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Surprise! I was just kidding; I don't take days off.
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We lay in the sun and Aliona had her body draped across mine as I lay on my back on a blanket. Her wet hair was across my bare chest and one of her thin little legs was bending and straightening to rub her thigh against the top of mine. Her every movement was pure and sensual, like someone who had never learned to be shy or restrained. I played with her hair with the fingers of one hand as I used the others to trace slow lines up and down her spine, feeling each bone poked out slightly against her flawless tanned skin. She was still wearing her thong but had removed her bra while we had been swimming in the quarry. I was a terrible swimmer and had mostly sloshed around splashing at her, but she moved snakelike in the water like she had been born to it. Before climbing to the top of the quarry walls to lie in the sun I had sat on some rocks beside the water while she dived into its depths a few times, sometimes disappearing under the water long enough to start worrying me before coming up with her hair plastered down across her face and bare chest with an exhilarated grin on her face.

Far below us down the straight, white rock walls I saw a group of people getting out of an SUV. A group of older teens or younger adults were setting up a small gas stove on its tailgate and I could hear the sound of the music from their stereo echoing off the walls, sounding small and disjointed. They shouted things at each other that I couldn’t understand from up here and tossed beers or drinks of some kind to each other as some of them ran and jumped into the deep waters. If they could see us way up here from way down there they gave no sign of it.

“You’re going to get a sun burn,” I said to Aliona.

“Look at me, Mark, do I look like I burn easily?” she asked without taking her cheek from my chest.

I suppose she didn’t at that. Her skin was only a few shades lighter than all but the bottom ten inches or so of her long brown hair, which was lightened by the sun to a dirty blonde.

“I can hear people,” she said casually, “I thought you said no one would see us here?”

“I guess it’s not as well kept of a secret as I thought,” I replied, “I shouldn’t be surprised though, we threw a couple good parties here back in the day. We brought a whole truck full of speakers and generators out here more than once in the bad old days.”

“Do you care?” she asked, lifting her head to look into my eyes, “If they see us, I mean.”

“They’ve already seen my car, so it’s not like they don’t know someone’s out here somewhere.”

“That isn’t what I meant, Mark,” she teased, her eyes lighting up in her devilish way, “I mean, do you care if they see us?”

“See us doing what?” I asked her, my hand going from her hair to the small curve of her perfect ass.

She bit her tongue and winked, “I left a deposit and I intend to collect.”

“So that’s why you brought me up here,” I said to Ali with a wink of my own. I felt a rush of adrenaline as she kept rubbing her leg against mine, slower now.

“Mhm,” she licked her lips, “you still owe me.”

Part of me wasn’t sure. She must have seen it in my eyes because she stopped moving her leg and slid up my chest to rub her nose against mine, putting one leg on each side of me. She was so small that with her face to mine like that her pussy was pressed against my stomach and not my groin as she began humping against me. She put her hands on my shoulders to hold her torso up and wiggled rhythmically back down my body so my hardening cock was pressed against the firm cleft of her mound. My boxers and her tiny little thong barely separated us, but she was so toned and thin I still couldn’t feel the distinction between her two tiny pussy lips. She grinned down at me and pressed and ground against me harder, starting to move her narrow hips in little circular motions. My hand on her ass tightened its grip, my fingers going between her ass cheeks since there wasn’t enough ass just on one side for the size of my hand. She licked her lips and ground away against my cock, quivering her lips as she licked them and half closing her eyes in a sultry expression of pure lust.

“Still having second thoughts?” she breathed at me.

I answered by grabbing her little waist in my free hand as tight as I had her ass in the other and helped push her harder against me. I pulled her forward and back against me, and she sat up straight with her knees on the blanket on either side of me. She raised her hands into her hair as she leaned her head back at the neck and pushed it all atop her head and across her face before sliding her tiny palms down to cup and squeeze her tiny flat breasts, shaking her head so her hair cascaded around her shoulders in a wild mane. She moaned softly and squeezed her nipples between her fingers, rolling them and pinching them softly. I sat up to lick her neck and feel her smooth flat stomach press against mine over and over as she bucked on top of my hips. I ran my fingers up her thin back and into her thick hair to her scalp and massaged gently before grabbing on gently with both hands and pulling her head back again. I licked up her throat, over her slightly pointed chin, and to her tiny little mouth. Our lips barely touched as our tongues found each other and began to dance and wiggle against each other. She moaned again and grabbed my hair in her hands as well. We made out like that while she continued rocking her hips forward and back to grind my swollen dick into her moist pussy. I could feel separation now, barely, and got even harder thinking about what was about to happen.

I released her hair, grabbed her ass again, and turned her over onto her back; she kept her legs locked around me as I did so and maintained the pressure of her pussy against my cock. I laid her on the blanket, the stone of the quarry hard under us, and pushed my hips rhythmically against her. She spread her hair out with her fingers and arched her back so that only the back of her head, her shoulders, and her ass touched the ground. I took her skinny thighs in each hand and pulled her legs from around me and she put her heels down on the blanket as well. With my right hand on the side of her chest I could feel every rib under her fine skin and I grabbed her left hip in my other hand, pushing myself lower down her body. She whimpered a bit in dismay as my cock stopped pressing into her pussy, then let out a long high sigh of relief as I ran my tongue down her neck to her tiny erect nipples. There was barely enough for me to suck into my mouth, so I licked at them instead as my hands went up and down her sides and she writhed under me.

I took one of her sharp hip bones in each hand and moved myself lower still, licking down the front of her torso to her navel. I licked around its edge once before moving lower still. While I kissed and licked her flat tummy half way between her belly button and her pubic bone I slid my hands under her ass as she lifted it off the hard ground; only her heels, shoulders, and her head made contact with the blanket now. I pulled at the top of her thong with my teeth, dragging it down over her slight mound, as I pulled the thin strings across her ass from behind. Gently, a bit at a time, I worked it down over her hips and she lowered her ass back down as I reached her mid thighs. She put her feet straight up in the air while she lay on her back with her eyes closed and her hands caressing her breasts. I pulled the thong up the smooth length of her legs and off over her tiny wiggling feet.

Naked in the sun, she spread her legs far apart away from my hands and put her feet back to the blanket, arching her pelvis back up into the air towards me, bracing the small of her back with her hands. Her head was cocked to one side with her eyes closed against the glare of the light from above and she shifted her hips up and down with small movements of her waist. I leaned my face down and licked up the inside of her left thigh, crossed over the top of her mound, and back down her other thigh. She moaned again; half pleasure, half impatience. I ran my tongue back up her leg and stopped right where the top of her thigh turned into the narrow space between. I licked at her lips, barely separated but glistening with her own wetness. She let out a squeal when I did it and her hips jerked her pussy up at my mouth. I licked again, pushing the tip of my tongue into her tight little slit and finding her small, hard clit.

“Ah!” she cried sharply as I pushed my tongue against it and wiggled the tip of it against her. She tasted so good; I usually didn’t do this, club girls were too sweaty but Aliona was sweet and delicious and clean. No one had ever been here but me. I pushed deeper with the tip of my tongue and ran it down her pussy to her tight little opening, probing softly and then sliding it back up to her clit. I kept up this pattern, probing at her hole and clit harder each time, and she let out a sharp cry every time I reached the top of her slit. I pushed with the whole flat of my tongue to try and move her tight lips further apart and licked the entirety of her, lapping from the bottom to the top in smooth strokes. My saliva and her juices were mingling and soon her slight folds were opening on their own. She was so small, so delicate. My lust overcame me and I put my hands over hers where they held her ass up in the air. She lowered her forearms and the palms of her hands flat against the ground and as I held her ass up she lifted her legs one at a time so her knees were over my shoulders and her heels bumped against my back as I licked at her harder and harder, building speed as she rocked her hips from the waist up and down to press her hot little pussy against my mouth. I was soon able to work my tongue into her opening and I could feel her quivering, open and closing at her entrance. Her cries were coming louder and she arched her back further. I moved my grip from her ass to her waist and pulled her into me as I licked and probed with my tongue. Her back was against my thighs now with the back of her head between my knees as she came for the second time that day, locking her ankles together with her thighs clamped against the sides of my head. Her wetness was flowing over my tongue and onto my chin and she screamed out like she had in the car, “OH FUUUUUUCK YEEEEAAAAH!” echoing around the quarry. Her body bucked and lunged against me and I slowly lowered her to the blanket, licking her clit softer and softer as I did.

She lay on her back with her heels planted as far apart as she could get them and her knees angling in towards each other. She had one hand on the side of her face and lowered the other to her pussy, rubbing it gently. As my hand joined hers she opened her green eyes and looked at me, a look of deep passion there that I hadn’t seen before. I moved to lie beside her on the blanket and she grabbed at the waist band of my boxers, pulling them downwards over my hips.

“This is better than in your car,” she said lustily, “thanks for stopping me that night.”

“Are you sure that…” I began.

“You’re going to fuck me now Mark, you owe me. What do you want me to do?”

“No no,” I said softly, my hand still on top of hers, rubbing the outside of her smooth bare pussy. She rolled to her back and then to her other side, facing away from me, and pushed her tight little ass back towards me with her left leg bent forward only slightly and her right bending to put her knee in the air. Her back arched, pushing her tiny bottom back even further, and she looked over at her shoulder at me and winked.

“Fuck me like this, Mark,” Aliona breathed. She put her elbow out and rested her head in her left hand, her right trailing down her body with the backs of her fingers and to the right side of her ass. She inserted one of her fingers into herself, sliding it out and holding open one side of her small little pussy with it.

I moved up behind her, raising myself on my left elbow as well and slid my left hand between the ground and her narrow waist. With my other I gripped my hard cock and moved it to touch Aliona’s quivering pussy. She gasped when we touched and pushed backwards. I moved the head of my dick away, teasing her. She giggled and we both trembled with anticipation. I put it against her again and rubbed it along her slit. She was hot and seething and smooth and wet. I pushed forward with my hips and felt just the tip push Ali’s little hole open. There was already so much resistance that I was worried what was going to happen when I pushed even more of my length into her.

“Oh!” Aliona yelped in surprise as I managed to force the whole head into her. I moved my left hand up under her armpit and reached around to wrap my arm around her chest from the front, laying flat on my side behind her. I pulled her shoulders back into me and pushed into her harder still. She was wet and ready but eager and tense and I barely got more than an inch further into her. I slowly slid just my head in and out of Aliona’s clutching hole and she began shuddering against me, pushing her ass back each time I moved into her. Gradually more and more of me went into her sopping wet little opening, pushing into her tight heat against the grip of her smooth pussy muscles.

“It’s really big,” Aliona whined breathily, “it’s going to hurt…so just hurt me, Mark.”

I pulled her back tighter against my chest with my left arm and pushed with slow but steady force, and with more effort than even I thought it would take I pushed half my length into Ali as she screamed “OHFUCKTHAT‘SBIG!”. It was like having a fist clenched around me, her muscles milking and pulling at me. I pulled back all the way and as I pushed forward with just as much effort she ground her tiny little ass back towards me, screaming “AHHH, OOHHHHH, FUUUUCK, YEEEEAAAAH!” as it took four more strokes like that, both of us pushing together, for me to bury my entire cock inside her pussy. She paused with my hips pressed right against her tight ass and lowered her right knee to meet her left, moaning “oooohhhh, ahhhhh” as her thighs pressing together made her grip on me even tighter. I couldn’t imagine her wet grip on me being any tighter, but when Aliona started working the muscles inside of her around me I gasped as well. I started moving myself inside her again, slow and deep with her ass tight against me. Our hips rocked back and forth in unison as I slid my right hand around her tiny waist to spread my palm across her toned and flat stomach, pulling her even closer still as I licked her neck in the soft spot under her ear.

Ali wasn’t loosening up in the slightest and I started to move in and out of her grasping pussy in lengthening strokes. Her breathing was in time with my thrusts, a sharp cry as I pushed in and a long high sigh as I pulled out. She raised her knee again and her little hand passed over mine and found her pussy. She rubbed at her clit while I fucked her tiny opening, each stroke as much effort as the first had been. Her cries were getting louder and I was speeding up, hitting her harder from behind.

“OHFUCKMARKI’MGONNACUM!” she yelled, slamming her knees back together with her hand still between her thighs. I could feel her fingers gripping at her lips as she felt my hard cock going in and out of her sweet little pussy and she kept yelling. “UUNNNGGGGH! YEH! YEH! YEAH! YEEEAAAHH!”

I grabbed the inside of her right thigh from above and rolled onto my back so she was lying face up on my chest with her legs on each side of me. She put her heels down on the blanket and started thrusting her pelvis up and down. I had one hand on her chest and the other spread flat across over her tiny mound. I pushed up into her from underneath to meet her downward thrusts and her back arched and straightened as she drove herself up and down on my raging hard on. She was still screaming, lost somewhere in herself. She clutched one hand over each of her small breasts and bucked up and down wildly. She paused again with me deep inside her and let out a long loud “OOOOooooOOOOH! FUCK!” Her body shuddered violently and her thighs twitched; her heels jerked back and forth on the blanket, tangling it under us. Aliona spread her legs almost into the splits as she sat up and put her knees under her and her hands on my thighs. I put my hands on her; with my palms on her ass my fingers wrapped all the way around her narrow hip bones so that my fingertips dug into the front of her pelvis. She started gyrating her waist with my cock buried all the way inside of her. Twisting and winding at the waist, she began lifting her perfect ass up and down. I could feel my huge cock all the way inside of her, no room for more if I’d had any. As Ali rode me she moved her hands from my legs to her own hips and then slid them up her sides, still groaning and crying out loudly. All I could do was hold on to that perfect tiny little ass while she grinded and bucked and screamed each time my cock bottomed out inside her.

Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter with every stroke and she leaned forward and put her hands on either side of my legs, on all fours over me with her ass pointing at my face. She moved her ass up and down in short little strokes, her waist and back flexing fluidly.

“OHFUCKMARK! OH! FUCK! OHFUCKTHISISSOOOOGOOOOOD!” she yelled while panting and bobbing her ass up and down. “AHHHHHHFUUUUCK!”

I pushed forward on her ass and my cock came out of her with a wet pop, her pussy clenching shut behind it. She looked back at me with her mouth open and her hair hanging in a mess across her face and I quickly slid my legs from under her and got on my knees behind her. She moaned, “ohhhpleasekeepfuckingmeeeee-AH!” and cried out again as I took my cock in my hand and pushed it all the way into her hot wet tight hole in one long stroke. She dropped her front half to her elbows, bending her back downwards and forcing her ass up at a lewd angle for the first few strokes. She dropped flat to her chest after a few more thrusts, her left cheek on the blanket and her arms stretched out in front of her, her fingernails scratching at the stone where the blanket had been tousled and crumpled under us. With her bottom tilted up at me and her legs apart as far as they could go while I held her hips and pushed in and out of her, her waist looked even narrower as her thighs and ass created the illusion of hips wider than hers were. Aliona’s tiny little pussy was stretched so far that as I pulled back for each new thrust into her the ring of her opening pulled out passed her lips with my cock.

Her cries and screams had become almost savage and she raised herself back onto her hands. She tried to move her legs closer together as well but mine were in her way so her spine bent backwards at the waist, her shoulders high but her pelvis low. She tossed her hair around wildly and I caught a handful of it in my hand. “FUUUCK! YEAAAH!” she yelled as I pulled back on her wild mane, bending her neck backwards so her face was pointed almost straight up. I kept my tight grip on her left hip and let go of her hair to wrap my right hand around the front of her throat. I fucked her harder, she screamed louder, and as my right hand went up her neck and the bottom of her jaw she took my middle and ring fingers into her mouth and slurped at them with her wet little mouth. Her body was shivering and shaking and jerking and I could feel my own orgasm beginning to rise deep inside me. I put both hands on Ali’s hips again and slammed so hard into her that she was knocked back down to her face with her arms stretched along her lithe body and her hands by her knees.

Over and over I slammed into Aliona’s pussy, each stroke pushing her ass further forward and lower to the ground. I leaned forward with one hand under her on her stomach and the other holding me up over her. She was letting out one high, loud, long scream now, her inflection punctuated by my cock ramming in to the very depth of her. I called out once, loud, as I came in her. Her pussy was gripping and milking at me so hard that as I collapsed on top of her she finished my climax off with her own movements instead of mine. It was the single most epic orgasm…no, the single most epic event…in my entire life, and I imagined I heard people cheering.

Wait; I did hear people cheering.

I rolled off of Aliona onto my side and she rolled onto her back next to me. I sat up and looked around. The cheering continued and was being punctuated with a smattering of applause. I looked down into the quarry far below and could see the partiers standing by their grill or knee deep in the edge of the water, looking up towards us. Two were clapping their hands over their heads and the rest, guys and girls both, were yelping and whistling.

“Oh fuck,” I said, and then let out a quick laugh. Aliona sat up too and shaded her eyes with her hand as she peered down as well, “I forgot about them.”

One of them was holding something to her face and as she handed whatever it was to the guy next to her she pumped her fist in the air and hollered. They guy yelled “YEEAH!” and raised his fist up as well. They were binoculars.

Aliona giggled and leaned against me, pulling the tangled blanket up over her chest and waved a wiggly fingered wave down at them and winked before blowing a kiss. It was far too late to be modest so she stood up and found her thong, pulling it back on with no shame as the hooting and cheering continued. I blushed a bit and found my shorts without getting up. Ali came back to me and sat straddling my hips and facing me, kissing me deeply on the mouth for awhile before leaning back.

“Is it always that good?” she asked.

“Not until now, no,” I said, smiling. I could feel her pussy against my cock, her thong and my boxers wet with my cum and her own wetness.

“Then I guess we have a standard to keep now,” she said, flipping her bangs from her eyes with a toss of her head and grinning her impish grin at me. Instead of her own, she bit my bottom lip playfully and kissed me again. She grinned up at me.

“Thank you, Mr. Fox,” she said primly and properly, her smile only growing as she spoke, “that was fucking awesome.”

“You have bruises and scrapes on your knees and elbows,” I said to her, my huge smile stuck on my face.

“I don’t think that’s the only places I’m gonna to have bruises,” she smirked back at me.


The drive back had been quiet. We were both relaxed in our own bliss, sharing only shy smiles or the occasional laugh together at the second round of cheers and applause we had received from the people barbequing at the side of the quarry when we had gone back down to get in my car and leave. Aliona showered after I dropped her off and then came over wearing my clothes from a week ago. I had showered as well and was wearing clean shorts and a button up short sleeved plaid shirt, left open in the pervading heat wave hitting the city.

I lay on my back on the couch with Ali draped lazily over me. She had taken my shorts off and had on only my t-shirt. It was just long enough to come past her ass when she was standing, but lying on her stomach as she was it exposed the bottom half of her tiny little bottom so my fingertips were softly caressing her smooth skin where her thigh met the bottom curve of her ass at the leg opening of her tight white panties, moving back and forth under the red trim. The TV was on but neither of us was even looking at it, lost in each other’s presence more deeply than we ever had been.

The door opened and Lisa came in with paper grocery bags from the market, gasping and blurting out, “Oh fuck, really you two!? In our living room? I have to sit on that couch too!”

“It was under the sun on a cliff, actually,” Aliona said lazily, shooting her wicked grin at Lisa without lifting her head from my chest.

“You’re a wicked and evil little person Aliona,” Lisa said, wrinkling up her nose as she smiled. Ali made a sour face at her name. Lisa didn’t use shortened names, even with people who insisted “And if I didn’t know that guy I’d think you had corrupted him.”

Ali giggled and I watched Lisa step into the kitchen. I wasn’t sure, in fact I was certain I was wrong, but I thought I caught her gaze linger on Aliona’s tiny ass as she went around the corner. I sat up, Ali’s legs going around me. She put her arms around my neck and started kissing me as Lisa came around the corner at the other side of the kitchen.

“Guuuys,” Lisa said sheepishly. Ali giggled again and I saw Lisa blushing. She stayed in my lap as Lisa sat down in a chair and looked at the TV.

“I have to talk to both of you,” I said finally, “about why I had such a good day.”

“I really don’t need the details, man,” Lisa said, covering her blushing face with her hand.

“No,” I laughed, “I’m not talking about that.”

I’ll talk about that,” Ali giggled from my lap with her legs still wrapped around my waist, lifting her left eyebrow at Lisa.

“I’m buying Seminar,” I said frankly, another big smile cracking my face open.

“You’re WHAT!?” Lisa shrieked excitedly, leaping to her feet and knocking over her water.

“I’m buying half of the business,” I went on, “effective immediately. Lawyers and accountants will do the rest. It’s all on me now.”

“OhmyfuckingGAWD!” Lisa yelled, then shrieked again, fidgeting like an excited little kid. “That’s fucking AWESOME!”

Aliona looked at me with a look of pleasant surprise on her face with her hands on my chest, her mouth open, then threw her arms back around my neck and kissed me and ground her pelvis down against me. Lisa didn’t seem to notice, she was too excited, and jumped onto the couch beside us and threw her arms around my neck as well, kissing my cheek.

“Hey, he’s mine,” Ali said playfully, pretending to push Lisa away. “Get your own Mark Fox.”

“I was here first,” Lisa joked back, play punching Ali’s arm and kissing me on the cheek again. She snuggled up next to me with her arm around my back and her head on my shoulder while my little Aliona tightened her legs and arms around me, resting her head on my chest. She blew a puff of breath at Lisa and sneered, and Lisa stuck her tongue out at Ali and poked her in the ribs.

“This is really good news!” Lisa exclaimed. “It’s like you’re all growed up now, Mark!”

The three of us laughed and I put an arm around each of them, holding them both close to me. I didn’t think there had ever been a moment more serene in my life prior to that one.

“Here’s the thing though,” I said after a minute, “if it’s all going to be my way from now on, I have to go out to the other studio and get it how I want it.”

Lisa pulled back from me, her face cycling quickly through confusion, realization, and to sadness.

“For good?” she asked quietly.

“Where’s the other studio?” Aliona asked.

“Los Angeles,” I told her.

“What? No!” Ali yelled.

“It’s not for good, just for a month to make sure we transition well,” I explained.

“Oh but I’m gonna miss you, Mark,” Aliona said pleadingly.

“That’s what I wanted to talk about,” I said, running my hand down her back to the side of her ass, “I want you guys to come with me.”

Aliona’s face lit up with excitement, but Lisa looked even sadder as she sat up and then stood.

“I’m already the peg leg, guys…I don’t want to be the third wheel as well,” she said sadly.

“Aw, come on Lis. You’ve never been to LA before, it’ll be fun. You were heavy on my case, but when’s the last time you took a vacation?”

“I don’t know,” she said, “I have to think about it. Look I forgot to get something at the store; I’ll be back in a while.”

Lisa grabbed her keys, waved to the two of us, and left.

“She doesn’t seem very happy anymore,” Ali said, “is it because of me?”

“She acts tough,” I explained, “but she has soft insides.”

“Do I have soft insides, Mark?” she asked me, trying to keep a straight face but losing it into her usual wicked grin.

“You are a bad little person, kitty,” I smiled back at her, “and yes, you do. Sort of.”

Aliona giggled and slid off me and walked into the kitchen. I heard her get a glass and turn on the tap. As she ran the water to get it cold I heard her let out a little gasp and got up to see why. As I came around the corner Ali was looking at Lisa’s open sketchbook where it had shifted out of her bag when she put the groceries down. The half exposed page was a very life like sketch of Aliona lying languidly on her side. Naked.

“Okay,” I said, “this is a little weird.”

“Weird? I think I look fucking hot,” Ali said, taking out the sketchbook to see the whole image.

Lisa was a fantastic artist, one of the best I’d ever seen, and the picture of Ali was almost photorealistic in its detail. Her face looked angelic in its peace, her eyes looking out of the paper and her mouth drawn in her crooked grin. She was on her left side with her left arm stretched out in front of her. Her right was curled to cover her breasts with her hand under her left cheek. Her left leg was under her, the right bent at the knee just enough so as to cover her vagina. Slight shading where her thighs met traced out a narrow line of pubic hair.

“This part isn’t very accurate,” Aliona said, gently touching the drawing’s private area. She flipped the pages to find several more of her in various sensual poses. In awe she said, “She’s really good at this.”

“You don’t find this weird at all?” I asked.

“Look at me, Mark,” she held up one of her on her hands and knees, drawn from the side, looking off the page with a smoldering look in her eyes, peering through her hair hanging in her face. “I’m totally fucking hot. Do I really look like this?”

“Yes,” I said, “you really do.”

“Awesome,” she breathed, following on her body with her hand where her eyes followed the picture. “This is really…I mean…I’m getting horny looking at myself. I’d totally fuck me.”

It was weird, at least for me, that Lisa had been drawing these; but Aliona’s breathing was getting faster and I could see her hand under the front of my shirt, moving softly against the small mound of her pussy through her panties. She put the sketchbook down, stepped towards me, and I picked her up. Her legs locked back around my waist and her hands went to the side of my face as she kissed me deeply on the mouth while I carried her into my bedroom and shut the door.

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I'm totally in love with you and your story, and I've been thinking exactly the same as 2 below me since the 2nd chapter and like them I hope she's not a real muse and she's gonna leave him and he ends up with lisa coz I think they should have a happy ending pleeease! Lovin your work immensely and even though I didn't think I was I'm absolutely juicy and dripping wet. Thanks Luvsalik xx

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I like that you are making her a muse for more than one person (although I'm hoping that there is not a twist ending that she is actually an ancient from Greece). I really appreciate the interplay of the characters, and how you are making them more 3 dimensional (as you did with cash and now are delving further into Lisa). Please don't make her underage or eternal, that's all I ask (although I will just have to keep reading to find out). Well written and concieved, with the important nuances of the locations and surroundings the characters live in.

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Ali is a pottymouth in the sack, hehe just like me ;) I absolutely love this series its rare You actually get a person with a talent and a soul on this sight. Very hot:) and I wish I had lost my virginity like that, it was with a guy I love (still with him now) but I closed my eyes when he went in And we were both virgins, what I wouldn't give to go back and see his face... haha well we finished and I started to cry:P anyways great Job:)

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