. My cock got rock hard before I realized it. I thought I was having the best dream of my life as she put my cock between her legs and squirmed around on it.

....She was breathing hard and as I woke up and realized it was her on top of me, I wished her a happy birthday. “Daddy….she gasp…I want a special present….just let me play with you…OK?” Before I could say that her boyfriend could do that….she started moving her hips up and down on my cock. Not in her pussy, but it rubbed on her clit and entrance to her pussy. She just kept it up as I didn’t stop her. She started kissing me and humping me faster. She moaned and whispered: (“..oh daddy, hold me tight..”) I reluctantly held her and let her get herself off on me. She could orgasm just by doing this and she really got into fucking me this way. “…oh daddy…it feels so good…oh yes it’s cuming daddy…hold me…Oh God….” She was jacking me off with her legs and I couldn’t hold back anymore.

....My cum shot way up and landed on her butt cheeks. She moaned loud, shook and pressed her pussy onto my cock hard and trembled hard. I felt her warm juices flow on top of my cock as I shot more cum. Her ass was splattered with my cum as the top of my cock was soaked with her juices. She kept up little moans and moving her pussy up and down my wet cock. It felt wonderful to both of us. We lay there for a while just enjoying the feelings for a long time……
…..Saturday night came, and eight girls now were all over Sam’s bedroom. I decided not…to do the ’Mr. Creep’ thing. At 11:10, my bedroom door slowly opened. I was in bed thinking about what they all must be doing. I was on my back with a big hardon but a sheet over me. Sam tiptoed in with a bunch of girls right behind her. She got in my closet and got my hockey mask and put it on me, and strapped it on. I whispered: (“Sam what the hell are you..”) She said: “You shut up Mr. Creep, we’re going to teach you a lesson. Scaring girls all over the neighborhood!”

....She jerked down the sheet and there was my hardon, standing up big. She got on top of me, got naked and put my hardon between her legs. She was showing them how to fuck me by rubbing her pussy on the top of my hardon. I heard giggling as he gave a demonstration. She got off and another girl got on me. She started in and got to fucking and breathing hard, she began to moan and got herself off on me.

…..I couldn’t count them all, but my cock went numb with all of them, and some I think, twice, finished getting off on me. My cock was sore. My crouch was wet. I couldn’t cum if I wanted to. Lots of giggling as Sam led the attack on me. Finally the last girl moaned an orgasm on me and Sam was left. She took the mask off and said: “Are you ok daddy?” I smiled and said:

“I’ll be fine in a few days.”

…Three days later, I was in my bedroom that night thinking about having 8 naked late teen girls on me. I had felt their asses and their tits as they moved on top of me and moaned as they got off. I had a big hardon as I thought about it all.

This was only a thing that guys dream about….
….Sam came in and giggled and got on top of me. In went my hardon between her legs. “Daddy, about my birthday present.” I said: “Sam your birthday was 3 week ago.” She said: “..but I want that ’special’ present.” She started in again and got herself all hot going up and down on my hardon between her legs. She stopped and smiled at me. She reached down and put my hardon ’in’ her wet and warm pussy. My hands felt all over her sweet body moving on top of me.

....I had never seen her his excited as she trembled and began our long awaited togetherness. We blended together as one. She began to pant. Her body got so warm to my touch. Her little moans became big moans. It was coming like when euphoria meets utopia. She pulled me in deep to her perfect pussy. It was here. Her body shook hard as she drove my hardon in deep and held it there. We both felt an earth quake…then it peaked. Cum came blasting out of me as I started to black out. Her body jolted over and over again at the shots of cum shooting in her. She had run out of air and could just gasp sob a little at the feeling.

…The last thing I remember hearing was…

“Ohhhhhh.. daddy…”
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