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You might want to read My Box? (Pt.1-2). But other enjoy (:
What In The Hell! 
"Nasir" I said turning around in my chair.
"The One And Only" he said turning me back around, "how about we go talk in the other PRIVATE salon" he said taking my hand.
"I think we should" I said taking his lead.
"What the hell" I yelled when we reached the other salon. He locked the door of the salon. I was stunned to see a small private salon it was very professional.
"Shhhhhh" he said kissing my lips.
"No," I said pushing him away, "what about Tony".
"Just this one last time" he started rubbing my thighs. By this time my pussy was wet. He pushed me against the wall and started kissing my neck, gently. 
I let out a weak no. All of this was so wrong but it felt so right. I tried to push him away but he grabbed my hands and lifted them above my head. He moved the dress to free my bodacious tits. He slid his hand under my dress and took off my panties. My panties hit the floor. 
"Imma give you the best orgasm you ever had" I swear when he said that pussy juice rolled all down my legs.
Nasir got on his knees and started going to WORK. He licked every bit of juice. He started finger fucking me while he sucked my clit. He flicked his tongue back and forth making to get all my juices.
My leg was on his shoulder and my knees were shaking. After five mins. of eating me out I was going to orgasm. I started shaking my hips and wanting Nasir's fingers deeper. I started to grind on his fingers. I felt something come over me. Nasir lifted his head and fingered my clit. I thrusted my hips and squirted all over Nasir's face. He tried to get as much as he could but it was too much. His shirt and face were wet.
I couldn't stand so I feel on Nasir's shoulder. 
He picked me up and sat me on a desk in the corner of the room. He slipped out his white polo and I saw his ripped body I couldn't resist the urge to reach out and touch it. 
"Like" he said taking off his pants. I responded by kissing his abs. 
He moved his boxer out the way to free his "Big" friend. He grabbed the point of my stilettos and opened my legs as far as they could go. 
"You ready" he said. I shook my head yes, "Tell me if it hurts"
I let out a weak yes. He took his bare dick and played with my clit. After a few seconds he shoved it in unexpectedly. 
"Uuhhh" I moaned.
"Did I hurt you" he said going deeper making me moan louder.  
"Noooo" I said digging my nails in his back.
He kept taking deep even strokes.
"Are You Sure" 
Damn! This felt amazing.
"Shhh, you to loud" he whispered in my ear. As soon as he said that I wanted him even more. He was hitting it so good I started trying to grab shit that wasn't even there. He started kissing to stop me from moaning. He kept going deeper but this time a little faster. My nails went deeper, and my head went back from ecstasy.
 "Cum" he whispered in my ear. He went faster, and harder. 
"Baby, baby, ahhhh" I started shaking in my legs and squirted on Nasir. The Orgasm was incredible. He flipped me over to hit it from the back. 
"You ready"
I really wasn't, I couldn't barely feel my legs. He went in at full speed. And was loving every bit of it. He grabbed my hair with one hand and smacked my ass with the other. 
"Ahhhh" I let out a moan.
"Shit" was all I heard from Nasir. I heard little moans here and now. But he was amazing. He started rubbing my clit while hitting it from the back. That shaking in my legs came back and I looked at Nasir. The look on his face made it seem like he was going to nut too. And he was. His dick starting twitching. 
"Cum for me baby" I said grabbing his neck. 
"Shit" he pushed in one last time and we both came together. I squirted everywhere.
"Damn, you don't be playing" Nasir said looking how wet everything was. 
I let out a chuckle. Nasir started getting. 
"You Might Want to fix this" I said pointing to my hair looking in the mirror. 
"I will as soon as I get dressed" I watched him get dressed. "Wipe yourself off" he said tossing me a roll of paper-towels.
After I was done I walked over to get my panties, Nasir snatched them from me.
"You won't need these" he said putting them in his pocket.
"Whatever" I said giving him a smile. He walked me over to a chair. He plugged up the curlers and went to work after about 30 min. I had a cute pin up style. Half up half down with curls. 
"I thought you couldn't look better" he said taking my hand. He stood me up and gave me a long passionate kiss. 
"Damn, a good thing gone" he said leading me out to the other salon. I felt the eyes in me as he walked me to the front of  the salon. 
"Bye, and thank you so much" I gave him a hug.
"Just make sure come back" I chuckled and left the salon.
The limousine driver greeted me with another note "From Mr. Baxton".
Hope you like everything even what's on the back seat. Got an even bigger surprise for tonight. 

I hurried up and looked in the backseat I saw a long, skinny black suede box. I opened it up to see a diamond tennis bracelet. Show-Off I thought in my head. I put the bracelet on-
"10 minutes before destination" I heard the limo driver say.
I thought about what Tony had in store for me. My thought must have consumed me because the limo driver had opened the door for me.
"Destination, Ma'am"
I gave him the biggest hug. And walked to the front if the restaurant. As soon as I entered the restaurant I was greeted by-
"Tony" I rushed up and gave him a hug.
He pushed me back and spun me around.
"You look stunning" 
"You dont look to bad yourself, and thank you for everything" 
"My Pleasure miss, come on we're seated in the back"
He took my hand and lead me to the back of the room. We had a perfect view of the jazz band that was playing. 
"How did you know" I said, "How did you know I love jazz". 
"I saw the CD's on your desk'' Tony said placing an arm around me.
I gave him the biggest hug. We turned to look at the band.
"Well, tonight we're going to have a soul session... Do Y'all mind" the guitar player asked.  
He was answered by claps and cheer. The band started playing Tell Him by Lauryn Hill. 
"I would like to introduce Denise to the stage" he pointed at me.
I had a puzzled look on my face.
"Go up" Tony whispered in my ear. 
I walked up and started to sing;
              "Let me be patient, let me be kind. Make me unselfish, without being blind. Though I may suffer howling be if not. And endure what comes, cause he all that I gotta tell him. Tell him I need him, tell him I love him…".
After I was finished I heard all the claps and cheers of the audience.
"Thank-You" I said as I walked off.
As I made it to the table Tony greeted me.
"That was wonderful" he said a he kissed me on my forehead.
After 30 min. we had ordered and gotten our food. 
"More Crystal" the waiter asked.
"No" I said.
Tony and I had gotten to know each other over an hour and half time period. His name, my name. His goals, my goals. His home life, my home life. Etc.
"How 'bout we head to the room I have something to show" Tony said standing up.

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2011-07-26 04:04:28
Great Story...I wanna know what the HELL he gotta SHOW!

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