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Family Matters
[If you haven't read parts 1-3, you might want to go read them first]

When Melanie got back to her house, she walked in to find her mom, Janice, waiting for her. Her mom looked up at her and narrowed her eyes, glaring daggers at Melanie, causing Melanie to flush. A few months before, Melanie had walked in on her mom while she was masturbating, and Janice had fucked Melanie to keep Melanie quiet about it. Melanie had told her mom then, about her relationship with Kayla, and her mom had been touchy towards her ever since. “You have some explaining to do, kid.” Melanie nodded fractionally, wondering what her mom was talking about until Kayla stepped into the room, her new breasts proudly bumping out through her nightshirt, and the front of her nightshirt soaked at her nipples. Melanie was unable to keep herself from grinning as she muttered, “Oh, never mind.” Janice stared at Melanie then stood angrily and pointed at Kayla, “What the FUCK did you do to her?!”

Melanie stared at her mom in fear for a fraction of a second before she hid it behind her usual sarcasm. “Well gee mom, I don’t know. Maybe the same thing you did to me awhile back? Fucked her half to death??” Janice stared at her before stepping forwards with a furious expression and slapping Melanie hard across the cheek. Melanie didn’t even feel it, but for the sake of appearances, flung her head to the side and winced like it hurt. She turned her head back with exaggerated slowness and glared at her mom, “Ow.” Janice raised a finger and held it in Melanie face, while Melanie fantasized in her head about what she could do to her mom with her powers, “I don’t know what you did to her, or how you did it, but you WILL pay for surgery for your sister!” Kayla’s eyes widened and she cried, “What? Mom no! I’m not going back to being tiny!” Janice whirled with tears and pain in her eyes, “You’re too young for this, Kayla! You’re only 12 years old for God’s sake! You were fine for your age and you don’t know what’s good for you anyways!”
Melanie narrowed her eyes to slits. Nobody talked down to her little sister, not even their mom. Raising her hand, she grabbed her mom firmly by the arm, spinning her around, bodily lifting her and slamming her down into one of the kitchen chairs. Janice’s eyes went wide and she tried to push Melanie away and get up, but Melanie slapped her down again with a hard backhand across the cheek.

Janice’s head snapped to the side and a bruise appeared on her jaw almost instantly. Melanie raised her hand and put her finger in her mom’s face like her mom had to her only a few minutes before, but unlike her mom, Melanie’s hand was crackling with golden electricity. “If you ever talk to my Kayla like that again, mom, you’ll never touch me, or her, again. Are we clear?” Janice starred up at her in outrage, but wisely didn’t rise as she snapped, “Melanie she’s your little sister! She’s only 12 years old and you’re treating her like your personal fuck toy!”

Melanie’s eyes narrowed and she could feel herself tensing, but barely managed to control herself as she shouted back “I LOVE HER YOU IDIOT! I’VE BEEN FUCKING HER SINCE SHE WAS A LITTLE GIRL AND YOU CAN’T DO SHIT ABOUT IT!” Janice starred at her, her eyes bugging out in anger before she looked at Kayla, who was leaning against the wall miserably, her arms pulled around her chest as she cried. Kayla hated when people fought, but especially when it was family, or people she cared about. Janice’s expression softened and she looked back at Melanie with a pleading expression as she asked in a softer tone, “She’s your little sister, sweetheart. How could you do this to her?” She stared at Melanie’s hand, and then looked Melanie over and her eyes widened as if she was just now noticing the changes Melanie had undergone. “Mom, with you away at work all the time, and my breast problems when I was younger, she was the only one around. You should’ve known better.”

Janice was silent for several minutes before she looked back up in Melanie’s eyes, and in that glance Melanie was reminded of the tenderness that they’d shared in her mom’s bed not so long ago. “Sweetie, she’s only 12 years old. She wasn’t like you, she doesn’t deserve this life.” At this, Kayla broke in, choking down her sobs so she could speak. “Mom, I wanted it. All those years, did you think I was really that innocent? I was sick of being this stick of a girl. I wanted this, all of it.” Kayla looked over at her big sister with an expression of lustful adoration, “I love Melanie, mommy.” Janice looked down in her lap and absently raised her hand to rub her bruised jawbone as she whispered, barely loud enough to be heard, “You were still my little girl, though. You’ll always be my little girl.”

It was silent for several minutes before Melanie gently tilted her mother’s cheek up. When she touched her skin, she became vaguely aware that Janice’s skin was warm…..she was aroused. Melanie pushed the thought aside for now, “I’m sorry, mom. I love her, and can’t say no to her, just like I couldn’t say no to you. It’s who I am.” Janice stared at her with an expression of hurt, betrayal, longing, and maternal love before she nodded and gently pushed Melanie’s hand away, “I know sweetheart, it’s just….it’s hard. You two girls are all I have, and probably all I’ll ever have. Doing this to me…..” She shrugged, unable to find the words. Melanie nodded, “I know, I’m sorry mom. We’re still your little girls though. Kayla’s still going to have her first girlfriend or boyfriend, her first broken heart. Someday we may both still get married to other people. Just because she wanted to skip a few years physically doesn’t change that.” Melanie leaned close and whispered in her mom’s ear, “She still watches Disney princess movies, mom.” She grinned and Janice stifled a laugh before she sniffled and nodded. “Yeah, I know.”

She stood, and this time Melanie let her. Janice looked Melanie over slowly, her eyes widening lustfully as she took in her daughter’s perfect body, before she looked over at Kayla, who was also unnaturally perfect for her young age. She looked back at Melanie, then down at Melanie’s hand, which appeared normal now. “How did you do it? What happened to you….to her?” Janice raised an eyebrow in askance, folding her arms beneath her own B-cup breasts. Melanie shrugged and shook her head earnestly, “I don’t know actually. When I went to bed last night, it was normal, but when I woke up, I was different. I can absorb electricity from things like power outlets, and electronics, I’m stronger, faster, prettier, have more stamina, the works. I went to bed as plain old Melanie, but when I woke up, I’m like, Supergirl or something.” She looked over at her sister, and Kayla flushed with an embarrassed smile, “As for Kayla….I just touched her and willed it to happen, and it did. Look, see?”

Melanie extended her hand, and her golden skin started glowing gently, and the chair her mom had been sitting in lifted off the floor and began rotating slowly in the air. Melanie smiled and flexed her fingers, and the chair flipped over itself, then spun counter-clockwise twice, then set back to the floor. Janice watched the whole incident with wide-eyes before she looked back at Melanie, “How…?” Melanie looked at her mom flatly, and Janice flushed, “Oh yeah…you don’t know.” Melanie shook her head and smirked, “Nope. At the bank today, I did something else to. Somebody was robbing it, but I stopped him. He shot me, but the bullets didn’t even hurt. I melted his gun with a thought and turned it into a pair of handcuffs. It was so cool, I wish you could’ve seen it.” Janice raised her eyebrows in surprise “You did this out in public? And nobody noticed?”

Melanie blinked in surprise then laughed, “Oh no, they noticed alright. They even asked me who I was.” Janice frowned cautiously, “What did you tell them sweetie?” Melanie grinned and shrugged, “I told them I was Erotica. It was the only thing I could think of at the time.” Janice’s eyes widened in surprise and she laughed aloud. “Erotica? EROTICA? And they BOUGHT it??” She shook her head, running her hand through her thick, slightly curly black hair. Melanie nodded, “Yeah….they did.” She eyed her mom and smirked. She wiggled her fingers slightly and her blouse began unbuttoning itself. “I know something else, too. I know you’re turned on, mom, and I know it’s not just me turning you on.” Janice looked up sharply, but there was no surprise in her eyes, just lust and amusement, “Oh is that a fact?” Melanie nodded and shrugged out of her blouse, “It is.” She raised an eyebrow and eyed her mom’s breasts hungrily, “Kayla’s lactating mom, not as much as I am, but she is. You’re the only one left out of that loop, here.”
Janice looked at Kayla, then at Melanie, then at Kayla, then back to Melanie again before she licked her lips nervously. “Yeah….I know. And?” Melanie shrugged and smiled as Kayla came up and pulled her mom’s shirt up and off, “Melanie did it for me, mom. She can probably do it for you, too.”

She unhooked Janice’s bra, and Janice shrugged easily out of it, nuzzling Kayla instinctively, but then catching herself and squirming away from Kayla awkwardly. She’d had sex with Melanie several times before, but not Kayla. It was still weird for her. Kayla flushed and eyed Melanie in askance, Melanie looked at Janice’s exposed breasts. They were a full B-cup, soft and round, with neat, slightly upturned nipples that Janice loved having sucked. Janice flushed and backed away, then ran into the wall in surprise. She braced herself on the wall and looked from one daughter to the other with a seductive, excited grin. “Do I have a choice in the matter?” Melanie laughed and shrugged even as energy crackled down her right arm as she readied her power. “Of course you have a choice, but sooner or later, we’re gonna make it happen, I’m sure.” Janice eyed her, then looked down at her arm and muttered ruefully, “I’m sure.” She looked back up at Melanie as Kayla stripped her pants and panties off, “Ok, I think….I think you can do it, if you want to try.” She looked up at Melanie with a slightly worried expression before eyeing Melanie’s arm again.
Melanie smiled and raised her hand, laying it between her mother’s breasts.

Janice gasped, and was unable to keep herself from moaning in a rush of pleasure. It felt…..indescribable. It was wonderful and awful all at once! The energy, or whatever it was Melanie was doing, burned where it touched her skin, but as it entered her body it felt like a slow-burn orgasm spreading through her. She involuntarily pushed against Melanie’s hand with her chest, and felt her breasts throb. She let out a long, loud whimper of lustful need and thrust her hips forwards, glad to find Melanie’s leg waiting. She ground on Melanie’s thigh, her head spinning as the energy, the POWER, flooded her chest. Her breast burned like nothing else, but she could literally feel them stretching and swelling, and could feel the bone-deep warmth as the strange energy worked on her body. She bucked once, twice, then came hard, gasping in pleasure as cum spurted from her pussy onto Melanie’s thigh. Her daughter moaned quietly but kept working, and the energy poured into Janice’s body even faster.

After a few minutes, Janice felt the swelling in her breasts stop, and felt a new sensation from them, something she hadn’t felt in years. They were getting heavier, firming up. Their weight kept slowly increasing, and Janice absently thought in disappointment that they’d be all saggy now, but she couldn’t feel them sagging, which was weird. Instead they just got more and more firm, until her nipples were sore from the strain and her breasts felt hard as rocks. Almost on instinct, she reached up and opened her eyes to slits, looking down as she grabbed her left breast and squeezed, then moaned loudly in relief as milk sprayed hard from the nipple, and the pressure in the breast slackened noticeably. She ground once on Melanie’s thigh and sighed in pleasure, nuzzling Melanie, who kissed her in return. She felt Kayla mount her other thigh and start humping it slowly, and it wasn’t long before she felt Kayla start nursing as well.
Janice whimpered in contentment, holding Melanie close as they made out, and reaching down with her free hand to milk Kayla’s exposed breasts while Kayla nursed from hers.

It was heaven. She didn’t really know how this was possible, or why it was happening, but as mother made out with daughter, and other daughter nursed from and made love to mother, Janice knew that there wasn’t anywhere else she wanted to be in that moment, nor did she ever, EVER want it to end. Melanie, the quasi-Goddess, Janice, her mother, and Kayla the sweet angel daughter, continued making tender, deeply intimate lesbian love to one another for the next 4 hours before they fell asleep in each other’s arms, curled up in a puddle of breast-milk and cum on the tile of their kitchen floor. Nothing would ever be the same again.

To be continued.....


2012-02-27 11:29:08
Everyone makes mistakes when writing. It happens. Having them proof read can help, but I don't know any professional editors and people make mistakes. It is just the nature of things. Don't take the criticism to heart... or negative votes.. it can be very hard, and still makes me cringe sometimes.

Keep writing and keep working at improving. The premise for the story is good! You writing overall is good! Just keep at it and work at improving.

I have been tempted many times to comment that a person who slams like that Anonymously should try writing and open themselves up to the same scrutiny. However, you can't please everyone and the number of positive comments made by Anonymous Reader far out number the bad ones and people DO appreciate your hard work. Please do not be discouraged.


2011-08-02 00:24:15
I don't mind, personally. Great story.


2011-08-01 17:45:06
Thank you for your completely un-constructive criticism. I had to edit Kayla's age for posting the story on other sites, which don't allow underage sex. Kayla was originally meant to be 12 years old when I first wrote the story. Get over it. Jerk.

anonymous readerReport

2011-07-31 23:38:03
Kayla eyed Melanie’s breasts and licked her lips slightly before eyeing herself in Melanie’s mirror across the room. She was 18, but her own boobs had barely grown at all; she was still in freaking A cups for pete’s sake!

Kayla’s eyes widened and she cried, “What? Mom no! I’m not going back to being tiny!” Janice whirled with tears and pain in her eyes, “You’re too young for this, Kayla! You’re only 12 years old for God’s sake! You were fine for your age and you don’t know what’s good for you anyways!”

way to fuck up

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