This is part 2 of my story, enjoy :)
Babysitting Rachel- Part 2

The next Saturday I went over to the Elliot’s again, this time at 6.30pm. I had been horny all week waiting for this. The last time I went to babysit Sarah Elliot’s children her daughter and me brought each other off three times. I had fantasized and masturbated every day (sometimes twice) throughout the week.
I arrived at the house, knocked on the door and John answered.
“Hi, John”
“Mum! Joes hear”
“Hi, Joe!” Said Sarah “How are you?”
“Hi, Sarah, Im fine thanks, and you?”
“Very well thank you Joe”
“I will be back at midnight, and these two are to go to bed at 9” She said.
“Okay, that’s cool” I replied.
Sarah left, saying bye to her kids, she got in her car and drove away.
I wandered into the living room to find John watching TV he had his T-Shirt off and I noticed a surprisingly toned body for a 10 year old. I asked him how he was and went through all the pleasantries and then asked where Rachel was. He said she was upstairs so I walked up the stairs and found Rachel’s room. I knocked on the door and walked in. She had just finished getting changed by the look of it and as I walked in she sat down on her bed.
“Hi Rachel, I just came to let you know I was here”
“Hi Joe, hey, do you want to play dares?”
“Okay” I said and sat on her desk chair.
“Okay, ill go first”
I leant back and watched this beauty of a child think of her first dare for me.
“Okay, I dare you to take your shirt of and run round the room twice” she said giggling.
“Sure” I replied.
So I took of my shirt, revealing my relatively toned body and proceeded to run around the room with her watching intently all the way.
After I was done I sat down again, leaving my shirt on the floor.
“Haha, okay your turn, give me a dare”
“Okay, I dare you to do the same.”
“Ha, okay!”
She lifted her t-shirt of her head, revealing those perfect A-cups I had been fantasizing about all week and also revealing that she hadn’t been wearing a bra. Her puffy nipples where a little erect and my penis was already rock hard, before she started running. As she ran the A-cups only moved a tiny bit, but it still turned me on even more and by the time she was finished I was ready to burst.
“Okay your turn again” I said as she sat down (I noticed that she didn’t put her top back on either)
“Err, do the same but with your trousers and pants off as well.”
I obliged and then dared her to do the same.
She pulled down her trousers, to reveal the same Hello Kitty panties she had on the week before and yet again there was a wet patch on the front where her sweet pussy was leaking juices. She pulled Hello Kitty down and bared her smooth wet pussy to me again. At that point I almost exploded. Her bare pussy started to run around the room and by the time she sat down you could tell she was turned on, mainly because her pussy was dripping.
She sat down on the bed and exclaimed that is was my turn again.
“I have a better idea” I said.
“Why don’t we play doctors”
“Yeah, that sounds good, can I be the patient”
“You can be whoever you want” I said
She lay down on her bed and I started to check her head for ‘any medical problems’.
“No problems here”
“Check everywhere else”
I started to move down her neck, stroking my hands down her soft neck and onto her petite shoulders. I lent in and kissed her softly on her neck, she let out a tiny gasp as I kissed closer to her boobs. My hands slid down and rubbed her small boobs. I pinched her puffy nipples and rolled them between my hands. They became rock solid quite quickly, and so I bent down to suck on them. I tenderly bit down on her nipples and she let out a squeal of ecstasy. Suddenly I heard the door open behind me. I looked round and saw John standing there.
“What are you doing?” he asked.
“Were playing doctors” I replied.
“Can I play?”
I hesitated for a moment, thinking of a way out of this, and then had to say yes.
“But you have to be naked”
He pulled his shorts out and released his tiny prick; it looked like he had a semi.
“Okay, now come over here” I said “rub your sisters boobs to check for any problems”
He stated poking in her chest area but I quickly got up behind him and repositioned his hands. He let out a gasp as my rock hard penis touched his ass; I think I even felt him push backwards a little bit.
I then moved down to Rachel’s feet, and started sucking on each one of her toes finishing on the big toe on each foot I held her toe in my mouth when I got to the last one and swirled my tongue around it. I looked up too see that Rachel’s eyes where closed and that John had started licking on her nipples.
I proceeded to move up her legs, kissing all the way up and started teasing her pussy by flicking my tongue across her lips and tiny clit.
Her soft musky scent was like a drug for me, I couldn’t get enough of it. I kept inhaling deeply as I teased her. I probed her pussy with the tops of my fingers and slid into her warmth. I started slowly finger fucking her as her brother sucked on her nipples.
I sucked and licked her clit while fingering her as she built up to an orgasm. She came suddenly, shuddering and shaking so violently that her brother was thrown off and looked on with a shocked and scared look on his face.
I kept my face attached to her pussy, licking away, and kept her riding her orgasm.
She eventually came down and passed out. I looked at John, who looked frightened and confused (but I also saw that he was rock hard). I quickly told him what happened and he started to calm down a bit and I even caught him looking at my penis a couple of times.
“You can touch it if you want.”
Now, to this day I don’t know why I told him that, I hadn’t thought I was bi-sexual and since then I haven’t done anything sexually with a man. Maybe it was the moment or maybe it was because I was incredibly turned on by double-teaming a girl with her brother. Either way I did it, and I don’t think I regret it.

He lent forward and tentatively touched my penis; it jumped as his fingers made contact. He started rubbing me off as I sat down on the bed by his sister’s feet.
“Put it in your mouth” I said.
I slid into his warm mouth and began fucking his face. Soon enough I was reaching blowing point.
“Ahhhhh im coming.” I moaned.
I suddenly spewed out hot streams of cum into his mouth, he started to swallow but it was too much for him and some ran out of his mouth.
“It tastes nice” he said “kinda salty”
I pulled out and he licked my dick clean.
“Right, your turn” I said.
I sucked him off until he came; we had just finished when his sister woke up.

“Are you alright Rachel?” I asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine. That was incredible” she said.
“Well you looked like you enjoyed it”
I started gently stroking her legs again; she started moaning and then said
“Joe, can you put your thingy in me?”
“Err what?”
“I want to know what its like to have, you know, proper sex”
“Okay, but it might hurt the first time”
“I don’t mind” She said.
“What shall I do?” John said.
“Err sit back and watch for now” I replied.

John sat on the desk chair and watched intently as I lay Rachel down on her bed and took up my position at the entrance to her hot sex.
“You ready?” I asked Rachel.
All I got in reply was a nod.

To be continued…

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Fuck man!!! Keep this going!! I almost came when u added the little boy to this orgasmic adventure! I'd like to make a suggestion tho...u can add that the little kid gets fucked by the big guy and the girl sucks her brothers dick in the mean time! I hope u do add this and make a new one! All yours.

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Fuck man!!! Keep this going!! I almost came when u added the little boy to this orgasmic adventure! I'd like to make a suggestion tho...u can add that the little kid gets fucked by the big guy and the girl sucks her brothers dick in the mean time! I hope u do add this and make a new one! All yours.

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