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Dangerous Liaisons
[If you haven't read parts 1-5, please go read them first]

Melanie walked down to the living room and gently kissed her mother and sister good-bye, kissing both of them three times each. Once on the lips, and once on their breasts, taking quick drinks of their milk as she did so. Kayla whimpered quietly when Melanie sucked from her second breast, and she stirred before opening her eyes tiredly and staring up at her older sister with a tired, confused expression on her face. “Mm….Mel..? What’re you wearing?” Melanie smiled and gently smoothed down her sister’s beautiful hair before kissing her on the forehead, “It doesn’t matter sweetie. Go back to sleep. I love you.” Kayla smiled tiredly and flushed, and Melanie couldn’t help but be reminded how young and relatively innocent her baby sister really was. “I love you too Melanie….” She yawned and stretch before cuddling more tightly against Janice, who stirred but didn’t wake up. “…Have fun…” Melanie smiled and coughed slightly to keep the tears from showing as she whispered in reply, “I will, sweetie.”

Melanie turned and left the house, locking the door behind herself with a flick of a finger. In truth, she didn’t know what would happen, but whatever happened her family would be safe. She lay a hand on her now-armored womb and smiled, still feeling the warmth of her mother and sister’s cum warming her. She looked down at her womb curiously as something occurred to her. I wonder if I can make myself pregnant…..? The thought wandered through her mind. She grinned at the idea and shrugged slightly before she kept walking. She made a mental note to experiment with her powers to see if she COULD impregnate herself somehow, assuming that she survived whatever was coming for her.

The sun was high and bright in the mid-afternoon, a normal day in a normal summer. It seemed like a strange time to be contemplating one’s death, but then, Melanie realized, death itself was something nobody could predict how or when it would happen. She smiled absently and tilted her face upwards to catch some sunlight before she realized that storm clouds were forming over her head, far faster than should’ve been possible. They were the dark, angry navy blue that promised a violent thunderstorm, and a lightning bolt crackled between two of the clouds. Melanie shivered as she felt a surge of power flood into her body again, then blinked in confusion. What the hell just happened? Had she just absorbed from the storm? She frowned and looked up at the clouds, which were growing darker and more foreboding by the minute. Weird….

She walked out into the middle of the street before she realized that the gentle breeze from before had stopped, and she couldn’t hear anything. It was like somebody had put cotton balls in her ears. All she could hear was her own heartbeat, her breathing, and the thunder and lightning in the clouds overhead. She looked up the street and down, spotting several cars coming from the different directions. Then she did a double-take. The cars weren’t moving, at all. She couldn’t even hear their engines running, but their headlights were on in preparation for the storm brewing. It was like they’d been frozen in time, like flies trapped in amber.

It was when she was looking at the cars that the first of Them appeared. He walked out from between two of the cars, coming seemingly out of thin air, and began walking towards her with a cruel, casual confidence. His body language spoke of violence and power, and a sadistic self-assurance. His jet-black hair was swept back from his forehead and fell to his shoulders. He wore skintight black jeans with several tears in them and a leather jacket that hung open over his upper body, revealing no shirt underneath, and instead an impossibly chiseled, muscled chest and abs. He looked like some kind of model for a Death Metal rock band or something. She eyed him closely and he met her gaze with a casual grin. She shivered involuntarily; his eyes were unspeakably cruel and lustful. She looked down at herself to reassure her armor was still in place; it was.

She turned away only to see somebody else walking towards her from the other direction. This time it was a woman. She could’ve been the guy’s twin sister for how similar they looked. Their hair was the same color, but hers was slightly longer and slightly curled, and their eyes were the same. Her breasts curved out from her chest proudly, at least a D cup, barley restrained behind a black leather bra. Her legs were only semi-covered by black leather thigh-high boots and garters, and her pussy was semi-visible behind black lace see-through panties. She caught Melanie’s eye and smirked, jutting her jaw out in challenge, and her eyes flashed. Lightning flashed down, striking the street on either side of Melanie, but not actually hitting Melanie. Melanie narrowed her eyes and nodded warily towards the woman before looking back towards the guy, who was now only about a dozen feet away from her.

The guy spoke up and his voice was deep, but harsh and cold. “I’m Jacob. That’s my sister Jessica. You have something that belongs to us.” Jessica laughed from somewhere behind her, but Melanie ignored it and narrowed her eyes at Jacob. “I don’t think so, freak. Fuck off.” Jacob only smirked, but it was humorless and cold, “Oh I don’t think so. One way or another, we will take your powers, and anything else we want, from you. I promise you this.” Melanie glared at him “Yeah? I dare you to try, dickhead.” Jacob’s eyes flashed in irritation; she’d gotten to him. His expression quickly smoothed though and he just smiled casually, “We will my dear, trust me, we will. Now really this posturing is pointless and bores me. Jessica, are you hungry?” Jessica spoke up from behind Melanie, very close, causing Melanie to jump in surprised, “Starving!” Melanie whirled just in time to be caught in the breasts by a roundhouse kick. Almost as soon as Jessica’s foot made contact, Melanie felt her power sap. This was so fucking not good!!!

Melanie flipped backwards, landing lithely on the sidewalk at the edge of the street and thrust her hands out, unleashing violent neon-blue bursts of electricity. The attack took Jessica by surprise apparently, because the energy bolts caught Jessica squarely in her pussy and between her breasts and threw her almost a dozen feet backwards. Jessica crashed to the pavement, digging a shallow furrow in the concrete as she skidded. Smoke rose from her leather bra and she tore it off angrily, Melanie raised an eyebrow at Jessica’s impressive breasts, which were bright red from where Melanie had electrocuted Jessica. Distracted as she was though, Melanie was caught off-guard when Jacob suddenly appeared behind her and slapped his hands on her breasts from behind and Melanie felt her strength begin draining rapidly as Jacob laughed in sadistic delight.

Jacob tore Melanie’s armor open and squeezed her breasts, groaning in thrill as he felt her incredible power draining into his body. Melanie screamed and her knees buckled, she fell forwards, catching herself with hands and knees, but presenting her now-exposed ass and pussy to him invitingly. Jacob hesitated and looked down at her before he mentally shrugged to himself. Why not? He shoved his pants down and readied his hard cock, nearly 7 inches long, at the entrance to her love hole. He felt her tense but thought nothing of it and squeezed her breasts again as he impaled her on his huge tool.

Melanie’s eyes went cross at the invasion, and she desperately tried to rally the will to force him out of her, but her body was too aroused from the sheer eroticism of the situation, and made the decision for her by providing a flood of lubricant to her pussy. She whimpered in ecstasy as he began fucking her hard from behind, hating and loving every second of the invasion. She felt him gropping her breasts and felt her milk leaking steadily from her breasts onto the sidewalk and onto his hands as he raped her from behind. It was horrible and heavenly all at the same time. His huge tool worked her twat over like never before, but the invasion of her body, of her very soul, was horrifying. She bit her lip and screamed in pleasure as her first orgasm took her, and she squirted around his cock, which in turn only prompted him to howl with triumphant laughter and start fucking her harder. A single tear slipped down her cheek at the humiliation, but inwardly a plan was forming in her mind.

If he could absorb her power by touching her, then in theory she could do the same to him. As long as he was occupied with raping her, she could keep him distracted and turn the tables….she hoped! Gritting her teeth, she bit off another moan as she came again, and she felt his cock tense inside her. Her eyes widened in surprise as she realized the more important, and certainly more unintended side-effect of her plan. He was fucking her, good and deep, which meant he would be cumming in her, also deep, filling his womb with his seed, which meant she could be impregnated from a fucking RAPE. She mentally cringed at the thought, but new she had no choice if she wanted to turn the tables on him. She dug her fingernails into the sidewalk, feeling the concrete shatter beneath her powerful grip, and growled in what she hoped was a convincingly seductive voice, “Come on you fucking stud, give me that fucking cum bitch!” He slapped her ass hard and she winced; at least he wasn’t squeezing her now-sore breasts anybody, but God DAMN it that hurt! She ground on his cock and felt him tense again, his moans and hisses of pleasure increased in tempo and she heard him grunt out, “You’re just a fucking slut aren’t you….don’t deserve your power bitch. Fuck you slut. Fuck…..oh, fuck yes!” He went tense and she mentally braced herself before she felt him blast into her.

The sperm flooded into her body like a torrent, and she loved every second of it. She felt the hot, powerful seed fill her womb, fighting with her mother and sister’s cum for space inside her body. Her womb stretched to accommodate the load, but even that wasn’t really enough, and she felt him buck once, twice, cumming again each time and felt his cum leaking out of her hole around his dick. Her eyes went cross and she let out her own thoroughly pleasured moan as she climaxed, and this time she didn’t mind at all. She drew her legs together, forcing him to stay inside her. His eyes bugged, and his hands dug into her ass cheeks, but she ignored it as she hissed furiously, “Fuck this, you fucking sexist pig.” She shoved backwards, forcing his cock even further into her and opened her powers up wide, clenching down on him like a spider squeezing all the jizz from his mate.

Jacob’s knees went weak and his mind reeled as he gasped, “Not….possible…!” He felt his powers, all the power he’d original had, plus the power from the 7 other powered he’d killed, rush out of his body, along with feeling his balls tighten and spray their seed into Melanie’s body. Utterly spent and drained, Jacob’s eyes rolled back into his head, his knees finally buckled, and he collapsed hard to the pavement, dropping senselessly to the ground.

Melanie felt his power, so much wondrous power, as it flooded into her body with the last of his sperm, and she bit her lip and screamed. She felt like her mind and body was going to shatter beneath the torrent, but somehow she held it together. It went on for what felt like an eternity, but was in reality only a few seconds. When it was over, she felt more energized and alive than ever before. She climbed unsteadily to her feet and winced, placing a hand on her swollen, tender womb. She glared down at her stomach. There was no way in fucking hell she was going to let this sadistic freak knock her up. Putting her hands on her womb, she hesitated slightly, hoping this wouldn’t sterilize her or something, before she let her powers loose on her own body, and incinerated every drop of his sperm from inside her body. It only took a fraction of a second. When she was done, she raised her hands and stared at them; she didn’t look any different, thank God, but she felt like she could destroy a planet on a whim if she wanted too. She looked up to find Jessica staring at her in horror from the furrow in the ground she’d landed in before.

Melanie blinked and somehow willed herself across the space between them, and when she opened her eyes again, she was standing over Jessica, nude and powered through the roof. She stared down at the other woman cowering before her, “You have two choices, slut. Option one, you surrender and pledge yourself to me as my lover, sex toy, and power source at my pleasure for the rest of your God-forsaken life. Option two, you resist, or try to run, I track you down, and down to you what your brother just did to me.” Melanie had no idea where that had come from; it had kinda’ just rolled off her tongue, but she couldn’t afford to show weakness to these sick freaks. They wanted to play hardball? She could play hardball. She just prayed the other woman wouldn’t call her bluff!

Jessica looked over at her brother’s unconscious, power-exhausted body, then back at up the girl standing over her, looking not unlike some ancient Goddess of War or something. Looking at the steely determination in Melanie’s eyes, then at her full, leaking breasts, and her smooth, perfect pussy, it wasn’t hard to make up her mind. Jacob may have had a monstrous cock, and may have been a great fuck, but he couldn’t possibly compare to this Goddess standing over her. Jessica swallowed and looked up at Melanie with what she hoped was a convincingly contrite expression, “I will serve you, my Goddess. Whatever you command my love I will do. Just please, spare me.” Even if she later decided to betray the other woman and take her powers anyways, Jessica could at least have a bit of fun as a fuck-toy for awhile, so it all worked out anyhow.

Melanie nodded fractionally, “Alright, I’m flexible. If you’re not lying, then go over and erase your brother’s memory. All of it. If you’re lying, I’ll rape you, take your powers, and burn both of your bodies to nothing more than subatomic particles. Are we clear?” Jessica’s eyes widened as she nodded fearfully, “Yes my love, I understand.” She paused and bit her lip, flushing slightly before she looked up again, “My love? What’s your name?” Melanie’s eyes narrowed, and her expression softened. Jessica suspected the girl wasn’t as cold and domineering as she pretended, and it turned out she was right. “Melanie. Now take care of your brother, then we can go home.” Jessica nodded and climbed unsteadily to her feet before stepping gingerly around the other woman. She walked over to Jacob’s body and knelt next to him before placing her hand on his forehead and reaching into his mind with her power. She didn’t really know what she was doing, but as always worked with her powers, she just sort of knew when she’d accomplished what she wanted to. His memories were gone. She pulled her hand back and turned slightly to regard Melanie, “Ok, it’s done. Where are we going now?” Instinctively she reached up and tucked her hair behind her ear, then paused slightly when she’d done it. Her body may have been hyper-developed to that of a young adult woman, but what Jessica didn’t tell anybody was that she was actually only 14 years old, and she didn’t know how to change back even if she wanted to. The power had been so wonderful, and felt so good that she’d become addicted to it, and like a junkie she kept dosing and dosing and dosing, and the more she absorbed the more she changed.

As Melanie and Jessica walked back to wherever Melanie’s home was, Jessica shyly eyed the other girl out of the corner of her eye and wondered how old Melanie was, or what her home was like. Were there other girls there? Or boys? How had Melanie become so powerful? Jessica felt the demanding hunger for more power burning in her bloody, but for once she could ignore it as she watched Melanie shyly. She hadn’t been this curious, this fascinated, with somebody since her first girlfriend. Even though neither girl knew it then, Jessica, in her tormented, abortive innocence, had just developed her first lesbian crush.

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2012-02-27 11:42:37
This was well done, love the plot. I cannot wait to read the next one.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this story I hope it is not over. Melanie seems to be more powerful then Jessica and has a better handle on her power the Jessica where as Mel can have her body any way she wants it Jess cannot turn her body back. I hope if there is a continuous that Mel is able to drain the bad people that want to drain her and have Jess wipe their memory. I hope for Jess sake she remains loyal. Also though I enjoyed the story please work on the grammar and spelling. Thank you 4 sharing... Happy writing


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