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Kim and I spend Friday night with John at his place
When I had last left you John and I had just ran into DeRonda at the store. We were there to pick up some munchies in case we got hungry later tonight. John and I talked about DeRonda on the way to pick up Kim.

“So will you take me to DeRonda’s next party?” I asked John as he drove.

“I will if you want me to,” “But don’t get mad or jealous at me if the ladies there all come running to me,” John replied with a smile.

“Yeah right; I am sure that they all just have to have this cock of yours,” I said as I rubbed my hand over his cock.

John did say anything back he just drove. I laid my head against his arm as I thought about what he had just said. I had never been jealous when I watched him fuck Kim. Therefore, I could see no reason why I would if he was having sex with someone else. After all, he loved me.

We drove to Kim’s house from the store; she was waiting for us outside. Kim came walking down to the car carrying a suitcase. John got out put her suitcase in the back and left her in the front seat with us.

“What you got in the suit case Kim?” I asked as it was not like we were spending the week at John‘s just the night.

“Just a few outfits and things, I thought I would leave over there,” Kim replied with a sexy look.

I did not tell Kim that I had some of my clothes already in John’s apartment. I figured I would just keep it to myself as I had been staying with him on the weekends since he got his place. We soon got to his apartment and we all went inside.

“You ladies want a pizza?” John asked.

Kim and I both yelled yeah as I took her back to John’s bedroom so she could show me what she had in her suitcase. Kim threw the suitcase up onto the bed and she opened it. Kim reached into her suitcase; she turned with a present in her hand.

“Here this is for you,” Kim said as she handed it to me.

“For me,” I replied surprisingly as I took it from her.

“I got it for you just before we had our little fight,” “I almost threw it away but I am glad I didn’t.” Kim said with a little smile. “Go ahead open it,” Kim added.

I took the package and I tore the wrapping off. I opened the box to find a black nylon crotch less body suit. Kim turned back to her suitcase and she took out one just like mine except that it was in red.

“I got you one to match mine,” Kim said showing me hers.

I told Kim that I loved it and we both would look sexy and hot in them for John. I just happened to remember that DeRonda had one on just like them in those photos I had seen. I also remembered what else was in John’s nightstand by the bed. I went over to the nightstand opening it.

“I got something for us too, well John did,” I said as I whipped the two head dildo out of his stand.

“Janet that thing looks huge,” Kim replied but with a smile that filled her face.

“Wait till you try it I got a taste of it Wednesday night before you came over with John,” I said as I shook it at her. “Let get into our outfits for John right now,” I added.

Kim agreed and she sat down on the bed taking her shoes off. I went to the other side of his bed and started to take mine off. I watched Kim as she undressed. She pulled her jeans down over her big ass first. Kim had on a red thong under her jeans. You could see all of her pussy hair sticking out the front side of her thong. The back piece ran right up between those big lovely butt cheeks of hers.

Kim pulled her shirt up over her head next. Kim’s big tits were in a slightly undersize bra. In fact, the bra was down right to small for those big tits of hers. I had noticed that the other night that it looked like her tits were getting bigger. Kim turned toward me as she started to remove her bra.

“You have missed the girls haven’t you,” Kim said as she squeezed her tits together making them pop up over her bra.

“Yes, I have,” I have always loved those tits of yours Kim,” I replied as I took my own jeans off.

Kim teased me a bit with her tits still packed in her bra. Then she freed her big boobs, they just rather fell out of her bra as she took it off. Her tits bounced and swayed side to side when they were set free. I licked my lips at her as I walked toward her. I placed my hands onto her big tits.

“Let me make those nipples hard before you slip that body suit on,” I said as I took one of her tits into my hand.

I leaned over taking her round big tit to my mouth. I lightly touched my tongue on her nipple. I slowly started to lap at her nipple with my tongue as my hands groped both of her boobs. I took her nipple into my mouth sucking on it until I had it rock hard. I did the same to her other tit making both her nipples rock hard and jutting from her tits.

“Kim I swear your tits are bigger than I remembered,” I said as I pulled my shirt and bra over my own head.

Kim did not say anything back she just hurriedly pulled her thong down. I watched her as she slipped her cat suit on. I left my eyes roam up her legs, to her hairy pussy and to her belly. I noticed it looked like Kim had gained a few pounds. I thought that maybe I had caused her to do a little pigging out because John had dumped her. That may have been why her tits looked bigger. Because of the weight, she had gained.

Kim and I stood side by side, as we looked at ourselves in the mirror. We both looked sexy and hot. My bare pussy lips hung down from my suit. Where as Kim’s bushy pussy hair was flowing from the crotch of her suit. We both filled the cat suit out nicely in the tit area; our hard nipples were poking out at the material.

“Let’s go show John,” I said as I grabbed Kim by the hand and I started out his bedroom door.

“Hey lets not forget this,” Kim replied as she picked up the double-headed dildo as we went out the door.

John was sitting on the couch in just his jogging pants. He was flipping through the channels on the TV. Kim and I walked in hand in hand. John did a double take checking us out before he turned the TV off. He turned to us giving us a long stare with his mouth hanging open.

“DAM girls you both look hot in those outfits,” “Turn around and let me see them from the back side,” John said.

“Kim picked them up for us,” I replied. “Do you like them?” I added as we both turned around.

“HELL yeah,” John yelled as he checked out our butts.

Kim walked over to the arm of the couch; she placed her foot up onto it as she said, “Check it out they are crotch less for easy access.”

Kim opened her legs as far apart as she could. Her hairy pussy covered up but a small part of her pussy lips that were hanging down. Kim ran a finger between her pussy lips for a few seconds. Then she brought it up to her own mouth where she licked at her finger. Kim placed it back down between her legs and she started to rub her pussy right in front of John as he watched.

I walked over behind her and I reach my hands around her grabbing her big tits. I slipped a hand under both of her big tits. “Check out her big fucking tits covered in nylon,” I said as I made her tits jiggle with my hands.

“My tits look at yours girl,” Kim replied as she swapped places with me.

Kim was now behind me and she told me to bend over in front of John. I put my hands onto his knees and I bend down so my tits were hanging right in front of his face. Kim took her hands and she started to make my tits sway from side to side. John’s eyes followed my tits as they swung.

I could feel Kim rubbing her pussy into my butt from behind as she pushed my tits. John reached out and he started to play with my nipples. I felt Kim starting to rub my pussy from behind as John pinched my nipples making them even harder than they were. Kim slipped a couple of fingers up into my pussy.

“AHhh,” I moaned softly as her fingers entered my pussy.

Kim started to run her fingers in and out of my pussy. John leaned upward from the couch; he started to lick at my nipples of my hanging tits through my nylon cat suit. John took hold of one of my tits and he gave it a squeeze with his hand.

“Ooohhooo,” I moaned loudly as he started to man handle my tit with his one hand while he licked at the nipple of my other boob.

I just love having my tits played with. I loved them pinched, pulled and squeezed both before and during sex. That is why I love threesomes so much; one of our partners can be playing with my tits while you and I concentrate on fucking each other. John started to pull hard at both my nipples as they hung down poking through the cat suit.

I felt Kim remove her fingers from my now wet pussy. I was going to ask her why you stopped. However, I felt Kim rubbing one end of that double-headed dildo up between my legs. Kim was rubbing it just on the outsides of my pussy lips. She would push it up between my lips and slide it back and forth but never putting it into my pussy.

“Stop teasing me Kim just stick it in,” I pleaded with Kim.

Kim pulled the double dildo out from between my legs and she replied, “We need a little more room.

Kim started to move the coffee table and John helped her using his foot. He never missed a pull on my nipples as he helped. Kim got down on the floor under me and I felt her tongue rub against my pussy. I looked down between my legs to see Kim sitting below me with her face up against my hairless pussy. Kim gave my pussy a few more licks and she stopped.

“Kim that was feeling good,” I said looking down at her. “Why did you stop?” I asked her but she did not reply.

I felt John pull the nylon suit out and then under my tits exposing my bare hanging tits. John sucked one then the other nipple into his mouth. He would lick and suck on one then the other. I looked back down at Kim who was just watching John as he suck and lick on my tits as they hung down.

“KIM fuck me with that dildo,” I more or less yelled out.

“John you need to shut this slut up,” Kim replied harshly.

John stopped playing with my tit and he said, “It would be my pleasure.”

John pulled his cock from his jogging pants and he said, “Suck it bitch,” as he shook it at me.

Now John does not call me a bitch normally; slut I do not mine because I am a slut. I just stood there watching him shake his cock at me as he leaned back against the couch. I did not move or anything I just looked at that cock of his as he shook it at me. I suddenly felt Kim’s hand smack me hard on my ass.

“Hey ooow that hurt KIM, I screamed out.

“He told you to suck it BITCH,” “Now do it!” Kim yelled as she got out from under and between my legs.

“Get down onto your hands and knees right now and suck his cock or I am going to smack your fucking butt even harder,” Kim added as she gave my butt another smack with her hand.

I dropped to my hands and knees in front of John’s hard throbbing cock. I did not want Kim to smack my ass again so I thought I had better just do as she told me. About that time, John’s doorbell went off. The pizza he had ordered was here. I started to get up off my knees from the floor.

“Where the hell do you think you are going Janet,” Kim yelled as she got onto my back as if I was giving her a pony ride or something.

“The door our pizza is here,” I replied.

“You never mind about the fucking door you just suck that fucking cock like a good little slut,” Kim replied in a harsh but sexy voice.

I looked up at John and a big smile came to his face as he just shook his head yes. I moved on up to his cock where I took it into my hand. I started to lick at just the head of his cock. I pumped on it with my hand as I tongued all around his dick’s head. Kim got off my back and I pulled my head from John’s cock as she walked toward the door. I watched her as she walked toward the door

Kim did not look back at me or anything she just said, “You better be sucking his cock when I open this door or else,”

I took John’s cock back into my mouth. I started to bob my head up and down on it. I did not know why but my pussy was all wet and tingling right then. I think I liked Kim bossing me around or at least telling me what to do to John. I slipped a couple fingers up into my pussy running them in and out, as I hungrily took all of his cock fully into my mouth.

“AHhh,” John moaned out as my lips touched his hairs at the base of his cock.

I sucked at his cock for a few seconds. Then I started to bob my head back up and down on his cock. I got a quick taste of his pre- cum which only made me feast on his cock more. I heard the pizza guy telling Kim how much it was. Kim told him to come on in as she opened the door.

“I hope you don’t mind my outfit,” “We were in the middle of something,” Kim said.

“No not at all you would be surspri…,” “surprised what I have seen, “The man said stuttering at surprised when he turned toward the couch as he saw me sucking on John‘s cock..

I tilted my head a little to see if the pizza man could really see what I was doing to John’s cock. The pizza guy and Kim were staring right at me as I sucked John’s cock deeply into my mouth. I stopped bobbing my head on his cock when I saw that he really could see me. I saw that he was just staring at me with his mouth hanging wide open.

I removed my mouth from John’s cock and I rather used my hand, head and hair trying to hide it from the pizza man view. However, at the same time I was giving him an excellent view of my big tits hanging from my out fit.

“NOBODY told you to stop sucking,” Kim yelled at me. I went back to sucking on his cock. “Sorry about that she is in training,” she added as she looked at the pizza guy who just stood there looking at me.

“John where is your wallet?” I heard Kim ask as she walked into the living room.

“The money is on the coffee table,” John replied as his hands went to the back of my head.

“Put the pizza on the coffee table,” Kim told the pizza guy as they both walked over closer to me, as the table was right behind me.

John was helping me suck on his cock by pulling my head up and down on his hard throbbing cock. My mouth was leaving off slurping sounds as I sucked on it. I buried my two fingers deep into my pussy touching my special spot. I did care who saw me. Every thing that was happening was turning me on more and more. I felt John tense up as his cock throbbed in my mouth.

“AHhhh SHIT,” John yelled out.

John’s cock gave a big jerk as his cum filled my mouth. I just kept bobbing my head up and down on his cock as I sucked at the juices flowing into my mouth. John pushed my head down deep onto his cock as his cock pumped the last few drops down deep in my mouth. I just swallowed as he pumped his load into my mouth.

John left go of my head and I removed it from his cock. I had his cum dribbling out of my mouth. I looked behind me to see Kim and the pizza guy both staring at me. I ran my tongue around my lips to lick at his cum, trying to catch it on my tongue to bring it back into my mouth where it belonged.

“She is such a good slut,” Kim said as I watched her walk the pizza guy back to the door. I saw him give one quick peek back at me before going out the door.

Kim thanked the pizza guy as she said, “You will get a bigger and better tip the next time.”

“I will make sure I always deliver here for now on,” the pizza man replied as she closed the door.

I saw Kim walking back toward me. I grabbed a hold of John’s cock and I started to pump on it with my hand. When Kim got near, I sucked it back into my mouth. John started to squirm on the couch as I sucked at his sensitive cock so soon after he had just blew a nut.

“Janet you can stop sucking we were only playing with you,” Kim said.

“I know but I want to play some more,” I replied as I got up onto my knee flashing them both my evil little grin and sexy smile.

We all started to laugh and John scooped me up onto the couch giving me a big hug followed by a deep passionate kiss. I still had some of his cum in my mouth. I made sure he got a little taste of it as we swapped tongues. Kim got us each a piece of pizza and she joined us on the couch.

“God I think I almost came from ordering you around Janet,” Kim said as she sat down next to me.

I looked at her and with a big smile on my face I replied, “I did cum,” as I pointed to the big wet spot on the carpet from my squirting pussy.

“DAMN it girls you both are going to clean my carpet,” John yelled out.

Kim looked at me as I looked at her as a smile came over our faces. We both turned to John and we both asked at the same time, “What you going to do to us if we don’t?”

John just smiled and laughed as we all went about eating our pizza. We talked some more about what just had happened. I told them both how my pussy tingled when Kim had spanked my butt. I told Kim I had enjoyed her spanking my butt even if she had spanked it a little hard. I also told her she had a spanking coming from me. I told them both I wanted to play like that again some time.

“You don’t have to thank me Janet just spank me,” Kim replied in a sexy tone.

“John did you enjoy that little game?” I asked.

“Oh yeah I used to play those type of games with my sluts all the time,” John replied.

“And just what sluts are you talking about John? Kim asked looking over me.

I saw Kim give John that look of daggers coming from her eyes. I stuffed a piece of pizza into John’s mouth just in case he was even thinking about saying anything back. Kim folded her arms under those big fucking tits of hers. Her glaring eyes looking at John, I know she was a little pissed off.

“Hey you two I am the only slut either of you have to worry about now,” I said flashing them both my best sexy little smile as I scooped my big tits back into my outfit.

John looked around me over to Kim and he said, “I almost thought you were going to let that pizza man take Janet from behind,” adding a little laugh and a smile at her.

Kim turned toward John and she replied with a smile, “Next time.”

Kim and John gave each other a nice little hug and a quick kiss with me in the middle of them. I then kissed Kim and then John. Kim got off the couch and walked over to the other side of John. Kim sat down beside him so we were on each side of him. Kim placed her arm up around his neck as well as a part of her leg on his thigh.

I followed suit on the other side of him. Kim gave him a deep long passionate kiss. I watched them kiss while I rubbed his cock through his jogging pants. Kim and I took turns kissing him and rubbing his cock. We soon had his cock all hard and throbbing again in his jogging pants.

“John how about we take this into the bedroom,” I said to him after my last kiss.

John stood up his cock sticking straight out from his jogging pants and he said, “Shall we ladies.”

Kim and I got on each side of him. I saw Kim grab the double head dildo as she flashed me a smile. John slipped those lovely big arms around us pulling us both against him as he walked us into the bedroom. Kim and I both removed our outfits and we lay upon that big king bed in his room. John dimmed the lights and he put some music on before he got naked and joined us.

“Now you are not allowed to touch us until we say so John,” Kim said.

“That’s right you understand,” I said. “Or I won’t let you have this,” I added as I got onto my knees and I pulled my butt cheeks apart exposing my ass hole to him.

John just nodded his head OK as I saw his hand go to his cock. Kim came over to me on her knees as well. Kim and I began to make out there on the bed. Her lips touched mine and as we locked into a deep passionate kiss it felt electrify sending hot flashes through my whole body. My tongue sought out hers as I slipped my tongue into her mouth.

Our breast rubbed together as our arms went around each other’s body. Kim moved her body so that her big boobs gently rolled against mine as we kissed deep and hard. Kim broke our kiss as she licked at my lips with her tongue.

“I want you,” Kim said as her tongue ran down my neck to my breasts.

Kim lovingly licked at both my breasts. Her tongue leaving wet trails as it slid over my nipples making them hard. I was pulling Kim into my breasts with my hands as she licked at them. Kim’s mouth engulfed one of my tits as she started to suckle on it. Kim suckled one then my other breast. I felt my pussy start to tingle as she sucked hard and long at my tit.

“Ahhhhh,” I moaned out softly as I slipped my hand down between Kim’s thighs.

My hand met with her full patch of thick black hair that covered her pussy. My hand parted her hair as it found her moist pussy. My fingers rubbed at her pussy as she sucked on my breasts. I ran my fingers up and down her pussy a few times before I slipped two fingers up into her.

Kim moaned, “Yes finger me get my pussy all wet.”

I did as she asked. I ran my fingers in and out of her pussy until I had her juices flowing. I told her to lie down; Kim lay down across the bed her hands went to her tits. I watched as Kim caressed her own breasts. I looked to John who was just rubbing his cock watching us. I gave him a quick smile before I bent down putting my face near Kim’s thighs.

I took my tongue and I gently ran it over the top of each of her thighs. I kissed and licked my way around those plump hot thighs of hers. I parted her thighs with my hands as my tongue licked at the very insides of her thighs. I ran my tongue up and down her inner thighs teasingly giving her pussy a little lick each time my tongue was near enough to do so.

Kim moaned loudly, “Eat me bitch,” as her hands went to the back of my head.

Kim pulled my face into wet hairy pussy. My tongue licked at her pussy lips as she started to rub her pussy into my face. Kim removed her hands from my head as I dipped my tongue into her love hole. My tongue flicked in many directions inside her pussy. I pulled my head back as I parted her hairy pussy with my hands opening her pussy wide.

Kim’s pussy inside was dark pink and very wet. I stuck my tongue deeply into her opened box. I moved it in and out using it like a miniature cock in her pussy. I took a finger and I rubbed it on her clit as my tongue drove in and out of her pussy. Kim’s clit swelled at my finger as I rubbed it.

“Ahhhhh yes,” Kim moaned as her body started to rock forward against my face.

Kim moaned softly as I felt her pussy get wetter as her juices started to flow. Kim was having a little mini orgasm as I tongued her hole. I lapped at her pussy tasting her juices as they flowed from her pussy. I cover my mouth around her pussy sucking her juices into my mouth. I remembered that double -headed dildo; it was lying next to me. I reached back and got it as I pulled my face from between Kim’s legs.

I took the dildo and I worked it up and down Kim’s pussy. I gave a quick glance toward John who had his hand wrapped around his cock pulling on it. I got the dildo wet with her juices then I slipped it up into that lovely hairy pussy of hers.

“Yes ohhahh,” Kim moaned as I pushed the dildo deeper into her pussy.

I started to run it in and out, as I got off my knees and into a sitting position. Kim lifted her legs as my legs slipped under hers. I scooted forward until our pussies were close. I then ran the other end of the dildo over my own pussy.

I slipped the other end of the dildo into my already wet pussy. I started to work it in and out of both of our holes. Kim pushed her pussy toward me as I drove it in and out. Soon Kim and I both were pressing our pussies toward each other almost fighting over who took more of the dildo. Kim won the fight as she reached down and snatched the dildo from my pussy.

“Give me that,” Kim yelled as she took it and plunged it in and out of her pussy on her own. “Suck on it bitch,” “Think of it as your fucking man whore John,” Kim said as she shook the end of the dildo sticking from her pussy.

I got back up onto my hands and knees. I grabbed the dildo with my hand as I started to lick at my juices that had coated it. Kim started to run it in and out of her pussy; she pushed it into my mouth each time she pulled it upward.

“Get up behind her John,” Kim cried out.

John moved from the bed to behind me. I was waiting for him to touch me or to do something. However, I did not feel his fingers or tongue running against my body. I waited and I waited for him to touch me or to slam his cock into me but nothing happened. I was about to look behind me to see just what he was doing.

“Mistress Kim may I touch her pussy?” John asked obediently.

“See you little fucking slut he knows how to play the game,” Kim said as she pulled me by my hair pulling my mouth off the dildo and removing it from her pussy. “Yes John you may finger her pussy,” Kim added.

Kim stuck three fingers deep into her pussy. She wiggled them around in her pussy making wet sounds as she did.Kim pulled them back out all wet with her juices. Kim brought her fingers up near my nose. Kim rubbed them under my nose.

“Smell my pussy bitch,” Kim said.

I took a deep breathe with my nose filling my nostrils with her sex smell from her fingers. The smell was the same as you get after you have been fucking for an hour or so in a hot room. My pussy started to pulsate as my nose took in her juices. I stuck my tongue out as I licked at her fingers.

Kim pulled her fingers from my nose as she yanked on my hair she said, “I did not tell you that you could
lick my fingers BITCH.” Kim paused as she sat up in bed glaring at me as she pulled my hair again.

Kim just tilted her head to the side staring at me; finally, she said, “You have better tell me that you are sorry Janet.”

I replied in a low tone, “Sorry.”

“Sorry who,” Kim said as she yanked my hair a little harder this time.

At first, I did not know what to say but then my lips moved as I replied, “SORRY MISTRESS KIM,” in a rather loud ringing tone.

“Spank her fucking ass John,” Kim said as I felt John’s hand come down across my butt lightly.

“Don’t you ever raise your voice to me again,” “Do you understand Janet?” Kim added glaring at me again.

“Yes Mistress Kim pleases for give me,” I replied putting my head down so not to look at her.

When those words came out of my mouth, my whole body tingled. I was enjoying the new game of ours very much. Kim took her hand that she had been pulling my hair with and she began to stroke my long blonde hair. Kim lifted my face up and she kissed me deeply and with passion. John was still smacking my butt but he was doing it so gently I could barely feel it. Kim broke our kiss and she looked at John.

“You had better fucking spank her fucking little ass with a little more feeling John.” “Because if you do not you are not going to fuck either of us,” Kim yelled at him.

“Sorry Mistress Kim,” John replied in a low soft voice. John added just barely loud enough for me to hear, “Sorry Janet.”

I was about to wonder why he was telling me that he was sorry. However, I soon found out. A very loud smack filled his bedroom as John brought his hand down hard across my butt. Kim had a firm hold of my hair as I tried to turn toward him. John’s hand came down repeatedly hard across my ass filling the room with smacking sounds as he spanked my butt.

“OWww,” I moaned out as it hurt but also felt good at the same time.

I could feel my redden butt starting to sting each time his hand landed on my butt. My nipples went hard on my tits that would swing each time his slaps landed. I was wondering what this newfound pleasure was that I was feeling. I had gotten the same feelings earlier when Kim had spanked me and while the pizza man was watching.

My body was tingling from head to toe as John spanked my ass with his hand. Kim was just looking at me smiling. I think I am going to cum I thought to myself. Then I moaned softly as I felt my pussy juices start to run from my pussy and out across my pussy lips.

“Look the fucking bitch loves it John,” Kim said as I felt her run her hand up against my pussy. “Stop spanking her John she is enjoying it to much,” Kim added.

Kim pulled her hand out and she showed John my wet juices that had covered her hand. Kim brought her hand to her face and she licked my juices from the palm of her hand. Kim kissed me giving me a quick taste of my own juices from her lips.

“Mistress Kim can I please fuck her,” “My cock is throbbing badly,” “Please Mistress Kim,” John said in a pleading tone.

Kim replied with a smile, “No not yet but bring that cock of yours over here.”

Kim scooted so that she was sitting on the edge of the bed. John came over and he stood in front of her. It looked like to me that John’s cock was harder and bigger than I had ever seen it. Kim told me to crawl across the bed as she patted to a spot right beside her. I could still feel the tingling on my butt from John spanking me so I did as she told me.

“Such a lovely cock he has do you not think Janet,” Kim said as she wrapped her hand around his hard throbbing cock.

“Yes Mistress Kim it’s so big,” I replied watching her hand on his cock.

“Do you want him to fuck you Janet?” Kim asked in a sexy toned voice.

“Yes Mistress Kim,” “Please let him use my pussy,” I pleadingly replied.

I meant every word of it too. My whole body seemed to be on fire, I was horny from my head down to my toes. My hanging tits were aching to have a mouth on them. My pussy needed his cock buried deep up in it to put the fire out I was feeling.

Kim got off the bed and she said, “Move right here Janet,” as she positioned me on my hands and knees right on the edge of the bed.

Kim ran her hand over my redden butt. I could still feel the stinging in it as she planted kisses around my spanked ass. I felt Kim’s tongue roam between my butt cheeks as her hands pulled my cheeks apart. Kim ran her tongue from my pussy up over my asshole then back down.

I moaned softly as her tongue ran from my pussy to my asshole. I turned and looked back at Kim as I said, “Please Mistress Kim let John fuck my pussy please.”

Kim stopped tonguing me and she asked, “John do you want to stick your cock in this slut’s pussy?”

“Yes Mistress Kim,” John replied.

John came up behind me and I felt Kim rubbing his cock up and down in my butt crack. Kim pushed his cock under to my pussy and she beat it against my hanging pussy lips. Kim kept teasing me with his cock so I started to pump back against it trying to make it slip into my pussy.

“YOU just don’t learn do you bitch,” Kim yelled out as I felt her hand come down across my butt. Kim added, “I guess we will have to break you the hard way then.”

I peeked behind me and I saw that Kim was whispering something into John’s ear. I saw them lock into a very deep and passionate kiss that Kim soon broke. Kim climbed up onto the bed and she lay down on her back in front of me. Kim lifted her legs up high into the air with her legs spread wide.

Kim’s hairy pussy was only inches from my face. I looked down at her wide-open hairy pussy. Kim’s pussy was very wet with her juices. Kim’s bushy pussy hair was even wet with pussy juices. From the look of her pussy, I would say that Kim was enjoying this as much as I was. Kim’s strong smell of sex filled my nostrils once more.

“Lick it bitch,” Kim yelled.

I did not have to be told twice I buried my face down into her wet pussy. I used my tongue and my face on her pussy. I was poking into her pussy with my tongue and grinding my face over her pussy lips and her clit. I felt John’s cock brush against my butt as he got behind me. I started to pump my butt back toward him hoping he would slip his cock into my pussy.

“Mistress Kim can I fuck her?” John asked.

Kim’s hand went to the back of my head and she pulled my face roughly into her pussy as she replied, “Now John fuck the little bitch.”

I felt him placing his cock at my pussy then he pushed it forward into my pussy. His cock slipped in but it felt a little strange as he started to move it in and out. However, it felt good so I went back to tonguing Kim’s pussy.Kim was grinding her pussy into my face as John fucked me from behind.

I dug my tongue deeper into her pussy as Kim moaned. I moved my tongue from side to side deep in her pussy. I started to rock back onto John’s cock as it slipped in and out of my pussy. I did not know why but his cock did not feel the same in my pussy as it normal did. I took a finger and I teased Kim’s clit as I lapped at her pussy. I knew she would be having an orgasm soon.

“AHhhhh yeah lick my fucking pussy,” Kim moaned out loudly. Kim raised her head from the bed toward John as she yelled out, “FUCK the little bitch up her ass John.”

I tried to scream out no as his cock had no lube or anything on it. However, Kim pulling my face into her pussy silenced my words. I heard John spit and then felt John’s saliva run down my asshole. I was waiting for him to pull his cock out of my pussy but he never did.

“AHhhhh owww,” I screamed out as I felt him plunged his cock fully into my ass.

My ass felt like it was ripping apart as he buried his cock. John held his cock deep and still in my ass. The pain I had felt suddenly turned to pleasure. I was trying to figure out how I had his cock in both my holes. John started to work his cock in and out of my burning butt hole. I realized then that he had shoved the double-headed dildo into my pussy first saving his cock for my ass. That was why it felt so different.

John slowly fucked my asshole taking his cock almost all the way out then slipping it back deep into my ass. The burning I had felt as he rammed his big cock up my ass was no more I only felt pleasure as he worked his cock in and out. I felt the dildo slip from my wet pussy as it hit the bedroom floor with a thud.

“Fuck her John, I am going to cum,” Kim yelled out.

John picked up his pace and his cock was soon sliding in and out of my asshole. I could feel those swinging big balls of his hitting against my clit each time he buried his cock into my ass. I started to pump my ass back at his cock as he fucked my ass. Kim moaned and she shook with my face between her legs. I felt a small squirt come from her pussy as she rocked her pussy forward into my face. Kim was having her orgasm as I lapped at her pussy.

“AHhhhhhh,” Kim moaned as it over took her.

My whole body started to tingle as my own orgasm raced through it. I started to have many quick multi-orgasms in a row as I felt John tense up and his cock throb in my ass. My butt seemed to tighten around his cock, as my orgasm just would not stop. Kim left go of my head from between her thighs.

“AAAHHHHhh,” I moaned out loudly as my orgasm became even more powerful.

“Now Mistress Kim I am going to cum,” John yelled out as he buried his cock deep into my ass once more.

I felt his cock throb and twitch in my ass. He started to blast his hot cum into my butt. Suddenly I felt warm liquid splashing onto my face. Kim was peeing little shots of pee at my face as John filled my butt with his cum. I just moaned and shook as John’s cum flowed into my ass and Kim’s pee splashed my face and even into my opened mouth. My orgasms came fast, deep and very strong as my body just shook uncontrollably.

Kim left go a couple more little streams of pee as John’s cock slipped from my ass. I felt his cum running out of my ass down over my pussy as it dripped onto his bed. I just fell forward between Kim’s legs shaking as my asshole pumped his cum out. I just had the most powerful long orgasm of my life.

“Such a good little slut you are,” Kim said as she ran her hands through my hair.

John climbed up onto the bed and I heard him add, “Yes she is Mistress Kim.”

My eyes closed as I saw them lock into a deep passionate kiss. I regained my composure in a few minutes. I crawled up cuddling John on one side as Kim cuddled him from the other side. Kim and I both smiled at each other as ran our fingers lightly over his chest. John wrapped his loving arms around us as Kim and I lie our head down on his chest. We both ended up falling asleep laying there in his arms.

That is it for this chapter. However, another one is on its way soon.

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