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For those of you wondering where the exchange student is, I apologize. I got so wrapped up in the lead-up; I seem to have become distracted. Be patient. She is coming soon.

We rode home, both of us silently sharing a post cum high. We held pinkies in the back seat again, and stole knowing smiles as our mom drove. When we got home, Rach and I went to change. It was a sign of our growing bond that we kept our webcams on continuously. Without any pomp, we watched each other strip. I watched as Rach, smiling, carefully laid her panties, covered in both of our cum, under her pillow. Once we were both naked, Rach came to the computer; to what I had started to think of as our shared window into each other’s privacy. I watched as she opened up the web browser, and typed vibrators in the search. Up came a whole list of links. She picked one and browsed through it for a few minutes. I moved the pointer when I saw something I liked, but she ignored me, intent on her search. She backed out of the link, and chose another. After a few minutes, she found what she was looking for; a little egg shaped vibe, attached by wire to a little butterfly. The butterfly had elastic bands attached to each wing. And there was a cordless remote. Rach opened a little chat window, which was weird, because we could have spoken through the webcams, but I guess our comfort level wasn’t to the stage where she could talk without it feeling weird. I was fine letting her dictate the speed we moved, and so, sat and waited to see what she would write. “To help you catch up.” She wrote; then ordered it. As she was finishing her order, typing in the credit card number off a prepaid card she had, I took control of the pointer again, and clicked next-day delivery. Rach giggled, and accepted my alteration. She confirmed, and the shipping info estimated delivery by 10am tomorrow.

Rach closed the browser, and typed in the chat “Swimming at Sharon’s?” Sharon was a friend of hers who’s backyard was kitty-corner from ours, and she had a pool, and Jacuzzi. I typed “great idea” and got up to grab some nice baggy trunks, knowing what I could be in for. I showed them to Rach, who frowned, and then typed “Only if you cut out the pockets;)”. Smiling back, I pulled a pair of scissors from my desk and cut out the pockets and liner, and showed them for her approval. She nodded enthusiastically, and hopped out of her chair, her butt popping out, as she left my view. She came back a minute later, with a handful of suits. First she held up, to her beautifully naked body, a one piece mom had bought her, giggling the whole time. I frowned, and shook my head no. She threw them aside, and pulled out the powder blue bikini, the top of which she had worn for dinner last night. They were good, and I gave her a maybe look. Then she pulled out a bikini she had worn two years ago. It wasn’t a string bikini, but was very small, and as she showed me the bottoms, I noticed three things. First, they were very worn and faded. What once hat been a pastel pink, was now almost white, and the chlorine over the past two years, had done its work; it was almost sheer. Second, I could see that, although she was petite, she had grown considerably since this suit was purchased; it was very small and would be tight on her. Thirdly, the fabric covering her butt was done in such a way that, like a string bikini, you could slide the material together at the hips, basically making it a thong. I nodded yes and typed “Only if you cut out the liner;)” She flashed a naughty grin at me, snipped out the lining, and started putting it on. I sat and watched Rach, doing her best reverse striptease.

I was right that it was too small. Her breasts, while perfectly shaped, were not huge. In retrospect I would estimate B’s, which were plenty big for me, especially on her small body, but she clearly hadn’t developed when this suit fit properly. Her breasts were bulging out the sides, and touched in the center, leaving a beautiful valley. The bottoms were the best part. Even in the dim light of her room, I could see that removing the liner was a stroke of genius. They were so tight that, in pulling them high enough to cover her blond patch, they wedged themselves into her pussy so that her folds and creases were clearly visible. She turned so I could see her but, and I started to have second thoughts on my choice. The relative darkness did nothing to hide the crack of her ass showing through the material, and I could imagine that, in full sun, and wet, the suit would virtually disappear. Wanting desperately to partake of Rach in this suit myself, I just hoped she didn’t go too far on my account. She turned back around to gauge my reaction; my shocked expression was, apparently, just what she was aiming for. She jumped up and down with excitement, giggling in delight, and headed for her door. “Wait” I blurted, not wanting our mom, or frankly anyone else, to see her like that. She froze, her hand on the doorknob, and looked back at me, a mixture of quizzical shock on her face; quizzical, clearly being as a result of her wondering at my command. Shock, I realized immediately, because we hadn’t communicated verbally through the webcam, and although I’m sure she knew it was available, she either wasn’t comfortable enough yet, or she just preferred a more clandestine relationship. Hoping I hadn’t freaked her too much, and not wanting to push my luck, I typed the rest “I think maybe mom might not like that suit. She walked back over to her computer, the shocked look, to my relief, wearing off. After reading, she grabbed the one piece, pulled it on over the pink one, and did a pirouette for me to judge. I made the O.K. sign with both hands, and she spun, and resumed her gleeful exit. I snagged two towels on my way past the bathroom, and followed Rach down the stairs. “We’ll be at Sharon’s” my sister sing-songed to our mom as she passed by her at the kitchen table, on her way to the back door. Mom, looking up from the papers she had spread across the table, said “u guys look after each other in that pool.” “We will mom.” Rach said with a slight lilt, turning and winking at me.

We crossed the backyard to the corner that touched the corner of Sharon’s back yard. Rach yanked down the one piece, revealing the pink suit, and pretty much everything else, to the light if day. Not wanting to seem prudish, I let my dick take over the talking. “WOW!!! I think that suit is illegal.” Smiling with pleasure she said “To bad you don’t have handcuffs.” and kissed me, long and deep, pressing her nearly naked body into mine. “You do like it, don’t you?” she said evilly, as she squeezed my dick through my trunks. “Help me over the fence Big Bro.” she said, standing expectantly at the corner of the yard.
Now I had seen Rach climb over this corner of fence a thousand times, so I knew she was just making an excuse for me to touch her. Happy to comply, I put myself in the very corner of the 6” high fence facing out to Rachel. “Jungle Jim, at your service.” I said, smiling down at her. She looked me up and down, as if searching for good spots to climb. She told me to squat down some, and barefooted, she started climbing. She put one foot on my thigh, which, I having squatted, was a perfect platform. Then, holding onto my shoulders, she stepped up onto my other thigh with her other foot. She stood straight up, and I was face to face with her barely covered pussy. “Care to catch up a little?” she said, smiling down at me. I’d love that.” I blurted, anticipating the view. She took her hands off my shoulders and started wiggling the tight bottoms of her bikini down. I put my hands on her thighs to help her balance, and moved my knees closer together so the bottoms would come down easier.

They almost popped off of her ass, and she slid them down to where my hands were holding her thighs, then put one hand on the top of my head, to balance I thought, and brought her other hand to her pussy. She stared making circles around her clit, smaller and smaller, until she brushed it with one finger. “Right there.” She said tapping her clit to each word, her legs trembling ever so slightly with each tap. And then, the hand on my head grabbed more hair than I thought possible from such a small hand, and guided me forcefully to her pussy. Her other hand joined in and I was face to face with Rach’s perfect pussy. It was tan, like the rest of her. The small shock of light blond hair seemed an arrow on a treasure map. Her pussy was smooth and slick, already wet with her juices. Small, and the Then, licking her cum off my chin, she cheerfully said “Let’s go.”

We got over the fence, her only needing help because of the state her legs were in. Sharon’s backyard was an adult play-land. A large kidney shaped pool was surrounded by; a bar, an outdoor kitchen/grill, a Jacuzzi, and an assortment of chairs tables and shays-lounge bed/chairs. Sharon, a truly tiny girl, had been a gymnast until she turned 13, and her boobs exploded from her chest; a pretty, curly haired, redhead, the contrast between her tiny waist, and huge chest was startling. I saw, as we rounded the shed that hid the corner of the backyard we had used as our entrance, that Sharon was in the Jacuzzi facing away from us. It clearly being Rach’s job to announce us, I said nothing as we approached. Rach grabbing my hand, pulled me down behind the bushes that surrounded the back edge of the pool deck, put her finger to her lips, and whispered “I know what she’s doing. Stay quiet and watch.” The wicked look startling in its sudden appearance. We were 30 feet away, bushes, and half the pool between us and Sharon. At first, I didn’t notice anything. Then I saw that instead of sitting on the built in bench in the Jacuzzi, she was leaning over the opposite side facing out. As I watched her back, I could see she was moving a little up and down. Baffled, I gave a questioning look to Rach, who I had to shake to get to turn from the apparent show I was not seeing. “She’s using the jets to get off” she whispered excitedly in response to my questioning expression.

We both turned back, me now completely interested, as Rach continued the commentary. “She taught me how to do it when we were 12. She said she figured it out when she was 9. Remember how much I used to sleep over at her house?” I turned to look at Rach, a look of newly rearranged memory dawning on my face. Of course I remembered. That summer, she slept at Sharon’s, more than in her own bed. Rach turned to me, a naughty look in her eyes “that is, until I discovered the shower head.” She added. My look of shock and desire making her wiggle with glee “but this head is better, and placing both hands on my face she kissed me. It was the best kiss of my young life. It wasn’t frantic with need, or quick and chased, but a long intimate sharing; we were truly together, separated from the world. When it ended, I groggily realized Rach had resumed the Sharon watch. Just in time, I turned to see Sharon, the up and down motion gone shaking slightly, and then with a long exhale, she turned around, and laid her head back, breathing hard, a smile on her face.

“C’mon” Rach said, crawling back around corner of the shed. Standing up, and giving me a wink, Rach yelled “Sharon, are you back here?” and we walked around the corner of the shed. “Hey Rach” she said looking over to see us walking between the bushes, and onto the deck. “Oh, hi Jake.” She added, clearly not expecting me, she immediately started fumbling with something under the water. Knowing what she had just been doing, I guessed she was trying to get her suit bottoms back on before I got close enough to see. “I invited Jake over to swim. I hope that’s O.K.” Rach said as we walked up to the edge of the Jacuzzi. “Sure” Sharon said, clearly more comfortable with me being here, now that she had her bikini bottoms back on. “You guys wana come in?” asked Sharon. “You go ahead Jake, I’m gona lay out.” Rach said smiling weirdly at me, and walking away toward a shays-lounge, leaving me standing there with no option but to get in the Jacuzzi.

I slid in, as far from Sharon as I could get. I had had a crush on Sharon, and still felt nervous around her. “Rach was telling me how well you’re doing at swimming.” Sharon offered, trying to break the awkward moment. “I’m doing O.K.” I said, not sure what to say without seeming to brag. “She told me all about that meet you had this spring.” She said, sounding strangely nervous. “…said you were awesome.” She finished. “I was at the top of my age-group.” I said, trying to shrug off her accolade. “I was a lot bigger than the other guys, that’s all.” I said, figuring that kept me from bragging without contradicting Rachel. Sharon didn’t say anything, but looked at me kinda queerly. After a few minutes Sharon got up and asked me if I wanted a drink. I said “sure”, and she came back moments later with two iced teas, she handed me one, and sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi, right next to me, her thigh touching my shoulder. “You know, Rach and I come out here at night sometimes without suits on.” “Really.” I said, trying unsuccessfully to hide my interest in the subject. “Sometimes,” she said more quietly, “when nobody’s’ home, we’ve even done it during the day.” I was in the in the middle of a deep drink of my tea, and just managed not to choke. Feeling I needed to say something to fill the silence left in the wake of this admission, I offered, “no wonder Rach doesn’t have tan lines,” realizing just as I finished, that I shouldn’t know that. “Me neither, she offered, pulling the side of her suit bottoms down to show me a lightly tanned, sparsely freckled hip, devoid of any tan lines.” As she pulled her suit back into position, her leg, dangling in the water next to me, she shifted, her foot coming to rest on my thigh.

Weather it was the talk of Sharon and Rach naked together, the glimpse of her hip, or the feeling of her foot on my thigh, where minutes earlier, Rach’s foot had been while I ate her pussy, my dick was solid steel in my trunks. The Jacuzzi jets had blown my trunks into a balloon, allowing my dick to wander freely. When Sharon’s foot landed on my thigh, it pulled on my trunks, causing my dick to wander in that direction. I glanced down to see it mere inches from Sharon’s foot. Sharon seemed unaware, or unconcerned with the contact, and not knowing how to extricate myself without being weird, I simply sat there, motionless, hoping my dick wouldn’t embarrass me. Without prompting, Sharon continued “Actually, I don’t think anyone’s home now,” she said, in what I could tell was a forced casual tone. “I think I’ll go check.” She said, setting her drink down. As she got up, I felt her foot graze the side of my dick. I couldn’t tell for sure if it was intentional, but it seemed an unlikely accident. She seemed a bit startled as she stood, but it was difficult to tell. As Sharon walked away, I glanced over to Rach. She was lying out on her stomach, 20 feet away or so, too far away to have heard Sharon and my conversation; her head propped up on her hands, she was watching us. She smiled a knowing smile.

I jumped up quickly, my dick bouncing, as it strained to lift the left leg of my trunks. I went over to Rachel, kneeling in front to her. “Sharon’s acting weird.” I said, hoping Rach could buffer me from any further embarrassment. “Oh, I can imagine.” She said, her knowing grin turning to a smirk. My blank expression encouraging her to explain, she offered. “Don’t get mad at me O.K.,” and without waiting for me to respond continued, “Well, we used to talk about your little crush, and then…I…um…kinda told her about when I saw how big I saw you were at that swim meet.” She finished quickly, seeming embarrassed, and a little guilty. “Rach!” I said in an exasperated, but not angry tone. “I know, I’m sorry, I just wanted her to regret not taking your crush on her seriously. And she does regret it now. Even before I told her about the…meet, she had been asking me to invite you over.”

Trying to absorb this quickly, before Sharon returned, I asked “Do you guys really skinny-dip?” “Oh she is evil.” Rach responded, a little embarrassed. “We do, but I know why she told you. She wants to see you for herself. I don’t think she believed me when I told her how big you are.” “What should I do” I said, feeling way out of my comfort zone. “Do whatever you want.” Rach responded, trying a little too hard to seem unconcerned. Realizing she misunderstood, I explained; “Rach, I meant about the skinny-dipping. I’d never do anything with her. You are…well, I like being with you.” I finished lamely. A look of relief, and happiness lit her face. She leaned forward and kissed me quickly on the lips. “It would be fun to see her face.” she quipped, her evil smile appearing. “Now be a good Big Bro, and put some lotion on me please.” “Anything for you, Little Sis” I replied, getting up to retrieve some lotion from a table nearby.

I returned and sat on the edge of the lounge chair, next to her legs. She put her arms to her sides, and laid her head down, “Don’t miss a spot,” she said dreamily, as I started on her shoulders. I worked my way down, reveling in the job. With all we had shared, this was my first opportunity to explore her body. My dick was painfully hard, and I shifted my legs, kneeling with one leg between hers, as I reached her lower back. I was about to move again, to get in a better position to do her legs, when she reached back and slid her bottoms together into the crack of her ass. I looked up to see, her face, sideways, showing a naughty smile. I got more lotion, and softly caressed her ass. The muscles in Rach’s ass flexed, as I worked the lotion in. She cooed softly, and I found I had a fight going on inside me. My dick was saying; Go! Go! Go!, while my head was imagining Sharon, returning as I massaged my sister’s ass. My dick won out as Rach slithered down farther in the lounge chair till her pussy came up against my knee. “Harder,” Rach murmured, as she slowly started grinding her pussy into my knee. The action of her grinding, flexed her ass muscles, sending ripples over her ass. Becoming lost in the spectacle, I only just heard the patio door slide open. I deftly moved to Rach’s legs, returning to a level of apparent disinterest I thought suited a proper brother. Hearing Rach give a frustrated “humph,” I whispered “sorry.”

As Sharon approached, I almost stood up, before realizing my dick would defiantly be un-hide-able. Sharon came, carrying 3 daiquiris. “I called my dad. They won’t be home till 6.” She said nervously, as she handed us both daiquiris, and sat on the chair next to Rach’s. “I made us real drinks” she said, smiling, and holding up her daiquiri. Rach rolled on her side to face Sharon, and I had to semi stand up to disentangle my leg from between hers; sitting back down, in front of her legs. I looked up to catch a shared look between Rach and Sharon. Feeling self-conscious, I said nothing, and drank enough daiquiri to give me an ice cream headache, which I managed to hide.

“Sharon, have you been teasing Jake?” Rach said playfully, clearly meaning to embarrass her, and, I think unintentionally, embarrassing me also in the process. Sharon glanced at me, obviously unsure of what I had told Rach of our conversation, and unsure of what to say. “I didn’t mean to…” she said, truly upset that I might have been hurt. The look on her face melted my apprehension. “It’s cool” I said, hoping to make her feel better, and without letting myself think about it, I stood up, slid off my trunks, and said “Lets swim.”

The look on Sharon’s face as my dick bobbed a foot away was priceless, and then, turning to Rach, who was watching Sharon’s reaction with satisfaction, I said “c’mon”, took two steps, and dove into the pool bare ass naked. Under water, and alone with my own thoughts, I exalted in by bravado. Coming to the surface, I spun around to see my sister Rach, and her friend Sharon, the girl I first masturbated to, stripping of their suits like they were on fire, and jumping together into the pool after me.

We played around in the pool for a while, the cool water doing nothing to counteract the affect these two girls were having on my swollen cock. I quickly got comfortable being naked, the pool being the perfect environment for me to feel at home, and at ease. I worked as a flip ride for a while, the girls taking turns stepping a foot into my laced together hands, and squealing with delight as I launched them into the air. I enjoyed the sight of their naked bodies vaulting up in front of me. Rach seemed incapable of stopping herself from grabbing my dick and squeezing any time she thought she could get away with it without Sharon seeing. Sharon took every opportunity to look at my dick. She didn’t try touching it, overtly anyway, but the frequency of her casually brushing up against it, made it clear she was interested.

We played Marco Polo, both girls reaching below the water when zeroing in on me. Deciding to let Sharon have a good feel, I purposely positioned myself so that her under water searching succeeded. She brushed my dick with her hand, and eyes still closed, brought her other hand around, and, full fisted, grabbed my cock. Her eyes sprang open, and she stood there a moment frozen, then, as if she couldn’t help herself, she explored it for a few seconds, feeling it’s length, and the size of the head, until Rach’s “Marco,” delivered with a hint of “hands off him” implied, startled Sharon, and she let go. At one point, when Sharon was it, Rach went under and popped the head of my cock in her mouth. The change from cool pool water, to the warmth inside her mouth, made me gasp, but fearing Sharon would notice the absence of Rach’s “Polo,” I reluctantly pulled away.

There was a basketball hoop at pretty close to 9 feet high. We played horse. I cheated by dunking; something I knew neither of them could do. They both complained good naturedly, that it wasn’t fair. Rach offered “The only way it’s fair, is if you help us get that high.” I reached to lift Rach by her waist, ready to comply. “Not that way” she said grinning, “go under.” I sank, squatting on the bottom, and I felt Rach climb up my back, and put her legs on either side of my head. Realizing what she was doing, I reached up and grabbed the tops of her thighs, to hold her steady, and stood up. Rach grabbed my hair to gain her balance, and I was reminded forcefully of our encounter at the fence. Rach got her balance, and removing one hand, put the other near the front of my head, her fingers on my forehead. I was walking on the bottom to where the ball floated, when I felt her hips move. Fearing she was losing her balance, I stopped walking and redoubled my grip on her thighs. I realized then, the hip motion, subtle and rhythmic, that she was humping the back of my neck. She shouted “giddy up horsy, git that ball” and, giggling, bounced up and down slightly, grinding her clit into my spine.

I was at a loss as to how to react, so I just continued to the ball (as slowly as I could without being obvious I was stalling so Rach could enjoy the ride). I managed to give her about a minute of fun, not enough to satisfy her, but all I could give. She dunked the ball with ease, and then it was Sharon’s turn. I swam up to her with the ball, and not waiting, swam behind, under her small, but tight ass, and came up, her warm pussy pushed hard on my neck. She squeezed her legs tight to my ears, and I had to pry them apart, or fear getting squished. Sharon didn’t do anything as blatant as Rach’s grinding, but I felt her wiggling in a way that had nothing to do keeping her balance.

Sharon said she wanted to see how a real swimmer swam, and Rach agreed. “What do you want to see?” I said, aiming to please. Rach spoke up with excitement “The one where you go through the air.” “It’s called Butterfly Rach” I said, playfully exasperated. I swam some fly, wondering if my ass was as good a show for the girls, as the show I had gotten watching girls on my team swim it. When I finished, Sharon said she wanted to see backstroke. I knew what that was about. As I swam, rolling from side to side (good technique) my dick swung from side to side like a pendulum, splashing into the water with a thunk at each roll. It surprised me how good it felt, and I wondered briefly, if I could actually cum from it, but finished, and asked if we could have another drink, our daiquiri glasses sitting empty at the edge of the pool.

Sharon jumped out of the pool and scampered inside, and I swam over to Rach. “Having fun?” I asked, putting my hand on her hip, and sliding it up and down to caress the side of her butt. “I’m so horny I could jump on you” she said, no hint of a smile on her lips. She grabbed by cock with both hands and pulled me to her, my hand sliding around her butt cheek to burry itself between her legs. “I can’t take it any more” she pleaded, “let’s go home.” I offered, “how about we go into the Jacuzzi first.” Without responding she turned, and leading me by my dick, like a dog on a leash, she pulled me to the side of the pool, pulled herself up and squatting, wiggled her ass and pussy in my face, and then sprinted to the Jacuzzi.

I followed, getting used to the bounce my fully engorged cock made as I walked. I slipped in as Rach, leaning over the side, turned the jets to full. The water bubbled and frothed, making it an excellent screen for any underwater actions. Rach found a jet rising from the bench seat, and squatting over it, facing the sliding glass doors to keep an eye out for Sharon, pierced me with a look that clearly meant business, and said, “give me your hand.” I scooted along the bench to sit beside where she crouched, and, grabbing my hand, pulled it behind her, underwater to her pussy. “Put your fingers in me,” she said, half begging and half commanding, with such animal intensity, I was shocked. Never having done, or even thought about doing this to a girl, I took a finger, and searched for an opening. I apparently wasn’t moving fast enough, because Rach reached between her legs with both hands, grabbed two of my fingers, pulled them strait, and plunged them in hard. Still having no idea what I was doing, I just followed Rach’s example, and buried my fingers as deep as I could, then pulled them out to the tips, and buried them again.

I continued burying and pulling almost out as Rach put her hand on my leg for support, and squeezed. “Harder!” she commanded, all trace of begging gone. I plunged up as hard as I could, lifting her off her feet, and she grunted, unlike anything I had heard from her. It was low and throaty, completely animal. I repeated that as fast as I could, bouncing Rach off her feet over and over again. Her grunting got louder and ended with a tiny squeak as I bottomed out in her each time. Just as I was about to interrupt her, fearing the noise might bring Sharon, her grunt turned into a long shuddering squeal, she crashed down onto my hand, pinning my wrist with her ass, and writhed on my fingers, uncontrollably. She sat there, smashed onto my hand in an orgasmic fit, till long after the breath powering her squeal had expired, then collapsed back against the side of the Jacuzzi, melting sideways, she put her head on my shoulder and gasped for air.

I looked down at her face expecting to see contentment, or a wicked smile; instead I saw a stuporous drunken look. She snapped out of it quickly, when the sliding glass door opened. Turning to me, she smiled drunkenly, and whispered “I love you Jake.” I smiled and started to move to extricate my hand before Sharon arrived. “Her look flashed panic “No, don’t move your hand please.” It was a little awkward, but I positioned myself as best I could to appear that I was just slouching, and nodded. “I tried pinna coladas this time, but I’m not sure I got it right” Sharon said, walking up to the edge of the Jacuzzi, and offering us each a glass. I took mine with my unencumbered hand and Rachel took hers with a shaking hand. Sharon slid in opposite us, and we all had a well-deserved drink. I hadn’t tried much alcohol, but I knew it was very strong. I had felt a buzz from the first drink, and knew this was going to really hit me hard soon. I sat there drinking, and listening as Rach, and Sharon talked.

With nothing else to do, I started exploring Rach’s pussy with the two fingers I still had buried inside. At first I explored slowly and carefully, not wanting to hurt Rach, or make her move away, robbing me of this opportunity. She wiggled a little when I first started, a little surprised maybe, but quickly mastered herself, and looked completely undistracted, as Sharon talked about some boy.

Rach’s pussy was small, smooth and tight at the opening, but inside, it opened up a little. Most of the inside was soft and smooth, but on the back of my fingers, I felt a spongy spot, rougher and pushed slightly away from the wall at the front of her pussy. I parted my fingers to the sides of the spongy spot, and used a scissor motion to lightly grip the spongy flesh. Rach jerked, and her hand gripped my thigh underwater like a vise. I repeated the scissor motion, and Rach’s fingernails dug into my leg. I thought maybe I was hurting her; that her hand was telling me to stop, so I paused my scissors. Rach looked at me out of the corner of her eyes, and nodded almost imperceptibly. I returned to my motion, Rach’s hand released its grip on my leg, and slithered to my rigid cock.
She didn’t stroke it; she gripped it like she had my leg. Having been hard without cumming for hours, the pain was intense, and strangely pleasurable. We sat there, me chopping that spongy spot, her hand locked on my cock. Rach downed half her drink in one gulp, and asked, “I’m sorry Sharon, can I have some more”, interrupting Sharon in mid story. Sharon, momentarily put off, said O.K.” and got out to go get another drink.

As soon as the door closed, Rach exploded all over my hand; I think she had been holding back. Looking at me, she bucked her hips, and panted as she came. Her hand on my cock was moving as a result of her gyrations, and as she finished, I felt myself on the verge of finally blowing this long waiting load. “ please don’t stop Rach” I pleaded, she immediately responded by taking a big breath and diving under, putting the head of my cock in her mouth, and using both hands to jerk me. I came within seconds of her mouth touching my cock, and thrusting my hips upward, unable to stop myself, I pushed the top of Rach’s head out of the water with my cock. She swallowed all of my cum and kept sucking; and I had to pull her head off my dick, or she would have sucked the life out of me.

She sat back next to me, holding my dick like she was holding my hand and we relaxed, completely spent. When Sharon returned, Rach said “Jake why don’t you sit up on the edge so Sharon can get a good LOOK.” She emphasized the last word, making sure there was no doubt that a look was all she would get. We stayed another half hour. Sharon could get a long look whenever she wanted, which was enough to keep me hard, and look she did. I asked if she liked it. She said “It’s awesome; I wish I could find one for me.” When we were pulling our suits back on to go home, Sharon said “you guys should come back next weekend, my parents will be gone the whole weekend. We’ll have the whole house to ourselves.” Leaving no doubt in my head, what she had in mind.

Rach and I were exhausted as we made our way across our backyard. “I’m spent” she said as we reached the door. I stopped her, and turning her towards me, bent and kissed her lightly on the lips; a goodnight kiss. Then we walked into our house, brother and sister, and aside from stolen glances, we were content to be “normal”; for the rest of the night, anyway.



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2011-07-27 04:29:19
I enjoyed it immensely, but you lacked any part about the oral that he gave her before they went over the fence other than "licking her cum off my chin...". Whats up with that? It kind of ruins the rest of the story cause you referred back to it a couple of times, so it would be nice to see a revision with that part added. Anyways hope to see more of this series from you!

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