A porstitute mother shows her kids what sew is like.
This is my second story.

Remember: Your ratings decide weather I make a part 2 or not!

Layla grew up in a lower class apartment all of her childhood. Her father dad when she was in fifth grade. Her mother had a day job but still needed money, so, she became a prostitute by night. This was very hard on Layla in her middle school years because she was exposed to so much new vocabulary and so many new, yet frightening things.

By the middle of seventh grade, she already knew all about regular, gay and lesbian sex. She knew what a dildo was and had a magazine rack full of playgirl magazines! Layla had also seen her mother naked many times with many different men. Her friends and her teachers all saw her change and go through unnatural stages.

She almost immediately got into the boys at her school and would always be getting into trouble with them. One day, she was so horny she flashed the whole bus! All of the boys stared in amazement while most of the girls turned away in disgust: except for the lesbians.

The thing that topped it all off was that night in April of her eighth grade year. She came in late at night, around 11:30p.m. and was sneaking into her bedroom when her mother caught her. She didn’t have a problem with it and went back into her bedroom where her customer was waiting. This spooked her partner, but they went and had sex in her room anyway.

As she progressed to high school, barley keeping up with her studies, she went downhill. She started do smoke and became somewhat of a school prostitute. She flashed boys and let them feel her for lunch money. That was about her allowance, if you want to call it that. Layla’s mother was still doing the same thing in the same residence by the time Layla dropped out of high school.

As you can see, Her mother’s choice of “occupation” made a big impact on her childhood, just like it did on her life. Layla grew up to become, you guessed it, a prostitute.
In her first year, she accidentally had two kids: Greg and Jennifer.

Jennifer and Greg are both ten years old. A both average kids when you overlook the fact that nobody at school knows their mom’s job. She always does her work outside of the house so her kids don’t know about sex and most of everything else. But one Weekend, she got really horny and had this incredible urge to show her children the power and beauty of sex.

That Saturday, Greg got off his video games and Jennifer stopped watching TV, so they both go to their mother, explaining to her that they are bored.

“I know something we can do!”

“What”, both children asked.

“I can show you something you have never seen before. Something cool and exciting!” She brought them down to the couch and started to talk to them.

“When a man and a woman want to have a baby, they get together and have something called ‘sex’. This is when a man takes his penis and inserts it into the woman’s vagina.”

“What is a vagina?” Greg obliviously hasn’t heard of it before.

“All women have them. Little girls too.”

“What does it look like?”

Layla turned to her daughter. “Jennifer, please remove your pants and underwear for Greg to see.” She hesitated at first, but she did as she was told. She revealed her pubic hairless, young pussy. Greg’s eyes grew big as he zoomed in on his sisters “private parts”. All of a sudden, he felt his privates get hard and try to penetrate the front of his pants.

Jennifer saw what was going on. “Greg, what is going on in your pants?” He tried to cover it up, but his mother saw it as well.

“Greg, don’t be ashamed! You just have an erection. It is what happens to all males when they see a sexy woman!”Both his sister and his mother giggled. “Greg, show your sister what a penis looks like.” Greg removed his pants to reveal his rock hard 4" cock.

“Mommy, what is that under his penis?” Jennifer spied Greg’s little balls. When Jennifer saw this, she too felt a tingling in her vagina and it suddenly became very moist and wet. Some of it started to drip on the floor.

“Why honey, those are his testicles. Testes for short” Before she could go on, Greg had another question.

“Mom, why is Jennifer’s vagina dripping?”

“That is because she got aroused, or sexually excited by you showing her your penis and testes. But, there is one genitalia topic we still haven’t covered.” She remover her shirt to reveal her big and gorgeous breasts. “These are my breasts. They are used for feeding milk to babies. But you get them only if you are a near grown woman.”

Layla got so horny because of this, she wasn’t done yet. She then told them that she wanted to show them how to have sex. She went over the basics before telling them to get completely naked.

“Now, the first thing you start out with is the oral sex. This is when you, Jennifer, start to suck on Greg’s penis like a popsicle.” She couldn’t wait. She immediately got down to her brothers waist level and started to blow him. With each suck, his dick grew harder. Layla was down on the ground fingering herself at this point, but nobody noticed. “Now Greg, put your hand on her head. Jennifer, finger your pussy.”

“How do you do that” She stopped sucking to ask.

“Like this, my dear” Layla demonstrated. Within minutes, Jennifer got the picture and did as she was told. After a while, she told Greg to now go over to his sister’s pussy and eat it out, which she helped him on, but he got it in no time. Jennifer was now moaning and experienced her first orgasm in his face and all over it.

While seeing this, Layla was stroking herself, as she found it erotic. The crotch area of her jeans was wet and leaking. She closed her eyes and started to fantasize, but she stopped and looked up because she heard her kids stop to find them staring at her.

“Mom, what are you doing?” They both said in unicin and stared.

“Masturbating: it is was what everyone does when they are horny. And when yo are horny, you are sexually excited, or aroused.” She showed both of them how to masturbate using each other. Within minutes, Greg was fingering Jennifer’s pussy and Jennifer was jerking off Greg’s penis like they were pro’s. Their mother moved on.

“Now then, the fucking comes next. Greg, you take your penis and insert it into Jennifer’s pussy however you like. You will know what to do next.” Before you knew it, Jennifer was telling her brother to fuck her harder and screaming things she thought she would never scream.

Their mother couldn’t take it. She went to the closet and took out her 8" strap-on and went over to her kids. Both Greg and Jennifer were puzzled as they watched their mother explain how to use a dildo on a strap.

“Jennifer, you put this on. This means we can have a three-some, or sex with three people.” Jennifer put it on and was playing with it. But then she wondered who she was going to fuck if her and her brother both had penises. It was at this time when their mother went nude. Then she ordered Jennifer to fuck her and get a feeling for it. Then she told Greg to climb on top of his sister and fuck her asshole.

“Oooooooooohhhh! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Greg, fuck me harder! O yeah baby!” Layla was moaning too. But then Greg’s face expression changed.

“Mommy, I feel like I am going to EXPLODE!”

“It’s ok. Get out of your sister and swing your cock over both of our heads while Jennifer gets out of me. Good, now jerk it off!” Greg did as he was told and cummed over both of them. His mother was swallowing every bit of it, yet his sister spit it out because it was too sudden and too bitter.
After they were finished and got dressed, his mother concluded. She asked if they had any questions and if they ever had a problem they could always come to her.

To Be Continued...

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Sick shit. I'd fuck a hooker but never my sister

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Not bad. A little monotonic but still interesting and hot.

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sick bitch incestouris rape and just plain wrong


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mom, whats a clit?

mom: a little diddle that hangs off the roof of your vagina

i dont have one
mom: what do you mean? every girl has one darling

umm, i cut mine off, is that why my vagina gets wet sometimes? i cut its roof off..

mom:are you fucking serious?!!! what the fuck?! you better be fucking kidding girl!!

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