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Kayko Tells Her Secret
My Asian Treat Pt. 3

Kayko Reveals Her Secret

Kayko snuggled up next to me as we lay on the mat side by side, her breathing slowly returning to normal as well as mine. Looking at her soft round face I was mesmerized by her beauty. The gentle curves of her cheeks, the notably almond shape of her eyes, her exquisite body with slim hips, toned legs and arms highlighted by delicate slender fingers made me realize just how fortunate I was to just be in her presence, let alone inside her. For me and my tastes in women, she topped the charts.

“Mike?” I snapped out of my daze to see Kayko looking up at me with a queried look on her face. “Are you ok?”

I smiled at her before leaning down and kissing her on the lips. “I’m fine,” I answered while sliding my hand up to cup her left breast. “I was just drinking in your beauty.”

A broad smile came across her lips followed by a little giggle. “Thank you.” She said as she brought her hands up and covered my hand on her breast, pressing down firmly. “I will go and prepare your bath; rest here.”

I watched as Kayko left the room still completely naked, her glorious ass winking back and forth at me. Kayko was gone for a few minutes during which I could hear water running, some splashing, and the buckets rattling. She returned to the door way still naked. “Ok Mike, your bath is ready.”

This was the first time I could see Kayko standing naked at a distance. I really liked what I saw. With her feet together her legs slowly parted until right below her crotch. There, was a two inch wide gap right below her pussy, leaving her delicate lips and labia fully exposed. Just above was her neatly trimmed patch framed by lightly rounded hips. Her firm flat stomach gave the slightest hint of a toned six pack, leading up to her firm and perky breasts. The bulk of her hair was flowing down over her right shoulder reaching to her hip bone, obscuring part of her right breast and her right arm. When my gaze reached her face, Kayko was looking straight at me with a very pleasant smile. Kayko then picked up one foot and took a half step to the side, parting her feet about 12 inches to give me an inviting view.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked before glancing down at herself.

“Yes Kayko, you’re beautiful,” I replied as I stood up. “I could look at you all day.”

I walked over to her till I was standing right in front of her. That pleasant smile never left her face, not even when she reached out a gently grasp my semi hard dick. I looked down at her small hand wrapped around my meat and asked, “Do you like that?”

The biggest smile I ever saw from her broke out across her face accompanied by a slight blush. I guess she wasn’t expecting me to ask her such a personal question because she did not answer me verbally; she just slightly nodded her head yes. With a little tug from her hand she led me down the hall to the bathing room by my dick, before gesturing to the stool and telling me to sit. Everything else went just as before. I sat, she soaped. Again she took great care in washing my dick, followed by the two part rinse. In no time I was sitting in the hot pool watching Kayko bathe. As she started her bathing process she did something a little different. From the room in the back where Kayko would get the buckets of water, she pulled out a small 4 foot high stand that had a large tub sitting on its top. A short section of hose came out of the center of the tubs bottom ending with a twist valve and a tapered wooden handle. It hung from a small hook on one of the stands legs. I watched very intently as Kayko poured two buckets of water into the tub on the top of the stand. Every now and then she would glance over at me while she performed her task, and I winked at her each time causing a nice smile to appear on her lips. After putting the two buckets back into the back room Kayko returned and picked up the end of the hose.

Kayko looked over at me and said, “I must clean inside first.”

“Can I watch?” I asked while propping myself up on the side of the pool.

“Hy.” she replied while turning to face me.

Kayko positioned herself directly over the drain and spread her feet wide apart. Bending her knees outward she squatted down a little before inserting the end of the hose into her pussy. With maybe 3 or 4 inches inside she turned the valve, allowing the water from the tub to flow into her. For several seconds nothing appeared to happen. Then a drip came from around the wooden end and her pussy, followed by a little trickle of water. Kayko shut the valve off and pulled out the hose. Some water escaped from inside her before she tightened her muscles and pushed out a huge gush of water and cum. I was actually surprised as to how much water she could hold inside her pussy. I just sat quietly and watched as she repeated this procedure 7 or 8 times until all of the water was gone. When she was done she put the small stand away and then took her bath. She washed every last inch very thoroughly, paying particular attention to her pussy. By the time she had rinsed I had another boner and was anxious for what I knew was coming. With all of the bathing supplies put away Kayko walked over to the pool and gently glided into the water. I leaned back against the side and extended my legs, bringing them close together. Again, Kayko walked right over to me, straddled my waist, and sat straight down on my cock, taking it all the way down to the base. I reached up and placed my hands on her tits, giving them a light squeeze. Kayko responded in kind by squeezing my dick with her pussy.

“That’s a neat trick you do there,” I said as I squeezed her breasts again. “Where did you learn how to do that?”

Kayko looked into my eyes as she squeezed my dick again. “When I was 12, I went to stay with my grandmother for a year. She taught me.”

Way to go granny! At least that’s what I thought, but I still had more questions. “Why did she teach you this?” I asked while squeezing her breasts a little harder. “Is this something that all girls are taught?”

“No,” she replied while gripping my dick harder in that silky vise between her legs. “I asked her to teach me.”

Now I was getting more curious than just the general inquiry to appease my state of arousal. “Why did you ask her to teach you this incredible trick?” and this time I squeezed her breasts and held firm, not releasing them immediately.

Kayko responded by clamping her pussy onto my cock and squeezing really hard. It felt like I was inside a virgin as her pussy held me firmly from tip to base. She only released her grip when I let go of her tits. “I told her I wanted to know of the ancient art of pleasing a man, so I asked her to teach me.” I could tell she was skirting my question a little.

“Didn’t she want to know why you wanted to learn this?” I asked while rolling my thumbs over her nipples. The effect of rolling her nipples under my thumbs brought about the rippling effect from inside her tight pussy. From the base of my cock to the tip, her delicious pussy began sucking me into her. As I slowed down my movements she would slow down, when I speeded up, she sped up. I was in absolute heaven! The control Kayko was displaying showed a lot of discipline.

While I ‘played with the controls’, Kayko let out a small sigh and answered me, “I told her I wanted to be able to please you.”

I froze in place. My fingers stopped moving and my hands stopped squeezing. Did she just say what I thought she said?! “Say that again,” I stammered looking up at her face. “You wanted to please me?”

Kayko looked long fully into my eyes before nodding her head yes. “When Hirito came home for Christmas and the New Year of 86’ he brought his pictures from that first semester. He showed us what some of America looked like, the school grounds, and several pictures of his room and roommate.” With that statement an unsolicited squeeze came from Kaykos pussy.

“That was me,” I stated. “I was Hiritos roommate all five years.”

“Hy,” replied Kayko as she began squeezing and releasing my dick in a slow rhythmic pace, almost like a massage. “I thought you were so handsome.” She paused in her speech for a moment while her eyes scanned all over my face, neck, and shoulders. “I stole that picture from Hirito and hid it in my room. Many nights I would rub myself thinking of what it would be like to be with you. So one day I asked my mother if I could go and stay with my grandmother for a while. She used to live in the imperial palace, when she was a young girl, as a hand maid to the impress. One of her duties was to teach the impress how to please the emperor. These are the ancient ways that have been kept secret for many years.”

I sat mystified while Kayko told her tale, enjoying the sensations coming from my groin because she never once stopping the massage action on my dick.

“I spent a whole year as her student,” Kayko continued as she twisted her hips a little. “She taught me how to grip and pull without moving.” And with that Kayko gave an incredible demonstration by rippling her pussy and squeezing at the same time, almost causing me to cum instantly. Fortunately she slowed her pace back to the slow and steady massage as she continued to speak, preventing me from another orgasm. “My grandfather made all of the tools I would need to learn the ancient art, and I still practice with them every day. I just knew that one day I would meet you.”

Now I felt a little strange. Not that I had some kind of psycho sitting on my dick who was obsessed with me, but more like an appreciation for someone who had obviously gone through a lot of trouble on my behalf.

“So I take it that you liked me,” I stated while scooting forward a little on the bench and sitting up straight. We could almost sit face to face with her on my lap and her knees on the submerged bench on either side of me.
“Hy,” she replied with a smile and a small nod of her head.

I grasp Kaykos ankles and wrapped her legs around my back before hugging her close to me.

“Well then,” I stated before giving her a little kiss, “I hope I am everything you expected.”

Kayko smiled really big and gave my dick a hard squeeze with her pussy. Putting her arms around my neck she brought her face right up to mine. “I have never been happier!” she said and kissed me deeply, pressing as much of herself against my body as possible, her full weight forcing my dick deep inside her. I must admit, at that moment I felt really good. Not only was I inside the most beautiful woman I had ever had the privilege of knowing, but something deep inside me stirred. She was starting to get to me. We kissed and hugged and Kayko massaged my dick inside her for almost half an hour before she finally separated herself from me. She had not brought me to an orgasm this time but it really didn’t matter. I had just spent a very close and intimate time with Kayko and was grateful for it. I had enjoyed every second while I was inside her, but I also enjoyed every second I had held her close to me while kissing and hugging.

“I will get the towels,” she said as she waded over to the far side of the pool. Watching Kayko do anything is a treat. Every last move she makes is deliberate and graceful, including climbing out of the bathing pool. After wrapping a towel around herself she motioned for me, standing ready with the towel in hand. Again she dried me, refusing to let me help. I felt a little awkward this time being waited on hand and foot, not being naked in front of her. When she finished she wrapped a robe around me and lead me back to the sleeping room.

“I will go and dry off,” she said with a bow.

“Just a minute,” I said as I picked the plastic egg up from its little box. “Aren’t you forgetting something,” I asked while dangling the egg from its antenna?

Kayko didn’t say a word. She stepped over to me and opened her towel, revealing her naked glory to me. With a half step to the side she parted her legs, exposing her pussy. I knelt down in front of her and repositioned the egg in my hand. Holding the egg between my fingers I reached out and placed it between her exposed labia. Kayko bent her knees outward, encouraging me to push it inside her. With a little bit of a rub from the front to the rear to lubricate the egg it slowly slid in. I pushed the egg into her the entire length of my finger before withdrawing it and bringing it to my mouth. Her pussy juice tasted clean and fresh as I licked my finger clean. Looking up at her she had a very satisfied look on her face. I quickly wrapped my arms around her ass and pulled her towards me, giving her a kiss on her belly right above her patch.

“Ok,” I said as I gave her a little pat on her ass, “Now you can go dry off.”

To see her reaction would remind you of a small kid after you had just given them a bag of candy. Kayko smiled really big, closed her towel, and scooted off toward the door. When she reached the door she stopped, turned around and bowed. “Thank you Mike.” she smiled. Then she headed off down the hall.

I stood and stepped over to the window. It was nice outside. I could see the glow of the lights from Tokyo off in the distance. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day for me starting with a very important business meeting. My entire business trip would depend on tomorrow and my first impression. Unfortunately I was still wide awake. Picking up the remote I pressed the button and held it for a second. Now that I knew how it worked I waited patiently for Kayko. In a matter of moments she was at the door.

“Yes Mike,” she said with a bow. She was wearing the blue robe with the white sachet again.

“Is there anything to drink? I was thinking some bourbon would be nice.” What can I say, I like bourbon.

Kayko stepped out of the doorway and into the office. I followed behind her to see what was happening. In the wall, next to the TV, she slid open a panel to reveal a small bar and a small fridge.

“This place is just full of surprises,” I said as I stepped past her and took a seat in the chair behind the desk.
Kayko poured me a small glass of Jack Daniels on the rocks and brought it over to me. Taking the glass from her I took a good belt then set the glass on the desk.

“So where do you stay?” I asked her while running my hand up the inside of her left leg.

“I have a small place at the back of the property,” she said while pointing toward the window.

“I see,” I said as my hand came to rest on her bare pussy. “But what if I wanted you to stay here?” I flipped the switch on the remote to the on position and tossed it on the desk.

“Whatever you wish,” was her reply while she spread her feet apart again giving me complete access to her womanhood. I started to get hard again while I gently stroked her slit. I could feel her pussy vibrating from the egg inside it.

“I would like that very much, if you don’t mind.” I already knew her answer.

Kayko smiled at me and bowed, “I am for your service.”

End Pt.3

Bear with me guys. I know this chapter was not as exciting as the last two, but this is what happened to me during my business trip. It also happened 15 years ago and I am doing my best to retell it as it happened. I will try not to disappoint in the next chapter.

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I've spent some time in South Korea. The women are to die for there as well. I just wished I could have stayed a little longer. Asian women are incredible.


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